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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  March 10, 2018 5:02am-5:31am CET

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talks the president of the united states accepted came jones invitation but with north korea's main ally china and america secretary of state both apparently out of the loop but will the two such talk about and calmly make any agreement stick i'm phil gayle welcome to the day. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. the sudden dialogue is not possible with such a guy arrested reason he was going senile absolute force could work on him. today president promised to meet north korean leader kim jong un by me. or a zation a peace on the korean peninsula are beginning to be realized call us
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a glimmer of hope. also coming up president trump signs off on terrorists for still an alum many m m ports despite criticism at home and abroad a growing number of countries seeking exceptions will get the view from the american chamber of commerce here in germany. president to trump's surprise announcement that he will meet a north korea's leader kim jong un is being cautiously welcomed by most world leaders but just months after the two sides seemed close to confrontation over pyongyang's nuclear program many of the meeting will result in further deescalation so let's just take a look at some historical examples of high stakes face to face talks will start in one nine hundred thirty eight british prime minister neville chamberlain came away from a meeting in munich with the german leader he declared peace in our time a year later world war two broke out nine hundred sixty one next at the height of
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the cold war u.s. president john f. kennedy met with soviet leader nikita the key to khrushchev kennedy later described the meeting as the worst thing in my life a year later the two nuclear superpower still on the brink of war over the cuban missile crisis nine hundred seventy two next us president richard nixon went to china to meet chairman mao that business was hailed as a diplomatic success and he's seen as the catalyst that began the process of opening china to the outside world in the mid eighty's u.s. president ronald reagan held a series of meetings with soviet leader mikhail gorbachev their efforts to scale back the arms race between the two countries eventually led to the end of the cold war finally if this meeting happens donald trump would become the first u.s. president to meet with a north korean leader while in office is change of heart is in part thanks to south
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korea this is the man doing the running between p.r. myaing and washington d.c. and he's finally reached a major milestone. i poor president president thought that in our meeting north korean leader kim jong un. is committed to. kim pledged that north korea really good thing from any for the nuclear war this old tests that he expressed this legal system will meet president from that phone as possible it is a sentiment shared by the u.s. president who confirmed that a meeting is being planned. to historic breakthrough comes after south korean negotiators held talks in pyongyang on monday it was here they learned that denuclearization was on the menu. far from giving up their bombs
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in recent years north korea has been ratcheting up its meso program and the threats . from fired back with warnings of annihilation and insults for kim jong il. rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. on the front lines of this conflict the capitals of the korean peninsula relief and distrust so it is good news now everything is heading the right way that judging from kim jong un's character i don't think he will give overlap in his easily. because i can't believe either of them i don't know what's in trump's head and i'm doubtful he is serious about this meeting all of its. details are still being worked on when and where exactly trump will come face to face with his a valued enemy. whether they see eye to eye is another matter entirely.
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let's get more on this from the hundreds that most of the who's professor of korean studies and brilliance of the university you know welcome to the doubly let's start on that about port about whether each can trust the oven and whether this will actually happen do you think it will happen this meeting well that's a point of time very difficult to say because there could be a lot of different obstacles to actually then have having the meeting but as of now both leaders quite straightforwardly said they want to beat even trump said yes. so as of now we have to expect that it will be yet except vats really in the last few minutes it's been said from the us that the president will not meet him unless there he sees some concrete action but i buy yeah. right of course he has to say something like that because something for getting into a dialogue has to be given from the north korean side but maybe this could be
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something like the north koreans already have promised such as freezing another the nuclear missiles test or refraining from from any other provocation this could be one thing i could think of what does each side want from the other. well what the north korean side wants is very clear they want to be recognized officially by the international community as a legitimate and sovereign state they want have the garden t. of their regimes survival and they want to have a peace treaty with the us which is complete verifiable and irreversible in the exchange for what well they are. they are they want to have the safety the security and maybe the u.s. of course once wants to have the success this foreign policy success is in midterms elections at the end of the year so both of them motivation to go to these talks
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quite motivated when the news broke is quite interesting to see the reactions china north korea's biggest and most important ally said it hopes that these these actually happened but clearly china was out of the loop u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson clearly out of the loop this all happened very quickly or certainly appeared to happen very quickly quickly what do you know about it i'm quite confident that south korea is talking to all the surrounding states to all its allies particular of course to china which is a very important country to the matter and i don't think china is out of the loop but south korea and the involved parties are now concentrating on the most important factors which are north korea south korea in the draw and the driving seat and the u.s. but china was has always been there it is still there sometimes diplomacy has to be
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quite diplomacy what part of international sanctions had to play in bringing this meeting about we could we can still get that the sanctions particular recently strengthening these sanctions had an impact on on north korea because within north korea domestically north korea now tries to get on to the next step in of comic development and if it was only for survival they could have also survived with the sanctions but they want to develop economically that's very important to the north koreans that might have pushed them to re enter the dialogue but let's be optimistic and say this meeting happens all their risks to it they are always. risks of course but i think these risks be reduced by before hand exchange of special envoys of the of the different parties and here in this process of course also south korea will continue to play a very important role as
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a broker between these two countries and could show you how to muscle from a burdens for university thank you. kelly from washington now from a correspondent accustomed from norman welcome carsten how does this announcement been met capitol hill and in the media. well my impression is that the first initial response yesterday after the announcement was very positive now skepticism is taking over of course there are supporters of president trump in the media and also among republicans on capitol hill who still insist that this is a win for donald trump it was on the drums strategy of maximum pressure that brought north korea to the negro she asian table but many democrats of course as well as representatives of the foreign policy and security
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establishment experts of think tanks many media commentators very doubtful about the motives of north korea they fear that north korea might play a game of bait and switch and that donald trump is pretty badly prepared for a meeting in just a few weeks times with kim jong il and that is maybe why the press secretary of the white house or huckabee send us as you just said in your discussion with. the colleague from the free university she walked back some of the things that were said yesterday apparently saying that we need to have concrete and very final steps by north korea she also talked about denuclearization there and that was confusing because the north koreans have never promised that they want to talk about denuclearization so that is all very often it seems to be some backpedaling on behalf of the white house if the meeting has. what will washington count as
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a win. what washington ones is for north korea to give up its nuclear arms and if possible also it's a long range missile it's ballistic missiles and that is very unlikely to happen because the regime in pyongyang sees those weapons as its best insurance against military intervention by the americans so i don't think there will be any quick wins for the on the ground even if that meeting takes place it is a win already though for kim jong. the meeting itself would be a win for him and it would mean that he would be seen as an equal to president trump and also he can buy more time once again for north korea you hinted at this and you know. it's washington ready does it have the expertise to handle a meeting like this that is the big question because north
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korea the u.s. doesn't have an embassy in north korea donald trump hasn't even sent an ambassador to south korea a lot of old korea hands have left the administration having said that they off course still a lot of people with expertise in the state departments in the military in the intelligence community who could prepare the president but the bigger question really is does donald trump want to be prepared for such a meeting he likes to shoot from the hip he likes to follow its gut feeling and that might not be the best approach if you meet someone like kim jong un if you want this meeting to be more than just a photo opportunity and custom phenomena in washington thank you. and mr trump's have a busy day he's also made good on his threats by signing off on import tariffs twenty five percent on steel ten percent on our menu he blames other countries for
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america's massive trade deficit still only accounts for two percent of world trade and yet tit for tat arabs and penalties are dangerous the ripple effects could ask a late into a full on trade. this is the moment donald trump made his official surrounded by the people whose job he claims to be securing the u.s. president signed off on plans to impose hefty tariffs on steel and on a million men poured. their reaction was swift to the world's largest trading bloc the european union says it acknowledges some of the president's concerns but it rebuffed trump claims that the protectionist measures u.s. national security. we have been in talks with the american friends for quite some time to explain to them that whereas we share the concern of capacity in the steel sector this is not the right way to deal with it and it is certainly not the right way to excuse
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a to include europe in that because we are friends we are allies we work together we cannot possibly be a threat to national security meanwhile the w.t. you know whose job it is to manage global trade relationships appear to signal that the tyrants weren't yet set in stone was always still time. as i understand it this measure doesn't apply for another fifteen days and there's a process as well for those member seeking exceptions exemptions to do so so there is still time certainly there's still time to discuss this but on the grounds the potential threat of a trade war is a ready being felt in some on the usual ways take for instance the e.u. threat to retaliate by taxing us products like harley davidson motorcycles this dealership in frankfurt germany has actually experienced a temporary surge in business. knows this thing is that because buying a harley davidson is an emotional thing people have already decided to buy one this season are coming to us from the dealership and saying i want to order my harley
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now before anything happens so that i have that deal in the bag at least before. the deals on motorcycles are one thing deals on steel are another with just two weeks to go before the tire of come into effect from international trade partners will have to act fast if they're to secure exemptions. more on this now with a son who is general manager. in germany welcome to day w what is the american chamber of commerce a few of these new time well why. i think it's definitely understandable that president trump is addressing the overcapacity of steel and aluminum caused by subsidized and cheap steel an element by china and india it's definitely the wrong measures he's taking first of all it's way too broad the tariffs are way too broad
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so they hurt actually more the allies of the united states like for instance the european union and it's hurting countries who are actually contributing to the economy in the united states if you take a germany for instance they create jobs in the united states seven hundred thousand they invest in infrastructure and in education so that's definitely a country you don't want to hurt by these tariffs secondly these side effects will hurt the us economy itself by raising prices and consumer prices and in the end this might start an escalation and in a trade war and that's bad for the entire world except the troubles worldview he says america would win big in any trade war what does he opinion on there is no big win there's no win the trade war our supply chain economies are globally
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connected so effects of trade wars will always be felt globally also at home in the united states if he is addressing a win that can only be a very narrow and short term win as in catering to his border base the blue collar workers in the midwest for instance they might see the creation of jobs in a very small sector of the steel sector. but that won't last very long because the side effects will be higher prices. there so i don't see any big win certainly not mr trump's figleaves if you like his his excuse for these. and getting around w.r.t. to w t o rules he says of these steel or aluminum imports affect america's national security i have been slightly convinced by that not at all i think it's actually a vehicle that he is using because actually it's congress that house the trade
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authority and congress has delegated power to the president in trade issues the power to raise or lower tariffs but that is done via legislation so the president needs to use that legislation to actually raise the terror of so he's basically using legislation the delegation of power to him to do that and he's using one particular one from the one nine hundred sixty s. so in my opinion it's a vehicle to do that and certainly it won't lead to anything because if you take europe for instance we are definitely not a national security threat but we are partners. so we heard we're looking at fifteen days before this happens what is likely to happen within fifteen days for the those countries who are likely to be affected by this what will they do well the first and most important step will happen and that's tomorrow when the u.s.
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trade representative like ties or will meet with the e.u. trade commissioner cecilia mimes term they will sit down and talk and negotiate and that's the imperative thing that we talk and i think that the next fifteen days will be used for that will be used for talks for negotiations and hopefully also others will raise their voices like industry but do you think the these negotiations are likely to be pleading for an exemption does whatever the ok if you do that you're playing the game should they be going for an exemption or should they be telling mr trump to. abandon this policy. well it's certainly difficult to tell president trump to abandon his policy we've seen that he's a negotiator that he needs a deal and i think the tariffs are a political measure he's taking for domestic reasons so he's catering to his voter
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base so he needs to take something home to show with those who only got minor gains from the tax reform for instance that he's is on their side putting more on their table so i think it will have to be negotiations he won't abandon the policy side he said was very clear. from the american chamber of commerce in germany thank you you're very welcome. vital aid has arrived in syria's eastern ghouta after being delayed for days by fighting relief workers deliver the supplies during a brief lull despite renewed bombardment by the syrian regime forces a thirteen truck convoy a loaded food for about twelve thousand people in duma the largest town in the rebel held on klav close to four hundred thousand inhabitants have been living under a government safe since twenty thirteen with food and medicines in short supply.
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more than a million refugees meanwhile have fled syria and made their way to lebanon since war broke out seven years ago and many of those fleeing are children a group separate helping them deal with a trauma through creativity now an exhibition has opened in beirut which features artwork inspired by the children's programs and stories including this one behind me the w. . has been taking a look. while others agree fled the war in syria forty years ago after her fall in homes. she and her family now live in this lebanese refugee camp . when she first got to lebanon while worked back in boxes earning just four dollars a day then and then she'll call beyond rescued her from that job and got her into a school near the camp. today the sixteen year old is about to head out to her
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poetry class. a lot more. when i of michael's after years of trauma and uncertainty while it is beginning to find her voice and she's learning to write verse for the first time in her life. oh. the generation whose life is lost because dreams have been broken by war we are the generation that has grown too soon this point recounts the challenges about faces as a refugee. the family has near always attacking us with words the lebanese always ask who are you where did you come from why did you come here. a two hours drive from the camp the u.n. children's organization unicef has organized an exhibition about art in the fiji's at the roots civil war memorial.
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this meeting is inspired by the words of watt thoughts and feelings of dozens of syrian children on display in this exhibition and been told by the horns and let us sit on the level these artists have come together and are using their creativity to describe the experiences of the students of war. yvonne depp's is one of the artists we strive to capture warred sentiments on canvas. this is not sadness this is this is anger and. and i well i didn't want to show the children as victims. the organizers deliberately chose the memorial as the site for the event levanon itself suffered two decades of civil war that nearly tore the country apart.
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civilians have been the main victims of the conflict in syria which has especially targeted the country's young. many of the children that have written these poems and text have lived their war very intensively they have lost their homes their school sometimes their parents back at the camp while those who he is on their way to a get together with some friends she's now taken up singing is bad and says she'd like to be a journalist or a single when she grows up. a bit wild has lost nearly everything but she refuses to give up hope. on this return to our top story the planned meeting between us president donald trump on north korea's leader kim jong un it's worth remembering how that sudden forward relations began with the north participation in the winter olympics the
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paralympics began today after a glittering ceremony in pill in chiang south korea fireworks this up the night sky outside the main stadium a small five hundred sixty upgrades gathered to compete in the biggest winter politics and history. drug until the eighteenth. well this day is nearly done but as ever the come session continues online you'll find us on twitter i think w. news or at phil gayle i've got to use a hashtag but i have a good. good
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jobs and the heavy metal school girls from indonesia are living their dream against all odds. they sing about the problems faced by young people the world over but they also want to show how contemporary and open islam can be. our topic in honor of international women's day on.
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the last. women managers in europe speak out about the state of society with regard to women in their careers. networking. are telling what does it take to get more females into boardrooms i want it women in top management implement. every journey begins with the first step and every language what the first word has been the. is in germany to learn german why not a simple online on your mobile and free apps d w z e learning course nikos fish german from a to z. o. represented. architect of east germany's polish stage.
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explained if i had my way. east germany woods. still be. disturbed. you know. starting march thirteenth d.w. . welcome to global three thousand today we meet three young indonesian women who are crazy about heavy metal. we check out a kenyan movie about the power of the imagination. and we learn about the brutal domestic violence that still far too common in india.


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