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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  March 12, 2018 9:30pm-10:00pm CET

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immortality is really didn't reach. what projects i don't remember your words when we need to plan it and we'll make sure you wouldn't want it. to. bring factory starting march twenty fourth on d w. no smoking gun but russia house for when it comes to using exotic substances to kill its enemies on foreign soil britain's prime minister tells parliament that nerve agent attack on a former russian spy in britain was in all likelihood ordered by the kremlin. theresa may went on to say there could be no question of business as usual with russia i'm phil gayle in berlin and this is the day.
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the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act against. the script. this russian citizen work for one of the british intelligence agencies and took place on british territory and therefore it has nothing to do with russia let alone the russian leadership. we must now stand ready to take much more extensive measures. russia was blamed immediately for this but if you think about it the only side which is now interested in the former russian agents poisoning it's a pretty simple to feed it's russophobia it's a source is fully used to squeeze down it's interesting but as someone who's been poisoned it's very useful why. should there be no credible response we will conclude that this action amounts to an on rule for use of force by the russian state against the united kingdom. and i will come back to this house and set out
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the full range of measures that we will take in response to. a less than an hour after theresa may blame to moscow for poisonings script power russia's foreign ministry dismissed her accusation as a circus show in the british parliament russian lawmakers went further suggesting that other powers or even britain's own secret services poisoned the former spy in order to discredit moscow in the van or to russia's presidential election on sunday and the world cup which russia is hosting this summer here is theresa may. it is now clear that mr script tom and his daughter were poisoned with a military grade nerve agent of the type developed by russia this is part of a group of nerve agents known as no factual. based on the positive identification of this chemical agent by world leading experts at the defense science and technology to poetry at court and down a knowledge that russia has previously produced this agent and would still be
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capable of doing. russia's record of conducting state sponsored assassinations and our assessment that russia views some defectors as legitimate targets for assassinations the government has concluded that it is highly likely that russia was responsible for the act against. the script our. now a man who's had his own run ins with the kremlin is bill browder author of red notice how it became number one enemy he joins us from washington welcome to d.w. do you agree with the british government's assessment that russia poisoned and you describe how. it's absolutely clear to me that russia is behind this all the evidence points in that direction he was a considered to be a traitor to russia. russia has a history of assassinating people they consider to be traitors both at home and abroad russia has
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a history of using rare poisons as in the case of littering in co they were caught in the. case and now we've discovered what the name of the poison is the name of the nerve agent which comes from russia so it's it's pretty definitive that this was russia behind it now the big question is what happens next here what's particularly i mean this thing is is fraught with things that are boring but what what i suppose is particularly worrying is as a former double agent who was who settled in britain after a spy swap aig now looks as though that doesn't wipe the slate clean as far as russia is concerned. well no it doesn't and so the first thing is what you have to understand is whatever the old rules were in diplomacy and spy swaps and just about anything don't apply to the putin regime they're making up the rules they're breaking the rules they're lying they're cheating in every aspect of their interaction with the world and they feel like they can do so with impunity and so
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in this particular case i don't think that there's any slates that are clean who can hold grudges and he's got all sorts of other reasons to do this as well how should britain respond well let's start with how britain shouldn't respond which is the way that they responded in the after the lifing in co assassination remember two thousand and six russia was proven to have used nuclear materials against alexander litvinenko in london and the response when they were caught was absolutely nothing nothing happened so that is what shouldn't happen because if they do nothing again it's just open season in britain and in fact this current situation with the script all family i would i would blame as a direct result of the policy failure of the government before what should be done is going after the russians assets in britain the russian government officials have many of them have bought apartments houses villas etc there should be an absolute
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should certainly there should be no participation in the world cup there should be an expulsion of diplomats and there should be a rounding up as if they were doing an anti terror up aeration because this is a terrorist operation of russian illegals in the u.k. and you mentioned having found that litvinenko his widow once the u.k. to introduce a so-called magnitsky act targeting russian individuals this is something i know that that you support explain to us what effect that would have. yes so the magnitsky act is actually named after my lawyer surrogate magnitsky who was murdered in russian police custody after uncovering a massive government corruption scheme what it does is it freezes the assets and bans the visas of human rights violators from russia it's in place in the united kingdom it can be used and the reason why it's such a valuable tool is because there's nothing that vladimir putin and his regime value
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more than money they value money what much much more than human life and because their money is held not in russia but in in the u.k. in the u.s. in europe this is a way of really it extracting the real leverage over them by seizing what they what they covet value most which is their money i guess a critic saying that this is. overly targeted if you like there are human rights violators from all over the world why i just saw that russia. well first of all most human rights violators all over the world are not using high high toxicity chemical nerve agents chemical weapons as acts of terror in foreign countries exposing foreign citizens to that i mean this is an unprecedented escalation an unprecedented situation and something that can't be tolerated but beyond that the magnitsky act applies to bad guys everywhere it's not just applying
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to russians but it should be as a matter of first instance and a matter of urgency applied in this particular case i mentioned your own personal run in with moscow you were kicked out of russia as a threat to national security just explain to us briefly why. i was the largest foreign investor in russia for about ten years i discovered corruption in the major russian companies like gas from that i invested in i expose that corruption that exposure of the corruption led to me being expelled from the country my lawyer sergei magnitsky was then arrested tortured and killed and the russian government was responsible for stealing two hundred thirty million dollars of taxes that i paid to the russian government from the russian government they have now after killing my lawyer they've come after me in all sorts of different ways that they threaten me with death they threaten me with kidnapping they threaten me with extradition arrest i'm basically right at the forefront of
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a major confrontation with lattimer putin that's been going on for a long time and i suspect it will go on for a long time in the future unless they kill me. you said that interview that corruption is so entrenched in russia that the entire russian government is the mafia it's not bad it's that bad and for anyone who is involved in russia they'll know what i'm talking about basically it has the appearance russia has the appearance of a normal sovereign state except that if you if you dig just a slight bit below the surface what you discover is that lattimer putin is one of the richest men in the world he's probably worth two hundred billion dollars according to my estimates the people around him in the government if you take all the officials probably have a net worth in excess of a trillion dollars of all that money is stolen from from the russian government and from russian people and the purpose of being in government is to steal money and so when you look at this this is not
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a sovereign state this is more like pablo escobar with all the powers of a sovereign state including nuclear weapons ok bill browder will leave it there thank you so much for joining d.w. . that's a lot his interior minister has resigned amid a political crisis of the murder of an investigative journalist. robert kalin of course a key ally of staff in prime minister robert feed so who's been fighting to save his government a junior government party had demanded to callen acts removal in return for its continued support they said he wouldn't be able to guarantee an independent investigation into the murder into the murders of found his fiance last month it was in this house that journalist. and his partner martine a question of over were found. neighbors come every day to light
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candles they are still shocked by what happened in their quiet village the fact finding mission from the european parliament has also arrived to pay their respects this is really the moment where you realize this is what it's about. to to to work on the world where things like this don't happen it cannot go without punishment but how much political will is there to find the murderers and the people who ordered the cold blooded execution of quick check and can the same government that is facing more and more allegations of corruption lead investigation that you parliamentarians brought their questions to prime minister robert feed so but were evidently not convinced by his response there are so many allegations of corruption and fraud and criminal activity going around i mean there's so much smoke there's clearly fire but we can see that a lot of people are also very nervous and the country is clearly divided. a. civil society is taking to the streets this weekend saw the
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biggest demonstration in the history of the country the protesters shouted out out was freed so and shame shame the government there was off three men also and said we don't want to accept it anymore they want to basically change the security going on here they put up with them it's time they drove the red line. in the newsroom of actuality where young could see it worked many of the journalists are still afraid and don't want to be filmed much interject a close friend of the week tim shares their fears but still wants to speak up. we didn't ever expect something like this to happen in your two thousand eight hundred . member state. i think it changes the whole way you think about your your work. pretty much everything in life if something like this happens.
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while the e.u. delegation in bratislava is trying to piece together the story of the murder new allegations of corruption are emerging increasing the pressure on the government president under accused there has come to help from brussels he has emerged as the main political player to question the prime minister and his allies. that if any member of the e.u. firmly has an issue there are other members which would like to help and i hope that all questions would be answer very clearly and openly. kiska has called for new elections and for the government to resign the interior minister has not been forced to step down and he may not be the last to go the president clearly wants more he wants a complete changing of the guards in but. germany still government is preparing to take office after the participating parties signed
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their coalition agreement setting up the program agreed between and going backwards conservative bloc on the social democrats at the top marks the end of nearly six months of difficult negotiations that have kept germany on edge party leaders at a joint program would address the concerns of germans who feel left behind. it took them six months to finally agree on this coalition all three party leaders made it clear today that they want the government to last the full term the signed agreement is one hundred seventy seven pages long one hundred seventy seven pages of political policies for germany. the hierarchy in the new government is clear the leading figure is still on the america following a long run up to the new government's formation she promises things will now continue at a good clip. i think everyone feels that it's finally time to
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start working a new start for europe a new dynamic for germany new cohesion for our country this is what we have set out to accomplish for the s.p.d. social issues and development are especially important the social democrats struggled for a long time with the question of their participation in a new grand coalition. coalition in germany this did not start as a love match. the cd see a series and s.p.d. although they are and will remain fundamentally different parties will still be able to work constructively together and probably. the third coalition partner the bavarian c.s.u. calls this a grand coalition for the common people. the key words job security with the
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promise of full time employment a basic pension pension credits for stay at home parents and stabilization of pension levels. the opposition parties describe the coalition agreement in negative terms protesting the future government's program. that once when there are major gaps in this coalition agreement especially when it comes to future challenges above all. climate protection does not feature in it. mrs merkel has once again been able to use money as a lubricant to build up a coalition a coalition that refuses to set a clear course for the renewal of this country. do it because i mean if there's one central idea in this coalition agreement then it's then money increase the powers of the state decrease freedom this could actually be the title of this coalition. on wednesday the point is talk will take the final hurdle to forming a government and the american wants to be elected chancellor for the fourth time.
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their choice is almost certain and then the new government will be up and running at least that's what the chancellor promised. politics correspondent chris of a spring gate joins us from t.w. zappala into the you have bundestag he had german parliament welcome christopher so the three parties have now signed now what. well filled parliament convenes on wednesday morning to formally elect chancellor merkel as the next head of government she needs what's called a chanceless majority there are seven hundred nine members of parliament at the moment so she needs three hundred fifty five yes votes the coalition government that she controls has three hundred ninety nine members of parliament so it should be a formality. is this is this coalition likely to last the next four years. well the outgoing government is also the incoming government it's the same political constellation
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a grand coalition so many of these people have been working with each other for up to four years now or four and a half if you include the time we've been waiting for this new government so you know working relationships are already in place there's a certain amount of political trust in place so that is good the thing that's different this time is that. both chancellor merkel's conservatives and the center left social democrats lost a lot of support in last september's election so they're both keen to sharpen their profiles while in government they're both keen for quick victories so you have some conservatives lurching to the right some social democrats lurching to the left and in the middle you have chancellor merkel who will need to draw on all her political skills to keep this coalition together yes so with all that lurching going on as they try to brain back lost voters does this look like a coldish look that will bring them back talk us through some of the highlights.
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well you know if they deliver on the many promises that are in the coalition agreement yes they could win back support all of the leaders signing this coalition agreement today talked about bringing significant improvements to the lives of ordinary germans the chances are quite good that they're going to manage that quite simply because germany has quite a budget surplus at the moment so this group of policy makers have the good fortune of drawing on forty six billion euros more than the previous period in office over the next four years so things like. better child care better nursing care faster internet there's a some of the promises that they've been making in this coalition agreement the chances are not bad that they're going to fulfill some of those promises ok christopher spring kate thank you. but as christopher mentioned the new coalition government isn't quite in place yet because germany's parliament hasn't yet confirmed chancellor merkel in her post that vote is due to take place on wednesday
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and should be a formality after that the chancellor will be able to if she put it down to work she w.'s chief political editor. has been speaking with chancellor merkel's chief of staff about plans. this one has seven times i'm going back and chief of staff you will effectively be one of the people who work most closely with the german chancellor and what do you have at the top of your priority list for this upcoming government it took a little time to build this new government so no we have to be really fast because a lot of things are changing around for example the european union the pricks and also the question how will the monetary union perform within the next years so there are some international topics we have to deal with very fast and also some national topics for example more money for families and solving the problem of integration of the refugees that came two thousand and fifteen and my
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special topic will be also being fast in all the belongings of digitalization of our society that will be a new role but throughout what became known as the migration crisis you will see in coordinating germany's response for the between the federal and the local level well ready hearing a shopper turn from germany's interior minister designate mr hoffa how will approach to migration in german outside chains we have a coalition agreement we wrote on the idea of migration policy and the idea is that we have on the one side humanitarian aspect and on the other side there is a limited chance for integration in germany and so. we want to make more effort to . solve the problems in the country is where the people come from the second point is helping europe to make
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a more effective border control and if you manage that for the third topic we work in germany an integration of those people who can stay here but also being strong in bringing the people back to their countries that are not accepted as refugees jim chancellor merkel has put a big focus on africa in her off efforts to also tackle the reasons why people migrate will more responsibility shift now to the chancery. in the international affairs to transpose also always the most important person and when she's been africa some months ago we had made an agreement and we want to have a strong commitment between all our partners across the mediterranean sea so that we can solve the problem of people dying in the mediterranean sea and stop irregular migration and change it to an system of.
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regulated and regular migration and the chancellor will work on this topic but i believe also the. minister of foreign affairs now funds french president in manama corps is still waiting for a response from germany to his vision of a close a europe what can he expect will it be more of a warm handshake or an embrace that goes towards possibly softening a stance on financial fiscal clampdown i think the german and the french government will work closely together we all believe there has to be some change in the european union many people in all of our countries are critical mood about the development of the european union and we will be close together with the french government and the most important point for us in germany is how to develop the monetary union for that because we believe that after the crisis we have seen in
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greece and in other countries about the depth we have to establish a really strong principle of the monetary union so that problems like we had in the last years won't happen again ok huggable and as of wednesday the chief of staff. thank you very much. as michel a customer reporting well this day is to be done but as i. the conversation will continue online you can find us on twitter either d.w. news or at phil go there he had to use a hash tag. going to leave you now with memories of the work of french fashion designer but who has died at the age of ninety one she was she was recognized for his elegant designs and he famously created the little black dress and designed outfits worn by audrey hepburn in some of her most famous films here are some
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pictures of your show's final show from one nine hundred ninety five. i think i. i i i well i.
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thank you.
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is d.w. news life from britain points the finger in the case something of russian spy and his daughter poisoned in britain prime minister theresa may says it's likely that russia was behind it so. it is now clear that mr scrip khan and his daughter were poisoned with a military graysmith agent of the type developed by russia this is possibly group.


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