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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 11, 2018 5:00pm-5:15pm CET

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d w. this is t w news live from berlin china's president tightens his already firm grip on power she jim ping can now rule the country indefinitely after the chinese parliament approves a constitutional amendment scrapping presidential term limits we'll have analysis of that move for you from our correspondent in beijing. also on the program confronts the far right phone os or not count six times with founders of pen abolishing his honorary presidency his daughter linda independent proposes
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a new name to broaden the party's appeal we'll go live to paris for more. and reunited after more than a year behind bars two turkish journalists return to the independent newspaper jim goodrich after being released on bail but that battle is far from over. well come my name's christopher spring a good to have you with this. this man here she jumping is already the most powerful chinese president in a generation and now he has the right to rule in or to remain rather in office indefinitely that's off the chinese rubber stamp parliament passed a constitutional amendment scrapping the presidential term limit the presidency had previously been limited to two five year terms. if chinese politics
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is dominated by one party that is no even more firmly in the grip of one man president xi jinping. the new rules will allow him to govern until he dies even enshrining his philosophy and the constitution despite close scrutiny of the ballot papers it was a day more of formalities than surprises. in the end just two people had the nerve to disagree. sunny. outside the great hall of the people not a flutter of dissent. removing the limit on the thames of the presidency while a lot of the continuity of our policies and provide strong political support for the realisation of our great nation i think it's great. the changes have revived memories of mao zedong whose leadership was marred by bloodshed after model rules
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were drafted to prevent a repeat analysts say these reforms undo those safeguards. there is quite obviously a step backwards and i do believe that this ten year race any sentiment. within the party leadership among the intelligentsia because they are concerned with the potential of a return of the maoist style of leadership. maoist china's past and she is china's future for now only he knows which direction he will choose to take the rising asian superpower. trying to understand the context of this move now we're going to talk to our correspondent in beijing but she has berlinger . she already had a firm grip on power now he has had term limits strapped why is he doing this now.
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well i think he feels now in the position to do this he seems to be sure to get this to get through with this he it seems that he initiated this half a year ago and the party or those involved have kept very quiet about it because as we heard the expert in the report. a lot of people believe that there would have been opposition to this so this has been has been prepared very very very. carefully and. it is the moment he seized the moment to seize he seized the moment to do this he would've been out of office in five years and that could have meant also that all those people that he has purged within the party would take revenge now he has prevented this and as we heard just two votes
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against this constitutional movement when there was a ballot in palm what about the rest of china has there been any resistance to this move yes there have been a lot of people who have been posting that discontent on social media a few scholars or a few intellectuals have spoken out however all this discontent disappeared very quickly the censors were very very. quick in eliminating everything that refers to this or jokes about it criticism all this has been censored have it. and can we now expect giant understrength on president cheney to be even more assertive than in recent years in the south china sea for instance. yeah in a word or story tarion isn't and outward assertiveness are something like
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a signature policy of season playing and there's little reason to believe he would not continue this there was an interesting amendment made to the constitution which wrote that china is pursuing peaceful development now if we listen carefully to this isn't being as stressed often that china's rise will be peaceful never without mentioning that china will firmly defend what it sees at its core interest now week i think we can see more of this in the future ok much as many thanks for that matter of spelling out beijing correspondent time now to catch up with some of the other stories making news around the world. japan is marking the seventh anniversary of a series of disasters that devastated the northeast coast and left over eighteen thousand people dead or missing a massive earthquake triggering a tsunami that led to the worst nuclear disaster since chernobyl prime minister shinzo abby has pledged ongoing support for the region but. british authorities
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investigating the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter say they found traces of a rare nerve agent at the pub and restaurant the pair of visited shortly before they collapsed so and his daughter you hear remain in critical condition a week after falling ill. in france the leader of the far rightfulness united party not independent has proposed changing the party's name to national rally that's one of a number of changes that the gets a considering at the party conference in legal and it rebranding the party and broadening its appeal delegates also counting their last formal ties to founder leader pen abolishing the post of on ri presidency effectively stripping him of his job his daughter in the pen was elected to a new term as party leader. and we're going to go to paris now to talk to our
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correspondent there lisa louis lisa pen she wants to give her party a new name instead of. it's to be a house home lemoult nasr now which translates roughly as national rally what exactly is she trying to achieve by changing the party's name well she wants a fresh start for the party after the defeat at the presidential elections last year she said in her speech that lasts only going us united so as you said national right he would be a positive name as opposed to flow not which would be the name of an opposition party now she's saying we are no longer we should no longer be you know opposition party but we should become a governing party and should be seen as the governing party and you know speech she said three times that the target for us united with a national rally now that was to really seize power in france ok so a less confrontational name if you want does this also mean
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a change of political direction was there any evidence of that in her speech. well not really it was actually quite contradictory on the one hand she said you know now people should feel free to rally and to come to our party and vote for us and on the other hand his speech was a very traditional point as united states she was in favor of the french identity against immigration against globalization she said basically i'm going to protect you poor people that are being attacked that are being left behind by evil globalization she wants to crack down on migrants and immigrants actually and given that france is taking in a lot less than other countries such as germany at it's kind of a quite interesting that she should say that and that france has actually quite a tough anti immigration while an immigration or new immigration law that is being pushed through by the government that has been criticized by associations he has very tough but she says that she would be even stricter and that she would also be
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a very crackdown very tough on tough on terrorists and say that that should be that terrorist attacks should be considered acts of war although france is already seen as a country with one of the toughest anti terror legislations in the mud so she's trying to say you can come to us we're mainstream party but actually as beast is saying something else ok just very briefly so the party also counting all remaining times with its foundational math in the pan what's that about well eighty percent of the about one thousand five hundred people that voted in favor of that and they know that the party probably needs to cut its ties with a family friend there's a lot of pain he's a very far right to the right he was convicted in the past for anti semitism and marie le pen wants to leave that behind to become a mainstream party a governing party really ok lisa many thanks for that on paris correspondent there lisa louis. turning to turkey now where two prominent journalists have been
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reunited with their colleagues all to spending well over a year behind bars the two men were released on bail on friday but both they and sixteen other stuff at the independent newspaper jim hood yet are still on trial for allegedly supporting terrorism so their battle for freedom and justice is far from over. the staff of turkey's gym harriet newspaper celebrate the long awaited return of editor in chief. and investigative journalist ahmed shafik the two were held in a turkish prison for over a year at least on bail now they returned to their news room to quit calling despite the joyful mood they returned doesn't signal the revival of the rule of law in turkey. to the there was no legal basis either for my arrest nor for my release it was a political move and nothing else that's how we have to see it there is no rule of law in turkey the idea that courts here are independent is the biggest talking.
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together the journalist celebrate the birthday of a keen eye to lie to spite his absence he's the newspapers chairman and the only jim her employees still behind bars including not to lie but all of eighteen jim her employees are on trial for allegedly supporting terrorist organizations. shortly after his release the relief felt by more at some good you and his family and colleagues is clear. but celebrating is difficult he says because nothing has changed for journalists or press freedom in turkey. the russia or many journalists local officials and attorneys currently imprisoned only after they have all been released can we begin to speak of real freedom. more than one hundred journalists are currently sitting in turkish jails after his release from high security prison ahmed shafik spoke of his hope for change. happy days will return to this land the mafia like rule here will end i guarantee it. despite
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international condemnation these journalists are still on trial the next hearing is set for friday. and germany's been asleep at the top class yesterday saw live accusing looking homes with local rivals. both teams hoping for a spot in next. stake in what is often a grudge match between these two sides. but for gladbach it was about much more losing here and would make it tough to achieve their aim of a ticket to europe next season. and. makes things tough for the jamaican too hasty with his shot here. minutes later banned grabbed the threw it out fast dangerous again but he didn't spot the young coming. and took an ill advised shot himself. then it was down the right side this time
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attempting to turn provider but kevin wasting the huge chance. one minute later the down the right again. this time back to look at the argentinian made it one meal in the thirty ninth minute bailey was crucial in setting up the gets the credit for the assist my in the second. up until he was replaced by bronze with twenty minutes to go. finally made some noise late in the game when they threw everything forward. getting close here. but it was a labor of player who came close. when testing his own keeper in the eighty ninth minute. then in added time rounded out the
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victory. writes well glad buck stumble in the race for a year. now it's time. wouldn't have been fighting for the kids to take you seriously in the world of what appears has come out women strong cataldo go do something for your smart women smart talks smart state religion recently dangerous time putting w.v. . we make up obama we want tons of cars that under twenty five we are the civil service and.


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