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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 12, 2018 3:00pm-4:00pm CET

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this is deja news coming to you live from berlin germany's political pot you sign up for. the social democrats to sign a new coalition government into existence brings to an end almost six months of political uncertainty we have full analysis coming up for you also on the program officials say forty nine people died when
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a bangladeshi passenger came. into flames as it attempted to land. from an eyewitness. amnesty international accuses me and mom. we talked to rights about these reports and concerns among christian refugees who fled ethnic violence. also coming up in the next sixty minutes the children left behind by islamic states. model was a young by an. orphanage and find out what's being done. abandoned orphaned children. and it's happening again and have. often less than fifty days in charge it's the sixteenth change of coach in just.
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my on a very warm welcome to you i'm under cheema germany's new government is preparing to take office after signing a much anticipated coalition agreement the one hundred and seventy seven page document sets out the program agreed between on the americans conservative bloc and the social democrats led by orloff shots it marks the end of almost six months of difficult negotiations that have kept germany on edge the party leaders said their joint program could address the concerns of all those who felt left behind and just before she put her signature to the deal i had this to say there's a great deal of work ahead of us it's going to be hard work it's going to require insurance but it is the prerequisite for achieving continuing success in our country and this is an aspiration that drives us so i look forward to the hard work
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and i have to say there is also a portion of joy in shaping the future and i think we. create a very good german government i will do all i can to make this the case and i am very glad that we will be signing the agreement now. the chancellor angela merkel talking about the joy in shaping the future let me doing the obvious political correspondent christopher springeth so chris a major hurdle has been overcome the coalition agreement has officially been signed by all the three parties involved but how difficult and challenging will it be for them to work to get a given that this is a lovely school alicia and all the bickering that went in before it was signed loveless perhaps i'm retired but bear in mind that the incoming government is exactly the same as the outgoing government so chancellor merkel's conservatives and the left of center social democrats so these are two political forces have been working with each other. for the last four and a half years and they've built up
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a lot of trust in each other they they've they've worked very well in the previous government so there are those who are saying well we'll be having more of the same in terms of the way they work on the other hand the big difference is this both parties lost a lot of support in the in the elections last september so they're both keen to score fost victories to sharpen their profiles you have some in charge some athletes conservatives who are lurching to the right they want to regain support from the far right that they lost to the far right alternative to germany you have people in the social democrats who are looking to the left and in the middle you have chancellor merkel trying to keep everything together that's a that's a big challenge for good but leaders of all tea parties and to pressure from their own rank and file and their own colleagues now these bodies as you said have worked together before two governments in a grand coalition the grand go to should be with the main parties of germany come together but we have now the lana for the new cabinet how different is it from the previous a cabinet it's younger and it's more female we have seven women at the
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cabinet table once they they are sworn in on wednesday it's younger in the sense that we have quite a few new faces in the cabinet. the side of the christian democrats for instance we have young he's thirty seven years old he is seen as a potential successor for chancellor merkel he's also her strongest critic is going to be the new health minister and then the social democrats they've nominated is the new minister fact for families francisco good faith she's thirty nine years old completely unknown quantity at the national level but a rising star within the party and there was a tangible sense of relief as you saw deciding in greenland that they've actually put this kind of signatures to this agreement but we still don't have a new government in germany what are the next steps before germany can say it finally has the government after almost six months of the national election well parliament convenes on wednesday morning and chancellor merkel. will need to get
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what's called the chancellor's majority there are seven hundred nine members of parliament so she needs three hundred fifty five yes votes she'll probably get that because her coalition the grand coalition has three hundred ninety nine mph so it's a bit of a formality she then goes to the german president to formally nominate her then she comes back to parliament and is sworn in so within this week we should have a government we should on sometime around midday on wednesday chrysippus bring it up a little because i want to thank you very much you're welcome. let me now being the operative it's among the stories making news around the world slovakia's interior minister robert gallina has resigned from his post his departure comes amid a political crisis over the murder of an investigative journalist a junior coalition party had demanded caught enough for movement in return for its ongoing support was a key ally of still walk in prime minister robot fico. a report out today shows
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weapons to the middle east has more than doubled over the past five years the speedin based sit three institute says the u.s. and europe remain the mean arms exporters to the region this despite public and political debate over restricting weapon sales to conflict areas. protests took place across europe on sunday against turkey's military operation in syria region demonstrations in germany turned violent as good and turkish activists lashed germany's home to large populations of both communities the rallies come as turkish forces are said to be poised to take over often from kurdish militia. french fashion designer bed divert she has died at the age of ninety one she was she was known for his elegant designs he was in the business for more than half a century and his most famous for creating the little black dress and designing
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fashions worn by the likes of grey have been in some of our most famous for. turning now to nippon with this being a deadly plane crash in class one to forty nine people are reported dead when the plane came down at the airport in the capital of the country officials say the aircraft mr runway and burst into flames officials say seventy one people one board the bombardier dash eight propeller plane it was reportedly on route to katmandu. from the bang of the she kept on talking and was run by us and lines. joining me now from got an eyewitness giving. a bang to you were at the airport and you saw what happened what did you see that. your friends got inside the plane after two point five hours it is and right there are fears that finished distributing the streets the lot is that been one of the
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factors there from the other side mention that look up in just cracked and i think we were right on the line in the taxi sexy. i'm really beat up right. seatbelt and looked out of the window and i saw those huge smoke coming out from afar and i took a picture immediately rejection in particular let me clarify that i didn't see it crash because we were inside the plane and later we rocked the gas to get off of the film because the kind of came up during you mentioned that the effort will be close to it and then we boarded the plane and got inside the airport again and sure the sea as authorities responded to this crash. i think at the beginning it was very chaotic because i remember being in there just outside of the brain for almost fifteen minutes just looking at the scene right there was a lot of you know the airport bagel driving you were going to a lot of people security people or just the ground stop running toward it obviously
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we were not allowed to move any of it because that i mean just stood there and watched it. but yeah it was very chaotic because nobody knew what to do at the time they were getting everything you know they didn't even know whether they wanted us to board the plane or just sit on the box or just read in the open air so we just were just there for fifteen minutes just watching what was happening and then there was the pilot was telling his friends what was happening and then there was mention that it's it's a deadly crash so that's all that's all i know it must have been of a distressing thing to do to see and to hear you bob when you're standing at the airport what was the mood like there among the passengers waiting to get on two flights of people who just got all flights. i'm a very nervous liar i mean this wasn't you can't plan for me good for just you know being out of korea. because you can imagine all the passengers great thought that already reading in the airport. at first you know everybody was asking what
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happened with. whatever you want to do now greece go reading the bridge interested in down all throughout one destination and later once he boarded the plane to get back in the airport there was again i don't know hundreds of stranded tourists and people you know trying to get to the whole world or in the other destinations so you know we just tried to talk to the airport. people are in line that is the board and i was trying to board so we are asking what are we going to do it is that you know just break for now that what is going to so we don't have anything against the later recently read know what we're just going to cancel this and we're back i mean after this incident happened and one for another two hours just written for it my luggage and get back. and of course it's a very difficult employer to kathmandu surrounded by very high mountains i shall begin in kathmandu thank you very much for sharing your story with us and you.
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now to colombia the voters have handed the key to critics of the piste with former leftist rebels in sunday's election it was the first election for the formal rebel group and voters sounding rejected into vatican agenda the results now reese questions over the future of the deed that ended the goodness decades long insurgency. a victory for the opponents of fuck even duke a campaign heavily against a peace deal with the former rebels his democratic center party emerged as the strongest force in an election seen as a test of fox entry into colombian politics. it was a catastrophic defeat for the new party which took less than one percent of the vote regardless fuck will still take ten seats in the senate guaranteed to them by the peace accord many colombians would prefer to see them in jail for their decades long insurrection campaigning was marred by angry protests against their participation was. that.
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fox former commanders had hoped for an historic outcome. i think this is going to mark a milestone we're entering the consolidation of peace it's the first time in my life that i've voted and i do it for peace. colombia's president juan manuel santos was the man who brokered the deal that ended fox decades long insurrection. it's as if you don't have a touching the elections are participating in the elections. and i think if your news. something historic and very important for our democracy here his party polled poorly many voters felt this peace deal was too lenient on the former rebels whatever power far wielded sure and it's insurgency has now disappeared at the ballot box. he was in the news coming up ahead the children traumatized by so-called islamic state look at the fate of orphans in the iraqi city of monsoon
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and hear from unicef representative in iran. but first over to monica and dominic trance rhetoric kids try creating ripples across the world. really rattled the scene they are angry to the rhetoric is heating up in the trade dispute between the u.s. and its allies as trade partners are scrambling to get an extension from the tariffs on steel and alan many i'm on saturday u.s. trade representative robert light has a minute japanese officials in brussels for talks but neither side announced a result meanwhile in i come paid speech in pennsylvania u.s. president star trump has defended his decision to put a terrorist on steel and a million imports and he singled out german comic us as a target. european union killers open up the barriers and get rid of your terrors and if you don't do that we're going to tax receipts bears we're going to
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tax the gov you want to have fun. we want to have money coming into our country. well cheap chinese steal subsidized by the government in beijing u.s. steel and many m tariffs the prospects for the european steel sector appear to be gloomy no wonder the mood wasn't upbeat at the conference of the european steel industry of the southwestern german town of dealing in the vice president of the european commission france team a month said the e.u. calls for an exemption from the new u.s. tariffs however if necessary the e.u. will do everything to the thinned it steel industry in germany alone four million people work in the steel and still processing industry. let's cross over to w. somehow because burnish was standing by at the steel conference and dealing in markets how can the e.u. defend its steel industry and how promising all those possible measures.
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while vice president or demands from the u. commission was resorting to the already known list of measures that could be taken into practice like for example tariffs on holidays and motorbikes or peanut butter amongst others but he underlined that he and his colleagues are doing everything together with the politicians ahead of government and state of the european union to avoid being hit by these tariffs and he is quite confident that he will get to this point that the european countries will be excluded from the announced terrace of twenty five percent on steel like for example the companies from australia canada are all making. now. versus steel that equation sounds very odd and certainly the e.u. is not really known for for dumping prices why do the people way you off think that
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washing is singling them out. well honestly they don't not have any explanation because they research here to racial arguments that they try to follow but they don't find really racial arguments on the other side on the u.s. side because two months said that when president trum briefs first to security issues so that he wants to protect his military production the steel they needed for this sector well he said we are working together in the nato so we are partners so he does not accept the excuse of security issues and the people here i talk to the workers they just can't understand they do not have any words to explain. dollars trump now you say you say you spoke to the workers there was also
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the c.e.o. off a very big steel company. participating in this conference what did he have to say about it how are the companies handling the situation well they are really starting to struggle because he told us they are already in talks with their clients nobody knows how they will be affected but he made very clear that they are not able to deal with the twenty five per cent they will have on the steel so it will mean that the consumers the consumers in the united states will have to pay because they are very confident that they have steel here produced in germany and in zall and region is good but they can't replace it with other choose from the u.s. ok mark has been is there from a european steel conference in dealing and thank you so much. and i have more
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business news including a joint solar power project between france and india but that's later in the show first of all which i'm rita looking forward to monica thank you very much turning now to where the in the aftermath of the war against so-called islamic state the extremists have been driven out of last year but the thousands of civilian lives were lost many children now suffer from the trauma of losing their parents and the horrors of living under islamic state. mornings are the highlight of sakineh mohammad's day joyful children greet her with huge hugs they're playful and happy now but they share the past. these children were orphaned during the so-called islamic states reign of terror iraqi special forces recovered them from the rubble this mosul orphanage is now their home where they can dream of a brighter future. men then i want to work at
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a company with your school principal. i want to study at university. i wouldn't allow education for girls. so sakina mohammad wants to give these children a chance to flourish but the head of the orphanage says money and resources are often an issue. that you key the key alicia i'm so sad that i can't really help. i go to the government again and again and ask them for books and help has probably been the think i beg them to make improvements and decisions. but nothing happens. that hurts children like adam he was conceived during a rape his father was an i.a.s. militant his mother years eve the women from the religious minority were subjected to kidnap and sexual assault under i.i.s. today she's returned to her husband and her other three children leaving have him
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here and move the easy be his mother is easy her religion forbids had to raise the children of muslims. that's why she gave her son to the all financial model in japan and saved his life. shiite children like ramiro and were taken from their parents and given to supporters. after the city was freed their uncle found them here at the orphanage. now he wants to raise them but years of brainwashing have left their mark. so. they were taught what i yes believes. now the hates iraqi police and soldiers. he sings songs its ideology has shaped his thoughts. the idea of. the so-called islamic state didn't just leave behind destruction and
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they sowed hate in people's hearts. snipers even used children as bait when iraqi soldiers tried to calm and rescue the children they were ambushed. the movie was used this way he was dragged out of a firefight by a dog as iraqi special forces approached the baby lost his arm but sir. vives he's just eight months old no one knows where his parents are. you know i don't know what has me most children can hold milk bottles at eight months but he can't because he's missing and i mean that he's often ill and needs a lot of care you haven't got a model because you hear that there are many such sad stories here at the orphanage but still the children can laugh saying and dream of a better future ok. joining me
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now is unicef representative in iraq peter hawkins he joins me from the peter foster for tell us about the scale of the problem do we know how many children were orphaned and abandoned in was soon. the scale of the problem is immense you cannot believe how big an area this is and how big that city mosul was it was over two million people we estimate that over two thousand five hundred children were separated from their parents how many of those are often. long term orphans it is still early to say a lot of those children whose parents we've been able to find her extended family been able to find at the moment there are a group of fifty five children we know that we might be real orphans we're looking at alternative cast. as your film has depicted it's not only children who've been often as a result of the conflict but those children who've been traumatized as
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a result of the conflict and as your film has rightly shown there are many stories of despair but also of where we've been able to unify children back with their families where children have been able to return to school start to play start to learn and start to think of the future. so i know about all the children who've been orphaned and almost as they also a lot of children as you were carrying in our report have been abandoned enough resources to take care of all these children. response is always going to be a problem though the primary problem at the moment is to get the right set of skills especially around psycho social care for those children who have been really traumatized by what they've been through with children and also i doubt that many there is in the time that is required to be able to trace documents and reunify children back within their. major resources and needs to come to build
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communities and rebuild whole. areas and communities and the whole city. has a future at the moment those resources are available but they will continue to be needed next month and months and years to come and how much support are you getting from the civil society there to deal with the situation was a scientist is quite a new phenomena in this part of the well and while traditionally there has been it has been quite strong it is very right at the moment now we're working with civil society who are working with government and unicef working with all different partners to ensure that the sum of up hearts meets the needs of those people who are truly very hard to. reenact the normal way of life for these people so the children can go back to school children can be immunized children can face a world. with strength and i get the future there was happened to them in the past
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needs to be dealt with or how they go through in the future needs to be. crazy to them that islamic sect kidnapped many women and girls and held them as sex slaves did not carry the children born off rape being abandoned what we're going to tell us about this. no there are some children like that many more who have been taken in by the family or the extended family or by other members of different communities but there are some and there are always peace only in. aftermath of such a structure. tragedy what we're trying to do is trying to help the children really was removed from the conflict and look at their future resilience of these children are incredible i saw for myself and children who have been abandoned who have been desolate find different ways or touring for joran through different playgroups and
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. activities we started to look towards in future once you get them into that situation get a lot more information you can see where the adoption can be a doctrine for them or whether they need more psycho social care. as you said many of these children have anything to traumatize my ass i thought if i optimistic about the future because if you can't beat up. very optimistic they are so resilient these children but we need to do everything we can to help them and the generosity of the german people who german government and everybody else to units that are other partners as it allowed us to do that we continue to do it dale day. dr peter hawkins from unicef in baghdad thank you very much for talking to d.w. thank you very much. he watching did have news coming to you live from london coming up ahead there's more chaos at hamburg as coach band becomes the latest
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casualty in the club's long and painful slide to was the second division. that and more coming up shortly. on the. cut. kidney heroes of history of the book under. they rescued historic writings damaged by war or natural disaster. safeguarding unique documents that bear witness to times past. co-stars of the book hunters saving the world's cultural legacy. in forty five minutes on g.w. bush. starting out with some junk and instructions from
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we want to. bring factory starting march twenty fourth on g.w. . you're watching the news coming to you live from berlin i'm. a pleasure to have your company our top story germany's chancellor angela merkel has joined the leader of the social democrats to sign a new coalition government into existence it brings to an end almost six months of political uncertainty. in fact a new coalition government is not quite in place yet because the job and bottom of the bundestag must confirm. in her post that's due to take place on wednesday but it should be just a formality after that the chancellor can as she put it get down to work our chief political editor spoke to makethis chief of staff about her plans for the new
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government. it's of our own as. chief of staff you will effectively be one of the people who work most closely with the german chancellor and what do you have at the top of your party list for this upcoming government it took a little time to build this new government so no we have to be really fast because a lot of things are changing around for example the european union the prick said and also the question how will the monetary union perform within the next years so there are some international topics we have to deal with very fast and also some national topics for example more money for families and solving the problem of integration of the refugees that came two thousand and fifteen and my special topic will be also being fostered in all the belongings of digitalization of our society that will be a new role but throughout what became known as the migration crisis you would see
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in coordinating germany's response for the between the federal and the local level well very hearing a shop a ten from germany's interior minister designate mr. how will germany's approach to migration in german outside chains we have a coalition agreement we wrote on the idea of migration policy and the idea is that we have on the one side humanitarian aspect and on the other side there is a limited chance for integration in germany and so we want to make more effort to. solve the problems in the countries whether people come from the second point is helping europe to make a more effective border control and if we manage that for the third topic we work in germany an integration of those people who can stay here but also being strong
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in bringing the people back to their countries that are not accepted as refugees jim chancellor merkel has put a big focus on africa in her off efforts to also tackle the reasons why people migrate pull more responsibility shift now to the chancery. in the international the fast the chancellor is also always the most important person and when she's been africa some months ago we had made an agreement and we want to have a strong commitment between all our partners across the mediterranean sea so that we can solve the problem of people dying in the mediterranean sea and stop irregular migration and change it to an system of regulated and regular migration and the chancellor will work on this topic but i believe also the. minister of foreign affairs now funds french president in
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manama corps is still waiting for a response from germany to his vision of a close a europe what can he expect will it be more of a warm handshake or an embrace that goes towards possibly softening his stance on financial fiscal clampdown i think the german and the french government will work closely together we all believe there has to be some change in the european union many people in all of a country's. critical mood about the development of the european union and we will be close together with the french government and the most important point for us and germany is how to develop monetary union for that because we believe that after the crisis we have seen in greece and in other countries about the depth we have to establish a really strong principle of the monetary union so that
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problems like we had in the last years won't happen again ok huggable as of wednesday the chief of staff. thank you very much. a new report from rights group amnesty international says the me and our military is increasing its security presence in a heightened state this after hundreds of thousands of are forced to flee from their homes after a brutal crackdown by the military last year and misty has released satellite images like this one which came to show military bases being constructed near land villages once toured this these images show new structures and heavy pads they can see there next to villages which were burned in violence last year and this is the structure such as these bags are proof that the military is using these grounds in what the organization claims a land grab let's get more from laura hake she wants them to see international and
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specializes in him in mushy joins me from london now a lot of these satellite images came to show what you call a land grab how can you be so sure that these are being used these areas for military bases and not to repack creation camps as men must government claims. thank you for having me it's a good question and one that is very clear when you look at the satellite images themselves when you look at the images of the new refugee rehydration sentences and you compared to these new security it was very says they're very very different the security was very in that we found out very soon lance you have. been round more than one kind of state and we see we interviewed people on the ground recently for that they actually confirmed to us as well that they were told either to leave their homes to make way for security or else not to go close to these areas because that's where the military police are operating and why do you think the myanmar
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military is building bases there. well i think there are two reasons really this construction is happening and disasters that this is clearly an attempt to increasingly militarized northern rock and state back since august when this campaign of violence against that was a good response to armed attacks by a religious group the memories are it isn't even clear that they're not distinguishing between so-called terrorists and the civilian population they are targeting the range of population as a whole and it is a very clear intention of that is to basically securitize the area but i think what's also really clear from these images is that many of these structures are actually being built on one form or just homes fred former range of fields that they would use for their livelihoods i mean this is a land route this is a takeover and i think this is sending a very clear message to the really enjoy bangladesh that you're not going to be able to return to your original places and if you come back you will be next door neighbors with
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a very security forces their range children burn you out of your homes in the first place the hundreds of thousands of running of course have fled into neighboring bangladesh to seek refuge what are you hearing about the anger who've stayed on in myanmar what is the situation like for them on the ground. this is racial rage on the ground it is deeply deeply alarming i mean this is a part of the country that really has very limited access it's very difficult to get information from that humanitarian organizations very restricted but what we are hearing from contacts on the ground is that the situation is not improving on the contrary it's getting worse the government has imposed tighter interest russians on movement so enjoy in these areas find it really difficult to leave their villages to get the market even just to go to the fields to harvest and this is having a huge impact on us through security and actually one of the reasons when you speak to newly arriving refugees in bangladesh when you ask them you know why did you flee it's because they they fear that they're going to starve to death because
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there is no aid there is no movement and they feel the being slowly squeezed out of the country and no where does this leave this repack creation treaty which was between bundy and man martin in college there who fled to bugger this to return to their homes in kind safe in other areas. well i think it raises serious questions about that rick operation agreement and this is irony with which me and i went into it clearly there was a lot of pressure on the am i to show that this was an ethnic cleansing they've made a lot of statements to say that they well you know all of this construction is part of welcoming the bag but ultimately you know this is a presidential repatriation agreement just because they're really into themselves in bangladesh they haven't been consulted there is no international monitoring or oversight of this process in myanmar itself and so many are going to they just over feel safe returning to a place where the security forces have abused the same god but crucially whether
3:40 pm
that has been no accountability today. dr laura cake from amnesty international in london thank you very much for talking to do. thank you very much. ok big bundesliga news and we've gone to talk you from did obvious sports are scared to help us make sense of it all in just a moment how good have fired the coach banned hollaback just off the seven games in charge the former fan favorite was brought in january to try and save hamburg season two days ago and his players were on the receiving end of the six mil dumping by league leaders a by munich and that promise the north german side closer to relegation for the first time in their history now is is the sixteenth course in change for hamburg in the last ten years last week the club five c.e.o. and sports director. now banned was just forty
3:41 pm
nine days in his job that's not much time in all honesty to prove yourself in a it's not it's actually not that i mean he was just basically given a bit over a month but and we also know the reality of football at the end it's results that matter and when you're fighting for survival the pressure is even higher and burned hollaback unfortunately he was without a win in the last seven games and that's what he's ultimately judged on that's right you know they have been some strong and sometimes ugly protests by the fans off this club which is a very proud footballing history now so how are the authorities as a responding to that something really interesting happened you can probably call him i don't know that these could be hooligans could be just a bunch of bold fans but basically. fans entered the training ground of a club and what they did was they put up a banner and eleven burial crosses as you can see right there in the picture and on the data it says your time is up we will get you all now of course that might be
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creative to us funny to us but the police are not treating it that way they are saying that this they treating this basically as a threat gosh does there come. pretty ominous not looking back at sunday's action there was a real thriller with northland to involve tell us more on that i'm not going to give away the result but let's just say that batman came to the rescue a kid that sounds mysterious let's take a look at the matter and batman came to the rescue of over eighty thousand packed inside technology you know park for this one early in the match american wonder kid christian publishing looking for his fourth the sixth penetration into he couldn't convert it would have been his second goal this season and sometimes the ball lets you know you messed up minutes later the ball fights police again to cross the market likes but it's now the us who commits an ongoing giving don't make him one he'll be. after the break the free kick gave frankfurt another shot you'll be
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unmasked level to school. and the average mark meichi that's why i checked it to get dogman a boost polish sic a good sitting at the conversion and he didn't disappoint the third goal in five matches for back to frankfurt respond to anybody from close range maybe two to three in the ninety first minute bloom's made in goal in the bundesliga. but that's when i wasn't done being the hero. stuff kid getting three points for me. leaving p.j. still going to taste defeat in the bundesliga three to the final. caution that was a senator for game and he meant to meet she is only
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a loan from chelsea is the right fit to think the dog front i'm going to say yes i'm not contradicting myself from when they first signed him i thought initially he wasn't good enough but he has proved me. wrong and the thing is only now because he's been so effective because he's been so prolific that also means that if dortmund do want to buy him in the summer that basically he'll cost a lot more was because his value has gone up you know it always happens with footballers because they play so well and don't mind of course just to remind some of our viewers they did not add an option to buy him because chelsea insisted on including a buy back clause and after all the drama that happened with. after that dortmund has said that we no longer include release crosses in players' contracts looking over to the ribbon was cologne that is happening later today so if we actually look at the table there is hope for cologne which is something we didn't see earlier but let's start off at the top so this weekend coming up if by and when and child could
3:45 pm
do stand by in munich basically it will win the title with seven games left it's a different story at the very bottom monday tonight brought it taking on cologne and if cologne win or draw they could leap rock hambrick because they have the better goal difference and who would have thought really that at the end there is light at the end of the tunnel tunnel for cologne because i thought they were done and dusted i did too and i think there may be hope for them yeah it is over that is because i just haven't found. a perfect match up with daughter residency with the colors that i am wearing but you're wearing all neutral colors are. you for most posters thank you so much for coming in now we're going to stick with football and other football news though agree prosecutors have ordered the arrest of the owner of one of the country's stop clubs after he halted the match on sunday was armed with a pistol after a disputed go in the match between the title rivals. athens and power to saloniki
3:46 pm
owner yvonne sadly this led a pitch invasion raring a gun in a holster something this was one of greece's richest savages is on the run. time now for more business the us monica joins me in a reshuffle in germany spy sector monica absolutely german utilities heavyweight to eon has agreed to acquire a large stake of you know gene the sustainable subsidiary of its competitor r w e e for twenty two billion euros the deal will leave r w e as the continent's second largest producer of green energy with as europe's largest operator of electricity grids and retail. in a g.e. is a subsidiary of the energy giant. it was set up two years ago to bundle of renewable network and retail businesses into a separate company the sudden restructuring deal has come as a surprise to many energy will now be divided up w.
3:47 pm
we will take care of energy production and renewable energies while german competitive eon manages the grid and retail whether or not this reshuffle between the two giants will be beneficial to the customer is yet to be seen. in the business about the customer it doesn't matter if the company is local or international has to some to survive the needs of the customer where they are and whether or not the structure will provide better customer satisfaction i have my doubts on. the deal between eon an odd w e still needs approval from the boards of both companies as well as the competition authorities. french president emanuel mccraw and indian prime minister narendra modi half inaugurated a solar power plant in northern india the plant was built with the help of friends and it's part of a program called the international solar alliance initiative designed to promote
3:48 pm
solar power around the world. these are rows of photovoltaic cells stretching into the wrong reason. they could be the future of the indian economy. india's prime minister narendra modi ignagni aerated the new facility with france's emmanuel markov. the plant was part of a collaboration between the two governments and is part of a broader push by both countries to kickstart the asian solar industry. india only produced around three gigawatts of solar energy when modi took office in two thousand and fourteen. over the last three years that number jumped to over twenty gigawatts and modi hopes it will expand five fold in the coming years. mccaw and modi also launched a new solar energy partnership over the weekend as part of a broader push towards renewable energy these. twenty eight got over
3:49 pm
the distribution of two hundred eighty million bulbs in the last three years has not only saved more than two billion dollars but has also led to saving for gigawatts electricity and has led to the decrease in production of carbon dioxide by thirty million tonnes i want to believe me but we want a solar revolution not only in india but around the globe the billion. india's role in that revolution is also includes helping other countries in the region develop their solar and histories. saudi arabia is likely to delay the listing off its state owned energy company aramco british officials have told the financial times what would be the biggest i.p.o. ever was initially expected to happen this year saudi officials were hoping to to kill a valuation off two trillion dollars but they're finding it difficult that could push the date to twenty nineteen has also yet to decide on which foreign stock exchange it will use for the listing. and others competing for the sale.
3:50 pm
starts with. the margins. for the future as it was through. a nineteen year or german soldier poses as a high ranking nazi officer and claims to have special orders to kill himself and director robert spencer because new film the captain tells the true life story of a teenage mastermind of the real life war criminals really share old who pulled off this trick in the last two weeks the second was born. the film called the captain kidd's cinemas here in germany this week david levitz descale is to tell me more welcome david now sometimes it's a truth is stranger than fiction this is a hard story to believe it's hard to believe any of it really happened this
3:51 pm
nineteen year old kid really very hard and the last two weeks the chaos of the end of world war two finds the. uniform of an officer that's been left in a car he puts it on and he becomes this officer people believe him and he ends up playing the role of this evil nazi officer alter well he goes on a killing spree he even takes over a prison camp and orders a massacre so the real life would be here today considered responsible for the murder. of the one hundred seventy two people it's not really clear how many people it really was in the end. before he was caught by the allies and executed now this film the captain is very challenging both because it's very violent but also the way that it's told it's told from the perspective of the perpetrator let's have a look. based on real events the captain follows
3:52 pm
a young german soldier trying to survive the final days of the second world war. private villi harold makes a pivotal find when he stumbles upon a captain's uniform and transforms from victim to challenge. but it was also here not one of the strains of the of the story deals with people capable of given the right or wrong circumstances one thing that sets the captain apart from most other war films is its perspective. it's noticeable that we are the only culture that hasn't told the story from the perspective of the perpetrator so . what i wanted to do was to get people to ask the question what would i have done this is of course a question that a story told from the perspective of the perpetrator forces you to ask if he. really harold does astoundingly well as a pretend captain quickly taking on the monstrous role of those he was trying to
3:53 pm
escape from. he orders his men to massacre more than one hundred seventy german prisoners with no trial and no mercy. it was also important to me not to try to explain the main character psychology at least not with the popular terms of clinical psychology such a psychopath or sociopath. i believe such labels explain nothing there is no model causal explanation exactly this is. the captain is a disturbing film about the mechanism. so do the. directive gilbert's friend makes a point of actually doing was tell you from the point of view of the perpetrator
3:54 pm
without going any moderates from the so i didn't it was a brave decision by the jailing filmmaker i think it is to some extent he's definitely breaking with convention here if you look at nazi movies particularly german movies about that period you either tell it from the perspective of a victim or of a good guy or resistance fighter or if it is told from the perspective of a bad guy there is some sort of moral reckoning there's a catharsis a conscious a crisis of conscience at the end and he really doesn't do that now does he accomplish his goal of leaving this blank that makes the audience you know wonder would i have done that myself well i'm not really so sure there's a danger here because it's hard to empathize with these characters you know we don't really get into the mind of any have all of you we don't really see his past particularly and a lot of the guys surrounding him are even worse even more sadistic nazi killers then he is so it's a fascinating device but it's possibly also the film's biggest weakness that's open
3:55 pm
for debate now the artistic elements of the film if you want to let me just talk about those briefly shot stunningly black and white widescreen presentation fantastic acting and this is also a real leap for the director a whole bunch spent before this he's been doing some pretty commercial hollywood movies flight plan read i don't know if you've seen any of those so this is this is a big movement away from that towards a much more artistic side david levitz said thank you very much for that and more on the website and more on our website that's a d w dot com culture. david evans from lockouts does thank you very much for that . thank you very much for your company this is a quick recap of our top story that we're following a germany's chance on love makan is joining the leader of the social democrats to sign a new coalition government into existence and brings to an end almost six months of political uncertainty and. more news coming up for you shocking with eric to stay
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this is d w news live from berlin germany as political parties sign up for a government chancellor angela merkel joins the leader of the social democrats to seal a new coalition government into existence it brings to an end almost six months of political uncertainty and we will have full analysis also coming up.


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