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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 11, 2018 1:00pm-1:16pm CET

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using interactive content to inspire people to take action the global into the multimedia environment series on w. b b. this is d w news live from berlin and historic vote in china the country's parliament passes a constitutional amendment that scraps presidential term limits and has president xi jinping free reign to greenland definitely could this mean a return to the maoi era for the asian superpower we'll go live to our correspondent in beijing also coming up. france's far right front nasional severed
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ties with founder john marie le pen members voting overwhelmingly to remove his on a very presidency leaving his daughter marina at the helm of the moves meant to revive the party's fortunes will take a closer look. and we've got goals galore in the bundesliga inspiring munich hosted their favorite whipping boys have heard the reigning champions were in no mood to slow down on their way to a record six league title in a row. on michelle henery welcome to the program. there are concerns china could be returning to one man rule today the country's lawmakers have passed a series of constitutional amendments that scrap the presidential term limit and allow for president xi jinping to remain in office indefinitely the presidency had previously been limited to two five year terms the changes also permit she's
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personal political philosophy to be engraved in the constitution the amendments passed with to know that and three abstentions among almost three thousand delegates. and for more let's get to our correspondent mathias berlinger in beijing who's been following the congress mathias several on their meds and policies have been announced today what more can you tell us well there have been several amendments some of them are meant to strengthen the party's role in this state and the others strengthening sieging things position in the party so it all amounts to strengthening him to centralizing power in his hands the party has no more say in the government institutions it of course had before as the personnel was the same in the party and in the state but direct influence from
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party organs into state organs has been strengthened and she gin pings thoughts have been included in the constitution which means that criticism of him even within the party would be more difficult to voice and probably the most important one a term limit on the presidential terms has been scrapped so now the road is open for him to govern until his death and just touching on how the two term presidency has been scrapped why has the communist party decided to vote on this amendment now. it seems that this was an idea that she jinping has voiced by himself she didn't ping has proven quite an appetite for power and it seems that half a year ago he has started an initiative within the party to scrap the two term limits. which has been today written into the constitution.
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the party is justifying this that it will allow the policies to be more long term oriented to give him more time to fulfill his mission to strengthen china's role in the world. so this is the official the oficial justification of this i think the reason why this is happening now is that seizing ping felt that now is power is big enough to do this nobody knows what would be in three years he has seen the opportunity and he has seized it and what do these new developments tell us about the future path china will be taking. what we've seen in these five years the first term of shes presidency is that china has become more authoritarian. some spaces for dissent that were there have vanished and this is going to continue this way mathias bullinger reporting
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from beijing thank you now to some of the other stories making news around the world japan is marking the seventh anniversary of a series of disasters that devastated the northeast coast and left over eight hundred thousand people dead or missing a massive earthquake triggered a tsunami that led to the worst nuclear disaster century noble prime minister shinzo abbay has pledged ongoing support for the region. the russian defense ministry says it's excessively tested a new hypersonic missile designed to penetrate air defense systems it released this footage purportedly showing a test of the high speed missile the weapon was one of several unveiled by vladimir putin in his recent state of the union speech defense analysts have greeted this announcement with skepticism from. france's far right front nasional party has severed its last formal ties to its founder john marie le pen after members voted
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to strip him of his honorary presidency le pen left the party for almost forty years his departure comes as party members voted to reelect his daughter marry in to a new term as party chief for nessie now it's considering a number of changes at its congress in leo aimed at rebranding and broaden its appeal. our correspondent lisa lewis is joining me from paris lisa the front nessie not wants to change the image of the party now they've made a big step in this direction by finally managing to strip the party founder john marie le pen marine father of his title as the party's honorary president but what other steps have they tried to take. sends out over fifty thousand question as to party activists asking them about the teacher line of the party and the results of these questionnaires are for example that the party activists very much are in favor of that to just notes from the front yard that is to say the anti
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immigrations that ons at the get sick point a few and also the fight for the french national identity thief on us you know with this we can also rename its governing bodies however on the other hand a marine upin the president of the for not united will stay president so it remains to be in to be seen to what extent this since a fresh start will really be a fresh start lisa as you have just said one of the topics up for discussion is the party's new name why is this change so significant to marine and to the party would it mean a break from the party's political line. fleischer that wants to break with its past marie le pen wants to show that she is not her father that she is kind of a fresh personality than that can take the foreign house not to new heights and make it make it a governing party really that is able to govern the country however that would be
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very complicate because that as i just said the topics that are being put forward by the foreigners you know are very much the same as in the past also according to a recent poll more than three quarters of the french think that marine le pen is not acceptable as president of the country that's in the mood and before hand so that the country is against him or in the pen if she's going to stay a president of the party what are party members think of her how do they feel about her at the moment. the financing is a business family business so it's very unlikely that anybody else will take her place because that is just no one with enough charisma around and no one with the right last name except for head needs is money on the pan who is very popular party members but she has taken a break from politics so marina pan is the i'm attacked president of the foreigners who not at the moment however behind the scenes people are very much criticizing
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her because as you said in that to pay debate ahead of the french presidential elections she actually seemed unconvinced incompetent people were even thinking she does not want to govern the country so it will be very hard for her to stay in power in the long run and show that she has the will to try to govern the country at one point and become president france yesterday u.s. president donald trump said former advisor steve benen was a guest at the congress can you tell us about that well he said that history was nationalist movements signed in europe and that they could all they should all stand together he obviously is here to show that he is the one who could bring together all the far right parties in europe from france from italy hungry poland however when you look at the bomb that's an offer national programs i mean it's a good thing for them to have steve bannan here shows that they have so to say in
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international profile but for the time being they're very much occupied we are bringing their own haunted back on track on a national level and trying to recant support again amongst french people here in france thank you very much lisa louis. police in england have identified more than two hundred witnesses in the investigation into the poisoning of a russian double agent and his daughter surrogate and hill yes cripple are in a critical but stable condition after they were found slumped on a bench in the city of salzburg last weekend police are said to have found traces of nerve agent in the restaurant where the pair before they collapsed in broad daylight forensic teams examine the cemetery unsolved barry where sergei script paul's wife and son are buried it's one of several sites in the city where authorities are looking for clues they include the restaurant where st paul and his daughter yulia had lunch before heading to a pub for a drink after an emergency meeting of senior ministers british home secretary amber
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rudd said it was too early to speculate on who was responsible. there are over two hundred fifty counterterrorism police from eight out of all eleven counterterrorism units involved there's over two hundred witnesses involved and there's over two hundred forty pieces of evidence so we need to give the police and all the investigative parts around them the space to get on with that sergei st paul revealed the names of dozens of russian agents to british intelligence prior to his arrest in moscow in two thousand and four six years later he was given refuge in britain as part of an exchange for russian spies the brazen attack on script paul has been likened to the two thousand and six killing of former k.g.b. agent alexander litvinenko who died after drinking tea laced with radioactive polonium two ten a recent investigation by the website but feed described fourteen
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deaths of people linked to russia that may have involved foul play besides the union go they include russian businessmen boris berezovsky speculation is mounting that the kremlin could also be behind the latest attack. of agents are not usually used by non-state actors so i gives a pretty good indication of where it's come from british officials are already talking about coordinating retaliation with their u.s. and european allies if the investigation confirms russian involvement. time for a bonus like a rock and when byron hosts hamburg it's normally a very one sided affair hamburg have not won there for years and they usually lose by a big margin now they're fighting to escape relegation for the first time in their history but byron we're about to show them any mercy. hamburg had been boss by byron for nearly a decade last year in munich they can see the eight goals this match started off
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looking bad for the visitors frank rebury hurdle in finish at the eight minute mark showing he still got the goods considering his torn ligament earlier this season the freshman still hasn't spring minutes later rubber live in dusty put his head to work. in the assist coming from yahshua kimmage camber were completely caught off guard here to see it. not even ten minutes later another defensive blunder for hamburg eleven dusky another goal the wonderful pass came from jerome bulleting catching the hamburg defense on their heels. they gave already looked over at the break it's the first time this season biron scored three in the first forty five iron grabbing picked up the scoring after the break. fired made hamburg's defense look like swiss cheese and they still weren't done. river rees contract instead season but it looks like he's not ready to hang them up
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beating three to make it five nil his first brace since december twenty third team. live in dusty from the penalty spot missing his first shot in a hatchery. but not the next with the twenty third goal of the season for the pole giving him five more didn't the entire hamburg team. is. very sorry for the fans who came here to see hamburg defeated like that. hamburg impossible mission and as expected a landslide defeat. so let's. take a look at all of saturday's results there the leverkusen and byron wins hoffenheim wolfsburg berlin and freiburg ended scoreless and albert beat hanover on sunday
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should go take on rb leipzig and dortmund face frankfurt with braman battling cologne on monday and friday night's game shaka beat minds that's all from us for now more coming up at the top of the hour with my colleague christopher sprinted thanks for watching d.w. news. where i come from we had to fight for a free press and once born and raised in a military dictatorship with just one t.v. shadow and if you newspapers when official information as a journalist i have worked all over the streets of many characters and their problems are all.


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