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tv   Reporter - Hell on Earth Eastern Ghouta  Deutsche Welle  March 12, 2018 10:15pm-10:30pm CET

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good day. to cut. the top stories followed across social media share your comments and content welcome to. starting out with some junk and instructions from a book. at the age of fourteen william kumquat dream. we wanted to build a wind turbine to provide his village with electricity. i want to elevate design dhea change his life in
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a quick fix all that much the the exciting journey home on wall street. hero's story. and the winter hill starting march twenty first on t w. a bloody war is raging in the east in gaza. for days this rebel best year has been under siege from the syrian army and russian as strikes. the situation on the ground is disastrous almost a found and civilians have been killed. but it's hard to know exactly what's happening. to some lives that he sent or to file a video he shot on his mobile phone that provides a glimpse of day. from the eastern gulf and the challenge and strikes this is
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hassan story. i love got to get. to a few of you look at the people fleeing to get out of what's happening to us god have mercy about it so you know the whole lot. it's six o'clock in the morning it's monday. i look at all the paper blowing about. her and because i'm at my window. there was a bombing five minutes ago. everyone was still asleep they all ran into the basements.
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so my name is husain abdel aziz i'm from the town of duma encounter. i mean my house and i'm going to show you what daily life is like for me at the moment you know how we in eastern guards are coping with a siege and how the war is affecting us the window panes of all being blown out it was destroyed everything. in the sun repairing the windows but whenever there's more shelling they shatter again. i must have fixed this up a thousand times every two or three days because you are mean with me so he could learn is that cause he. knew we. hate them of being loose is what life is like for us here mean clarity.
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this is my building this is the balcony look at the damage. you know. maybe an eight years building is owned by my neighbor. i dk value one is owned by sardar this one by cooley who really. this is a solar panel pointed towards the side where many to charge are found but body get . this is the living room entire facades gone. no curtains not even windows that he should be. that. hey you know this is my tool set i need it all the times every other day i have to repair something. pliers and i also. have one asylum chevy on the side really because. you can only get dry bread
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these days it's made with barley flour which is naturally dry. yeah this. is the tina she. break first is all i boil time olives eggs and. you know this is my home these days. it will be. i. tell them i'm up by filling up on water. and aid organization donated this water
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pump god bless them. isn't necessarily. you can do today something like this would cost half a million lives that's about a thousand euros it's a difficult been about digging the world a manual pump and the sheathing all together a half a million lira. thank god we have it it means we don't need diesel electricity or generators. that's got hundreds of people families lived in houses that used to be here where the pump is. and. this is all that's left since the bombardments began. this is a residential neighborhood near where i live if. people get water from the pump for the children. because tubes lead to water tanks inside apartments.
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by fifteen minutes of electricity and fill your water tank double. the pipes lead from the well into the apartments. everyone has their own attack. you have to go to the electricity guy and buy fifteen minutes or half an hour to start up the motorized pump and then you can fill your tank. up but show the children are all outside everyone's glad that for now there is no shelling and there are no planes in the sky. it's calm. and. there's rubble everywhere you look at it a look at these cars. god
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help us. planes are back as just being a strike. this is next to my house. look at the cars. this. war down i'm buying vegetables. that one is at the moment you can get past garlic spring onions radishes cabbage and cauliflower. and i'll tell you that on the other right if there aren't many vegetables to be had no potatoes nobody sheens or tomatoes you can't get them at all anymore. would be hey you know . all the agricultural land in gallagher has been destroyed. here every year i believe anyone who has
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a garden is growing their own projects in it and. i'm just sitting home at a gas dealer's. bottles of gas but it's not normal gas and it's plastic that's been melted and turned into fuel. system will be. no one can afford five or ten liters a day. they buy a liter or just half a liter or even a quarter or in a city. at. their house let's ask him how much is it for a liter thirty six hundred lire. dish out to seventy or so and a kilo of wood two hundred fifty. it's fifty cents. to see what. it used to be
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a mosaic it got smashed to pieces because. that was part of a handmade sofa. this was part of a table. with comes from doors and windows and wooden frames. they chop it into pieces and sell it as fireworks or stove oven so people can cook my. uncle i have a few things here i'd like to sell what are you selling young man this is kept you know powder it's a replacement for coffee how much for a fifty seventy cents and once there's a biscuit for three fifty. what else have you got another cappuccino powder case of the flavor well now that you're too young to be selling things why are you doing this i'm god willing i'm doing it to help my family. how old are you. i'm eleven years and five days old. have you stopped going to school we don't have
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school anymore because of assad i pray better times are coming. by your biscuit thank you. do you have change. i have two hundred fifty long. welcome what do you have what are you selling. plates my house was shelled and i'm selling them so i can buy a loaf of bread. and them or her they're not worth anything what do you need. i need to buy a loaf of bread. that she wanted bread. yes for two hundred you can't buy it any cheaper. then you won't have anything to eat how do you be able to eat and drink fish. what choice do i have i only eat
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once a day anyway. not only once a day my dog keep you healthy a lady i'll come even after high school so how would i fish don't find our london manager and they any oh. there's nothing to eat there. that's the claims her back. and we need to take cover in the basement. nobody thought. of the night.
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of the. yemen is starving. pediatrician i shrug my heart on helps wherever possible. but there's only so much each. sensual aid shipments are delayed. dedication alone isn't. enough to leave. three thousand next d.w. . history up close the
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berlin has no shortage of locations where you can revisit the city's terms in the past. management is now but seems much attention spans and finishing. the pickens ahead mesa may continue our series this week. the trip back in time the last sixty minutes. what does russia's use hope for colors freedom of expression fear of. going to the reporter who travels through russia before the election. he makes the poor and the rich those who support the president those who oppose him and investigative journalists. showboats our series this week on d w news. lying dormant shall
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like say the biggest favorite seamlessly got all the best goals we've got all the action the double is the home of german football shared experience every match. the bond is league of the weekend here t w. this week on global three thousand we head to spain where a modern day robin hood is hoping the rich give to the poor. we need.


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