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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 12, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm CET

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this is g w news collide from for lead germany's political parties sign up for government chancellor angela merkel joins the leader of the social democrats to seal a new coalition government into existence in spring then and two almost six months of political uncertainty we will have an analysis also coming up of these forty nine people are dead after a bangladeshi passenger plane swerved and burst into flames as it attempted to land at katmandu airport we'll hear from an eyewitness and the acts by and his daughter poisoned in britain it's nothing to do with us says the russians or london embassy warns britain you are playing with
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a very dangerous game. also coming up the children left behind by islamic states brain of terror autumn's mother was a user the raped by and i guess militant we were poor probably a mobile orphanage and find out what's being done for iraq some day and didn't and orphaned children. i'm sorry kelly welcome to the program thanks so much for joining us. germany's new government is preparing to take office after the participating parties signed a much anticipated coalition agreement the document sets out the program agreed between angela merkel's conservative bloc and the social democrats it marks the end of a long and difficult negotiation that has kept germany on edge the party leaders said that their joint program would address the concerns of those germans who feel left
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behind it took them six months to finally agree on this coalition all three party leaders made it clear today that they want the government to last the full term the signed agreement is one hundred seventy seven pages long one hundred seventy seven pages of political policies for germany. the hierarchy in the new government is clear the leading figure is still on the american following a long run up to the new government's formation she promises things will now continue at a good clip. i think everyone feels that it's finally time to start working a new start for europe a new dynamic for germany new cohesion for our country this is what we have set out to accomplish for the s.p.d. social issues and development are especially important the social democrats struggled for a long time with the question of their participation in
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a new grand coalition. feud to. the grand coalition in germany did not start out as a marriage for love. the c.d.u. c.s.u. and. although they are and will remain fundamentally different parties. are still able to work constructively together and govern properly. the third coalition partner the bavarian c.s.u. calls this a grand coalition for the common people. the key words for job security with the promise of full time employment a basically pension pension credits for stay at home parents and stabilization of pension levels the opposition parties describe the coalition agreement in negative terms protesting the future government's programme. and there are major gaps in this coalition agreement especially when it comes to future challenges about
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climate protection does not feature in it. mrs merkel has once again been able to use money as a lubricant to build up a coalition a coalition that refuses to set a clear course for the renewal of this country. do it because i did lose one central idea in the agreement then it's spend more money increase the powers of the state or decrease this could be the title of the coalition agreement. on wednesday the will take the final hurdle to forming a government wants to be elected chancellor for the fourth time. their choice is almost certain and then the new government will be up and running at least that's what the chancellor promised. and from our those promises let's bring in christopher spring gate who is joining us in the studio this afternoon christopher take us through what happens next well on wednesday morning palm and convenes. will
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be up for reelection as you know the next chancellor of this country needs to get what's called the chancellor's majority there are seven hundred nine. nine members of parliament she needs three hundred fifty five yes votes her coalition incoming coalition of social democrats and conservatives has i think three hundred ninety nine so it's a formality or it should be a formality we'll see what happens on wednesday and then she's off to the german president he nominates her formally and she's back to parliament where she gets sworn in so it looks like it is a done deal after all but can this coalition last for the next four years is it on solid ground well both sides say they're in it for four years i should point out though the coalition agreement has a new mechanism to two years both sides will have a major review of the coalition agreement so that is an opportunity if it's politically opportune for either side to say we've had enough let's go back to the
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voters. having said that i think there's a fair chance they will survive for the next four years simply because the outgoing government is the incoming government they've been working with each other for a number of years they trust each other there are personal relationships involved there the difference of course is that both sides both jones merkel's conservatives and the center left social democrats lost a lot of support at the last election so they're both looking to score victories some in the conservatives lurching to the right some in the social democrats are looking to the left chancellor merkel has her work cut out to make sure that those centrifugal forces don't pull her coalition and it was really interesting to hear the rhetoric in fact during the press conferences when we heard these three party leaders speak they definitely seemed to at least attempt to address that the bleeding support that we saw in the election we saw it especially hard still have a talking about addressing the needs of ordinary people of ordinary germans that
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that's what this coalition would really be about can they do it based on this plan well there is actually a very fortunate position germany is running a huge budget plus lots of to. taxation money coming in they have forty six billion euros to play with over the next four years in the throwing a lot of that money at these problems the record of the past government the outgoing government which is the same as the incoming government although some of the missed ministers are different the record of the past government is pretty good so i think as actually a fairly good chance that they will achieve at least the minimum of success and having heard the opposition though in our package of they do not seem to agree with that so we will see how it it pans out what are the main priorities going to be going forward for this coalition first of all there's trade relations with the us that is a fire that needs to be put out immediately then there is europe chancellor merkel has already been talking about strength in europe she's also said she's off to see
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president emanuel fairly soon so we'll see what comes from those talks he's made wide ranging proposals for european reform and of course there's the budget this country is running on an interim budget it needs full two thousand and eighteen budget for this year that needs to be put to parliament and passed his very own christopher putting it all into perspective for us the big day of german politics today thank you ali. we had to nepal now where there has been a deadly plane crash in the capital kathmandu at least forty nine people are reported to have died officials say that the aircraft missed the runway and burst into flames seventy one people were on board the bombard a dash eight propeller plane it was reportedly and route to cotland to from dhaka and run by u.s. bank airlines. well earlier i witnessed by gary told you what happened after the aircraft crashed was very scary because i remember being in. a kind of
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a green for almost fifteen minutes just looking at the right there was a lot of you know there were going to were going to a lot of people security people or just the ground staff running towards it because they were not allowed to move. i mean just stood there and watched it. but yet it was great the new work great the kind. of innovative the wonderful border framework on the box or just open air so readers were just there for fifteen minutes just watching what is happening. there was an eyewitness speaking with us earlier now let's get a quick check of some other stories making news around the world a new report by amnesty international says that the meon marm military is increasing its security presence in iraq and state amnesty says satellite images show military bases are being built over rohinton villages that were burnt to the ground last year nearly seven hundred thousand grow into muslims fled to neighboring bangladesh following an army crackdown on kong's democratic opposition
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has lost ground in a key by election the democrats won just two of the four seats up for grabs fewer than needed to regain veto power in the city's legislature the vote was said to be a measure of boners appetite for democracy in the semi autonomous city. now slovakia's interior minister robert kaleena has resigned from his post his departure comes amid a political crisis over the murder of an investigative journalist a junior coalition party had demanded his removal in return for its ongoing support he was a key ally of slovakian prime minister robert fico. you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program the children traumatized by the so-called islamic state we will have a look at the fate of orphans in the rocky city. but first as you can see it is over to monica jones who joins us now with the latest
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from the business world hi monica hi sarah well it's all about donald trump's steel tariffs of course the vice president of the european commission progs team and says that he's confident to use deals shipped to the united states will eventually earn the same exception status as canada and australia averting a potential tit for tat trade dispute with a key customer to months made the comment at a gathering of european steel executives in the german town of dealing in after renewed threats by u.s. presidents donald trump over the weekend manages that european steel companies say they remain in the dark about the rationale for potential terrorists on exports to the us let's cross over to the mark has been an issue is standing by at the steel conference in dealing in markets how can the e.u. defend its steel industry and how promising all those possible measures. while vice president or to mons from the u.
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commission was resorting to the already known list of measures that could be taken into practice like for example tariffs on holiday there's motorbikes or peanut butter amongst others but he on the line and he and his colleagues are doing everything together with the politicians ahead of government and state of the european union to avoid being hit by these tariffs and he is quite confident that he will get to this point that the european countries will be excluded from the announced terrace of twenty five percent on steel like for example the companies from australia canada are all magazine. versus steel that equation sounds very odd and certainly the e.u. is not really known for for dumping prices why do people weigh you off think that
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washington is singling them out. well honestly they don't not have any explanation because they referred to racial arguments that they tried to follow but they don't find really racial arguments on the other side on the u.s. side because the moment said that when president trump prefers to security issues so that he wants to protect his military production the steel they needed for this sector well he said we are working together in the nato so we are partners so he does not accept the excuse of security issues and the people here i talk to the workers they just can't understand they do not have any words to explain. off donald trump now you say you just got to the workers there was also the c.e.o. off
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a very big steel company. participating in this conference what did he have to say about it how odd the company's handling this situation. well they are really starting to struggle because he told us they are already in talks with their clients nobody knows how they will be affected but he made very clear that they are not able to deal with the twenty five per cent they will have on the steel so it will mean that the consumers the consumers in the united states will have to pay because they are very confident that they have steel here produced in germany. region is good but they can't replace it with other choose from the u.s. ok mark has been is there from a european steel conference in dealing and thank you so much. german utilities heavyweight he has agreed to acquire a large stake in zero g.
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the sustainable subsidiary of its competitor. for twenty two billion euros the deal will leave the continent's second largest producer of green energy with iran as europe's largest operator of an atrocity grits and retail. and just for those of you who never heard of those two companies ian and i w e let's cross over to our financial correspondent standing by there why is this deal so important. the companies might not be as famous as most sadie's or deutsche bank for germany they're very important and the oldest and largest power producers here in the country they've been cried evil's for many decades they count for more than two hundred thousand employees all the companies here combined and more than one hundred twenty five billion euros worth in annual sales also as they are
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still running nuclear power plants those companies are at the forefront of what we here in germany call the in their game vendor the shift from you know nuclear power and fossil fuels towards renewable energies so this story here this. merger or the new companies which are going to be formed here this creates a new chapter in the way how energy is being produced and distributed in the country so what's this deal tell us about the european energy sector as a whole. you know the french would call the companies which are going to be formed national champions large national companies large companies based in germany with most of the regulation in germany which means that we are also not seeing pan-european cross border merger or takeover here also the large french utility
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engine was rumored to be interested in taking over in the g. but as it looks the germans were quick you know to create facts here and avoid that the french get into business with the germans here. listen in frankfurt thank you so much for this and of course we'll have an expert here in the studio in the next hour to talk a little bit more about the wider repercussions of this deal but first we talk about a diplomatic crisis which is taking place between london and moscow sara you know the russian president has had something to say about it we want to tell our viewers about that because lattimer putin has said that britain should figure out what happened to acts by scream foul before blaming the poisoning on russia that is according to a media report former double agent sergei scream paul and his daughter yulia have been in hospital in a critical condition for over a week after they were found unconscious on a bench outside of a shopping center in the southern english city of salisbury earlier who spoke first
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and had this person had this to say have a listen. or we're going to marry this russian citizen and work for one of the british intelligence agencies. the incident took place on british territory and therefore it has nothing to do with russia let alone the russian leadership kim warrior who was terrific screen there. so that is the view of the russian leadership on the matter meantime british prime minister to race of may is set to address the house of commons shortly after receiving an update on the investigation into the attack on the screen we will bring you more on that at the top of the hour. in the meantime though we want to head to iraq in the aftermath of the war against the so-called islamic state the jihadists were driven out of their declared capital mosul last year but the liberation of the city cost thousands of civilian lives many children now suffer from the trauma of losing their parents and
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the horrors of living under the so-called islamic state. mornings are the highlight of sue kena mohammad's day joyful children greet her with a huge hugs they're playful and happy now but they share the sad past. these children were orphaned during the so-called islamic states reign of terror iraqi special forces recovered them from the rubble this mosul orphanages now their home where they can dream of a brighter future. and they might want to work at a company. school principal. i want to study at university. i wouldn't allow it to cation. you know mohammed wants to give these children a chance to flourish but the head of the orphanage says money and resources are often an issue. was
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a key the key issue i'm so sad that i can't really help them. i go to the government again and again and ask them for books and help has. nothing but i beg them to make improvements and decisions. but nothing happens. that hurts children like adam he was conceived during a rape his father was an i.a.s. militant his mother years eve the women from the religious minority were subjected to kidnap and sexual assault under i guess today she's returned to her husband and her other three children leaving had him here with us that he is he his mother is easy her religion forbids her to raise the children of muslims. you know. that's why she gave her son to the all financial model and saved his life. shiite children like ramiro and were taken from their parents and given to supporters.
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after the city was freed their own call found them here at the orphanage. now he wants to raise them but years of brainwashing have left their mark. they were taught what i guess believes. now ali hates iraqi police and soldiers. he sings songs its ideology has shaped his thoughts. the idea of. the so-called islamic state didn't just leave behind destruction and they sowed hate in people's hearts. snipers even used children as bait when iraqi soldiers tried to calm and rescue the children they were ambushed. in the movie it was used this way he was dragged out of a firefight by
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a dog as iraqi special forces approached the baby lost his arm. but survived he's just eight months old no one knows where his parents are. you know i don't know what has me most children can hold milk bottles at eight months but he can't because he's missing an arm and means that he's often ill and needs a lot of care you haven't got a huge amount of the key yet but there are many such sad stories here at the orphanage but still the children can laugh sing and dream of a better future. colombia's voters have decided and in the country's congressional election on sunday they handed a victory to the critics of a peace deal with former leftist rebels it was the first election for the former far rebel group and voters soundly rejected its radical agenda the results now raise questions over the future of the deal that ended the guerrillas decades long
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insurgency. a victory for the opponents of fox even duke a campaign heavily against a peace deal with the former rebels his democratic center party emerged as the strongest force in an election is seen as a test of fox entry into colombian politics it was a catastrophic defeat for the new party which took less than one percent of the vote regardless fock will still take ten seats in the senate guaranteed to them by the peace accord many colombians would prefer to see them in jail for their decades long insurrection campaigning was marred by angry protests against their participation. fox former commanders had hoped for an historic outcome. i think this is going to mark a milestone we're entering the consolidation of peace it's the first time in my
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life that i've voted and i do it for peace. colombia's president one man well santos was the man who brokered the deal that ended fox decades long insurrection. is an extraordinary. these elections are very special. this is the first time in a half a century where the forest instead of sabotaging the elections are participating in the elections. next year this. is something historic and very important for our democracy here his party pulled poorly many voters felt his peace deal was too lenient on the former rebels whatever power fock wielded jaring it's insurgency has now disappeared at the ballot box. so what role are far going to play in the democratic process following these elections t w correspondent ophelia harms of had this to say from both. well i would probably say for now they will have
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nothing to say in parliament we see that most of the leftist movements and the leftist parties don't want to have to do it and don't want anything to do with them they are trying to stay as far from them as possible. we also heard the presidential candidate who i was telling you is a former guerrilla member himself that if he becomes colombia's next president he doesn't want them to be participating in his government but we will have to wait and see if he actually does become the president and if he might even need the voices of the fark of the votes of the fark in parliament to pass the legislation through that he ones too. and that was a few year harms of reporting from colombia and other news greece's top flight football league suspended its season indefinitely today hours after the owner of a top club invaded the pitch with a gun strapped to his belt after
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a disputed goal in the match between title rivals aka athens and paok besler new key owner eve on a savage beasts to lead his bodyguards onto the field where in the gun an all star he appeared to threaten the referee who had just disallowed a goal from his team the game was abandoned as you might imagine the police have issued a warrant for his arrest league officials say upcoming matches will not be played until a new framework is agreed. a quick reminder now of the top stories that we have been following for you here at g.w. germany's chancellor angela merkel has joined the leader of the social democrats to sign a new coalition government into existence it brings to an end almost six months of political uncertainty. and we leave you now with some memories of the work of a french still fashion designer. who has died at the age of ninety one he was
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recognized for his elegant designs he famously created the little black dress and designed outfits worn by audrey hepburn in some of her most famous films here are some pictures of final shows in one thousand nine hundred five. moved.
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from fairy tales. to maritime history. in northwestern germany is full of stories of the cold flu six discovers what makes this city one if i'm. doing. the best weapon in the fight against smog cobblestones scientists and researchers from all over germany are at work using
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construction materials to filter out emissions from the air can be cleaned right at the pollution source. is a breath of fresh air for choking cities. tomorrow to. sixty minutes. what does a football loving country need to reach its goals. we'll tell you how german soccer made it back to the top players in our web special. dot com. football made in germany. what does russia's use hope for colors freedom of expression fear a. lot more to do it travels through russia before the election. he makes the poor and the rich those who support the president's lows who oppose him and investigative journalism celeb show hosts
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our series this week on w numerous. close. one supine and sighing there was a fairy tale that put this german city on the cultural map any idea where i might be.


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