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wanted to build a wind turbine to provide his village with electricity. on . this earth to change his life but if it. isn't exciting journey to get. hero's story. starting march twenty first. this week on global three thousand we head to spain where a modern day robin hood is helping the rich give to the poor. in yemen and we need a woman trying to help the greatest victims of the civil war the country's children
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. and we visit russia where trying to one cover of corruption is a good way to end up in court. what constitutes corruption anyway does it count if a trades person takes business from rivals by working cheap or off the books. or is it only when politicians take bribes and change laws to benefit specific companies it's both and more corruption is misusing power entrusted to you for your own private gain and it appears at many levels of society even at organizations like the un it's defining characteristic corruption always hurts the community. more than two thirds of the world's countries are burdened with high levels of corruption that's according to transparency international's twenty seventeen world corruption perceptions index published last month russia did. farah well placed one
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hundred thirty fifth out of one hundred eighty countries surveyed. for dimitri so whatever works for transparency international instant pittsburgh he's heading to court bloody military one of the most powerful men in russia is suing the organization. every case. always really. yes of course the rector of a certain petersburg state mining university. literally in co heads the oldest technical university in russia it's a very prestigious job and it's alleged he got it in one thousand nine hundred four thanks to vladimir putin who was at the time deputy mayor of st petersburg it's also allegedly to an ankle helped putin with his doctoral dissertation he's now a manager of the president's bid to be reelected on march the eighteenth. it is nice to know that we have engineering universities have such high quality in russia
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. transparency claim that litvinenko misappropriated funds. he's now suing for defamation the anti corruption ngo and some journalists who reported on the allegations he's demanding damages totaling close to a million euros. we wanted to film the whole hearing but the judge wouldn't allow that. has been between mr litvinenko was a public figure the public needs to know what he is involved in is there any evidence of corruption that is what needs to be addressed in the trial so that they can parts of songs but then that mr litvinenko is a very important person in st petersburg very influential here i might be mistaken perhaps the media will report on this but how will they be able to if the hearings are held behind closed doors. what's more media reports aren't permitted to quote statements made in the courtroom. and then that will. doesn't show up for the
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hearing. we ask for an interview somewhere else but in vain just a few blocks from the courthouse is the main building of the mining university the facade baz the imperial eagle and the order of lenin however the ruler the university has remained an important institution this is where talent has trained for the mining oil and gas industries. when the old building became too small construction began in two thousand and eight on a new one. the municipality provided the plot of land. which i see the shed you can have this real estate for a specific purpose well here the world and the university then say we don't have any money and you know we need a commercial partner as an investor when you use these at which they signed a contract and the university got a part of the property and the commercial outfit also got
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a part but we're here to the shore hospital would. it become part of. this kind of public private partnership is not uncommon in russia what transparency says is out of line is that the rector made millions with the project most of the new building is condos rather than university facilities transparency says the privately owned apartments make up ninety percent of the complex and that some of them belong to members of staff. thank you for your good nature but if there are great apartments so do you go to my work for the mining university and i bought on. your expensive. tree oh not very good news the university helps its staff and you go to quarters to people with. transparency says it has proof that a company owned by the wife of the male it's been enco owns six hundred and fifty eight of the apartments. when you're
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a staple of the military you're the rector of the university vladimir litvinenko signed a contract with his wife's company in the play usually that young couple are low and behold his company ended up owning apartments where the two hundred thirty million euros. they were built on the plant belonged to the mining university its rector should be doing everything in his power to benefit the university. but the litvinenko evidently confuses his personal interests with those of the university and those of the state. and us. that's the way he operates says his daughter all go to training co. we want to see her in the latvian capital riga. she says her father uses public officials for his own purposes. many people who work for various government bodies were given apartments i saw myself how it works with the prices of very low and fight purchase contracts are
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drawn up they pretend the purchases were involved in the start in the construction project and they pay a nominal price and suddenly their condo on as well as money quite so you have got a twinkle had a falling out with her father in twenty eleven she was then a member of the st petersburg city parliament but didn't vote the way her father told her to. he then go to court to take away her daughter who was just a baby at the time. although fled the country and hasn't seen her child sense. she's willing to testify against her father. and there you are by you i am frightened and i'm with you they could kill me i'm sure of that but above all i'm a mother fighting for her child and you can't hold a mother back who is fighting for her child it's just last night at the pits are still. back in some petersburg. dimitri saw her and says he. perhaps the court
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case will drag on for months. which you are going to prove that we're right we're going to unmask those who are corrupt and demand that they be punished accordingly like of like you. have has some degree of protection as he works for a well known organization. those who seek to on mass corruption are not so lucky. in our series global ideas we need people to think climate protection this week takes us to uganda where just one person in five has access to a study power supply and firewood is the primary source of energy here one sustainable alternative is solar power but towels are expensive to install and few people here can afford them so what are the options. it's just six thirty in the morning but the cooking is already going like in
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millions of other ugandan households grace bigamy is preparing peanuts for breakfast for children pitching in including twenty one year old wilfred he's training to be an electrician and is the family's hope for a better future adding i see that wilfred is a good boy and my hopes are high for him something big is going to happen here we'll get electricity and he'll help us i can feel that. the family has no electricity just a small patch of land and a few chickens wilfred is one of five children and luckily he's got a state scholarship to support his training it's through better bring for them in. the set. and they get somewhere when i when i'm doing. this make sure that. every morning will football game a walks almost four kilometers to school nothing unusual in uganda. at the
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technical school young people can train for various professions such as electrician or comic cannick the electricity is out again today so the students make do with manual tools. the sewing machines have also stopped. they need to get the generator up and running again for the deputy headmaster it's a familiar problem. when the or and when the other do. i do you know if you're. going to get a for the distance. so it is. a look at the way. the power supply is centrally controlled it's expensive and in poor condition one solution is to use local solar panels but few schools can afford it during their training the budding electricians learn all they need to know about installation
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mariyam angry young guy who wants to use her skills to help her family she's already installed a solar panel at home if they give us just you know what i'm not buying paraffin and so you don't rest and there are sources now that things just need to go on mounted and they feel that it's begun to do this so that their family and again that experience in mountain gate. electric ovens are a rarity in rule uganda efficient use of firewood here is a big issue a year ago with the help of the south korean bank in the ugandan government this school got a new off and it uses sixty percent less firewood than the old one and requires less work to operate. then you have in their best form and out last week last month you know what it's. like you might. just as well be. that it was you would see very little bio. just in
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a coup move from the ministry of energy is visiting the school she wants similar ones to be installed across uganda some fifteen thousand six hundred in the country's schools alone the deputy headmaster shows a kumu where she cooked before they got to new love and an idea for a station is so bad i mean. our rate of percentage of forest that we have today in the country stands at nine percent. you know from fact to six percent that we had about fifteen years ago so in the last fifteen years we've had a rate of deforestation at about the real last about twenty five percent of our forest cover it's so much and if you look at the root cause of deforestation it is harvesting wood for energy for cooking energy because we use wood as our primary source of energy for cooking in schools at households in in restaurants in all institutions in the new industries as
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a source of. of process heat trees filled everywhere whether it be for charcoal or clearing large areas for agricultural land. two hundred kilometers south of camp our lines the new africa primary school. the school uses a lot of firewood. the headmaster says they can't afford a new love and it is just in a coma tries to convince the headmaster to get one she argues that it's possible for schools to take out loans with favorable conditions. so far with improved cookstoves everett's we've been able to construct more than a hundred cookstoves in education institutions whereby we've been and this was in a demonstration basis by we just wanted to create awareness about improve that stuff so we did game was across the country so that's other schools within those
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regions kind benchmark. but the school has already taken out a loan for song of panels to provide light in the bathroom. there's also a light bulb hanging in the classroom now the result of an initiative from the school parents and community. dogs. actually actually that government does nor harm so far we are struggling with a loan is to board up we. like this one because we can't teach the children when they are outside so what do we do we go to banks to get loans and drop classes so that children ugandan children are able to access well it did you. like marry him and younger the young woman who thanks to her good education as an electrician was able to install one solar panel on the roof of her family home her
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family of twelve hopes their own want to come. for thirteen years now the washington based ngo fund for peace has published a fragile states index that measures social political and economic stability in states around the world. its most recent findings indicate things have grown especially critical insult sudan somalia and yemen where a proxy war between saudi arabia and iran has been smoldering since twenty fifteen it's marked an entire generation of children around two million of them are going to school one point eight million children are under fair of those around four hundred thousand are suffering acute malnourishment and desperately need medical care. is the start of
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a long and busy day for pediatrician ashfaq mahara today she'll be making house calls in the countryside but she's first asked to help here at the entrance to the central clinic in her data this elderly woman doesn't know how she'll get home she has no money that you. have yeah yeah yeahs the fact that more harm calls her driver over and tells him to find a taxi and give the woman two thousand reals to cover the cost of her ride home. alone. a father has brought his i'm a c.i. to daughter to the pediatrician my whole room's occupation requires her to remain optimistic but she's frustrated during the three years of fighting the number of undernourished children has exploded for her the suffering is unbearable especially when the children are brought to the hospital when it might already be too late.
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one year on. more hard drives to the harbor in order to find out what kind of humanitarian aid has been delivered this time. but when she arrives she can hardly believe her eyes the united nations has sent this ship. that it. that's all there is for yemen. that's the medicine from unicef for the entire country. more harder i'm asked the harbor workers if they know why such a small ship was sent but they say they don't know the reason. yet it's not enough unicef says that ship we need unicef for medicine for food to fight malnutrition and children for treating cholera diphtheria can unicef only least ships this small is that supposed to be enough for twenty seven million
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people. a million or so much. more data is the largest and most important port in the area held by hoochie rebels it's under constant attack by the saudi led coalition mohanan says this in itself is bad enough but even more criminal other bombardments of civilian homes. and like in this district as close to military bases that the airport is nearby that's why it's always being bombed including the university medical faculty. to get them. from drs to a village south of the day the people in the countryside are especially afflicted by the war the few a deliveries that do arrive barely make it out of the city that's why the doctor regularly makes these trips. i didn't know is near the coast very poor fishermen live here my heart room is able to help them because of
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her relatively good income. i'm going to go to heaven when she arrives she can see how grateful they are. it's pretty much their only contact to the outside world. the war's affects are highly visible here in terribly undernourished children. and. i used to be able to get my child milk every two days but i haven't received anything for two months now. the parents are grateful to my heart him for treating their children for free and give her head. it's a small gesture a sign of respect and frank's presented with dignity. maha graham has made it her mission to help people but it's becoming increasingly difficult to do so she sees no end to the war and has made a professional decision. the health of the children is deteriorating because
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they're not getting adequate treatment i've decided that if we can't provide food to adults we have to at least guarantee it to the children because they need nourishment more urgently. more her room says the precious little that does exist must be given to the children that's the only option that's why she only brings powdered milk when she visits a dinar. ashram or harlem says it's the children who must survive because they are humans are only her. what would the world be if there were no heroes with big hearts out they are the people who make it their mission to help others in need there are many more moving stories about people who help others on our facebook page follow us on d w global
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society. in the un's universal declaration of human rights a fundamental one has the right to adequate shelter around one point six billion people worldwide however still don't have safe housing to call their own. around one hundred fifty million are homeless and live rough out on the street how can they be helped they first have to at least receive warm sleeping bags tents or other temporary housing along with mobile showers and of course food providing those basic necessities to all begins with solidarity especially in the world's growing cities. this is not a cigarette machine but a way to help others as the waiter is happy to explain. when you put money in you give someone a free shower some bread or a cup of coffee. but it's just one of the features of the
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robin hood restaurant where the rich pay for the poor. like that outside it looks like any other eating place in madrid but the entire profits made during the day go to providing free meals for the poor in the evening the proprietor this father and head a catholic priest has made it his mission to fight poverty and hunger to washington to the most important things here our community friendship and dignity. you know. dignity might seem like a distant dream to many living on the street madrid has several thousand homeless people the modest upturn in the spanish economy has yet to reach them. but they can get help in what's become known as the church of the poor here in st antony's anyone who needs it can bet down get
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a meal or simply celebrate mass the church is always open to father and hell as long been concerned about the needy and the marginalised in society. it's a concern shared by pope francis. maidment. the first thing i heard him say was that he wanted a church that is itself poor and a church that is there to help the poor. white pensioner live with incentive gets food vouchers in the robin hood the church encourages those who come to look after themselves as best they can these days he's happy to make an effort and i was honestly without any for two years i didn't wear a suit or anything like that. then one day my daughter said to me dad today you will be like a king when you go to the restaurant jean i said. whatever do you mean and she made
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sure i dressed properly so that i would get some respect and out of respect for father and there were. people who. you instance ente lost his job then his marriage collapsed he lives on the streets but he doesn't want to show it's not part of his life instead he's invited us to come back to the restaurant in the evening when he will get his meal right now the restaurant is still cooking lunch dynasty in the day pay eleven year olds the profits are then used to provide food for free in the evenings. as always live with pinsent takers dressed up for the occasion. further unhealed takes it very seriously that everyone is equal in the eyes of god a person's worth he says should never be decided by the amount of money he hands. out. so often we cross the street to avoid the homeless the brink it's
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a problem the politicians can't solve it's about human rights of course it doesn't matter whether people have money or not dignity needs to be preserved. volunteers also come here to serve the poor. in the evening and as you know that i must get a few they give us volunteers so much more than we give them that's the way i see it if it's and they're so grateful me out we may be fine at the moment but any of us could lose our way at any time us and a woman we could easily be in their position tomorrow but at the other most of all get out you know. just before eight o'clock the tables are laid inside and the guests stop to rife with the news for news of a man the whole project is aimed at helping people to find their place in society again and today there's good news for lewis the city authorities have found in a room. not just a hot meal eaten in dignified surroundings but a proper place to live in the me. that's all
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this week gone global three thousand don't forget though that we love hearing from you so get in touch send an e-mail to global three thousand at g.w. dot com or drop us a line on facebook. thanks for watching goodbye for now. it
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is a bid to power struggle along politics prosecutor says the cuts good . result the corrupt elites maintain that choke hold on the country. and the brazilian people come back from the crisis. result. the powerlines drip
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bring the factory starting march twenty fourth on t w. this is deja vu news live from berlin and attempted assassination in britain using a nerve agent produced only by russia. long and sets a midnight deadline or asterisk the british prime minister says that it was hardly likely the kremlin was behind the poison attack against the former russian spy but . also on the show of mafia style murder censored show.


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