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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 10, 2018 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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photos and videos. you want. from us at the top of the hour in the meantime just go to a website if you want to show the latest updates that dot com up next the week's top business stories which. as long as. you know the banks. and so watch the language of a bank. speaking the truth global news that matters g.w. made for mines earth home to millions of species of home or saving. global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around
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the world like to use the protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and resources should. using interactive content to inspire people to take action over global until it's the multimedia environment series on w. this week saw concerns over protectionism on thursday u.s. president donald trump signed off on his plan to slap tariffs on metal imports twenty five percent on steel and ten percent on aluminum flanked by steel workers at the white house trump said he was keeping his campaign promise to protect their jobs. today i'm defending america's national security. by placing tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum with the penalties are
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to go into effect in two weeks for the time being the u.s. is the biggest steel suppliers canada and mexico are exempt from the tariffs the move met with harsh criticism worldwide chancellor angela merkel voiced concern at a meeting of german industry associations calling for dialogue with the us if you know we view with concern the imposition of tariffs on certain products. as a government we have a clear commitment to multilateralism. we support the european commission as it seeks talks with the world trade organization and the united states if you like. the european steel industry is advocating counter measures by the e.u. and warns that the consequences of a trade or would also hurt the u.s. our estimations actually that he will actually create job losses nets in the state in the supply chain and in the u.s. so it's not going to benefit the u.s. and it's going to knock off twenty thousand direct jobs in the u.s.
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and perhaps as much as one hundred fifty thousand jobs in the e.u. as well trumps decision triggered outrage and alarm in asia south korea said it's considering filing a complaint with the world trade organization while china is threatening retaliation if the tariffs go ahead. after days of rumors came the official announcement european aviation giant airbus will cut more than three thousand seven hundred jobs in europe the company scales back production of its a three eighty and a four hundred m. models if a few more. sites are filtered in england seville and spain and preeminent outspoken germany these are places where the production of the a four hundred m. and a three a she is important so we know that we deployment will not be sufficient . to most troubled model is the world's biggest passenger airline or the a three eighty launch thirteen years ago to high hopes the giant jet has
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a flexible ceasing capacity of more than six hundred passengers. but now the plane is selling poorly it's too large for most airports and too expensive for most airlines. see a four hundred m. isn't fairing much better the turbo prop military transporter has struggled with tech. ical problems for years costs are mounting am happy duction is set to be limited to just eight am merely. airbus says it's confident it will be able to offer the affected workers jobs elsewhere and its production but not everyone please stop feasible. carmakers strutted their stuff in geneva this week amid rising sales but the diesel scandal and the german court ruling allowing diesel bans in city centers has overshadowed the industry. and has responded with a vision of
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a diesel free future in twenty twenty five the autonomous version of its large electric sedan the id this isn't will be able to drive seven hundred kilometers with just a single charge no steering wheel required. but diesel refuses to die. that is filled by diesel continues to be a cornerstone of our strategy we believe that for the next five in ten years or maybe for fifteen years for the long stretches diesel will still be with us at a pretty good also kilometer lies do we have a good idea to buy a. porsche has it somewhat easier a stuttgart firm quickly diesel cars from its program now the company is focusing on two things racing cars for the road like the nine eleven g t three are as with the five hundred twenty horsepower gasoline engine or alternatively completely electric models the porsche brand is trying to woo away deep pocketed customers
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from american electro pioneer tesla. google isn't so important for porsche in two thousand and seventeen the percentage of these of all about twelve percent of all white and for future we will see what the what will happen there are still millions of diesel cars on european roads conversions to comply with emission standards could cost car makers billions of your. it clobbered as the industry for them him going is three would be well advised to look into the background of an imminent driving ban and the customer losses it could bring. i would suggest developing a policy for any modifications needed so that customers are not shouldering all the costs so here we are not with two men that saw it. for years diesel has been a billion euro business in europe but as the geneva motor show makes clear diesels dominance is set to end. japanese carmaker
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toyota and mounts this week that it will stop selling diesel cars in europe they say that is due to begin this year instead the company will focus on hybrid technologies last year just ten percent of toyota models sold in europe were diesel vehicles. the e.u. dampened britain's dreams of frictionless trade post breaks it. council president donald tusk said britain needed to present a realistic solution for the future of the irish border and other questions once the u.k. leaves the block is he rebuffed several demands by british prime minister to resign may including special treatment for british banks actually. lindt chocolate is more popular than ever. swiss confectionery linton lonely soul revenues climbed to a record three point four billion euros in twenty seventeen profits also rose which
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the company attributed to bigger harvest of cocoa and sugar. the i t v berlin opened its stores this week in the german capital the world's biggest tourism trade fair showcases ten thousand tourism and travel businesses from one hundred eighty six countries and regions chancellor angela merkel kicked off the show with a gallon tuesday for the first time the i.t.v. is official partner region is a german state. mecklenburg for come on in the northeast of the country. the baltic beaches of the i t v's partner region are thronged in the summer time but when it's winter there's hardly a soul in sight. second book for palm and where nearly two hundred thousand people depend on tourism wants to attract more visitors with creative accommodations like the sleep owls other camp site in need off or the equally unusual dock in hostile
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environment or where you can spend the night in a reef fish a cargo container and more and more guests are checking in even in the winter time . absolutely. everything is. i think is. the hospital which opened a year ago has already won and national tourism prize. made a statement with their architecture that attracts young people who might otherwise not have had vandeman on their temporary. hotel operators on the baltic coast can't guarantee sunshine instead they offer activities for bad weather like dawkins indoor bouldering gym it's one of the number of new attractions in that can work for palm on. another one is the darwinian mother rostock zoo described as a living museum of evolution it includes a tropical hall featuring a runny toms and other primates in their natural setting
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a large part of the thirty million euros that cost was covered by funding from the state just meant for paul martin. who has plans to expand still further. the ferry dock to offer the historic. architectural highlights like castle which is the state parliament attract lots of german visitors in twenty seventeen mecum book for palm and racked up more than thirty million overnight stays but there was little tourism from abroad. german tourists have always played a major role for us until now there was as much international demand in part due to transportation issues and so forth and so we have a lot of catching up to do we want the i.t.c. the biggest international tourism trade fair to be a platform that provides an impetus to. this state is earmarking hundreds of millions of euros for further investment in tourism the hope is that it cities
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hotels and beaches will fill up even in winter. african countries like the democratic republic of congo are seeing more and more women involved in technology. as. is one of a growing number of female engineers. she and her team invented robo cops metal giants that regulate the traffic at many of conciousness snarled intersections probusiness out the robo cops to good work still shit going to show you something that's very modern them with. it's normally helpful even if it's not behaving so well right now. and. it can happen even to the best of products this one has temporarily lost the use of an arm the equitorial heat affects the machines that they need the sun the traffic automatons are solar
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powered. their inventor is convinced that they're better than static traffic lights in many ways. never real my real thoughts move an average of three thousand six hundred times a day classic traffic lights just sound there is no mean push button the movements give people something to look past on the streets. it's amusing when they move up and down like this like a human being succumbing to. the mechanical monitor. aren't entirely on their own they can direct cars and even register infractions but human traffic wardens have to enforce the rules. for. this invention is about more than just keeping cars going on conciousness roads. is for all seat down to thinking in the twenty first
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century africa has to wake up and start marketing its intelligence and its finished products this could be our flagship. the latest model keno for a bit of equality on the road and that was our roundup of the week's business stories. what keeps us in shape what makes us sick and how do we stay healthy. my name is dr carlson the i talk to medical experts. watch them at work. and i discuss what you can do to improve your health. stay tuned and let's all try to stay. next on the.
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