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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 9, 2018 9:00am-9:16am CET

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this is the interview news live from berlin could this be the beginning of a thaw in the korean nuclear standoff president trump and north korean leader kim jong un have agreed to hold the first ever u.s. north korea summit. offers to put its nuclear program on the table if the right conditions are met. and president trump makes good on a key campaign promise but sparking a trade war the u.s. leader imposes controversial tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum he says he's stopping an assault on the united states. and german foreign ministers like my
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gabriele is out of a job after a bitter dispute within his party look at the man who's all but certain to replace him how could high go moss shape german foreign policy. i'm brian thomas a very warm welcome to the show is this a breakthrough in the nuclear standoff between north korea and the united states president trump and the north korean leader kim jong un are set to hold the first ever meeting of the two countries leaders on twitter president trump confirmed the plan and said great progress was being made earlier he hinted at a significant development with pyongyang in his first known visit to the white house briefing room but the u.s. leader task the south korean national security director you young to announce the news to the world from the white house driveway. chong had delivered kim jong un's
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summit invitation to trump after a rare meeting in the north korean capital on monday this is what he had to say. i put president president thought that you know meeting north korean noodle kim jong un that he's committed to the new providers. pledged that north korea will be praying from any for them to kill me so tests he understands the routine joint military exercises it seems that he probably did of korea and the united states must continue that he expressed his eagerness to meet president trump that's known as possible. for the very latest on this let's go straight to jason strother in south korea jason this is an incredible development one of the reactions where you are and i will south korean president moon j.n. as called this this opportunity of
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a miracle he's been advocating for many months to get the u.s. and north korea to the negotiating table and and it looks like after is envoys visit it john young and brought this message to washington with them from good judgment so it appears that this this dream of president who is in the works ok now there is the possibility though that this could be a propaganda ploy by north korea is that that or is it the first step towards a nuclear free korean peninsula. all right well we have been down this road many many times before really since the early one nine hundred ninety s. the u.s. has been trying to negotiate with north korea so that it would end its nuclear weapons programs many deals and promises have been made and just as many have been broken. north korea has said for many years now that it would never give up its nuclear weapons but now all of a sudden it says that it's up it's up for discussion that it could potentially give
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them up so it is a gamble that the trump administration has taken ok now you have to look at the prospect of a meeting between two world leaders who've tossed vicious insults publicly against each other what would be the timeline moving forward for the possible meeting between the two we're hearing that they could be as early as march. right in that that's about all right now that being said we also have a summit between president mungy and kim jong un coming up by the end of april so there's a real flurry of diplomatic activity happening but as far as the u.s. north korea summit or there an exact time and location has not been set ok what about the people where you are a south koreans how are they perceiving this right now would they like to see a meeting between component and donald trump to help resolve the nuclear standoff.
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well you know as you alluded to earlier with the threats that were being tossed back and forth between the u.s. and north korea i think many south koreans felt been fairly you know and not at ease last year while all these tensions were happening you know so of course since the beginning of this year with the with the chong paralympics happening and this major breakthrough in diplomatic relations between north and south korea and now talk of these both of being summits i think many south koreans are feeling some relief but south koreans too they know that these deals have been made before and but not long after all these promises get broken jason strother phil for us joining us from pyongyang in south korea thanks very much thank you. well in the united states today president trump has been pushing forward with tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum of between ten and twenty five percent the president says the penalties are needed to address unfair trade and to boost the american
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economy u.s. business leaders and prominent members of his own republican party have warned that he's courting economic disaster with the move. with the stroke of a pen donald trump shakes up international trade the president signed the hefty new tariffs into law flanked by steel and aluminum what because the picture said he was stopping what he closed on the soul and the u.s. . today i'm defending america's national security by placing tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum reducing the levies will take effect in two weeks but some countries will be spat due to the unique nature of our relationship with canada and mexico we're negotiating right now nafta. and we're going to hold off the tariff for those two countries other countries can negotiate
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exemptions but trump accuse major trading partners like germany of treating the us unfairly many of the countries that treat us the worst on trade and on military are our allies as they like to call them so we just want fairness. pressed ahead with his plan despite international outrage stop criticism from within the republican party and the resignation of his economic adviser diary cohn. not even metal workers can trump claims to be protecting our all in favor. i wish the board this thing would work for you and your support for. your. firm for. that is even more trump off a to arm wrestle a steel waka. and now he's taking on the world in what could turn
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into a full blown trade war. while these tariffs were one of the president's central campaign promises the w.'s washington correspondent i was under phenomena has more on how they're going down in the united states. well when we talk about the blue collar workers that were invited to the white house by the president they were very happy at both they they hope there. is going to be more domestic for the action and that they are going to be more jobs but then this is very telling to see how the republicans in congress react. more than one hundred republicans signed a letter to the president and posing a broad action against steel and aluminum imports house speaker ryan that he fears the consequences of the president's decision however he wall comes
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the fact that canada and mexico were exempt from the tariffs and the over the sensors were very critical of president senator flake said that strange words cannot be won and now for senator tweeted that this is a tax hike on the american consumers and manufacturers so you may you might remember that the republicans were successful in passing what they called the major tax cuts reform and now they fear that the terrorists can undermine the benefits of this tax reform ok the announcement from the white house includes temporary exemptions for canada and mexico will they be able to renegotiate their trade deals in this short amount of time that they've been given about two weeks
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while that's of course remains to be seen that's what president trump said that he is hoping that it will be possible but of course he is insisting insisting on a deal that would be good for the united states ok always on drove home for us from washington thanks very much. now to some of the other stories making the news at this hour an explosion has been reported at a mosque in afghanistan's capital kabul police say they believe a suicide bomber carried out the blast there's been no claim of responsibility or details on casualties right now women in spain joined rallies amidst a twenty four hour walkout to demand an end to unequal wages and gender violence organizers claiming more than five million women across the country participated in the walkout as well as and shorter strikes to mark international women's day. a new study may offer clues to the fate of iconic aviator a million erhard researchers say a test on skeletal remains found on
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a pacific island show that they're very likely hurts your heart earhart was the first woman to cross the atlantic on a solo flight in one thousand thirty seven her plane disappeared over the pacific. over here in germany the social democrats are set to announce party members will take up their post in chancer on limb ackles new coalition government we already know that the current foreign ministers of margharita would be among them has announced he's leaving office after rumors of a bitter dispute with leaders of the s.p.d. now that news made for a slightly uncomfortable appearance by gabriele at a scheduled press conference with his counterpart from bosnia-herzegovina. it was a routine appointment for a german foreign minister but. things are anything but routine right now minute the meeting with his bosnian counterpart igor sir not out on thursday was his last official international engagement. for him to get involved and gum real has been
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germany's foreign minister for just over a year during that time he became the country's most popular politician even beating chancellor merkel and future economics minister paid to in opinion polls aren't much respect for his work for example his handling of strained german turkish relations god will often met his turkish counterpart medlock shovel so new and invited him to his home as he worked to get german journalists and human rights activists released and he succeeded in part some of the prisoners were framed. but there is another side to seek not gone feel he is notoriously independent and volatile for example on the sidelines of the munich security conference he broke ranks and appealed for sanctions against russia to be lifted following a cease fire in eastern ukraine and. that sort of i am convinced that if we succeed in this then we must begin to gradually lift the sanctions i know that the official position on this is different and i know it is more importantly irritated members
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of his own party the s.p.d. he even attacked them party leader martine schultz personally which many and his party found unforgettable above all his relationship with future party leader and the analysis as you just dysfunctional. now media reports say his successor will be heikal mosse the previous justice minister. is my god it was playing down the loss of his position when asked how he feels about leaving positive words the venue has just been through that hike will be the new foreign minister then i have a really good feeling he will do an excellent job i'm also fine. take care. sports and europa league soccer now and london club arsenal ended their four game losing streak in style with a two no shock away win over ac milan henrik make tarion open the scoring with his first goal for arsenal and their ramsey's sealed the victory with
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a go on the stroke of half time to nail the final score easy mom's thirteen game unbeaten streak ended with a thud there well dortmund meanwhile suffered a stunning home defeat to salzburg in their europa league match up along berisha scored two goals in seven minutes for salzburg at the start of the second half andre shirwa pulled a goal back for dortmund but the game ended two one for the austrians the second leg is next week in salzburg. get your mind on our top stories at this hour president trump and the north korean leader kim jong un have agreed to hold the first ever u.s. north korea summit. president trump has confirmed the plan and says great progress is being made. and president trump moving ahead with controversy all trade tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum spurring fears of a possible global trade war he says he's facing down an assault on the united
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states and. this is the interviews live from berlin we have more coming up at the top of the hour don't forget you can always get news around the clock at our website you know dot com for now though from all of us here glenn thanks for being sick. with different languages we fight for different things that's fine let me all stick up for freedom freedom of speech and freedom of the press. giving freedom of choice global news that matters d. w. made for minds.


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