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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  March 9, 2018 5:02am-5:31am CET

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women around the world raising awareness about the fight for greater equality on international women's day i'm sara kelly in berlin this is the day. the. press for progress is their motto and they are taking to the streets to do it around the world it is the first international women's day since the meat to movement against sexual harassment began are women any closer to gender parity. plus aid convoys blocked again as the syrian government's assault intensifies on. a different kind of convoy reaches its destination as thousands of women from all over the world to gather on the turkey syria border to raise awareness about the plight of syrian women. let there be peace so mothers won't cry and young
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people will die and we will live free like other people. and finally a shake up at the top of german politics why one of the country's most recognized politicians won't be part of the next government. whether calling for equality freedom respect or an end to gender violence women around the world have been using international women's day to make their voices heard crowds of demonstrators filled the streets of cities including manila seoul new delhi and look for on thursday this international women's day comes in the wake of the me too movement and we'll be having a deeper look at what has changed since it began half a year ago but first we begin in spain where women staged a full day night nationwide strike and here's a look at the day's events. and the hours and passionate schools to change this was an interesting central square after midnight
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. tuesday night and dozens more protests. and scenes night this. workplaces left deserted as millions of spanish women walked off the job that message a simple one. we have to fight to make a situation now you have as much of a social sphere as in the workplace in the home that for what we're doing today is stopping work to show you that if women stop the world stops. but up. across the well they march to the same beach. these women in new delhi demonstrating against discrimination and sexual violence.
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the. philippine president marjorie gage attach a bore the brunt of protests in manila activists that branding him a much a fascist for his treatment of women. to have a leader of the country leave in this manner that so that's clearly on by women sexy as they call it much to describe not much new stuff and it's not how we remember her it's even more upbeat claiming that discrimination against women so we can deal with that right that's the only way there is to go. that route so taken up in pakistan to violence against women the focus here will be mobbed today and i said yeah all resistance to all that you have seen that is happening in pakistan you mentioned against women the violence that we see if we did against women against little children the bodies that we see from the state and you want to make
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us say that me are not going to allow this to happen any more you re are going to stand up no. standing up from pristina. i'm kyra. just so where hundreds gathered behind the need to movement. truly a female in one thousand saying. now is the time to change. so all of around the world there and as we saw south korean women using the need to hash tag to protest against sexual assaults but other gender equality issues too we have all heard of me too since it triggered a social media tsunami back in october but it was not the first time that women have used social media to draw attention to sexual harassment hashtags have been
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springing up since twitter began one of the first was here in germany let's have a look because back in twenty thirteen a politician made lewd comments about a female journalist and the result was this hash tag shy or outcry it went viral the lawmakers party didn't make it into the next parliament as it turned out meantime in finland in two thousand and fifteen sexual assaults was nonexistent in the opinion of a male police chief women reacted with stories proving the opposite under the hash tag. meaning groper across the world in argentina we saw need or not minutes not one less honored the tens of thousands of women killed each year by domestic violence in france meantime back in twenty sixteen we saw a lot to get to the period after the french finance minister apparently grabbed a journalist underwear her underwear when she bent down to retrieve a pen and later we saw. or out your pig it
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pointed the finger right back at the harassers and in summer of twenty seventeen in india a woman was chase on her way home a politician said it was her own fault she was roaming the streets late at night the result the hash tag no cinderella and months later of course women came forward with tales of decades of abuse at the hands of hollywood producer harvey weinstein me too went viral after actress alyssa milano asked women to help highlight the magnitude of the problem and it has of course been followed up by time's up used to tell the world things have got to change. now one of the first women to come forward and accuse harvey weinstein was asia argento an italian actor model activist and director in an article in new york magazine argento said that she had been sexually assaulted by harvey weinstein in the one nine hundred ninety s.
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but that had been followed by a consensual sexual relationship over the next five years her account garnered criticism in the italian media and argento moved to germany to escape what she described as a culture of victim blaming this is what she told you about what the need to with the times of movement have come to stand for in her view. the truth is that we've been abused by powerful men that there is a power imbalance in the world and that's why this men were able to abuse us and we were too scared to denounce so what is happening now is that finally women for the first them are being believed and we are speaking the truth and this is now become a much broader. matter it's not anymore and it is of course about sexual abuse and harassment but it's also about power imbalance and men and women have to find their their spot. where we are finally equal.
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and for more on the me too movement let's bring in christine editor of. the cofounder of the center for feminist foreign policy welcome to you christina and we're also joined from france we are joined to this evening by gloria friedman a sculptor who signs the controversial letter from actress catherine deneuve criticizing the maid to movement welcome to both of you we appreciate you both being on the program with us this evening and christina i'd like to turn to you first on the need to movement of course a prominent movement getting getting a lot of press a lot of attention is it fair to say if this has been a sea change not only when it comes to the fight against sexual harassment but also the fight for greater gender parity definitely and i think it's. it has positive implications as well negative for so the fact that more people are listening and more people are speaking out is definitely something incredible powerful and
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important but at the same time it just shows that for so many years indicates women have tried to speak out but the mechanisms of oppression of silencing women are so effective that until now women went to her and they were not believed to make stand as we know so they did have a voice they didn't have a platform. gloria you have also referred to that you in fact in you signed this letter saying that the movement has simply gone too far can you explain that rationale and what do you think the risk is well and first of all i mean now it took on an international basis i signed a letter which came from the friends situation in france is it me to movement was called launch you a pig and i just couldn't i mean yes it was horrible i mean it means that you mean you a pig is like all men are not peace and is
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well i mean i'm against the sort of the war in between women and men or whatever six it means i mean we should be careful not to condemn everybody and not to victimize too much right guys i'm ok as the movement it's ok i mean no problem and it's a well done seeing but as an artist is well i have some problems for i mean nowadays i mean you couldn't show a painting of cool be the origin of the world anymore you could i mean now if you keep taking down a museum's a painting of but but now and. you're going to let me mad at highlighting a host of other issues but if we can just stick to the the one specifically of sexual harassment and i think what i'm hearing from what you're saying is you know you're highlighting the fact that people are accused perhaps without due process
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and christine i'd like to get your thought on that. how can you have a system where women can can voice concerns ken ken escalate horrible things that have happened to them in many cases while also having this to process because what we're seeing now here is you know many men have have been dismissed from their jobs simply because they have been accused. so first of all ron the. problem that people keep saying that we have a problem with false accusations that is one of those tactics to. to. to stop the focus on the real issue here because those are false accusations on this topic that just as low as high as we have with other crimes and this is the statistics so i guess i'm kind of tired of these conversations because we're having
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a system we have we have a problem of powa structures and we have to understand how it works and how it impacts society we have to look at how society has been built and who has filled to the end with what mechanisms and for example the justice system is part of germany we paint a lot and we did lots of activist was all the law and sex life violence in germany and rape was changed two years ago but there's still so many flaws in so many parts of society and the fact that if you look at the figures only a very tiny sing addicted to rape has actually get prosecuted in germany and that's not acceptable so there's still so much work to be done as you're highlighting there and gloria i'd like to ask you you know you highlighted what you think are some of the problems specifically with with the french movement and i'm wondering what you think should be done to improve power and balance generally speaking on the basis of gender. well first of all i mean i'm against
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rape and all violence against women that's true i mean one's issues people persecuted by the political institutions and the law that's for clear but i mean remember simone de beauvoir she told us i mean like in america where all started i mean it's sure there is a more black and white. impression of men and women being against one of which has a i mean there's a graze on some you know which i mean when you when you go into sexual relationships it's very complicated you know it what time something starts against the woman or for a woman and then women are as well sometimes aggressive. trying to get to men i mean so you know i mean that some saying we should always take care of and not try to be to get on to in warp i mean what i want to is i think we should try
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to be have a friendship was men be kind to each other and this is a it's because i mean it's a problem of education right right so you say it's a problem education some people would say that there has heretofore been very little recourse for women who feel that that has crossed the line in fact and i want to thank you so much to both of you this evening for sharing these views it's important to have these conversations as much as we might disagree laurie friedman a sculptor who signed this controversial letter as we mentioned from actress catherine deneuve criticizing the need to movement and also joining us here on the set we had christina let's fact co-founder of the center for feminist foreign policy we appreciate it. now which country can dance away with the prize for women's equality could it be perhaps germany we have
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a quiz that might make you think twice keep it here. to syria now where an aid convoy bound for the besieged rebel held on klav of eastern good has been postponed as fighting in the area intensifies syrian government forces have seized half of the territory held by rebels in the damascus suburb the last opposition stronghold close to the capital around four hundred thousand people are believed to be trapped in the area the un has urged all parties to abide by a cease fire in order to deliver aid and evacuate the wounded. but just as one convoy is blocked a different kind of convoy has reached its destination in the region a convoy of women from all over the world has rallied in the city of a tie on the turkey syria border to raise awareness of the plight of syria and women the international convoy has converged on that city after
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a two day journey from istanbul they are calling for the release of more than six and a half thousand women being held in prison after seven years of civil war. and for more we're joined now by human rights lawyer and a spokesperson for the convoy of conscious of that is known there in turkey thank you so much for joining us to tell us a little bit more about this initiative if you can just fill us in on what you're hoping to achieve here. thanks for having me on your program well as the convoy of conscience got a group of women thousands of women across the world from all walks of life and you want to highlight the plight of syrian women who have been raped tortured and socially brutalized in regime prisons or fishel prisons and secret prisons along across syria so after day after three days journey starting from istanbul and anding in international room once day we are urging international community to take
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effective measures and to protect human. everywhere in the world and in syria we would love to hear some of their stories and why you think they might have been in president. well first of all you know that this is a human issue and human have been the biggest victims of the war throughout history they have in prison because they have women because right now assad's regime is using this human as a vamp and. the assad regime is using the rape as a weapon of war against this woman and we have seen this in was nia in europe and i was inspired by a woman by she's a hoss by from bosnia she is sixty two years old and she has come all this way from bosnia to join this three days convoy to show that she is in solidarity with her
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sisters in syria because she knows what's happening right now in syria what's happening with over seven thousand human in syria and in fact we know that the group the mothers from seventy eight's have also traveled on this convoy to to show solidarity i imagine from what you're saying there that she was part of that group it was all host of women in fact in your view do we hear and off about the plight of women in the syrian conflict and if not why do you think that is excuse me can you repeat the question please do you think that there is enough awareness about what is happening to women within syria at the moment and if there isn't enough awareness why do you think that is. there is the fact that since the syrian civil war began in two thousand and eleven human have been imprisoned human have been tortured six chill while and heavy has been used against
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them and they have been cured to they have been made refugees and i've seen believe that the time is now stop these have in syria the time he's not take this room and it is international rumors they and the time is not raise a very nervous stop this happening show our solidarity with the seven thousand human in syrian prisons so adama's arabic now the chance that. we thank you so much for telling us a little bit more as we mentioned you are the spokes person for the convoy of the conscious we appreciate it. now to a political shake up here in germany the country is to get a new foreign minister after one of germany's most recognized politicians and popular ones said he would not be part of chancellor angela merkel's new coalition government the foreign ministers it is leaving amid rumors of
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a bitter old brow with the leaders of his own social democratic party. for more let's bring in our political correspondent kate brady who joins us from our parliamentary studios to put all of this into perspective for us because kate i mean this is a pretty big deal in german politics is it isn't it what will it mean for poor foreign policy do you think. well of course any personnel changes always going to have an effect on how people deal with with the foot with the foreign minister and of course remember sigma gabriele always had a very direct approach and so be interesting to see how his successor works with his counterparts of broad and but of course germany has some challenging times ahead when it comes to the foreign ministry and in foreign policy in germany of course is growing pressure in europe for germany to take the lead with france with these projected e.u. reforms but also outside of europe there's also mounting pressure for belen to take
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a stronger stands for example on the syria conflict or in dealing with donald trump so that other countries really know web billon stems so let's talk a little bit about what you know how that policy could potentially shift because who is his likely successor i mean it's international women's day for example are we going to get a woman. well if you'd asked me a few hours ago so i'd have said that that would have still been a possibility but what we've heard the latest here is that it will in fact be high kumar who is currently the german justice minister now he's been the justice minister for the last four years during this last. grand coalition so close he doesn't have any experience in the foreign ministry so be interesting to see what personality what traits and what style he can bring to this job but of course he is one of the big hopes in the s.p.d. so we'll have to see over this next term if first of all if this is confirmed tomorrow in the s.p.d.
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ministry list and then of course how he then acts as a german foreign minister just generally speaking to the s.p.d. have its house in order because i mean you know they are going to be the coalition partners here this incoming coalition it's been quite a road to get a german government are things finally settled is the wrangling over well it does seem at least that they have quite a clear agenda at the moment so the s.p.d. in that grand coalition deal was allocated six ministerial positions and we already know that three of them will be given to women so this process of renewal is already starting with younger and more feminine faces. brady in our parliamentary studios thank you. and finally before we go the theme of international women's day this year has been hash tag press for progress so what do you think about women's rights well here at t w
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we went out to conduct a little quiz about women's rights here in germany and here is what we found. the specimen down by the foundation for a few stood in households a field by the new i've been given am i not allowed. to. present your chance nine simple not sponsored so my friend's. sister buttons on the students at least one series of oh oh my book you mention korea. says yeah but. since when is rape and a marriage punishable in germany i could sum up so let's. come to. the hospital here who could get to know who hope. to show us
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a solution just national plans on us one. last chance this will be consolation as a. out of the some modest donbas to i'll be dashing off mom it's not time to demand and yet signal from temple bottom up. temple. lights on calvin harris are going to missed him ben. started my comments on my if you don't have to have a series of them. all. and i was zooming in on all of us who did the shooting all those. houses in tokyo you know those will show up you can decide to try. to cut. costs by monday conception bite the cigar. when the wine in your mug
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shot that i was a little before this movie full english from pleasure but because. no business going off. oh no the day is nearly done but as ever the conversation continues online you can find us on twitter either actually w news or etc kelly t. don't forget you can use the hash tag the day and that's all from us for now we thank you so much for watching we have to say you're going to.
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more intrigued international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week i'm going to set to begin a full so i'm in office here in germany and all the international women's day we all scroll strongest the world's preeminent sea male politician so do join us on quadriga coming up shortly. next on w. mafia.
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music. i think all this classic comedy some like. control the spin from gangster films dramas even get posts and comments can remind billy wilder as some like it hot he's going don't know me nobody's perfect pretty funny. barely feel. the scars on. the pain still tangible. the suffering for god. for c.b.s. edge but. they have survived do they also have a future. i really understand people who say they don't want to stay here.
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but i also admire people who want to stay here and it's who decided to create something. in peace time what needs to happen if tolerance and reconciliation are to stand a chance darkness cities after war starting march tenth on t w. very warm welcome indeed to quadriga coming to you from the heart of the late night after months of uncertainty i'm going to merkel has finally managed to form a new coalition government she'll be sworn in for a fourth term as german chancellor next week and she will once again be at the head of a color a grand coalition government made up of the two biggest parties the chancellors of the conservatives and the social democrats not people although.


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