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tv   Kick off - Review of Matchday 26  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2018 8:30am-9:00am CET

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into an avatar the successful immortality is really rich but what price can remember you can it's meaning of it's relief meaning. factory starting march twenty fourth one dollar. million. knowing which way you're headed is never a bad game plan to have so when is it going to be where will you end up. number
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too many teams minds this season a handful of teams have occupied second place but how do you stay there. you should look. for the first time in club history frankfurt has a good chance at a champions league spot but first they have to take on dope and. buy and showed no mercy against hamburg sometimes that's what it takes to stay on top but hamburg had it. and that's why the. boards book wants to climb out of the tables bottom ranks to get clear of the drop but can they capitalize on that chance against hoffenheim. from yourself and force the book to a moment. where is it all headed if you don't have a clear destination in mind then don't wonder why we need to attend up there welcome. to kick off.
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the best team. this season. in that first encounter. and in december once again felt like. he wants to take this bill. this match is the priority. but happening. i apologized for that and i paid a twelve thousand euro for. a costly mistake but enough with the facts of football mr. we need to keep in mind that if we win we'll be nine points ahead of. one of our
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biggest competitors we don't need games left to play or. could it be third time lucky for. losing is not an option like with every match but we want to win and that's our approach. that's. something we sat together and asked ourselves where do we want to go from here he. just point in the right direction. the champions league perhaps. i to get there you need to make the most of every chance i need to do better than that. i try again. i thought but not close enough i did at first you don't succeed then you can do is try try try again. i.
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come on don't give up that time's a charm right. here we go. this time i make no mistake. one year olds are the hard. way on bailey cross to kevin fall and i need this time the german strike it cleverly sets up because a lot of you know he's got his seventh goal of the season. less safe than sorry. what's on your mind mr hacking. that was little time to think the clock back especially when medication are such a headache. and when they did try to fight back the clumsy attempts didn't get them very far. even the coach's head was pounding. but blood banks real migraine was this
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man leon bailey. the jamaican definitely knows where he wants to go. hope is to go to europe of course and that's what our aim is and that's what we're going to. but it is a one nil victory convincing enough to shine in europe look at salary i said substitute union brunson finish the game on. a well deserved to no fillet because. we have served to leave with nothing but we didn't play well enough and leverkusen were very good today as it will come up that. i can't talk about the table any more i can't say something every week there's no point no point. on my clock i let it be using get their hands on the three points as well as the local bragging rights and leave their fans dreaming of the champions league. film and this is frank such what a match. possibly the best of the match day it was the battle for third place who
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would have expected that at the start of the season frankfurt in third place level with gautam and that's most likely the biggest surprise of the season so far and it's in large part down to this man nico kovacs in his two years at frankfurt he's built up a solid team and things of. anybody can make it to the top now and then but we want to stay out there what's in the past is behind us what happens now is what matters . he's a man with principles he's ambitious i'm proud of what he's accomplished. i never give up until the very end no matter what that's just who i am. this is. this serves as a mantra for his team never give up that's just what he demands of his squad and that's what's making them a dangerous opponent at the moment. he's instilled a relentless aggression in the team. shoved in their car and we're not
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seen that sits back and wait for a chance to score a goal to come to us we make our chances by attacking whenever and wherever we can . right attacking everywhere but their aggression caught up with them in the first half they got caught in possession and things broke down dortmund out one nailed just twelve minutes to. an own goal by marco reus but frank fell behind. but exactly these kinds of setbacks and what boost frankfurt to pick themselves back up. i fallen down many times in my life every time i pick myself up again and that's what has made me i never give up no matter what. is it what you on track for she's well trained in picking themselves back up and that's how they managed to get their comeback against two men's u.k.
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usage proceeded by covert action half time equalized with fifteen minutes to go and the match was back up for grabs frank that has the second best defense in the league among wins on its record then don't mind thanks in large part to kevin principal at tang he's got plenty of finesse to offer. but frankfurt's new found glory was cus abruptly short two minutes after he stepped on the field me she but she why do don't mind back in the lead she won the fight first turned out to be a test of character could the frankfurt boys pick themselves up once more for yet another comeback. yes they killed danny bluecoat also substituted in tied up the match in the first minutes of stoppage time to want to come back since only a few minutes left to hold strong. pumped full of adrenalin could frank first
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manage it. but then the ball makes its way into frankfurt's penalty box and lands at the feet of none other than me she backed by of course the man of the match and frankfurt's nightmare to him and came away with the win and took another step towards the champions league. but this is a loss for frankfurt and coach coach on the other hand but what do they do again when they fall down. i've fallen down many times in my life. but every time i've picked myself up again. they'll have another chance to dust themselves off next week against mines. in times like these it's all about the points on the board. the d.s. first matches coach that was one. and the second there were no.
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can he get all three in the third. set from the first day then it must come from within i hope that everyone understands what kind of situation we're in and then we can help each other best if we work in pull together based. i'm trying to see his opponent yulia now goes man doesn't seem worried. often we have an idea of how they'll play but there's always some surprises when it's only the manager's third game in charge and normal for them to score comes on. what do you say to that for now and. that's just what the situation is we want to stay in the league and we'll do everything we can. as the few to. that's the spirit but then what can you do when your players would rather play pinball. authours exactly very nice and emblematic moment of his reign so far i doubt they didn't take long for golf bags plans to go up in flames because shields put the
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hosts one up within the first twenty minutes i. thank and easy finish for the german thanks and a lot to say good for the vols but thank after. everything collapsed. at least they have the woodwork on their side says gnabry almost made it to no soon after. top striker develop a reading taken off. shortly before half time we decided to take up the striker. i don't like to do it but we wanted to come in one nail so that we'd still have some kind of chance after the bric. a brac killer replaced him just before the break. the role of the dice from love india. and it seemed to work as brick yellow impressed. but then it is our stuff.
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at big hits on the substitute and that was that he spent the night in hospital. when things don't go your way what can you do. they even had a chance to equalise maybe diva korea he would have put this shot so why. is he when it's what obstacle course he started the second half well but we didn't take the chance to make it one one and then their second goal came against the run of play to smile. often times plus eventually show you just to nail three says can operate and the game was pretty much gone more frustration for love a day. it was only too easy for the young german and hoffenheim will well know why to a second successive victory. at least the voles big boys were making friends. not that it helped them before they knew it was
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three. and it was nothing short of the. confusion in the volvo defense and hoffenheim hit the jackpot. love the day it comes of a lone figure on the side while his players were broken on the pitch. joy phenomenas man and his players. have also heard however it remains a perilous situation about the relegation play off spot only on goal difference they need wins plenty to think about a lot of india. shocker is currently number two in the league and it's going to stay that way the guest in mind have to fight on and off the pitch. but might speak to the boys to avoid
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relegation not bad motivation. bad son sean says but it's not as easy as it looks. today the precision was just off. and then this man showed them how it's done daniel caligiuri carry the ball sped things up and put it straight in the back of the net. one. that one move was enough to keep them in second place. mights tripped up in the end and remained smack dab in the middle of the battle against relegation. meanwhile shall go celebrate despite having the lowest points total in second place if. needed to win and if they were still keen on being second best in the league but there wasn't much football to be seen on the pitch above all there were bitter arguments. tackles.
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and wheels. and even. the chip that way. not even mario gomez could show why he deserves to go to the world cup. and see my van i didn't do much better. fish got the neil neil and school wins them another critical point while the prospects of champions league fade further away from my. own some days life can be so. everything just right. because today he was.
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a very strong paired together with an overwhelming drive to win the match. but also. try to force. the wind it was a great. gift to score to win to win. this debate program right now. it's been a bounce now. so it's about time. trying
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to end. that. maybe the captain has a shot the database of his first try and seconds again. next week it's been exactly six hours without a goal what does the coach have to say. in the training sessions. for the bloody. knows many times this season and it happened again it brain and on monday night. a welcome cologne for a key relegation battle in the heart of the fight for the stuff not go you news of it stepped up to the corner of it made it one nil cologne was strong coming out of the break they made it one one through yes suckered. but vert is response came only
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five minutes later when to signing the low pressure she says school to get brave in the late just ahead of the hour. and then he sent one up as well maximilian exit stein's ninetieth minute to kill a blood. brain and beat killing three one claiming three vital points in the fight to survival things look like they could be a class in cologne next year. next up on the anticipated match up everyone in germany was looking forward to this one goals are pretty much guaranteed. hamburg losing in munich is one of the bundesliga few constance they lost a nail in munich last year and have conceded twenty one goals in their last three visits to the arena. and hamburg have
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look to change things as they continue to unravel. with survival nearly impossible based on boards and the sporting director was sacked this week. we believe that we need new personnel's a plan for next season this. was but we do not yet know which league we will be in but this is a new start of playing that we will work together to produce a miracle or supply in the second division. and that's why. i knew start out with bans hollaback on the edge of being fired after all he hasn't won in seven matches the prospect of a turnaround again spying looks incredibly unlikely to swear british we know it will be difficult for us but i think we have been more solid defensively recently but i want us to be brave in munich to. mention that's what hollaback and the fans wanted to see in what turned out to be his last game in
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charge but after only eight minutes those hopes were dashed. was i the ball was inadvertently played through by hundreds ditto coup sekai and of course from riverine made no mistake with such a gift. and could taste blood as they looked to open the floodgates with rick perry and irrepressible form hamburg with just the right tests to warm up for champions league opponents push tests just four minutes later robot live and made it to nail it was his one hundred forty s. goal in a buy and shots. perhaps hamburg keep a christian materia could already see the writing on the wall for the last seven years hamburg have had a lot of trouble in munich. we'd love to be able to tell you a story about hamburg's resistance nine chances that however there freefall only
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continues. it was like a training session only in front of seventy five thousand spectators after nineteen minutes it was raining now i live and dusty back to his twenty second goal of the season for more than the hauberk side but to get. the full moon we wanted to be brave in the beginning we push them forward and allow them too much room and then we were punished but yes basically the game is down after eighty minutes and. this game was about hamburg's future and then you start but what kind of a new start is it when you give up after twenty minutes. disappointing so that's down to us it's our fault and you could argue that the defeat was fully deserved from the beginning no one showed up nor did we display any gods.
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does any did they lack guts but brains as well they were all over the place much to the joy of i and robin. was and they just sped up the table at the fourth goal was robin's tense against hamburg looks like he's after that new contract extension much like the very he was on the hunt for a brace. i was the face was the best goal of the match it also showed how confused hamburg's defended it baby. and soon eleven doves king had his hat trick. well not. so minutes later though he's been penalty found the next another munich hammering from hamburg six now this time. the main thing i didn't like today and i can
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honestly say that we didn't look uncomfortable in regards to our jewels was that we looked partly a fright to play. them but failed yet again and now staring down the barrel of relegation sniper suspects have no ideas and now no band just forty eight hours later hollaback was let go becoming the club's second managerial casualty of the season. a busy game to end on the ball and now have fifty goals in the house in the last eight games against time but before we look at the table and see how things stand we turn the clock back twenty years to the week when a certain italian manager was writing his own footballing history of triumph the better for what. he said the right. i'm tryna do. i think it's i. seem bluffs. this is
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violet and i think. the only flash very much of our just give me talk i can speak. for just peter but tony. says he doesn't think i know much of companies that should be there. too much speed. on the few such he's been left to take the latest. by stairs. that he has the pizza. place plus a lovely group. to be today as the bulk of the. time you just feel like a shooting ducks dog disappeared said suddenly. the perfect. street finish spot and can be crowned champions for the twenty eighth time as soon as next weekend provided shall get the votes but can munich win against leipsic. in france but i'm glad it's
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a custom in the right for the champions league. with eight games to play there are only twenty full points on offer that one like to play cologne and how but can still technically save themselves from the draw well things are getting tight for low spots and minds and now for the goal of the week and a much to the misery of. my girl is hard because i. am playing bullets arms training and still doing it once he said i. should be from a few minutes because he declared from the front. that it is emotion and the malt all about device to. finish the plot this is mr we've been privy to his most.
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sensational. at nearly thirty four miss you every very is making a strong case for nothing about brian he can't just let a player like him more complain. and that's all from kickoff thanks see you next time.
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i'm going to. cut. the. odds. of. yemen is starving. pediatrician a shrug no harm folks wherever possible. but there's only so much. aid shipments are delayed. dedication alone isn't enough to leave. a global three thousand and thirty minutes on w. . what does russia's youth hope for howie's freedom of expression fear of the
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me me i know but it's true. and sometimes i feed their souls. i am their words when they have none i sing i love you without a sound. i'm sorry without a voice. i inspired the greatest stuff the painters poets pattern makers i've been amused to them all. but in my experience people underestimate the power of a pretty little flower. because their life does start with me. and without me.
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this is the w.'s life for lead and attempted assassination and broke loose. the a nerve agent produced only by russia london sets a midnight deadline for answers the british prime minister says it was highly likely that kremlin was behind the poison attack against a former russian spy we'll talk to a forensics expert also coming up.


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