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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 11, 2018 7:00pm-7:16pm CET

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it's used to go in use live from the far right in front tries to shed its racist image the fullness are not counting its remaining tries are found a dependable machine his post office on route already president and his georgia leader not independent tries to rebrand the party with a new mainstream name also on the program. reunited after more than a year behind bars two turkish journalists returned to the independent newspaper june gudiya to also be released on biochar the battle is far from over.
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and china's president tried can see is already firm grip on power xi jinping can now rule the country indefinitely after palmer approves a constitutional amendment scrapping presidential term limits. hello and welcome my name's christopher spring it thanks for joining us in france the leader of the far right for nasir not in le pen has proposed changing the party's name to national rally and that's one of a number of changes delegates at a party conference in the northern city of labor are considering the gathering is aimed at rebranding the party mouthing the pen has been reelected as party leader and delegates also come last formal ties to her father the party's founder of pan abolishing the post of onery presidency and effectively stripping him of that job.
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and we're going to go to paris now to talk to our correspondent there lisa louis lisa mother le pen she wants to give her party a new name instead of. it's to be a house home lemoult nasr now which translates roughly as national rally what exactly is she trying to achieve by changing the party's name well she wants a fresh start for the party after the defeat at the presidential elections last year she said in her speech that at last i'm going us united so as you said national rugby would be a positive name as it pays to flow not to night which would be the name of an opposition party now she's saying we are no longer we should no longer be you know position party but we should become the governing party and should be seen as the governing party and yes beach she said three times that the target of this one as you know that with the national rally now that was to really seize power in france
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ok so less confrontational name if you want does this also mean a change of political direction was there any evidence of that in her speech. well not really it was actually quite contradictory on the one hand she said you know now people should feel free to rally and to come to our party in vote for us and on the other hand his speech was a very traditional point as united states she was in favor of the french identity against immigration against globalization she said basically i'm going to protect you poor people that are being attacked that are being left behind by evil globalization she wants to crack down on migrants and immigrants actually and given that france is taking in a lot less than other countries such as germany at it's kind of a quite interesting that she should say that and out front has actually quite a tough one to immigration while an immigration or new immigration law that is being pushed through by the government that has been criticized by associations
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here is very tough but she says that she would be even stricter and that she would also be a very crackdown very tough on tough we are on terrorists and say that that should be that terrorist attacks should be considered acts of war although france is already seen as a country with one of the toughest anti terror legislations in the mud so she's trying to say you can come to us we're mainstream party but actually a speech is saying something else ok and just very briefly so the party also cutting all remaining ties with its foundational mind upin what's that about. well eighty percent of the about one thousand five hundred people that voted in favor of that and they know that the party probably needs to cut its ties with a family friend there are many depend he's a very far right to the right he was convicted in the past for anti semitism and marie le pen wants to leave that behind to become a mainstream party a governing party really ok lisa many thanks for that on paris correspondent there
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lisa louis. here in germany police are investigating several suspected arson attacks against mosques and turkish properties across the country this weekend nobody has been injured in berlin a mall skin turkish cultural club was set on fire police say they believe the attacks were politically motivated in the other incidents five bombs with thrown at a turkish immigrants association in the western town of michel day a turkish shop burnt down in the town of it's a hole and on friday a mosque in the lao finn that's in southern germany was torched police investigating a better attack looking for five suspects the video of the incident was posted on a kurdish website. now two prominent turkish journalists have been reunited with their colleagues after spending well over a year behind bars the two men released on bail on friday but both they and sixteen other stuff the independent newspaper june who did it are still on trial for
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allegedly supporting terrorism so the battle for freedom and justice is far from over. the staff of turkey's gym harriet newspaper celebrate the long awaited return of editor in chief. and investigative journalist ahmed shafik the two were held in a turkish prison for over a year at least on bail now they returned to their news room to greet colleagues despite the joyful mood their return doesn't signal the revival of the rule of law in turkey. to the there was no legal basis either for my arrest nor for my release it was a political move and nothing else that's how we have to see it there is no rule of law in talkie the idea that courts here are independent is the biggest talk of. people. together the journalist celebrate the birthday of a keen eye to lie despite his absence he's the newspaper's chairman and the only
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jim her employees still behind bars including not to lie but all of eighteen jim her employees are on trial for allegedly supporting terrorist organizations. shortly after his release the relief felt by more at some buju and his family and colleagues is clear. but celebrating is difficult he says because nothing has changed for journalists or press freedom in turkey. the russia or many journalists local officials and attorneys currently in prison only after they have all been released can we begin to speak of real freedom. more than one hundred journalists are currently sitting in turkish jails after his release from high security prison ahmed shafik spoke of his hope for change. happy days will return to this land the mafia like rule here will and i guarantee it. despite international condemnation these journalists are still on trial the next hearing is set for friday. time now to catch up with some of the other stories making news
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around the world british authorities investigating the poisoning of a former russian spy on his daughter. so they found traces of a red nerve agent at the pub and restaurant the pav visited shortly before they collapsed so a good script and his daughter hugo remain in critical condition a week off to falling ill. japan is marking the seventh anniversary of a series of disasters that devastated the northeast coast and left over eighteen thousand people dead or missing a massive earthquake triggered a tsunami that led to the worst nuclear disaster since chernobyl prime minister shinzo abbé has pledged ongoing support for the reach. people in colombia are voting in the country's first ever parliamentary elections to include the former fark rebel movement as a political party is guaranteed ten seats regardless of the results but beyond that it's expected to do badly right wing parties who oppose the twenty sixteen peace
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deal have to amend the treaty if given enough support. she jinping is already the most powerful chinese president in a generation and now he has the right to remain in office indefinitely that's after china's rubber stamp our parliament passed a constitutional amendment scrapping the presidential term limit the presidency had previously been limited to two five year terms. and chinese politics is dominated by one party that is no even more firmly in the grip of one man president xi jinping. the new rules will allow him to govern until he dies even enshrining his philosophy in the constitution despite close scrutiny of the ballot papers it was a day more of formalities than surprises. and
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just two people had the nerve to disagree. sun. outside the great hall of the people not a flutter of dissent. removing the limit on the tams of the presidency when the continuity of our policies and provide strong political support for the realisation of our great nation i think it's great. the changes have revived memories of. whose leadership was marred by bloodshed after model rules were drafted to prevent a repeat analysts say these reforms undo those safeguards. there's quite a battle. and i do believe that this the sentiment. within the party leadership among the intelligentsia because they are concerned with the potential of
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a return of the. leadership. maoist china's past and she is china's future for now only he knows which direction he will choose to take the rising asian superpower. in today's early bonus league games we're up against the light switch but neither team managed to find the net and that draw means that light safe failed to gain ground in the race for europe next season for stuttgart meanwhile it's the sixth match unbeaten on a coached that leaves them solidly in mid table. on saturday meanwhile champions by and were hosting lowly hamburg in a tie that hamburg one for years the northerners are in a desperate fight to avoid relegation at the moment but the bavarians were in no mood for compromise. hamburg have been passed by a buyer for nearly a decade last year in munich they conceded eight goals this match started off
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looking bad for the visitors break robbery hurdle in finnish. at the eight minute mark showing he still got the goods considering his torn ligament earlier this season the freshman still has some spring minutes later robber leavened off he put his head to work. in the assist coming from yoshi what kimmage cambered work implicitly caught off guard here to zip. not even ten minutes later another defensive blunder for him burke levin dusty another goal the wonderful pass came from jerome bulleting catching the hamburg defense on their heels. big eight already looked over at the break it's the first time this season biron scored three in the first forty five iron robin picked up the scoring after the break. biron made hamburg's defense look like swiss cheese and they still weren't done.
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river rees contract insists season but it looks like he's not ready to hang them up the eighty three to make it five mill his first brace since december twenty third team. live in dusty from the penalty spot missing his first shot at a hatchery. but not the next one to twenty third goal of the season for the poles giving him five more didn't the entire hamburg team. has said that we're very sorry for the fans who came here to see hamburg if defeated like that and you have. a few thoughts hamburg's impossible mission and as expected a landslide defeat. the top class yesterday so living in looking homes with. the local rivals both in the running at the moment for
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a place in the champions league next season so a great deal at stake they've been getting off to a stronger stopping. their reward just before half time goal coming from some assigning lucas a lot of his seven of the sins. of the host continued to dominate but it was then bloodbath that almost improvised through your good image is had just wide deep into action john a small finish then from you again but i want to see over to no waiting for live acoustic. let's take a look at all the bonus league results so far this weekend as mentioned stuttgart unlike say sharing the points and there are those victories to buy and live acoustic hoffenheim a solid victory for them against foles but berlin in freiburg splitting the points out with a great away win against and over at the moment don't want to play in frankfurt i can tell you the top one to one nil up in that game on monday braman face cologne and even friday night's game shall come at
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a slim victory of mind. you're watching t w news in berlin edith c'mon it takes over at this desk at the top of the hour in the meantime to figure out you can always get the latest updates from our website that's the top news dot com up next here on t.w. europe in concert the german swiss band boy. the d. w. media center p.c. i. find it again. here's more of it. discovery. video and audio podcast in language courses. in d w media center at media center dot d.w. dot com.


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