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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 11, 2018 4:00pm-4:16pm CET

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meeting point in. brain factory starting march twenty fourth on g.w. . elite. league. this is d w news live from berlin china's president i can see is already firm grip on power she jinping can now rule the country indefinitely the softer the chinese palm to prove to constitutional amendment that scraps of presidential term limits or have analysis for you on that move from our correspondent in beijing. also on the program reunited after more than
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a year behind bars to turkish journalists return to the independent newspaper june hoody it after being released on bail but their battle is far from over. and we have goals kill all for you after saturday's games in the bundesliga by munich hosting their favorite whipping boys hamburg and the reigning champions are no mood to compromise as they head for a record sixth league title in a row. hello and welcome my name is christopher spring eight good to have you with us she jim ping is already the most powerful chinese president in a generation and now he has the right to remain in office indefinitely that's after china's polman passed a constitutional amendment scrapping the presidential term limit the presidency had previously been limited to two five year terms. if chinese
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politics is dominated by one party that is no even more firmly in the grip of one man president xi jinping. the new rules will allow him to govern until he dies even enshrining his philosophy and the constitution despite close scrutiny of the ballot papers it was a day more of formalities than surprises. and the end just who people had the nerve to disagree. outside the great hall of the people not a flutter of dissent. removing the limit on the tams of the presidency will allow the continuity of our policies and provide strong political support for the realisation of our great nation i think it's great. the changes
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have revived memories of mao zedong whose leadership was marred by bloodshed after mar rules were drafted to prevent a repeat analysts say these reforms undo those safeguards. it is quite obvious a step backwards and i do believe that this ten year race re sentiment. within the party leadership among the intelligentsia because they are concerned with the potential of a return of the maoist style of leadership. maoist china's past and she is china's future for no only he knows which direction he will choose to take the rising asian superpower. trying to understand the context of this move now we're going to talk to our correspondent in beijing months years berlinger. she already had a firm grip on power and now he has had term of it scrapped why is he doing this
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now. well i think he feels now in the position to do this he seems to be sure to get this to get through with this he it seems that he initiated this half a year ago and the party or those involved have kept very quiet about it because as we heard the expert in the report. a lot of people believe that there would have been opposition to this so this has been has been prepared very very very. carefully and. it is the moment he seized the moment to seize he seized the moment to do this he would have been out of office in five years and that could have meant also that all those people that he has purged within the party would take revenge now he has prevented this and as we heard just
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two votes against this constitutional movement when there was a ballot in pollock what about the rest of china has there been any resistance to this move yes there have been a lot of people who have been posting that discontent on social media a few scholars or a few intellectuals have spoken out however all this discontent disappeared very quickly the censors were very very. quick in eliminating everything that refers to this or jokes about it criticism all this has been censored heavy and can we now expect china under a strengthened president cheney to be even more assertive than in recent years in the south china sea for instance. yeah in a word or three tarion islam and outward assertiveness are something like
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a signature policy of season playing and there's little reason to believe he would not continue with this there was an interesting amendment made to the constitution which wrote that china is pursuing peaceful development now if we listen carefully to this isn't being as stressed often that china's rise would be peaceful never without mentioning that china will firmly defend what it sees at its core interests now we can i think we can see more of this in the future ok monti has many thanks for that much as building a beijing correspondent we're going to turn to some of the other stories making news around the world now japan is marking the seventh anniversary of a series of disasters that devastated the northeast coast and left eighteen thousand people dead or missing a massive earthquake triggered a tsunami that led to the worst nuclear disaster since chernobyl prime minister
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shinzo has pledged ongoing support for the region. france's far right faunas united party has kept its last formal ties with its founders on the pen abolishing his post as owner of president the move comes as considers a number of changes aimed at rebranding the party and broadening its appeal. a leading catholic cardinal col lehmann has died here in germany at the age of eighty one lehmann chaired the german bishops conference for most over twenty years and was considered a reformist voice as well as a strong supporter of interfaith dialogue policymakers have been paying tribute to the man describing him as a major scholar and dedicated minister. say that hundreds of u.k. pub and restaurant customers may have been exposed to a dangerous nerve gas because they came into contact with
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a russian former spy and his daughter said. remain in critical condition of the folding you know they collapsed in a park in the city of seoul spree dining at a restaurant and visiting a pub there british authorities say they believe there's little risk those who came into contact with them at those places but. to take precautions. at very small health risks associated with it from time. which make you think contaminated with substance so we're recommending a very very coherent reading. and where people can see that they were wearing and that they had with them at that time. two prominent turkish journalists have been reunited with their colleagues to spending well over a year behind bars the two men were released on bail on friday but they and sixteen other stuff at the independent newspaper that still on trial for allegedly
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supporting terrorism the battle for freedom and justice is far from out of. the staff of turkey's gym harriet newspaper celebrate the long awaited return of editor in chief. and investigative journalist ahmed shafik the two were held in a turkish prison for over a year at least on bail now they returned to their news room to greet colleagues despite the joyful mood their return doesn't signal the revival of the rule of law in turkey. to the there was no legal basis either for my arrest nor for my release it was a political move and nothing else that's how we have to see it there is no rule of law in turkey the idea that courts here are independent is the biggest talking. people. together the journalist celebrate the birthday of a keen eye to lie despite his absence he's the newspaper's chairman and the only jim her employees still behind bars including not to lie but all of eighteen jim
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her employees are on trial for allegedly supporting terrorist organizations shortly after his release the relief felt by more at some buju and his family and colleagues is clear. but celebrating is difficult he says because nothing has changed for journalists or press freedom in turkey. the rochelle many journalists local officials and attorneys currently in prison only after they have all been released can we begin to speak of real freedom. more than one hundred journalists are currently sitting in turkish jails after his release from high security prison ahmed shafik spoke of his hope for change. happy days will return to this land the mafia like rule here will and i guarantee you. despite international condemnation these journalists are still on trial the next hearing is set for friday. german
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soccer now champions by munich hosting lowly hamburg yesterday in a tie that hamburg haven't won for years the northern is all in a desperate fight to avoid relegation at the moment but the varians were in no mood for compromise. hamburg had been boss by byron for nearly a decade last year in munich they can see the eight goals this match started off looking bad for the visitors frank rebury hurdle in finished at the eight minute mark showing he still got the goods considering his torn ligament earlier this season the freshman still hasn't spring minutes later robber live in dusty put his head to work. in the assist coming from yahshua kimmage camber were completely caught off guard here to see it. not even ten minutes later another defensive blunder for hamburg eleven don't ski another goal the wonderful pass came
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from jerome bowen tank catching the hamburg defense on their heels. that game already looked over at the break it's the first time this season biron scored three in the first forty five iron ramming picked up the scoring after the break. byron made hamburg's defense look like swiss cheese and they still work the. river is contract ends this season but it looks like he's not ready to hang them up beating three to make it five neil his first brace since december twenty thirty. live in dusty from the penalty spot missing his first shot in a hatchery. but not the next one the twenty third goal of the season for the pole giving him five more didn't the entire hamburg team. i am. very sorry
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for the fans who came here to see hamburg defeated like that. hamburg impossible mission and as expected a landslide defeat. and while the. yesterday saw live a couzin locking horns with. the local rivals both in the running for a place in the champions league next season's are a great deal at stake level couzin got off to the better start getting their reward just before half time the first goal coming from some astounding because a lot you his seventh of the season host continued to dominate but it was almost equalized through josep to admit. deep into extra time though a small finish from. sealdah to no wind for leave a cool. ok let's take a look at all the results on saturday leaving couzin and by on both winning as
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we've just mentioned hoffenheim beating vols were both in freiburg no no draw for them alex berger so it away victory against hanover sunday today sees taking on life they don't want facing frankfurt on monday it'll be braman battling against cologne on friday a slim victory against mine it's what does that mean for the bonus league table let's look at the standings as they are at the moment leverkusen moving up to third behind munich and shell in the bottom half things are tight from stuttgart down hamburg could end up boston if cologne win on monday. now the us open snowboarding championships climaxed in colorado this weekend over one hundred of the very best snowboarders competing at the largest ski resort in the u.s. and the women's half pipe final limpid gold medalist and defending us open champion chloe kim coming out on top of the winning score of eighty five point eight seven for her second run in while in the men's slope style competition are you more
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hirano with a spectacular run featuring back to back. sixty's. to claim his first open with that. i'll be back with more world. germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something him to resign we must overcome it. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters d.w. made for mines.


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