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tv   Doc Film - Brides for Sale - Bulgarias Roma Marriage Market  Deutsche Welle  March 11, 2018 7:02am-7:31am CET

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home or saving for. global ideas tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use the protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action of global ideas the multimedia environment series on t.w. . but i certainly do see nothing better to do i'm the only son in my family but the moment i committed to bulletproof vest michele doesn't mean i will respect tradition and will most certainly marry a collage of them does did you feel this is a mccoy gene says must pass. it
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would be nice to be free to go out like other girls that customs don't allow that doesn't. want to get cut. deep sea a small town of a thousand inhabitants in southeast pull garia. this is where twenty one year old maria lives with her parents and two siblings maria is a roma with very special roots. she is one of some eighteen thousand choli cheat the clan of the ten smiths. maria's uncle miltie go and aunt rosie have come to visit with their son penny now.
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actually they too are collide she. knew. it was obvious parents have gone to stay with relatives for a few days following the birth of a grandchild so this year she'll be accompanied by her aunt and uncle for the biggest event in the life of the collide she girl the bunch kobo bride market. seventeen year old taney is also planning to look around for a bride at the fair maria it is hoped will catch the eye of the wealthy future husband. and wife there was nothing. but good because it was what should i put on for. i don't know what shoes will you be wearing. so no idea yet. just put the address on let's have a look you had high heeled sandals on try this dress let's see.
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i'm not sure perhaps i was numb. that's fine too. just like. or would you rather buy something new at the market in. yes let's drive to crowds and have a look that's how our traditions are every time we have to wear something new everybody is excited because of all the girls are preparing for it in fact we look forward to it all year. maria has hardly any other chance to meet boys her parents are too afraid that she might lose her virginity the no collection man would marry her. maria obtained her school leaving certificate when she was sixteen not exactly commonplace for a roma for the time being her parents determine how she lives her life later those decisions will be taken by her husband. we want to be modern but we're not allowed
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to if we went to a disco without my parents' knowledge and came home at two or three in the morning we'd be in real trouble because this kind of there were people problems my parents would shout at me for going out without permission which is forbidden they would probably throw me out i'm going home i want to go my are we going to the market in asanov grotto walks why is it taking you so long. now stop making up. you know pretty enough. you'll find out has been there let's go. in times past the collect she community traveled throughout bull garion repairing and tin plating pots especially copper pots. today many collide she have
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a regular job and their own house the clan are said to number around eighteen thousand. where possible they like to demonstrate their relative prosperity compared with other roma preferably in the form of a car made in germany. about us it's good we call i just read all over the vogue area you'll find as in every region starstruck daughter has part of the sleeve and we have sketched out like stole. the collide she are open minded with regard to modern developments for young people communicating via a smartphone or facebook is completely normal and young women are allowed to wear what they want although this might simply be because the men's tastes have changed i think it's better when girls dress in the modern style they should wear dresses
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trendy shoes and schultz good i like it when a woman looks modern wearing rhinestones for example and on the skirt should definitely be short so that i can see her legs clothes from the old days like the ones my mother ways are out of the question like dresses and skirts of three extremely wide i don't want my wife to be that old fashioned issue. but when it comes to choosing a partner the collide she remain ultraconservative marriages only take place within the community the men have to pay the bride's parents a dowry a bitter. i mean one and ten thousand euros the prettier the girl and the better her reputation the more she costs. good luck penny and his parents are also choosing new clothes for the big day. slavish pas thank you have a look at this what do you think. this is so rosy do you reckon you can fit into
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that you're as wide as a bond or just look at you all the skirt see are a slim fit how are you going to get into one of the premonitory goodish started to work. you know hundred years now with the cutting there's been you me i don't have any problem with modern clothes it was only maybe ten years ago that young girls started dressing differently to back me and then he got to me when we were young we didn't wear initial pants this is how white alice scott's when this white if i could find a tight scott in my sons i would wear it but i would feel embarrassed also why is that oh i wouldn't allow it to wear it no way you see mama i don't be embarrassed to take off my headscarf that was now. look. like. maria has finally found her new dress it won't be her first bride market but she has to appear in
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a new outfit every year as again required by tradition and. much evil is just a few kilometers from where maria lives. the tench and family are having breakfast rosie is preparing french toast any. clue dish could be genius to. kill its own new penny i'm ready you can start but be careful there's posey i'm honest to make sure the flame isn't too bank. tanny heats up the pot with his father's bunsen burner from april
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to october family life takes place outside under the verandah the tension only use the house for sleeping the annual bride fair is now only a few days away. i'll check my phone right now yes do that you know rosie times have changed in the past we would wave to each other with a smile and say hello my love now the letter just typed something on the phone back then the price for a bright was still high fifteen or thirty thousand i paid thirty thousand left for rosie. put in the only white. we went to her parents and i asked them if i could have a for that some place yours maybe got married in one thousand nine hundred eighty two switch and got the jewel then of affairs one today all modern people fall in love via facebook incredible but that's how it is now. just look what happens on this facebook woman already has three children but she runs to another man and then
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falls in love with him. almost but his complaints fall on deaf ears tenney is online round the clock making arrangements to meet his friends and sometimes girls who are not collide right now he's in touch with a young bulgarian woman who has no idea about tennis traditions nigeria more in this middle aged more. or. we can become friendly but nothing serious can ever come of it i'm an only son if i had two or three brothers if there were several boys in the family i could perhaps even marry the girl but i am my parents' only son. so i will respect tradition and marry a kaline she girl this is emma. would not. let me explain if a daughter of mine wanted to marry someone from outside our clan i would do everything to prevent their respective of whether she were from another roma clan
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or rebel garion much more should be in the mess and in the. national mood with the pool because that's simply the way the man of our generation now. my character would never allow me to accept that if i couldn't handle it no matter how beautiful she might be if my son wanted to take just someone or rather for his bride i wouldn't permit it i don't have any other sons and one tradition to be up out you were the image that if we had five or six boys i could perhaps accept a woman from outside people would gossip and say it goes got no money to any couldn't find a collide she brought it all he doesn't want to choose anyone from the clan people would find out that any that married an outsider and then bring it up at every opportunity. start as
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a goda is a city in central bulgaria just over a tenth of its population of one hundred forty thousand are roma as is customary they live in their own quarter on the outskirts while for some it may resemble a slum many roma live under worse conditions but unemployment here stands at eighty percent. located in the heart of the neighborhood is the office of the n.-g. o. world without borders it's headed by gun show ilia of himself a roma he had his team carry out sociological studies and propose ideas on how the minority can be helped the roma generally don't accept offers like housing an anonymous apartment blocks or training programs for young women. choli g. constitute only a fraction of the population here but a large part of god shows work focuses on this section of the roma community. take a look are
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a relatively small group but one with very particular traditions there is. that if it's in they have always maintained the rigid custom of marrying only within their community with all the thinking that it is essential for the women to enter wedlock as virgins and that has consequences all. of them went on fortunately our studies have revealed a range of genetic diseases including disorders of the peripheral nervous system epilepsy and muscular dystrophy our new. gun show is working on a project to document the state of health of start as a goal as roma population with the assistance of two medical assistants. savez is likewise a roma godchaux has purposely sought or help because self-assertive professional women are the exception in all roma groups and among the collide she there are
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virtually none at all or france doesn't. that out in our experience choli g. are the group we have the most difficulty in getting through to because they reject virtually all outside opinions or i regard the way they behave towards their women is discrimination that women are discriminated against first of all through their role in the family and secondly because they are able to play an active role in society this is the twenty first century in an age of advanced technology. more those but interested in and it's unacceptable that women should be restricted to such a degree that they lack even the basic knowledge and the simplest of skills for participating in the labor market. but they the by. the chesapeake is full in the case of the roma of stout as a go to real day to day problems are also an issue makeshift streets that had no planning permission so they are not connected to the water supply or sewage systems
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meanwhile poverty and drug abuse are fueling the spread of hepatitis aids and tuberculosis around fifteen percent of roma here suffer from one of those diseases no one has health insurance. the local authorities have sent a van with medical equipment and two doctors to take blood samples. that gun show in his assistance encouraged residents to be examined people know them and trust them. back in the small town of hutchie able we find mikko demonstrating the tradition which first gave the clan its name the collide you were unable to prevent the tinsmith trade from dying out today mikko is rarely asked to repair or tin plate a copper pot. up
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first of all he scrubs off such and dirt using hydrochloric acid. at the. but over the bathroom one since when we were young we repaired all sorts of things like coffee pots pans and cutters. we did everything by hand the machines that are around today were not available back then and we did everything by hand using hammers and tons and there was work for every one of us no matter where we came from of some because i usually play could also go to the market with capsules jugs
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and pots and were always able to sell them nowadays it's a lot more difficult to switch over from a. back than we used to travel from village to village i would simply go up to our house introduce myself and ask if they had any pots and pans that needs repairing then i do the job there was lots of work for us today maybe three percent of my income still comes from ten smithing edition people have thrown away most of their copper receptacles only a few people still use couple pans and pots for making i have a for example is. just. opinion that home it was when you put it into your life house vital junk in a phone call.
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if. long its been displaced as we call i.g.a. are prepared to look for work say i got nothing to do for five days and get into my car and drive around the villages looking for work as its own. virtually all the men amongst the collection have had to diversify today they install guttering a job where their metalworking skills come in handy. i think i think the work enables mitt go to feed his family but it's not exactly his dream job. that's i had enough to do as a tinsmith i certainly wouldn't work on roofs if i were to fall off i would look
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after my wife and the children i wouldn't wish it just might this on anyone. tanny is studying forestry he'd like to become a forest warden in a national park his attitude towards working on roofs is more relaxed because he's not forced to do it. for each other side in my own good time whether it's to do this all go into forestry i just want to be able to feed my family and money and buy clothes as long as i have money coming in it doesn't really matter what i do. i think. the choli g.'s big day has arrived the bride market is held on a sunday in late summer the tension of family are leaving to pick up maria their niece. then they all set off for buch of
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a monastery and the road up the mountains fifty kilometers away. the annual bride fair is held on a parking area at the foot of the monastery an iconic site for the bulgarian orthodox church but beforehand everyone checks their appearance one last time this is already part of the ritual. that we can see women love to make up ever since my grandmother's day we've powder ourselves in. carefully made up to look as light skinned as possible and then we go to the gathering and to present ourselves the most important thing is for us to be made up. everyone wants a wife with a lighter complection because that is more beautiful that is why we do it. for he says the event is now getting underway collide she are arriving from all over
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bulgaria up to five thousand roma met go and his family enjoy a fine reputation as we can see from the way they are greeted and the reason for that is why you get out of the. earth for this it's just something to say to just respect is worth a lot of money tanny will have to offer less for his dream bride however he has yet to find her home isn't what it said no one knows exactly when or how the bride market originated the older folks say the tradition is at least a hundred years old but the opportunity for collides he to organize a meeting in advance is definitely of more modern origin what it is which pushed is that the girls who are more to my liking haven't arrived yet we got in touch with one another of our facebook and they said they would be coming here so i'm still expecting someone to jump into the so bit of
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a well during. the choli g. bride market is a marriage of authorized flirting and speed dating it takes place every year on the last sunday in august the date and the venue are fixed everything else is more or less spontaneous or not the youngest of the potential brides and grooms are not even fifteen years old. this is the only time of the year that they are allowed to size one another up and flirt to their heart's desire if a young man is smitten and initially that is enough. he makes his dream bride's parents an offer this is followed by lengthy negotiations only then can a wedding take place. how much has he saved for her a woman asks a lot but how much is a lot the young man doesn't want to say. that. someone in the group wants to
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know the exact some. one hundred euros the young man jokes that only one hundred euros she's not that ugly the woman claims how much did he really offer. good for you i just are guided. in truth ten thousand euros. right now when the kids go to whom i know hasn't tuned up i had actually planned to me to here and steal her away. i drove his specially in my parents miss avies to do that the bit of the. good she has stayed at home really. does why still how could you go to house send us a hand the parents want me to pay too much. some men do indeed tried to seduce their dream bride in a car or in the forest if a girl loses her virginity to
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a man he gets her for next to nothing because no other man would ever marry her since maria's father can't be present today mikko has assumed responsibility for ensuring she stays untouched this year the boche global bride market doesn't really get going instead of the customary several thousand visitors only a few hundred roma have turned up a rumors going round that in the neighboring village the nationalist motorcycle gang have blocked the main road. there's was hardly anyone here and we're also leaving. last year the place was packed our girl friends haven't even turned up. but maria still has to expect an offer of marriage in the past if the offer was high enough collide you women were forced into wedlock. if parents try that today they risk their daughter running away even though her life as a housewife remains preprogram maria is at least allowed to choose her husband herself
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. the rumor about the biker gang proves to be true on facebook the news spreads like wildfire the fear is that the gang could attack the bride market as a result the event breaks up there's been a bit of flirting but the time was too brief for serious negotiations and numbers i've met a few young men but a lot more haven't turned up. i really wanted to enjoy myself today saw i'm very disappointed. in them now with school which i didn't find any good and i like so because i'm in this time there was no one as i fancied. to longreach in the city but it's a. tough job i just but i'll keep on looking i'm still young i haven't even turned eighteen and i'll find someone i'm certain of it i'm the only some so one day i will find
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a pretty broad global body but it is not only right wing biker gangs that threaten the bride market the biggest threat is the desire for self-determination which is spreading amongst young roma via smartphones and facebook another collide tradition that is crumbling despite changing with the times. the highlights of the. ready for the trash. company can find them useful practically anything. could. help tollywood see the world with different. women and solaced love has so few females enjoy the season and to me. the moves. to double.
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the. movement the pain still tangible. the photographer go for cities and try more. of a future. cities after more than forty five minutes on d w. just to stress the way those who just opened a new car represent. me have to find out everything. really should be stripped architect of east germany's police state. he was the most a man a butcher with a lot of his hands you mean could stone honest and minister for state security. if i had my way. east germany would still be here.
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feeling sure you could master of fear. and fear which is you know about fear. starting march thirteenth d w. i they're welcome to your remarks highlights the best of this week in the european lifestyle and culture here's what's coming up. mean machines why women are in the fast lane when it comes to buying cars. evil ice our swiss opposition's invention change color.


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