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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 9, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is due to the news coming to you live from berlin could this be a turning point in the korean nuclear standoff president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un agreed to hold the first ever u.s. of north korea summit pyongyang office to put its nuclear program on the negotiating table if the right conditions are met also on the program despite international condemnation and president trump moves ahead with some foreign student out of minium he says he's jumping in a sort of the us in a move that exports one could start
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a trade war. also coming up in the next sixty minutes meet the minister as jilting social democrats who's getting the top posts and chalk on love back is a new coalition government key among them a forum that is still largely untested in international diplomacy. and cruel at times by war and violence so even children arrive in a refugee camp in lebanon militant with haunting memories a new initiative is turning their stories into the pot. calling of a warm welcome to you i'm. one leaders have been responding to a potential breakthrough in the nuclear standoff with north korea german chancellor angela merkel spoke a short while ago she gave a cautious welcome to the prospect of a summit between u.s.
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president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong un here's what she said. this is my call as a glimmer of hope it needs work because of course really seeing a deescalation would be wonderful because for all of us the nuclearization of north korea has been a grave concern. in the german chancellor angela merkel that the other key players in the north korean nuclear crisis and also weighed in china urged the two countries to find a political resolution russia called the finest evill plans talks between the leaders of the u.s. and korea a step in the right direction and it was south korea that appears to have convinced trump and kim to soften their war of words and embrace diplomacy. this is the man doing the running between p.r. and washington d.c. and he's finally reached a major milestone. toward president president from you know
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meeting north korea kim jong un. committed to. north korea really differing from any for. he expressed this even if the president thought. as possible it is a sentiment shared by the u.s. president hu confirmed that a meeting is being planned. for historic breakthrough comes after south korean negotiators held talks in pyongyang on monday it was here they learned that denuclearization was on the menu. far from giving up their bombs in recent years north korea has been ratcheting up its mesereau program and the threats. fired back with warnings of annihilation and insults for kim jong il. rocket man is on
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a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. on the front lines of this conflict the capitals of the korean peninsula relief and distrust so it is good news now everything is heading the right way judging from kim jong un's character i don't think he will give weapons easily. but i can't believe either of them i don't know what's in trump's head and i'm doubtful he is serious about this meeting but the. details are still being worked on when and where exactly trump will come face to face with his a vote enemy. whether they see eye to eye is another matter entirely. joining me now from washington is our cars on kasten phenomena allison what other reactions to these developments in washington this must have come as
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a big surprise. well the reactions range from unrestricted praise for president trump and deep skepticism from supporters say that it was the president's strategy of mexico pressure of new sanctions and the threat of military action that brought north korea to the negotiation table others are deeply skeptical of they think north korea is playing for time and trying to play to donald trump's a vanity disk was definitely a big surprise a bombshell of course the white house had some warnings from the south koreans the something big was coming out of their talks to north korea but most other people were taken by surprise that not only there is this invitation from kim jong il but also donald trump immediately accepted it and even put a date made to it spontaneously we'll have to see how this works i mean clearly
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donald trump once this because no other president has done that he wants to be seen as an unconventional president who gets things done because he does then his own way this was on full display yesterday when the president unexpectedly popped up in the briefing room and told the journalists in the white house including our washington bureau chief that something big was coming and he hoped the media would give him credit for this so clearly donald trump himself was pretty excited about this and he said he was excited but his secretary of state next to listen also seemed to have been taken by surprise might this develop and let's take a listen to what he said. does it offer her way off. your shoulder. conversation with evaluation. not to say rex tillerson speaking then constant as you said the meeting could take take place as early as two months
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that's fairly soon to prepare for a summit of this kind absolutely the big question is what's could come out of this meeting what concrete results could be there the problem is that the americans don't really have a real expert team of korea experts in place they don't even have an ambassador in south korea so how to prepare are going to trump for such a meeting who is known to often shoot from the hip be very spontaneous we know what the north koreans want kim jong un wants to be seen as an equal to the u.s. president but what do the americans do if north korea then in these talks of kim jong un india's talks simply resists any attempts to really get the north koreans get rid of the nuclear weapons i don't think they will give up their nuclear weapons and then what happens next and i don't think that the americans are really prepared for serious negotiations at this point that cost cost and phenomena in
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washington thank you very much. now for some analysis on this story i'm going to the studio mostly he's a professor of korean studies at buttons university welcome. now we heard what carson had to say that this move this development of a potential summit between north korea and the u.s. has taken a lot of people by surprise it seems like an unprecedented breakthrough how do you view it i optimistic it will come to anything yes i'm definitely optimistic rather pessimistic about this new event what's the reason for optimism well first of all compared to preceding similar situations on on the peninsula we have very different actors with kim jong un with trump and with the new president in south korea when seen very different conditions north korea has developed its nuclear arsenal to a certain extent completed its program so they have a bargaining chip
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a real body and ship them also to make real decisions compared to situations and the recent developments in recent weeks. really saw a steady increasing development of exchanges that now culminated in this decision now both the leaders of the u.s. as well as north korea of viewed as a little bit unpredictable now given jonas said that he wouldn't give you a clear eyes if the conditions are right conditions what condition what does god want in return for denuclearization it's well known that the core of their what they want is the survival of the regime meaning that they get secured that they will not be attacked by the u.s. in the best case scenario this would be a peace treaty between an all korea and the united states and maybe plus some economic development aid from from the united states so and so this would be i
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think what he wanted but my giving up the nuclear weapons of course they would lose their chief bargaining chip the north koreans but now. is the u.s. taking a huge risk in going in for this summit because people in congress want to direct talks with the u.s. for decades right i think donald trump has nothing to lose here and the u.s. has not always actually didn't have any to lose but they did not go into this face to face meeting before and that's what makes very different this time if it actually happens and this would be a good opportunity for building trust between these two unpredictable leaders now you know there's a lot of discussion about how this came about obviously you mentioned south korea and south korea they perhaps a crucial role in this but what about china was it done in the screws in the background i don't think that it was about school turning the screws i think the most as you said the most important part here was played by south korea to have
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this role of a mediator or facilitator in between north korea and the u.s. . but the role of china is very important and i think it was very important that this time change china also agreed to a certain extent to uphold the sanctions against north korea but it wasn't the most decisive element here right this was the professor if a korean studies had buttons for university thank you very much. u.s. president donald trump has signed off on terrorists between ten and twenty five percent on steel and aluminum imports he says they are necessary to address unfair trade conditions boost the u.s. economy and crib jobs still only accounts for two percent of world trade and yet the tit for tat of tariffs and penalties is dangerous the ripple effects can escalate into a full on trade war quite quickly u.s. business leaders and prominent members of his own republican party have warned his
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administration is courting economic disaster. with just one signature u.s. president donald trump has authorized plans to place import tariffs on steel and alan minium witnessing the moment was still the order will keep the job safer in the future today i'm defending america's national security by placing tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum the motion has been met with harsh criticism wild wides the chancellor voice of concerns of the german economy summit calling for dialogue with the president is in on the dog and. so we're also concerned about the imposition of tariffs on certain products and as a government we have a clear commitment to multilateralism we support the european commission as it seeks talks with them while trade organization and the u.s. start feeling. the european steel industry is also advocating counter measures by
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the e.u. and warns that the consequences of a trade war could also hurt the u.s. . he will actually create job losses net in this in the supply chain and in the u.s. so it's not going to benefit the u.s. and it's going to knock off twenty thousand direct jobs in the u.s. and perhaps as much as one hundred fifty thousand jobs in the e.u. as well trump's decision has also triggered outrage in asia south korea is considering filing a complaint with the well trade organization while china is threatening countermeasures if the tariffs go ahead. now let's get the view from europe and bring in our correspondent in brussels terry terry the use hoping to get an exemption from these new tariffs how realistic you think that is. well it remains to be seen but they're actually going further rather euphemistically and saying they expect to get an exemption although president trump announced that canada and mexico would get them the fact that nothing was said about europe specifically
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makes e.u. leaders continue to say they're seeking more details and basically presuming that there will be exemptions for europe as well certainly more will be known after tomorrow there will be a meeting between a trade commissioner cecilia mom's term and the u.s. trade representative robert light hisor here in brussels and so was security cecilia mom's time says she'll be should be able to clarify the situation a bit after this meeting its european union has said the plan would be met with retaliatory tariffs always a tit for tat already starting are we heading for a trade war. european commission vice president yet it got done and just spoke just moments ago and he said that europe is very much still trying to head off a trade war although they don't use that phrase because even though they believe is inflammatory he said that with with plenty of negotiation still ahead they definitely hope that negotiation will win the day that the u.s.
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will see that this is not the way to handle their very real concerns about overcapacity in the steel sector which europe also has been battling and points the finger at china as does the u.s. so europe is going to try to talk what it believes is some sense into the trunk administration and say let's work on this on the same side the time and said neither justification being used by the trump administration is that would for europe that there's a national security threat of some kind doesn't work with your closest nato allies and he says european companies have never dumped steel in u.s. markets so basically they're ruling out the reasons that trump says this steel tariffs are necessary on european producers and hoping that that argument wins the day. justifications a trump a single germany for justifying why. because donald trump is obsessed with nato spending and the fact that most european countries are far below the two percent of g.d.p. that they're supposed to be spending for and for nato defense investments and that
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was a bit of a strange turn in his speech although perhaps not completely unexpected given that he returns to that topic quite often and that in fact was something that was asked of your kick out fine and today were you surprised that nato spending came up in a in a question about trade and he said nato has nothing to do with this discussion and he said by the way these are not trade negotiations and we will make no concessions on this he said these are unilateral actions by the united states and they'll be treated as such he says that within ninety days retaliatory measures will be ready to be implemented and the e.u. won't hesitate to drag the us in front of the w t o on this. thank you very much for about an hour from brussels perhaps the new shouldn't come as much of a surprise judging by one of donald trump's first actions when he came to office he pulled the u.s. out of negotiations on the transpacific partnership or t p p but the other
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countries decided to go it alone and have now gone ahead and signed it anyway creating a massive new free trade zone it was a deal that many thought dead in the water after donald trump withdrew the united states but now that agreement is reality and the chilean host called it a bulwark against protectionism. well this is a modern treaty with a vision towards the future that creatively incorporates new themes of international trade said that the benefits of globalization can reach everyone japan initially said t p p would be meaningless without the u.s. but tokyo quickly became the prime mover in reviving the ambitious deal which these tariffs lowered or eliminated on a wide range of goods. you see the story. pre-screen. who is trained to first century. speak read.
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to me. to the spirit uses your speeches and. answers you premier of. the c p t p p's eleven signatories have a combined population of half a billion people and account for nearly fourteen percent of global economic output even without the u.s. it's being touted as the biggest free trade area in the world but leaders stress the door is still open and not just to washington the fact is because the deal is now signed it is something to which the u.s. could return at some point in the future and to which other countries can join you guys already expressed interest. the irony is that washington joined the t.p. pina goshi ations ten years ago hoping to rein in china's growing influence in world trade now it could be helping to expand it while one of the
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possible that you trade agreement is of course australia and let's cross over now to our correspondent in sydney peter how much does a kind of united front of t.p. p c p country countries make up for the damage that the tariffs will cause. most probably yes that is a pretty strong strong union of states now created and some of these states like malaysia are vietnam or peru even they are very very export hungry and they're trying to be as strong as they can and they would do almost everything for good exports but maybe that is not even necessary because. here in australia a lot of business people think that the world trade organisation the w t o will not lead a trump go like he wants to go that there will try to. get into quarter two to just not allow him what he's going to do and on the other hand here in australia
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these tariffs these new tariffs on steel and aluminum are not a very big problem australia is neither big steel nor big aluminum exporter that is not important in that business so it doesn't hurt but some people say and i do not understand why but some people say that there are already secret agreements between trump and prime minister malcolm turnbull about an extension of these tariffs so let's see let's wait and hope that trump will realize that he may be made a mistake these are very very briefly please australians pm seem confident that he's getting an exemption is he right they are confident that they will get an exemption but as i already mentioned they do not really need an extension of tariffs on steel and aluminum did
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a hammond in the senate there thank you very much. and that's all your business for now i'll be back a bit later in the show. thank you very much. here's a look at some of the stories making news around the wild the red cross says an aid convoy has entered syria's eastern huta area after being delayed for days by fighting but they are reports that airstrikes have resumed close to where supplies were being delivered. and at least nine people are reported dead after an explosion in afghanistan's capital kabul police say they believe a suicide bomber carried out the blast in the minority area the so-called islamic state claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement online. came germy the social democrats have announced the names of the six ministers from their party who will join. new coalition government three women and three men will head up the foreign ministry labor justice family environment
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and the coveted finance portfolio but only after some serious bickering within the party. the end of a drawn out process after prolonged squabbling over the foreign ministry the s.p.d. finally presents its picks for the new german cabinet recent years have been marred by ministerial bickering so this time the party wants team players. we've sought to put together a good team that can work together extremely well a good team mate of highly competent people with the expertise to take on significant portfolios. all of is set to become vice chancellor and take on the coveted post of finance minister former justice minister takes a career leap to become foreign minister by to face he will need both his diplomatic skills and his ability to stand firm because in today's uncertain world
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germany is also been called on as a mediator. he's also a triathlete which will give him one of the qualities he'll need as foreign minister and durrance convert the new employment minister is who booked us heigho who has twenty years of parliamentary experience the three male s.p.d. ministers will be joined in the cabinet by three women catarina bali had long been tipped for renewed membership in the cabinet she moves to the justice ministry making room at the ministry of family affairs for francis could give ferry a relatively unknown politician outside berlin where she is currently mayor of the district of new. ones in our district there are three hundred thirty thousand people from one hundred fifty countries including many girls who are growing up in a world where is not a given that they can lead a self-determined life can send us should also lacks experience on the federal level she is set to become environment minister another fresh face in the new
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german government that will be sworn in on wednesday. joining me now is our political correspondent nina nina so first of all i mean you have the six nominees now from the s.p.d. how well do you think they'll work which owns the meccans conservatives and the new coalition government well the s.p.d. the social democrats have appointed a mix an interesting mix of experienced people and fresh faces so three of them three of those ministers here who were appointed today have an experience in working together with angola machall as ministers because we mustn't forget that of course the past eight four eight of the past twelve years the social democrats have been in a government together with uncle americal so three of the people who were appointed today have an experience of ministers with until america and three are completely new people so it'll be you know an experience right and now they've appointed or nominated heikal mosse the former justice minister as the new foreign minister not
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key comes in at a difficult time with a trade war looming between the u.s. and europe as well as germany tell us about him and his experience as an interesting character he was a pretty unsuccessful regional politician until my galbally a. form of foreign minister appointed him to become justice minister has served as justice minister he has cabinet experience but he lacks foreign policy experience he has zero experience that but he has an extremely good foreign affairs experienced members of staff that he can rely on good team and also people say don't underestimate him because in the cabinet he has challenge people like the extremely influential conservative politician and he has managed to actually criticize him publicly and so it'll be interesting to see it'll be a completely different tone to the gobbler of course. sometimes called. the anti
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alpha politician but maybe in these times of dominant figures on the world stage it will be refreshing to see somebody who actually likes it negotiate rather than just push through and he obviously was a quite a popular as a justice minister as well what about the other cabinet nominees what kind of axes do you think they'll be bringing in to the guy a new government i think there are two. really eye catching appointments one is of course all of shorts as the finance minister not necessarily because of his personality but it will be interesting to see how the s.p.d. as the junior partner in this coalition managed to. reign over the finance ministry such an important finance ministry it was seen as a major concession by anglo machall that the s.p.d. actually got this finance ministry and the other interesting personalities of course francisco defy who's not known on the berlin stage told she's young woman
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from east germany who is now the mayor of knight cohen here in berlin and so she has a pragmatic approach to tackling problems that are on the ground so the new german government has been a long time in the making and i'll be very close to having a new government what do you think will be its first priorities according to the coalition deal it is europe the chaps around europe is the first chapter in the coalition deal and if you look at what's happening in europe and there is there's a desperate need for reform and mackel and the french president manuel michel have a very narrow window of opportunity to actually implement some much needed reforms european elections coming up next year of course i think that is one of the big priorities as a political correspondent it was a pleasure to have you here thank you. here washing still to come a generation with dreams broken by war
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a refugee camp in lebanon seeks to help syrian children deal with the trauma by turning this stories into office and focus she wants seventy years on a new documentary looks at how people are rebuilding their lives off the tsunami and nuclear disaster. also spoil some more business david e w. they're the boss. sri women who three top managers in europe speak out about the state of society with regard to women in their careers. and i'm pleased that networking. quotas are telling us what does it take to get more females into boardrooms i want it women in top management isn't even a disappointment it was. a hijacking the news.
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were are going wrong with the news was being hijacked journalism itself has become a script is a reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them that's why and why. in countries like russia china turkey people are told that it's us now and if you're a journalist here and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being free or balanced or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was born golf and i want to be the. just as strong as he made of him close to. a musical representative. meeker
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architect of east germany's place. in mind and if i had my way. east germany would still be here. but. if there were you know. starting march thirteenth t w. this is the diving is coming to you live from blood and i'm on the touching up there is to have your company on top stories president trump a north korean leader kim jong un have agreed to hold the first ever u.s. north korea summit president trampas confirmed that that and says great progress is being made. and president trump has moved ahead with a controversial printout of some foreign student on a minium spurring fears of a global trade war he says he is facing down in a sort of the us. now over one million syrian refugees have
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fled to lebanon since the war in syria broke out seven years ago many of them are children aid groups are helping them deal with their trauma through creativity a bear fruit eggs a bit is featuring artwork like this picture on the wall that you can see inspire behind me inspired by their poems and their stories didn't have years until border went to have a look. why are those who really fled the war in syria four years ago after her home in homes was bombed she and her family now live in this lebanese refugee camp my time. even when she first got eleven and while that worked back in boxes earning just four dollars a day then an engineer or called beyond rescued her from that job and got her into a school near the camp. today the sixth after years of trauma and uncertainty while
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it is beginning to find her voice and she's learning to write a verse for the first time in her life. because. nell and the generation whose life is lost because dreams have been broken by war we are the generation that has grown too old but too soon this point recounts the challenges bob faces as a refugee. the family has never always attacking us with words the lebanese always ask who are you where did you come from why did you come here. a two hours drive from the camp the u.n. children's organization unicef has organized an exhibition about art and refugees at beirut's civil war memorial. this painting is inspired by the words of what thoughts and feelings of dozens of civilian children or in this exhibition and being told by the horns and let us sit
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in the level these artists have come together and are using their creativity to describe the experiences of the students of war. yvonne depp's is one of the artists he's tried to capture large sentiments on canvas. this is not sadness this is this is anger and. and though i didn't want to show the children as victims. the organizers deliberately chose the memorial as the site for the event levanon itself suffered two decades of civil war that nearly tore the country apart. civilians have been the main victims of the conflict in syria which has especially targeted the country's young. many of the children that have written
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poems and text have lived their war very intensively they have rules their homes their school sometimes their parents back at the camp while those of who he is although we too would get together with some friends she's now taking up singing as well and says she'd like to be a journalist or a singer when she grows up. has lost nearly everything but she refuses to give up hope. the. seventy years of her on the eleventh of march two thousand and eleven a magnitude nine earthquake off the coast of japan triggered a tsunami that led to widespread disaster and the worst nuclear accident since chernobyl many of whom remember these images when the double catastrophe struck surging waters flooded the nearby fukushima power plant leading to explosions
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animal down in the reactors some eighteen thousand people are believed to have perished in the tsunami tens of thousands had to be evacuated from the region amid the nuclear disaster that followed. award winning documentary about life in the fukushima region after the disaster went on gender age and get a d. joins me now from our culture desk welcome agent and this documentary film deals with the impact of the legacy of this disaster on the local population is actually a film made by german film thorsten trim hope. he wanted to find out what makes people stay in an area where they face a potentially deadly health risk he started filming in the region about thirty kilometers from the damaged reactors the year after the catastrophe catastrophe in the town where he worked half of it was in the exclusion zone in the other half
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there was just the recommendation to get out we see the dilemma of the people who go and the people who stay and we also see how difficult it is for even a well organized technologically advanced country like japan to come up with an adequate response to a catastrophe on this level film school food to sort through which translates as my home town so the film is also about this connection to the land to a place that you call home and that is certainly a very big factor in people's reluctance to the. forty seven generations secure a notice family has been taking care of a buddhist temple look at it just outside the nuclear exclusion zone the notice couldn't possibly give up this ancient tradition.
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the given. day most are little they need you if you come to a certain age this. some people try to minimize the consequences of the disaster. before the fall the people who cover for the. worst of all. we're going to get off. the b.b.q. like you. didn't. just lose the will to crawfish to get you usually you'll be. the safety engineer in charge of the damage reactor appears to be completely relaxed. about it and so cuts things off since i got the other one is now. my mother. you know i want the last
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of the film clearly demonstrates the disastrous catastrophe effects on humans and animals in the contaminated region show him up at the club to get. some more money because people not that. kind of also also because of. their home has been destroyed and many people find it difficult to accept it as the film powerful he shows. her medical records god lord. our god my. goal. and the children sing in the one of many very surreal moments in the phil absolutely they
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difficult situation they're dangerous is it to stay in the region the. subject of intense did by and probably we won't know until twenty or thirty years down the road what we can say is that different people might very different assessments so you have these absurd scenes where journalists who are on either for a few days or few hours are taking no risks whatsoever whereas. you have state that seem to take no precautions at seoul as we can see in this clip. but i don't really think this is going to write it will make the whole right for fear of not only proper right. because i'm all right up the road i think the you know name. on audio for a while and i you know. those very same name to do that will probably get emerge from about earth with i'm very worried about i think that
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if it were frank frank. whatever he did you know. this is not the first. lot of cultural links between germany and japan film maker story there is a bit of japan a file and quite delightful film called greetings from fukushima in twenty six. tells the story of the blossoming friendship between a young woman who wants to help in the region and. who is living illegally in the exclusion zone is quite delightful film full of hope despite the serious subject matter and one that contains some quite startling document footage from the region. and that film is already available
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to stream on many many different platforms of course the new documentary film is only out in german cinemas at the moment but be doing the festival circuit and i'm sure it will be available on stream platforms very soon he blesses them a fascinating live a different more on your website on these documentaries. dot com slash culture. thank you you thank. you're watching news coming up ahead turkey's crackdown on the press seventeen journalists from the independent you put it newspaper own private to supporting terrorism we have a special report and all the latest sucka jonathan krane from us forces will join you for a preview of the weekend when this thing action and a look at a big upset in europe. but first the competition amongst fall fund destinations for your holiday and where to spend it get hot has that that's
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right thank you well explore different cultures trying new foods exchanging ideas the month of travel has been growing for years which of course creates a huge market for the host countries this becomes apparent as the world's largest travel trade show i see be in berlin where over one hundred eighty nations are competing for tourists with new strategies. lounging on the beach in turkey is how many russians and germans have traditionally spent the summer holidays but political unrest in the last few years has kept many people away now turkey is hoping to attract a new set of visitors. turned to open the doors of the east asian countries including china india japan south korea and there is in malaysia east asia in particular has a growing middle class and it's not only turkey that wants to attract tourists from
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that region a recent report predicted international travel to rise another five percent this year. and a growing global economy more and more people can afford to travel and good news for exhibit to see if they also do muslim millennial for example i one of the fastest growing travel of markets but the increasing number of tourists also causes problems. popular destinations like barcelona are struggling with too much tourism the city can't cope with the millions of visitors who crowded speeches in streets every year much to the angle of residents who complain about housing shortages and noise officials want to find solutions that keep both sides happy we take the minute and see people with good reason not to seek the gifts of but only we can and to the ship but only if we need to involve any degree in the same system all will be easy but so not being resident or being visitor one things clear tourism is on the up that's good news for the industry but those countries will
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have to find ways to manage the influx of visitors. skilled craftsman and women are in short supply in germany partly because the work isn't considered to be cool by young people and involves an apprenticeship on low pay of course businesses are overstretched we know ten on a father and son who build roofs and are taking matters into their own hands now. master roofer klaus is one of the most sought after men in westphalia. i don't take on major jobs from new clients he and his team work every possible hour but there's only six of them. but for the last year the market has been so busy that we really need three times as many people but we don't have them i can't get anyone his right hand man is a son lucas lucas is
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a born and bred craftsman he wants to pass on his enthusiasm by giving high school students a chance to see what he does. he'd like to take on some apprentices the business really needs to. get in moment on starting in the summer i'll be working with the business full time and eventually i'll take over. there's a serious lack of young skilled craftsman in germany around fifteen thousand trainee positions remain unfilled in westphalia business owners have formed an association that he was young people an opportunity to try out various jobs. report on. oh you don't live in one of my colleagues it's good to cast around and see what's out there and i think that gives you a handle on this sort of work you go away having formed an impression and can decide if you think it suits your. next door these young people are retraining businesses are very keen to recruit them. a lot of them come from office jobs or
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work that just and suit them. even enough to want to do something at school you think an office job will be pretty cushy but in fact it's not as easy as you think and for monday. in many cases even begun his do have one young man training with them he's one complaint he doesn't like working outside in winter and the cut and it's on your hands are always cold. so it's hard work for definitely. he's not planning on quitting his apprenticeship but his bosses know that they'll have to make him an offer he can't refuse if they want to keep him on. that's all your business back to the ongoing fight for press freedom in turkey and it's a big fight here hot today is the latest court hearing for seventeen turkish journalists who've been charged with supporting terrorism the employees of the two hoodie at an independent newspaper and this comes amidst
3:47 pm
a widespread crackdown on press freedom in turkey more than one hundred rightism reporters have been jailed d.w. correspondent yulia han has more. an editorial meeting at juliet one of the few newspapers in turkey not controlled by the government. journalists here are discussing stories for the next edition many have been in trouble with the authorities because of their reporting but they are determined to keep on writing that. we can't get any information from government officials or state institutions are not allowed into any of the president's press conferences they continuously try to criminalize a newspaper to the point that even carrying a copy. is risky for readers that despite these circumstances we're trying to do our best and.
3:48 pm
the newspaper often covers court cases against its own staff and ongoing trial involves seventeen employees charged with supporting terrorist organisations all have been released on bail except for three who have been behind bars for over a year now. and ahmed sheikh a well known investigative reporter. ship is using the trial as a platform to get a message across i am not defending myself i am accusing you he said in one hearing in december twenty seventh teen the trial was suspended and sheikh removed from the courtroom when he criticised the government his supporters supported him. you don't just speak only gets to see her husband in court and during visiting hours in jail it's been like that for over a year she is prepared for every time. we didn't make anything wrong
3:49 pm
or amir did not make anything wrong and he is right that's why of course i have hope because i believe in ahmed and i believe in myself. expectations i have no expectations from the judiciary part or anything from the state. she says the terrorism charges leveled against her husband are observed years ago he was jailed for writing this book criticizing the muslim cleric fit to live glenn today glenn is public enemy number one in turkey but on the cheek is now accused of supporting him. the pictures. i mean it is since twenty eight years of journalist and especially focusing concentrating on right right why elations that's why it's not the first time that he has trouble with the state if you look in the indictment all the proofs are just journalistic
3:50 pm
activities reports here all the interviews he may. and yes he was just doing his job. about one hundred twenty journalists are currently in jail here in turkey according to reporters without borders more than in any other country rights groups say trials like the one against the jewelry a newspaper a politically motivated they have called turkish president writes of tired arab one quote an enemy of press freedom. after countless threats and even several attempted attacks security at djibouti is tight the office now resembles a high security prison itself. the newsroom has already lost many reporters but the rest are undeterred they want to report independently and critically for as long as they can even if that means writing about trials against their own colleagues.
3:51 pm
time to check in with john soccer and match day twenty six of the witness to get kicks off tonight with a match up between minds and child johnson came from asked force desk is here to look ahead johnson the teams have different goals indeed they do amrita minds the heart of king to cement second place in the table right now before we talk any further let's take a look at this match up i love to still match up here the dated. are in season best for. three wins in their last three games sees them occupying second place and with nine games left all eyes are firmly on champions league qualification coach to many to disco however is not putting any unnecessary pressure on his players. i can guarantee that we've never spoken with the team or with individual players about the champions league. which is that it's
3:52 pm
logical and desirable that the players have dreams dreams must be ambitious that's part of being an athlete just. to sports cars that it's who shall because fans ambitions may be clearer they're dreaming of a return to europe's premier competition after three years in the wilderness blocking the way this weekend and minds who find themselves in trouble at the other end of the table and drawn last week against fellow relegation strugglers humble determined defensive performance but coach sun knows they need to show more in attack to have any chance of survival. we have to repeat what we did last week in defense but we also have to be more determined with their transitions in attack than we were against hamburg. they may have contrasting ambitions but both teams will be desperate to grab all three points.
3:53 pm
so we shall can manage to season especially in the recent weeks as we had the manics they find themselves in an excellent run of form at the moment playing without fear they had a brilliant two no win in they've accused weeks ago so that was a good example of that and they playing well as a team and i think a lot of that is down to the coach. because he really has brought out the best in the squad you look at players like now though who look to be past his prime the center back this season is the lynchpin of that. he's even scoring goals as well max meyer another example he was languishing on the previous coaches has flourished under today he's now being linked with a move away even sue a potentially boss lerner or us and he's turned down a contract so to desk there really has turned around shockers fortunes just a quick word on mines because they won't be pushovers they are actually on base and in st james and the goalkeeper florian miller will keep his place in the lineup he was davidson last week and played so well against hamburg so he will keep his place just on the second spot it is quite
3:54 pm
a few kids in the bundesliga so what kind of action can be expect this weekend that second spot is like a hot potato anderson medical wants to keep hold of it and i guess the name is held on for more than three match days in a row it's always made to trade light stick goldman's and buy laver couzin it's almost like a cycling race where you want to seem to break forward and then be able to hold on to and not be reeled in and i think it's about timing and getting that right light sic have a very tough match this weekend there away at stuttgart who apart from by munich are the form team in the bring this league and the match up to the weekend is bruce you don't men's against armstrong front but on sunday frankfurt another team with european aspirations so seem to let me just say what's going to happen but let's take a look back to last night and do wonderfully our teams will be playing in europe and there was a major upset i was horrified don't last and last one last. disappointing performance by then the coach admitted as much there he does point a finger at the referee for the training the goals the goals that's
3:55 pm
a nice day for all the light sake of the senate's st petersburg she won a bit disappointed to have conceded a late goal so contrasting fortunes for the german teams but good news for certain soft drinks manufacturer because red bull owns both so sick case i don't think crane thank you very much for that in talking about match ups i think you and i a very very good match up today and i think really both agree. thank you very much you're watching the w.'s here's a quick recap of. our top story that we're following for you president trump and north korean leader kim jong un have agreed to hold the first ever u.s. north korea summit president trump has confirmed the con and says great progress is being made and. that's it for me on the cheek and just in from the sports just great to have a company but i. feel .
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a little. layer of the boss when shri women the three top managers in europe speak out about the state of society with regard to women and their careers . in abusive networking. quotas or talent or does it take to get more females into the boardroom sabai want it women in top management team members. from. climate change so. waste. pollution. isn't it time for. africa people and projects that are changing our farm for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's inspire each other. to what it took to be farming magazine. on d w. w
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obscene of all going. for it it was a lot of incoming. i didn't. save i try to be on your. plate full plate plate. play. i am me. i am. me and. this is the only news live from berlin unprecedented
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a potentially historic turning point in the korean nuclear standoff president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong il and agreed to hold the first ever u.s. north korea summit john yann offers to put its nuclear program on the negotiating table if the right conditions are met also on the show not backing down president trump moves ahead with tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum going it alone he says he's stopping an assault on the u.s. in.


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