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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 9, 2018 12:00pm-12:16pm CET

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this is the interview news coming to you live from berlin could this be a turning point in the korean nuclear standoff president trump and north korean leader kim jong un have agreed to hold the first ever u.s. north korea summit pyongyang office to put its nuclear program on the negotiating table if the right conditions are met also in the program despite international condemnation president trying to moves ahead with a key campaign pledge the u.s. leader imposes controversial tabs on foreign student aluminum he says he's stopping
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and assault on the u.s. pretty good this spark a trade war and germany's social democrats announce who's getting top posts in chance anglo-american new coalition government can bang them a foreign minister largely untested in international diplomacy. and unwelcome i've wondered that shima. a potential breakthrough in the nuclear standoff with north korea u.s. president don trump has agreed to meet with north korean leader kim jong un a surprise announcement that aren't measured praise from the key players in the crisis china and russia and it was south korea that appears to have convinced trump and kim to soften their war of words and embrace diplomacy. this is the man doing the running between p.r. nyang and washington d.c.
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and he's failing reached a major milestone. poor president president for not meeting north korean leader kim jong un he is committed to do provide. kim pledged that north korea really give free from any for the nuclear. tests that he stressed this legal system to meet president trump that's as possible it is a sentiment shared by the u.s. president who confirmed that a meeting is being planned. to historic breakthrough comes after south korean negotiators held talks in pyongyang on monday it was here they learned that denuclearization was on the menu. far from giving up their bombs in recent years north korea has been ratcheting up its mesereau program and the threats. fired back with warnings of annihilation
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and insults for key myong in rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. on the front lines of this conflict the capitals of the korean peninsula relief and distrust so it is good news now everything is heading the right way. judging from kim jong un's character i don't think you'll give up weapons easily. that will but i can't believe either of them i don't know what's in trump's head and i'm doubtful he is serious about this meeting but of days. details are still being worked on when and where exactly trump will come face to face with his avowed enemy. whether they see eye to eye is another matter entirely. joining me now from seoul in south korea is correspondent
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josh smith from welcome josh surprising is this development and how does it come about well obviously given some of the rhetoric that's been thrown around over the past year with both leaders trading not only threats but also personal insults and then with. north korea's something of a crash program being some of its most powerful. internet intercontinental ballistic missiles yet this is certainly something of a change however over the past few months this is something that leaders on both sides have been hinting at and it's definitely something that leaders here in south korea have been hoping for and north korea has said its nuclear program is up for discussion if the conditions are right what could kill myung be offering a moratorium on you can't task well skilling back the program entirely. well the exact details of what might be on the table are still somewhat unclear so
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far north korea has not publicly stated much of anything about this potential meeting most of what we know has come from the south koreans now with the south koreans say is that kim jong un might be willing to discuss the future of his nuclear weapons program if his security is guaranteed no that is something of a sticking point in the past north korea has said that in order for its security to be guaranteed the united states would need to withdraw its troops from south korea and has even said that the united states itself would need to do need killer eyes and. then being a view to south korea where you are. well it's definitely something of a sigh of relief compared to some of the fears of war that were going on in past months that being said south koreans are somewhat still wary they've been through
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this before in the past only to have some of these negotiations break down and another cycle of increased tensions but right now they are definitely overall very supportive of the government efforts here to bring both north korea and the united states to go shooting people right josh smith in full south korea thank you very much the top creative for should have said brussels is aiming for an exemption from the u.s. president new trade tariffs that's off the trump signed new target of some student undiminished imports ranging from ten to twenty five percent trumps is the penalties needed to address unfair trade and to boost the u.s. economy and u.s. business leaders and prominent members of his own republican party have warned he's courting economic disaster with the move it's sparking fears of an all out trade bowl. it may not get the view from europe with our correspondent in brussels to be
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sure is taking the he was hoping to get an exemption from these new tabs how realistic is that well i would go further if you listen to cecilia monster and they're expecting to get an exemption she said this morning that in a meeting she has with the u.s. trade representative robert light hisor tomorrow she'll get more details but she says it's simply impossible that president trump can justify putting so putting tariffs on his closest friends in the u.s. his closest allies that there's no reason to think that europe is a national security threat which is the main reason he says that he's doing this so yes she's completely says they expect an exemption well under this rethink your opinion had said if trump's plan doesn't go in it could be met with a talent for it out of me then having to was a triple. well this is another thing monstrous says that they don't want the tariffs but they don't want a trade war and last night. representative federico greeny speaking at the brussels
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form also says she will not accept a trade war so the e.u. is very much pushing back against that notion they they don't even like to use that phrase but indeed they are preparing a list of items that would receive higher taxes that would have tipped for tat tariffs if the if the u.s. does go ahead with steel imports on european producers and the e.u. would go through the double w t o to do that it might take a while they have about ninety days to have their measures in order but they're definitely threatening that they say they can't allow protectionism and they will strike back if president goes through with this and the u.s. president has singled out germany for justifying high a count of swine is that the case i think it's just a bitch will now that president trump wants to bring up germans. defense spending versus its g.d.p. and yes i was a little bit surprised that he used that in his announcement last night but he doesn't make it sound to me as often i wouldn't be as optimistic as cecilia monster
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and that he's planning to exempt europe with having spent so much time criticizing germany in his announcement on the tariffs but it remains to be seen there's very intense negotiations going on and in just a few minutes we'll also hear an announcement from the european commission's vice president your key kept by now in a more official reaction to the tariff announcement then we heard from cecilia monster at a foreign policy conference this morning and if you can i am that teddy shoots in brussels thank you very much. and we'll have more in-depth analysis of the new us doubt of a later in the program that's head and humphrey that is a look at some other stories making news around the why the red cross sees an aid convoy has entered syria's eastern area after being delayed for days by fighting but they are reports that airstrikes have resumed close to where the supplies were being delivered. at least seven people are reported dead after an explosion of
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capital kabul police say they believe a suicide bomber carried out the blast in a minority shia area there's been no claim office sponsibility. kenya's president and opposition leader have held their first public meeting since last year's disputed election opposition leader and his bitter rival president who can yatta say they want to bring the country together the opposition has claimed the election was rigged. jimmy social democrats have announced the names of the six ministers from their party who join chancellor macklin's new coalition government three women and three men will take the posts heading up the foreign ministries as well as labor and justice family and environment or will be the finance minister and vice chancellor. joining me now is our political correspondent nina nina so first of all i mean we have the six nominees now from the s.p.d. how well do you think they'll work which owns the meccans conservatives in the new
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coalition government well the s.p.d. the social democrats have appointed a mix an interesting mix of experienced people and fresh faces so three of them three of those ministers here who were appointed today have an experience in working together with angola machall as ministers because we mustn't forget that of course the past eight for eight of the past twelve years the social democrats have been in a government together with ungrammatical so three of the people who were appointed today have an experience as ministers with america and three are completely new people so it'll be you know an experience right and now they've appointed or nominated must the former justice minister as the new foreign minister not key comes in at a difficult time with a trade war looming between the us and europe as well as germany tell us about him and his experience as an interesting character he was
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a pretty unsuccessful regional politician until galileo. soon former foreign minister appointed him to become justice minister has served as justice minister he has cabinet experience but he lacks foreign policy experience he has zero experience that but he has an extremely good foreign office experienced members of staff that he can rely on good team and also people say don't underestimate him because in the cabinet he has challenge people like. the extremely influential conservative politician and he has managed to actually criticize him publicly and so it'll be interesting to see it'll be a completely different tone to see of course. as it's sometimes called. the anti alpha politician but maybe in these times of dominant figures on the world stage it will be refreshing to see somebody who actually likes to negotiate rather than just
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push through and he obviously was a quite a popular as a justice minister as well what about the other cabinet nominees what kind of axis do you think they'll be ringing in the new government i think there are two. really i kept seeing appointments one is of course all of shorts as the finance minister not necessarily because of his personality but it will be interesting to see how the s.p.d. as the junior partner in this coalition manage to. reign over the finance ministry such an important finance ministry it was seen as a major concession by anglo machall that the s.p.d. actually got this finance ministry and the other interesting personalities of course francisco defy who's not known on the berlin stage told she's a young woman from east germany who is now the mayor of knight cohen here in berlin and so she has a pragmatic approach to tackling problems that are on the ground so the new german
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government has been a long time in the making i'll be a very close to having a new government what do you think will be its first priorities according to the coalition deal it is europe the chaps around europe is the first chapter in the coalition deal and if you look at what's happening in europe and there is there's a desperate need for reform and mackel and the french president manuel michel have a very narrow window of opportunity to actually implement some much needed reforms european elections coming up next year of course i think that is one of the big priorities as a political correspondent it was a pleasure to have you here thank you. a new study me off of clues to the fate of legendary aviator amelia earhart who vanished want attempting to around the want flight more than eighty years ago the searchers say that tests on bones found on a pacific island in nine hundred forty revealed the bones or most certainly earhart's she was the first woman to cross the atlantic on
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a sort of flight and not in thirty seven have plane disappeared over the pacific ocean spawning one of the great mysteries in aviation history you're watching the news helen hunter from business will be with you shortly so do stay with us if you can. to my story and i think one day this war will be considered a cruel and unjust war over. and certainly all citizens will crain every man woman and child when they found their homeland of the enemy invades. no one wants russia here at all mr nick which is the. rebel against the mighty google news that matters. d. w. made for mines.


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