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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2018 12:00pm-12:15pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin and attempted assassination in britain using a nerve agent developed during russia's soviet era london sets of midnight deadline for answers the british prime minister says it was highly likely that the kremlin was behind the boys an attack against a former russian spy. dozens of sick and injured leave seriously through due to the first evacuation since the government siege began nearly a month ago the red cross says more are expected today we'll talk to a journalist monitoring the situation from neighboring lebanon. also coming up
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along the us down birder shock slovakia and strikes fear among journalists. a friend changes the whole way you feel about your work. and pretty much everything in life if something like this. public anger over the killing of investigative journalist john cousy actually threatens to topple the slovakian government. i'm simply so much going to get to have you with us britain has issued a midnight deadline for russia to explain why a deadly nerve agent developed by the soviet era military was used in an assassination attempt from here in germany a conservative ally of chancellor merkel says if russia doesn't provide answers there should be quote a joint western response the former russian spy service cripple and his daughter remained in critical condition more than a week after being found unconscious in the city of salzburg. this is where as the
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prime minister puts it somebody attacked the u.k. authorities say the nerve agent was made in russia the question is who deployed it a rogue element for the russian state. mr speaker this attempted murder using a weapons grade nerve agent in a british town was not just a crime against the script pals it was an indiscriminate and reckless act against the united kingdom putting the lives of innocent civilians at risk officially moscow says it has nothing to do with the incident a russian foreign ministry spokeswoman said made a statement was a circus show put on for parliament russian state t.v. went even further if the problem is crushing if you think about it the only ones who would benefit from the poisoning other british in order to defeat the russophobia you are all software. people in salzburg who are near where the attack
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took place have been told to wash their clothes the russian ambassador will be summoned to say whether his government was responsible refuse answer fails to allay suspicions that the kremlin was behind the attack we must theresa may has promised a robust response although she did not say what that would be. like humans did ever use correspondent alex forrest whiting is following the story for us she's with us here in our studio hi alex how can to resume a government be so sure that the kremlin is actually behind this well this nerve agent knows the chalk was developed for the soviet military in the seventy's and eighty's as part of their cold war strategy we know that because scientists at the government tree nestles porton down on have done a loss of investigations and tests on this and this is what they have concluded it's also known that that nerve agent has never been used before so i think it's come as a big shock to the scientific world important. point out that russia is still to
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nice any involvement in this but as to reason may has self and said it was either used intentionally by russia or it had lost control of agent and she's demanding an answer by midnight she set a deadline why are we seeing an ultimatum from theresa may here well she's trying to go on a support not just from in the u.k. but also from allies across the world from the e.u. from nato from germany from france and in particular from the u.s. and we've already had a very strong statement from rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state saying that we stand in solidarity with our allies in the u.k. now may he said that if there is no credible response by midnight then it's an amounts to an unlawful use of force by the russian state on the u.k. very very strong words that an unlawful use of force what would be the reaction to that what are the basic options here well remember that
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a russian spy in young co was killed in two thousand and six again it was assumed that it was by the russian state and it was also in london and that was also in london and its claim that the u.k. didn't do enough to respond to that so to resume a who used to be home secretary so beth was she was in charge of keeping the u.k. safe is trying to prove that she can do everything that she can in her power so of course they can expel diplomats they can freeze assets those are the basics but with the support of other countries if it if they can prove that russia was behind this and obviously they can be stronger they could have economic sanctions they can talk about the diplomatic sanctions there's even talk of the u.k. consulting allies in nato about invoking the call five the principle on common defense and you heard tell us you've heard all of us so i think that she is hoping that she's in a much stronger position this time around. forced whitey thank you very much.
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moving on now to some other stories making news around the world investigators in naipaul have retrieved the flight data recorder from an aircraft that crashed at katmandu airport on monday authorities are hoping it might help them identify the cause of the accident the u.s. airlines flight crashed on arrival from dhaka at least forty nine people were killed at least four people have died and many are injured after a suicide car bombing in the southern yemen city of aden the bomb targeted a military kitchen linked to to you many forces there backed by the saudi led coalition fighting in the country's civil war the so-called islamic state has claimed responsibility now around one hundred civilians have managed to leave syria's besieged eastern ghouta under a medical evacuation deal with russia syrian state media showed images of civilians arriving at a crossing manned by the syrian army the evacuations come even as the largest rebel
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group in eastern have vowed to continue fighting earlier the u.s. warned that if needed it would act to end what it called the in schuman suffering in syria more than a thousand civilians have been killed in eastern due to since government forces began a siege in mid february. and let's bring in correspondent she's monitoring developments from beirut in neighboring lebanon hi angela good to see you more civilians are fleeing the city and what more can you tell us. well what we've heard is that a batch of thirty five civilians mostly older people the children and the wounded in the relentless bombing by the regime have been evacuated but just about thirty five that we heard in the deal between the rebels and russia have more are expected to come up there but say this is just the first batch that's left and more and more people would be evacuated especially the injured especially the infirm and earlier in the day though the united nations coordinator as authority it said that they
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were expecting a thousand wounded to be evacuated today the now it seems a bit unlikely i have been have been talking to sources in the united nations and they said that they are a little less hopeful of the same number arriving now though there is movement on the ground the u.n. was also trying to send in another aid convoy as we know only one convoy has thus far gone in of about forty nine trucks far from enough to be able to help the three hundred ninety thousand people stuck that they were trying to send another one that's also not going to they might go to war or excuse me all might not so the situation is still pretty tense the first batch of civilians coming in and more are expected let's see how many get to safety today the civilians who have been evacuated where are they being taken to and how are they being cared for. so these are these are these are not going to live the regime really does along with russia is to get the rebels and the families of the rebels to live but when
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this happens as it happened in a lot of civilians are also bussed out these specific civilians are being taken to a shelter near damascus the capital in again one of the other suburbs and even before remember goot us population is about one and a half million before the war and now it's about three hundred ninety thousand to a lot of people have already fled and they have been in some shelters in damascus but broadly i mean you look at the numbers the numbers are so large which shelter of these people going to really fit in i've been to syria in august last year and i've been to the frontline of joe barber says abuse and ruta and most of the people are essentially just languishing. in camps or on the streets. part it looks like we've lost our connection or two until she was speaking to us there from lebanon and of our correspondent there. let's move on
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to some other news now in slovakia public anger over the murder of an investigative journalist is growing and threatening to topple the government john cousy ak and his fiance were shot dead at their home home near prada slava last month the last unfinished story was about the italian mafia and its ties to slovakian politicians the murder has triggered a wave of protests and the pressure is mounting on slovakian prime minister robert fit so on monday his interior minister resigned and lawmakers will be taking up the political crisis. followed e.u. fact finding mission to slovakia and sent us this report it was in this house that john list. and his partner martina found. neighbors come every day to light candles they are still shocked by what happened in their quiet village defect finding mission from the european parliament has also
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arrived to pay their respects this is really the moment where you realize this is what it's about. to to to work on the world where things like this don't happen it cannot go without punishment but how much political will is there to find the murderers and the people who ordered the cold blooded execution of could check in can the same government that is facing more and more allegations of corruption lead investigation the e.u. parliamentarians brought their questions to prime minister robert feed so but were evidently not convinced by his response there are so many allegations of corruption and fraud and criminal activity going around i mean there's so much smoke there's clearly fire that we can see that a lot of people are also very nervous and the country is clearly divided. a. civil society is taking to the streets this weekend saw the biggest demonstration in the history of the country to protest was shouted out loud
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was feed so and shame shame the government there was off treatment also and so we don't want to accept it anymore it was basically changed the situations going on here they put up with these them it's time they crossed the red line. in the newsroom of actuality where young could seek work many of the journalists are still afraid and don't want to be filmed much interchange a close friend of the week to shares their fears but still wants to speak up we didn't ever expect something like this to happen in year two thousand and eighteen you member state. i think it changes the whole way you think about your work your arms. pretty much everything in life if something like this happens. while the e.u. delegation and brightest lovers trying to piece together the story of the murder new allegations of corruption are emerging increasing the pressure on the
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government president under accused there has come to help from brussels he has emerged as the main political player to question the prime minister and his allies . that if any member of the e.u. family has any shield there are other members which would like to help and i hope that all questions would be answered for very clearly and openly. kiska has called for new elections and for the government to resign the interior minister has not been forced to step down and he may not be the last to go the president clearly wants more he wants a complete changing of the guards. so a former member of the nazi s.s. who became known as the book keeper of auschwitz has died at the age of ninety six in two thousand and fifteen cloning was sentenced to four years in prison for being
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an accessory to murder of the thousands of people at the auschwitz concentration camp he came to public attention years earlier for his efforts to persuade holocaust deniers that they were wrong going in didn't personally participate in the holocaust but counted the money taken from those arriving at the camp he died before he could begin his sentence. and a bit of football news for you the german football association the d f b has fired the national women's coach stephanie jones after a string of porpoises dolls jones took on the coaching role after the german women won olympic gold in two thousand and sixteen but results under her tenure have failed to live up to the team's high expectations they finished last in the she believes tournament in the u.s. last week who bashar has been appointed interim coach for next month's qualification matches for the two thousand and one thousand world cup in france. our minder now of our top story that we're following here on britain says russia has until the end of tuesday to explain why
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a deadly nerve agent produced only in russia was used in an assassination attempt western allies have voiced their support for the british demand moscow has denied allegations that it was involved. the trump administration takes down a takeover bid in the tech industry has all the details coming right up. with. earth home for saving google in two years told stories of creative people and to convey to projects around the world like to use that protect the climate and boost green energy solutions to inspire people to take action global ideas d.w. .


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