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make sure you wanted. brain factory starting march twenty fourth on g.w. . this is deja news live from berlin the syrian army makes further advances in eastern kentucky government soldiers reportedly surrounding me on slaves launchers telling too much is as strikes pound the last opposition stronghold near the capital damascus thousands of civilians remain trackers. meanwhile life is increasingly desperate in tomorrow's government forces tightening their grip we
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have exclusive footage for you from inside the besieged syrian town. and some top action in germany's goodness legal will bring you up to speed on tracking gold last night in the shall come months game that will to look ahead to tonight's big clash between by labor couzin ambrosio mention a grudge match that usually delivers plucked yoko style. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring a good to have you with us reports are coming in that syrian regime forces are making significant advances into eastern ghouta it's the last major rebel stronghold near the capital damascus a monitoring group based in the u.k. says syrian army soldiers have taken control of the region's main highway effect.
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really dividing into several parts the area in green is known rebel controlled territory syrian state media say the army has taken the challenge. and. that means the largest town in the enclave has been surrounded the rebel forces on to speeching those claims this comes as syrian state t.v. showed a group of rebel fighters in their families evacuating on a government bus most of the population however remains trapped in the besieged city syrian state t.v. showed these images of a small group of al nusra front fighters and their families boarding a bus in eastern guta it's said to be taken to areas controlled by the government and it's promising them safe passage to rebel held live province even though the government views them as terrorists. despite the profound devastation and most opposition groups are rejecting the government's offer to evacuate. earlier
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and emergency aid convoy delivered desperately needed supplies to residents this should be enough to feed twelve thousand people for one month but almost four hundred thousand people have been living under government siege in eastern guta for five years the delivery was interrupted by renewed fighting. in the past month russian backed regime forces have intensified airstrikes to clear the way for troops advancing on the ground. they've already taken over half of the enclaves territory of the syrian military gains have caused wide scale displacement more than a thousand people have been killed. ok let's talk now to correspondent who's monitoring developments for us from beirut in neighboring lebanon until the syrian army says its advances have divided eastern ghouta into several parts rebel forces are disputing that claim who should we believe. i think the monster everybody balled them a little bit i have to you know see that's the gene has made significant advances
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and in fact is in the center of the rebel held east and that they are in the south but the happen the challenge of this stretches the highways that link the north of the rebel held territory to the south a bit in that it is a developing situation. a bit of psychological warfare notably if the rebels concede this either they have lost out then the ground forces might not support them as much at the same time the regime lines do always deed to city events the situation is hardly developing this news is essentially originated because of city and of the reentry of human rights which is i wanted to basically hear she has said that you guys in fact been divided into the past by that i mean east and not they do have a lot of activists on the ground and have been very credible with them information but it is a developing situation and the rebels are resisting. and how warm how strong is that resistance you know the rebels have been under for some sort for weeks now.
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well this is not very strong because the rebels are not in a strong position the regime is firstly because they just do not cannot compare the human cost of the military might secondly because it being under siege since two thousand and thirteen me at least last year that seems absent over the last at least since it seems a very there has been relentless bombing by the regime so they're not a very strong position whether you look at their military might whether you look at their supplies the regime is now trying to cut off there are some pleasant dileep from all directions from east from south to north so it's essentially encircling. eastern redoubtable on t.v. and this movie further in the idea that if you missed to cut out their supplies if it is going to be about fighting it is about the opposition fighting the regime the opposition is certain to lose and that's why they've been trying to make their case that the civilians are the ones really dying and it was enough that the
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international community should come together that's really their only goal well let's talk about the civilians as you say they are the victims the main victims of this fighting hundreds of thousands of them still trapped in eastern guta what state are they in. there's been absolutely appalling state before the war the population of war that was about one and a half million and now brought into the un it's about three hundred ninety three thousand according to the information that i have received from sources in damascus over the last to be just about thirteen i managed to come up with some general because they're the best at lying and then others the other g. might invest them we'll see them all investigate them or incarcerate them because they don't meet just the regime many of us will have to do want out and really aren't able to they're all huddled in the basements to duty actually to last leaks constantly been getting the people of dual the people of other cities that like us not that indecent sending us that picture as of in the bad conditions they're
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really living in there are no sanity provisions big drawn to get up as if they get out that might just die and there's not enough and if we would've been emptied so the condition is that it's a huge catastrophe ok and tional vora in beirut many thanks for that we're going to stay with the situation of civilians in eastern goosing get a closer look of what's really happening in that enclave that's because you know the news has obtained exclusive footage filmed by a resident of that besieged district and it's a close up look at conditions inside the rebel on clay i've read a long life that has of course been the target of some of the worst bombing in syria's civil war. six in the morning in the town after. a few minutes ago a bomb struck by rousing residents from their sleep alarms they quickly sought safety in their basements. this footage was sent by
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a resident to his relative in berlin who passed it on to us. so my name is our son dollars ease i'm a resident of the town of duma in eastern turkey. i'm sitting at home and we'll show you my every day life and how we live under siege in the midst of war in eastern guta. hasan abdel aziz is home suffered heavy damage looking at the furnishings it's clear that he must have been wealthy shipping the neighborhood is in ruins. eastern ghouta was home to around one and a half million people that number has fallen to less than four hundred thousand. that's not. over there where the pump is there were apartment buildings with hundreds of families. and. the shelling has destroyed
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everything. so. the people here refuse to give up struggling every day just to survive they have to be creative for. each one of these hoses leads to an apartment where. the residents try fifteen minutes of power there so they can fill up their water tanks during a lull in the fighting many people go into the streets children especially happy to be outdoors but that changes quickly. just launched an airstrike. at the greengrocer's hassan abdel aziz has little to choose from. garlic cabbage and cauliflower all in small amounts it's been a long time since tomatoes and potatoes were lost office here now i'm studying the farms of have all been destroyed there's no longer any arc of cultural land here
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most people have something to grow things in their own gardens. says the owner of a small shop this elderly man once just so the loss of his dishes recently his home was bombed and now he needs the money to buy bread but he won't have any more dishes at home how do you want to eat and drink. what should i eat and drink i eat just once a day. another asked strike on eastern ghouta hassan abdel aziz finds shelter in his basement dozens of people hide in the town sprawling tunnel system sometimes they stay several days but no place is totally secure against the repeated shelling and air raids. and if you want to see the full length version of that exclusive report from eastern guta we're broadcasting it throughout the day reporter program alternatively you can also find it on our website dot com for now
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we're going to turn to some of the other stories making news around the world two german journalists who were arrested on friday in greece have been released the pad be making a t.v. report about migrants in a region close to greece's border with turkey when they mistakenly and to the restricted military area greek or. that it was satisfied that the journalists and accidentally. trade chiefs from the u.s. the e.u. and japan have been holding talks amid fears that new u.s. import tariffs could trigger a trade war u.s. trade envoy robert lie ties met japan's hero she has seco and the e.u. says cd amounts to them they want to know if japan in the e.u. can obtain exemptions from u.s. levies on steel and. protests against nuclear power have been taking place near the fukushima power plant in japan ahead of sunday's seventh anniversary of the tsunami that triggered a meltdown that
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a barrier meant to contain brady ation is failing and that could jeopardize efforts to clean up the area. sports now this weekend's bonus legal action getting underway last night with a moment of brilliance from shell because daniel keller juvie settled matters against mites the royal blue midfielder dribbling past five months before. unstoppable shot in the fifty fifth minute one nil victory means shelter can sit back and enjoy the rest of the weekend's action in second place for mites though the defeat means they're still in deep trouble as they struggle to avoid relegation . turning to today's action struggling hamburg they have the toughest task of the day they travel to league leaders bond as they try to pull themselves out of the relegation zone but the pick of the day sees live acoustic to sting. no love lost between those two local rivals both of them battling at the
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moment for a spot in the champions league next season the momentum is with the home side at the moment live acoustic steadily improving this season but coach heiko hellacious says he's taking the threat from very seriously. heiko here at least has a clear vision for live a cruise and dynamic up front and relentless in attack his players have followed suit union band with the match winner last week against walsh spurlock. paul. we need to focus for the whole ninety minutes our performance in the last game may have been enough to beat but it won't be enough to beat cloud back where you have a coups and have lost the last two home games and failed to score a single goal as seen in the recent two loss to shout it's a stock contrast to the last time they played bass with a complete the game around. we were one nil down at half time and they had a great chance to go to no to the break if they got that so i don't think we would
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have won five one after which we really turned up the heat with luck but half performed poorly against top sides and inconsistently against teams in the lower half of the table they wastrel touch cost them three points against bad up a name in last week. for it to be a monkey wrench and grab back or side they can finish very high up in the table they've got quality players but they've just gone through a barren spat as far as the result was it was. with the local pride in their race for a spot in europe at state level couzin versus black is one rivalry that really disappoints neutral fans yes. meanwhile the winter paralympics are underway in south korea before the sporting action began athletes and fans were treated to an h.b.o. racial opening ceremony on friday night it is the biggest winter paralympics ever with more than five hundred sixty earthly almost fifty countries competing in
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eighteen medal events north korea is taking part for the first time but its athletes fail to walk out with the south korean counterparts the two teams just couldn't agree. unified flag to give us. you're watching news and. the top of the hour now up next movie icelandic band with that fascinating mix of funk blues country and rock music stay with. my endorsement shall get significance of favorite teams we've got all the best goals we've got to go to sleep right here. is the whole german football fair hearing it's everybody. going to sleep every weekend here on w.


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