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tv   Europe in Concert - Kaleo Iceland  Deutsche Welle  March 10, 2018 2:15am-3:01am CET

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and civilians of course in the crossfire nearly a thousand have been killed. eight convoys are struggling to reach the besieged area along an exclusive eye witness account of hell on earth. easton good sound reports and today on g.w. . we make up of what we watch as a full half of that handout budget fights we audit the seven seven percent of. the want to shrink the continent's future to. be part of the african youngsters as they share their stories of their dreams and their challenges. the seventy seven percent of the platform from africa is from johnny.
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bird there were made for a. long range hormone. never sang in church. oh i'm sorry. st it's
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a good they're friends for. we don't walk there are goat. we don't walk on their. own. we don't walk there are no out there are we don't know our own. home. care. and on the other on. a long night. for. the lovers are. all in a very good months and here are longing he let down my. dear . old knight st. louis you still seem
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a little watercooler. we don't want. the young ones. we've done away with long long enough long. enough or long long enough. they. were on with our own you was. younger one girl you. can't go on won't. you.
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our lives are. far. and i want to. keep it all inside all that got it right now i'm. sorry we don't want. to be known. we've gone long. we no longer live. there no longer. i think today not take.
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the be. the bad. luck. the soul was left. broken. now the nurse life form good. service.
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guru. world.
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thank you. i've. the
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or little. or look. a little. little the or little. the are little or let. her live her life. her
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life. the or low her. mother let me look. at. the mother lode our little look. you want. to. see.
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eleven . year old eleven. eleven. eleven . to be.
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her. same. eleven . ily. ily. ily. ily ily eleven.
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you are who you a. feel. there.
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was going to. prove you are those. things very are. very . little.
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candle get upland. little. eleven. hello hello
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hello hello illo . the little eleven little little.
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eleven . live. a little. eleven. u.s. . you elect. eleven . ily
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ily ily. ily. ily eleven. going to. elect eleven . eleven . when you hit me right here.
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eleven. eleven the soccer league knows they were local elected. so all right. cool eleven. eleven. eleven. you. know the moment. when you get to like i. think
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you know right away when you go to the well you know the to your illustrious such. as they were led. least. eleven. eleven eleven eleven . eleven eleven. eleven.
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thank you thank you thank. you thank you and.
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this next one is written by sonny bono. we are on hold to learn that. it will black and. i will wear. it we're all waiting in the wings are burning. cotton. they bury. it and iron and hit the ground during the for. over there
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or falls. if you might very scared me down claire sierra. and in this is. not who told. her this is the thing you. do the thing. with. whose. citizens came things this. and iraq. would always be there is very easy to remember where we were.
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illo. illo. sorry to. cut. this song sounds. he didn't even say. he didn't say.
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oh i.
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thank you. ily. see slips. back. a little. plane. out. be
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a an. the eleven the of. the of. the of the us. election. the luck
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of the of the a slow mo out. loud . you're. going on. the look the a reluctant
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. oh you guys are the same with the universe i go then you go. to our.
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hello. to. eleven. eleven. eleven eleven. eleven eleven. eleven. eleven.
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eleven. it's well below . the are live live . our lives. are limitless.
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are low. ily. ily ily. ily. ily.
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ily ily. ily. ily ily. ily ily. ily ily. ily ily. thank. you for. you know these words. there. he gave.
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we miss her. his. long long long. long. long long long. long long. leave you. and your family most. of. thomas thomas leave. again both of. you came. along because they.
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were using. a long long long journey. do you think we're all long. and where. do. we all long. pete. rouse he's not. going.
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to lose me. anything.
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thank you guys very much thank you thank. you thank you dan. that's some fun.
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live . below. you can live. live. live at eleven. the u.s. outlet eleven
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. the plugs will slow the cells sylow. illo good luck live the elapsed live below mother.
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illo. sound. here was. very.
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a fishel estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally. already uncle will return to the. visit friends i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters . made for mines. for. keeps on adult stem like. it's all about the story music instead.
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it's all about george chance to discover the world from different perspectives. join us and be inspired by distinctive instagram or others at g.w. stories you talk to each week on instagram. u.s. president donald trump of north korea's kim jong un has agreed to hold the first ever meeting between leaders of the two countries discussions could include north korea's nuclear program which the country is reportedly picked up for negotiation the talks are being brokered by south korea. and the air president trumpeting new tariffs of twenty five percent on imported steel and ten percent unemployed to tell you many are still come into effect until two weeks canada and mexico will be in.


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