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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 12, 2018 10:00pm-10:16pm CET

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this is d.w. newswire from britain points the finger in the case of the russian spy and his daughter poisoned in britain prime minister theresa may says it's likely that russia was behind it. it is now clear that mr script and his daughter were poisoned with a military grade. of the type developed by russia this is possibly a group of nerve agents known as no. germany's coalition partners finally signed up to go after nearly six months of political uncertainty
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nycole joins a leader all the social democrats to bring a new government interim systems so what will this new coalition of old partners mean for the country. the giant of french fashion but the dials at the age of ninety will we look back at these life. i'm filled guy welcome to the program britain's prime minister says it is highly likely that russia was behind the agent attack on former double agent so i skip our daughter yulia i've been in hospital in a critical condition for more than a week after being found unconscious in the in the southern city of souls pray. this is where as the prime minister puts it somebody attacked the u.k. authorities say the nerve agent was made in russia the question is who deployed it
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a rogue element or the russian state. mr speaker this attempted murder using a weapons greater nerve agent in a british town was not just a crime against the script files it was an indiscriminate and reckless act against the united kingdom here putting the lives of innocent civilians at risk officially moscow says it has nothing to do with the incident a russian foreign ministry spokeswoman said made a statement was a circus show put on for parliament russian state t.v. went even further if the problem is that if you think about it the only ones who would benefit from the poisoning other british in order to defeat the russophobia that's why you are all software. people in salzburg who are near where the attack took place have been told to wash their clothes the russian ambassador will be summoned to say whether his government was responsible riff is answer fails to allay suspicions that the kremlin was behind the attack with theresa may has
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promised a robust response although she did not say what that would be. for. i've been speaking with a london mass i asked whether theresa may presented any hard evidence of russia's involvement. you know it's a reason may has said russia but she hasn't said what's editions and there are two possibilities other it could be the russian state the russian government or it could be that there are elements that are out of control within russia and that they've got to use the delicate agencies like this not of asian to get into the hands of euros act this is these are the two possibilities tourism a has a boss russia to explain she's given them until to morrow evening to explain what has happened and then she said on wednesday she will address the house of commons and then set out the measures basically the counter measures that she is intending
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to consider i want sort of options are we looking out. well of course she could expel the russian ambassador for example it's quite likely that she is trying to drum up support that she's going to go to europe to good to the allies to get to the yuan she could also for more sanctions against russia she could also also should there are some things that she could do within her own country when it comes to for example for russian government officials or maybe freezing all facets that's something that she could do here in the u.k. but it's it's likely that she will also for more coordinated actions which of course would have russia more if she had support from from her from her allies from a part of this and how the people there in the you carry been reacting to this crisis. well i mean to the standard i
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think you can fall for lots of people it's quite odd how dove do you think that this is going to happen on the on on the soil and on british on british soil. that has been quite some disbelief some people have argued that. much more that the british government could do that they could for example make. place for the russian oligarchs who come and enjoy the luxuries of london who enjoy to send their children to school here expensive private schools and. much much more cats taken by the british government to make sure that the russian money that comes into this. is not the money and that there should be more action. in london thank you. to some of the other stories making news around the world at least fifty people are reported to have been killed in
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a plane crash at new polls coming to airport officials say the aircraft from bangladesh missed the runway here's a fence and burst into flames people were on board the service operated by us backed by an arms. a mystery international says military is increasing its security presence in rough times states the latest report from a human rights organization says satellite images show military bases being built over a hinge of villages that were burned to the ground last year and the seven hundred thousand one hundred muslims fled to neighboring bangladesh following the crackdown . a ruling party has given the president a new title eternal supreme guide that will allow president currencies are to veto all decisions by the party central committee becomes the head of a referendum in may that could enable him to rule until twenty three. he's already been there for thirteen years critics say he wants to hold power for life.
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slovakia's interior minister has resigned robert to project came amid a political crisis of the murder of an investigative journalist but today coalition party demanded the minister's removal in return for its continued support kaleena was a key ally of slovakia not prime minister robert feet so. germany's new government is preparing to take office after the country's main political parties signed a much anticipated coalition agreement the document sets out the program agreed between and america's conservative bloc and the social democrats the ceremony marks the end of long and difficult negotiations party leaders said the joint program would address the concerns of germans who feel left behind. it took them six months to finally agree on this coalition all three party leaders made it clear today that they want the government to last the full term the signed agreement is one hundred seventy seven pages long one hundred seventy seven pages of political policies for
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germany and. the hierarchy in the new government is clear the leading figure is still on the american following a long run up to the new government's formation she promises things will now continue at a good clip. i think everyone feels that it's finally time to start working a new start for europe a new dynamic for germany new cohesion for our country this is what we have set out to accomplish for the s.p.d. social issues and development are especially important the social democrats struggled for a long time with the question of their participation in a new grand coalition. the future. coalition in germany did not start as a love match. the cd see a series and s.p.d. although they are and will remain fundamentally different parties will still be
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able to work constructively together and probably. the third coalition partner the bavarian c.s.u. calls this a grand coalition for the common people. the key words job security with the promise of full time employment a basic pension pension credits for stay at home parents and stabilization of pension levels. the opposition parties describe the coalition agreement in negative terms protesting the future government's program. that once when there are major gaps in this coalition agreement especially when it comes to future challenges above all. climate protection does not feature in it. mrs merkel has once again been able to use money as a lubricant to build up a coalition a coalition that refuses to set a clear course for the renewal of this country has done this do it because i mean
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if there's one central idea in this coalition agreement then it's spend money increase the powers of the state decrease free to make this could actually be the title of this coalition. on wednesday the point is tell it will take the final hurdle to forming a government on the america wants to be elected chancellor for the fourth time. their choice is almost certain and then the new government will be up and running at least that's what the chancellor promised. a former member of a nazi ass ass who became no that's the book keeper of auschwitz died at the age of ninety six in twenty fifteen oscar goodman was sentenced to four years in prison for being an accessory to the murder of thousands of people at the auschwitz concentration camp he came to public attention years earlier for his efforts to persuade holocaust deniers the genocide the genocide really did happen really didn't pass personally participate in the murders but counted money taken from the victims arriving at the camp he died before he could begin his sentence. and sport
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big bundles they couldn't use hamburger fired their coach banned hollaback after just seven games in charge the former fan favorite was brought in in january to give to say season all about his players were on the receiving end of a six deal from paid by league leaders byron no we can't plug in the north german side close to medication for the first time in the history it's a sixteenth time but change coach in the last ten years last week the club fired its c.e.o. and sports director. greece's top flight football league suspended its season indefinitely today hours after the owner of a top club invite. to the pitch with a gun strapped to his belt after i disputed gold in the match between title rivals a.j. athens and the power. nike owner i found sas savvy this alleged his bodyguards armed to the field when a gun in a holster service appeared to threaten the referee who had just disallowed
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a goal for his team of the game's about the police have issued a warrant for his arrest league official self injury matches will be played only well after what they called a new framework has been agreed. the fashion designer of o'shea who many saw as the very essence of french style has died aged ninety one general shane was recognised for his elegant designs especially those he created for audrey hepburn and some of her most famous films. who dared to shoot on she's seen him gracing the catwalk at the end of his last fashion show in one thousand nine hundred ninety five was part of an elite group of french fashion designers. the master of the games and eternally she designs he was an expert tailor and had an eye for a perfect line. she's on she came from an artistic critic background and his
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family had high hopes he would become a lawyer. however the pole of fashion design saw him move to paris at the age of seventeen he founded the house of she thought she in the french capital in one thousand nine hundred fifty two and the rest as we say is history. the man himself famously pioneered the ready to wear the top black dress. and he designed audrey hepburn's iconic outfits in the one nine hundred sixty one film breakfast at tiffany's and he collaborated with her throughout her career. he had an a list client base for decades jackie kennedy wore one of his designs to the funeral of her then husband u.s. president john f. kennedy in one thousand nine hundred sixty three. and a statements the house of chief on she described its founder as
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a gentleman who symbolized parisians chic and elegance for more than half a century. his reminder of our top stories at this hour it's highly likely that a former spy and his daughter were poisoned by russia born to british prime minister to resume she said before we could amount to an unlawful use of force by the russian state. germany's chancellor angela merkel has joined the leader of the social democrats in solving a new coalition government in turn systems and in the six months of political uncertainty. over yet you can always get to the news on the go just download our app from the google play off of the apple store and give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news they also used to send this voters and videos. that's it your update more course on the website that's d w dot com
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a good. the top stories followed across social media share your comments and content welcome to the beauty. just starting out with some junk and instructions from a book. at the age of fourteen william kumquat dream. from bowie wanted to build a wind turbine to provide his village with electricity. i want coming.


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