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tv   World Stories - Supporting besieged relatives in Syria  Deutsche Welle  March 11, 2018 6:15pm-6:30pm CET

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national front party has reelected marking the pen as its leader in a bid to rebrand apology she is proposing a new name a party has also cut all ties to have father found nothing to paint off to the posters on re president walls voltage. and watching t.v. news in further more from us at the top of the hour up next here on g.w. well stories. on freedom and hole. where i come from the region is rich in history style and talent but so poor in education opportunity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for independent journalists i see many of the younger promising journalists are now making names for themselves all over the. follow along the way some might follow some with continue. their experience of freedom
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and sense is life experience. you can visit but your car come back. mining industry and i work at the you know. that welcome to world stories. playing on and want on. digital shopping in china. but first to germany where syrian refugees are growing ever more concerned about those left behind recent airstrikes on the damascus suburbs of eastern counties have killed at least nine hundred civilians.
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and his friends are from the scooter they exchange updates from their relatives in this berlin cafe. and. i had to shut my eyes it was she horrible the city get even worse everyone here has extended family who suffered in the war enough for the they stuck two or three days underground without food or water. since the telephone network in east ghouta is unreliable relatives communicate mostly through recorded messages but sometimes they get a direct connection for you doing my nephew. terrible uncle where you bombed today the army is getting closer. this man's nephew deserted the syrian army and says he faces certain death if they recapture his village. since east has been cut off many syrians in germany have been using
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smuggling networks to support their besieged relatives financially. a syrian kurd is the only one willing to go on record as long as he can remain anonymous his customers hear about him by word of mouth and usually meet him in syrian cafes but since he doesn't want to be filmed there we meet him in a park. the regime has blockaded all the streets of eastern ghouta points out everywhere where the wants to give one hundred euros to his mother or siblings comes away with just fifty or seventy five because everyone manning the checkpoints wants a share of the money. despite words of encouragement in the arab media yes a cell hani knows the syrian army's recapture of the scooter is only a question of time he hopes his family and the rest of the civilian population will survive the fighting and that no massacres will ensue. to him the struggle for
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a free and democratic syria is all but dead now the only victory is survival. yemen two has been torn apart by a civil war now entering its fourth year but despite the destruction and suffering some still perceive the chance to play football. a friendly match in the backyard of the national museum in the yemeni city of aden the professional players from. taking on an amateur third division side this dusty patch of land is all a long established club has left the stadium has been partly destroyed and is now in a restricted military area and occupied by soldiers. the league in yemen stopped operating when the war broke out. the only chance professional players get to play football
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is in friendly's like this. guys are not as fit as they used to be because we don't train regularly and because they have no competitive games. they only train three or four times a month and the club only pays them pocket money they struggle to make ends meet just like the majority of people in yemen. and basically unemployed i was able to live well from football but that's all gone now i don't have enough anymore it's really tough for me and i have to think about doing something else to earn money maybe i'll join the army. there are many different factions operating in southern yemen with different goals . some want to separate state in the south. others are
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fighting who think rebels in the north. the country is divided. and football is divided to. the also. because you see. only informal contacts with people in the north of the country. is able to show her where she might especially in those areas that are controlled by the who through rebels on holiday him. but we still have a joint national team. here and if the taliban works. but the national team has not played in yemen for years because of the security situation. it has to play all its matches abroad. shops in aden is one of the lucky sides to still have
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a stadium. and fans still watch the games. even if they are only friendly's. initiating i was so happy to watch the games here i feel great to be here with the young guys and to support them but. humans professional league may no longer exist but the people's love of football remains so many in yemen football provides a much needed escape from the brutal reality of civil war. in uganda more than three million children go to walk every day missing out on an education and this in a country which has officially outlawed child labor. uganda is rushing to develop. but behind some of its major infrastructure
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projects little hands in the shadow of a quantum is growth. high demand for sunday has meant involvement of child labor as is the bottom end of the structure an industry. so i and seven thousand shillings about two dollars a day that i share with my siblings we take the money to mom mostly for buying books. together with his fourteen year old brother. has worked at this center ugandan son to mine for about two yards. he often works more than eight hours a day alongside simmias under intense working conditions. sometimes i'm not say and sometimes i stay here hungry.
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when that happens i just go home to find food ate and sleep. at home so this mother struggles to feed her name children. and my mom was. poverty has forced the kids out of school i'm turned them into breadwinners for the large family. so now call it eleven hours and i'm a sole carer for all my children. their fathers neglected. than i will as a parent it's my responsibility to educate them but i can't afford it. like fletcher so instead of sitting around at home i told them to find employment to at least earn some money for us are valuable but so little. according to the un's education the culture agency unesco uganda has over three million child laborers.
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forty five percent of these work to supplement family incomes according to government which in two thousand and sixteen inducted in that criminalizes child labor. while the international labor organization sees that global trends of dropped off the remains a region with the highest number wealth over fifty nine million showed their burrows. finally we take a look at shopping habits in china where internet companies are working on a fully digitalized experience many markets without any stock of. this in conspicuous structure is actually a mini market located in a commercial district outside beijing it's fully automatic there's no staff. it's a market of the future. here customers use an app to access the store locate
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products and pay for them. there are five security cameras watching the store if a customer shoplifting or tries to leave without paying the customer service center reminds them to pay. the store contains typical many market items snacks drinks and hygiene products customers come from nearby offices during their lunch break. each item is priced electronically purchases are completed with the payment app. yes you know i like shopping this way with no one watching when you find what you need then pay and go oh. j.d. one of china's largest online retailers also runs supermarkets without employees you have a store in the company's offices that uses biometrics once you've registered on the
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app it's all automatic. customers do their shopping and as they leave the facial recognition technology identifies them and deduct the payment from their account. we're still in the test phase so we can't provide exact figures yet are but we're fairly certain that a market like this is cheaper to operate than normal supermarkets where there were no. no where are people as enthusiastic about digital shopping us here in china. payment apps and online delivery services are an integral part of their lives. people here accept and tolerate that the stores keep all their purchased data. i'm sure this is the wave of tomorrow she got to have convenience we have to share our personal data i think it's acceptable.
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digitalisation does have its limitations however people are still needed to keep products on the shelves orderly. with the senses. recognise. and experience it expects of. the cultural magazine. next.
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european stars deliver rousing performances. it's called catchy melody and the. band poetic lyrics. will pop duo during. the of the in concert forty five minutes later. climate change. and sustainability. environmental projects. globalisation. biodiversity species conservation exploitation the polity. human rights displacement. the global encouraged local action. three thousand.
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probably will not succeed in dividing us out not succeed in taking the people off the streets because we're tired of this dictatorship. taking the stand global news that matters d. w. made from mines. all around the world young women are shaking up the film industry. what's their inspiration.


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