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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 9, 2018 8:00pm-8:16pm CET

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this is the w. new line from a beating that could write a new history donald trump a north korean leader kim jong agreed to hold the first ever u.s. north korea summit gone young office to denuclearize if the right conditions are met also on the program. president trump moves ahead with steel an alum minium imports despite international condemnation he says he's stopping an assault
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on the u.s. as experts warn the move could trigger a trade war. the pressure grows on kenya's president uhuru kenyatta to reopen the t.v. stations he closed down after his disputed election victory. i'm still getting a welcome to the program world leaders are reacting to the surprise announcement that u.s. president donald trump a north korean leader kim jong un to meet for talks chinese president xi jinping called washington to emphasize the need for careful diplomacy u.s. vice president mike pence meanwhile said the talks were a sign that sanctions against pyongyang were bearing fruit but the heavy lifting was done by south korea. this is the man doing the running between pyongyang and washington d.c. and he's failing reached
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a major milestone. i told president president thought that in our meeting north korean leader kim jong un. is committed to. kim pledged that north korea really good thing from any for the nuclear war this old tests that he expressed this league honest would meet president from that's as possible it is a sentiment shared by the u.s. president who confirmed that a meeting is being planned. to historic breakthrough comes after south korean negotiators held talks in pyongyang on monday it was here they learned that denuclearization was on the menu. far from giving up their bombs and recent years north korea has been ratcheting up its meso program and the threats. from fired back with warnings of annihilation and
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insults for kim jong il. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. on the front lines of this conflict the capitals of the korean peninsula relief and distrust so it is good news now everything is heading the right way that judging from kim jong un's character i don't think he will give a lap and he's easily. dealt with but i can't believe either of them i don't know what's in trump's head and i'm doubtful he is serious about this meeting but of these. details are still being worked on when and where exactly trump will come face to face with his avowed enemy. whether they see eye to eye is another matter entirely. let's get more from the w.'s cousin phenomena in washington welcome coston this meeting supposed to take place in just two months does the white house
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have the expertise to be ready for such an unpredictable adversary in such a short time. is the big question as you know the united states has no embassy in north korea donald trump the president has not even send a new best to south korea and several news media have reported here that many of the most experienced old korea hands people who know the region and know the language have left the administration in recent years having said that of course there is a lot of expertise on korea in this vast u.s. administration and the state department in the military in the intelligence community so there are people left who could brief and prepare the president the bigger question is if this president wants to be prepared because donald trump of course it likes to improvise he likes to shoot from the hip and follow his gut
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feeling and that might not be the best approach if you meet someone like kim jong un if you want something concrete to come out of such a meeting even if it's a story one. two oh most sworn enemies agreeing to sit down and talk sounds like good news is a universal support for this that in washington. well the first reaction was that this is a big surprise this is also a big win for donald trump but after some hours here my feeling is that the skeptics are getting the upper hand in the public discussion here of course there are still people who say this is the moment when because his strategy of maximum pressure new sanctions and threats of a military intervention brought kim jong il into the negotiation table but there are many others who think this might be just another game of
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a bait and switch by the north koreans an attempt to buy it time and they're trying to play donald trump catering to his vanity and there are many observers especially from the security and foreign policy establishment who fear that the americans might be walking into a trap here cousin phenomena in washington thank you unless this president has been busy he's made good on his threats and signed off on a new import tariffs twenty five percent on steel ten percent on alan many of america's president blames other countries for his country's massive trade deficit are still only accounts for two percent of world trade the price tariffs and penalties could escalate into a full scale trade war. this is the moment donald trump make is official surrounded by the people whose job he claims to be securing the u.s. president signed off on plans to improve hefty tariffs on feeling left out
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a million main point. the reaction was swift and well it's not just trading back the european union says it acknowledges some of the president's concerns but it went from playing for protectionist measures to u.s. national security. we have been in talks with the american friends for quite some time to explain to them that whereas we share the concern of overcapacity in the steel sector this is not the right way to deal with it and it is certainly not the right way to excuse a to include europe in that because we are friends we are allies we work together we cannot possibly be a threat to national security meanwhile the w.t. you know whose job it is to manage global trade relationships appear to signal that the tyrants weren't yet set in stone it's always still time to say as i understand it this measure doesn't apply for another fifteen days and there's a process as well for those members seeking exceptions exemptions to do so so there
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is still time certainly is still time to discuss this but on the grounds the potential friends of a trade war is a ready being felt in some on the usual ways take for instance the e.u. threat to retaliate by taxing u.s. products like harley davidson motorcycles this dealership in frankfurt germany has actually experienced a temporary surge in business. knows this thing is that because buying a harley davidson is an emotional thing people who've already decided to buy one this season are coming to us from the dealership and saying i want to order my harley now before anything happens so that i have that deal in the back at least before. the deals on motorcycles are one thing deals on deal are another with just two weeks to go before the tire of come into effect from international trade partners will have to act fast if they're to secure
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exemptions. so u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has asked kenya to reopen television stations that were closed down following a disputed presidential election he said he told the president over a kenyatta the free media and courts were crucial. for democracy had a citizens three day visit president kenyatta and opposition leader rather appeared together and shook hands for the cameras publishing to cooperate for the good of the country. people from d.w. correspondents across from the one in the kenyan capital nairobi welcome catherine i was moved to listen to criticism of the closure of kenya's t.v. stations received. well by the kenyan public has been received very well by the kenyan government it seems that the government is still trying to defend its actions in fact the foreign cabinet secretary monica juma said that it was a one off event and that it was overplayed you know by the international and local
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media saying that only four of the maybe ten stations that were shut out so it wasn't really such a big deal but then when you look at it it's the four most critical stations that are most critical to the government compared to the others that exist because the others that do exist are owned by the government or just played music so they did shut out shut out very critical channels of information to kenyans but the government seems to be defending that move still is not a big deal despite the fact that i seem to recall that the kenyan courts ordered those t.v. stations to be reopened. it did but then this still justifying it saying this was an matter of national security given the mock you know give a shit that took place. doesn't seem to be much remorse but then the me in fact that they said that it was a one off event probably shows that the government will probably not try that again given the pressure that came from both the international community and local
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institutions talk about that more inauguration that happened a couple of weeks ago today we saw kenya. shaking hands how significant is that. it's very significant in the sense that a loss of kenyans now thinking back to two thousand and eight when we had coffee and and on one side we had that then president kibaki and dr load shaking hands and had that you know the this deal that came through but then a lot of people are questioning what next because the institutional office that they have meant to start the dialogue that will bring kenyans together already exists so is this just a photo op or is this an actual opportunity for the two leaders to bring the country back together is this a way for a grand coalition and most kenyans will tell you that off to two thousand and eight
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a grand coalition is not necessarily where they want to go they want to you know a government just in the government to make nice. just on what point. a boy called the rerun elections monkey shaking hands with his sworn enemy what's in it for him. well he wants dialogue he says he some people are looking at it as him being the statesman he's making the first move to to do you know bring forth a platform where people can have a conversation and vital conversations conversations about private conversation about politics conversations about it quits a ball distribution of resources these are conversations that he wants to start in the sense that he is being the statement but there are kenyans who is saying that he's lost out on the fight now and that he's we can to position by joining hands
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with the president who can yes a. process that doesn't seem to have legs so far it just it's just coming together saying that they're willing to build the country but no real framework through them one. severe acute malnutrition could kill more than two million children in the democratic republic of congo if they don't receive aids and that's a stark warning coming from the united nations world food programme which says the number includes around three hundred thousand children in congo's essential region the un is to hold a donor's meeting next week as it calls for international funding to stave off a worsening humanitarian disaster. this child is one of two million in the democratic republic of congo estimated to be at risk of dying from severe acute malnutrition many of them live here in the troubled region. the queues
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for u.n. aid make a mockery of prime minister been a cheap allows clean this week but the humanitarian crisis there was under control . in the custody region alone three point two million people a severely hungry that's one in four people. malnourished children at risk of dying us three hundred thousand at risk of dying just think of that three hundred thousand little kids tribal violence in the country's east has displaced an estimated two hundred thousand people since mid december far from being under control the u.n. says the situation in the country is deteriorating and appeal to donors to come forward. where we really hope and expect the traditional new donors any kind of us to step forward and recognize that this is a crisis that. you know our humanity should include these people.
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you're looking at numbers of this magnitude you know the urgency couldn't be couldn't be gracious. u.n. humanitarian chief mark is to meet donors in kinshasa next week as the organization looks to live up to what it calls its big responsibility in d.r. congo. that's it you're up to date i'll have more for you at the top of the hour in the meantime of course there's always the web site that's. good. but dortmund shall good like say the for your favorite teams we've got all the best goals we've got all the action all the borders we go right here. t.w. is the home of german football. period every match. just like every weekend here on.


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