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tv   Sarahs Music - Adalberto Alvarez - El Caballero del Son  Deutsche Welle  March 10, 2018 9:15am-9:31am CET

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all to avoid relegation thanks you're watching the news from berlin more coming at the top of the hour and don't forget to get all the latest news and headlines on our web site www dot com as for watching. starting out with some junk and instructions from a book. teacher for team william kumquat dream. for boeing wanted to build a wind turbine to provide his village with electricity. i won't commit to something to change his life
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a quick fix all too much genic citing joining the world's biggest. heroes story. and the winter starting march twenty first on t.w. . gave. up an album. very tough i'm not. going to. talk about you got a possible mobile. phone. but. hi and welcome back to sara's music i'm so excited about my guests
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today i'll be meeting. song out about to alvarez himself here at his home and have an acute. other bare toe as it is one of the most famous cuban panty just and composers and this affectionately known as. the song the gentleman of song. golden rule. he has promoted song on a form of traditional cuban dot's music with his legendary band song the torso and then later with i will bow to albert is song when i told my cuban friends i was going to his house to meet him they were so impressed i don't bateau is a star. to be. in but.
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thank me thank you. thank you for letting me come to your home. but i never thought that i would be sitting here in havana with a couple you know the song i am so happy i learned to dance with your records of the no product has seen no. because in germany we did overweighted
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a casino and it was your music very. very so i'm really happy to be here thank you thank you for your work i would love to know who were your biggest musical influences when you were a little boy in cuba listening to cuban music what were your influences the woman said to john do. you do being a promoter for life. about people who see a little work a a make us or a me so i will. be part of this. process at all whether you'll almost. quit on this little. base label. in europe and in america we often think that size is cuban music. but i know this is wrong cuban music song this is the original cuban music yes you
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know the south and you know but what i meant the home of. someone who had it last i'll software when i study the. cell of your medical that almost you go i love really. you know say things. but i thought out of the. what are more little so what one call better a lot. less if the last also. talk was a little more. bearable mohammed morsi is it possible to explain in words to a classical musician like me water the water the characteristic the basics of song is that even possible so it's a little. as shown little noodles nothing and poor. when i got
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a political place yelling one talk. a little more and one two elemental ear and so on noise when i was up as a shield with echoes here till. we have to have actually moved forward to the north. and some c c tumulty in this scene to a less than very silty and s l l s will. say you know the n.s.a. like hell the and more imperial no moon come up with the council see your to your move to see your to your mood to see who will be able to talk will be out of it when you get a lot of work just what i want to sort of like a sort of money enough but you see your friend man enough had big think he has he had a lot to be laid at the elbow much too much you want to do pulled over a body go to the underwater would you want to see. it through no fault of our soul
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and a lovely failing see it in it so a little don't they get it. incredible if you can but a woman stronger now sober up call what i persona know so muscular and poor. oh i see the focus was up over the me a little the other he said looking follow me on civil company course are going to split up. so must you a little play said he some couples who talk about his home simply really him period like hello kitty who are in for the better so.
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it. looks like. so you started with your song qatar soft in the seventy's and eighty's and song to musicians told me that you were responsible for bringing in new elements into the tradition very traditional your song and then you brought in more funkier things
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more and more when you've made some experiments with your type of song a song i thought of. when i. say they believe the poor who put i think it will have their music on this whole musical put out. i mean come on almost a hollywood us either. no harmonious there which i want to go to libya at i'm presenting up a little to mother this one got those last armani articles here glass of course. syria a company same thing a much of it a little to my way the so-called worst book got a lot money about this in this era of synthetic as if we were mossad what with all we were through with spiegel what do you find that the song tradition is is a little bit more difficult to keep up with the modern cuban musicians or are they very dedicated to preserving this tradition where normally what are your thoughts will still keep silent the phenomenal is a relaxing look at the world with with
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a social club. such a hole in the brain you want to form of that our heart of a little kid but also who has a little kick in. that i don't see a little i want the sort of. what other who will handle all have a look at ok we have three thousand who are gone though the. burial. yeah. in the. very middle. of the show.
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about. something like. what. i saw coming out. that's all from sarah's music for today but we still have the cuban horn challenge
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with a battle is going to take for me it's all yours take it away if you can play the bassoon you can play the horn one two three. well. will spain soon harbor europe's largest uranium mine. not if jorge rodriguez can stop us. the mayor from the salamanca region is concerned about the environment and for farmers reputations. those in favor say the mine will create badly needed jobs . deep rift divides the community. next on d.w.p. . european stars deliver
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a rousing performance of. intoxicating mix of rockabilly. sound irish singer imelda. w. d w media center see it find it here it discover. video and audio podcast and language courses in the d w media center at media center dot dillon dot com. to stop the stars he made a point to still. represent a. really good architect of east germany's police i.
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explained if i had my way. east germany would still be english. i wouldn't you know. starting march thirteenth. d.w. . a very warm welcome to focus on europe by michelle henery glad you could join us it feels as though none a month goes by without an election taking place here in europe and each more exciting than the last except the one in russia feels a bit different that's because president vladimir putin is all but certain to secure i'm not there six year terms.


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