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tv   Close up - Wheat Wrongs - How Europes Agricultural Policy Hurts Africa  Deutsche Welle  March 13, 2018 4:15pm-4:46pm CET

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you're not a player on these key issues and they were looking ahead toward a different kind of department. so as we talk about north korea and we've we've we've had this talk about a meeting that may or may not happen in may with a new head of the state department with a more hawkish attitude towards north korea do you expect that meeting still to take place especially given the number of gaps that there in the state department at the moment. well i don't see the gaps is really a fundamental problem with staffing a summit meeting but it's still a fair question and i think we don't know is the short answer and i don't know for sure i like to explain what's happened on north korea diplomacy as having gone in stages sort of week by week but if we go back just to november twenty ninth just a few months ago the last i.c.b.m. intercontinental ballistic missile test of north korea looked like the olympics
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even were in question if you were in south korea and you were present and of south korea you wondered whether the americans were going to essentially bring down the olympics by having tensions rise so high and yet we the united states turned toward in gage when in diplomacy first supporting south korea and making sure the olympics went well then when kim jong un on new year's day pivoted he showed agility kim jong un did of north korea by announcing in his new year's message that he wanted to detente essentially with south korea a country that he had been keeping at arm's length then he famously said let's have a summit meeting with with president moon only the third north south summit meeting that's been organized for the last week of april right now in panmunjom the truce village right on the demilitarized zone between the two koreas right after that that's when now president trump having received the information from spine masters
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and national skewed advisor chung of south korea our ally. found out that north korea was going to meet the basic conditions the minimal conditions for having talks at a senate level and present from said he would be inclined to have that summit that's where we are right now what we need to do is we the united states is trying to figure out directly meeting with the north koreans to hear the same words back from the north koreans that were spoken to the south korean delegation that went to pyongyang recently to negotiate the third north south summit then when the fear that information. reassess across the inner agency have the president decide whether indeed this is the right time to go to the summit by may and then probably if it all looks good they'll go ahead with it just shortly after the moon kim summit in in john and that's why the summit may happen between the united states and north korea the first ever would be it looks likely to happen but you can't be
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sure that will get to the summit and then if we get to the summit what follows do we now have a two track process where the north south koreans are talking to centrally about a peace arrangements and humanitarian assistance being of kind of first step of that in the u.s. and north korea talking about denuclearization in the past is that right imagine those two parents going forward after the two summits and then maybe multi multilateral diplomacy as well ok we thank you so much for your your assessment and your your insights thanks for not patrick a crony from the center for a new american security thank you thank you well the big news of the day. is president trump replacement u.s. extra states rex tillerson he has gone the man that mr trump has nominated as his replacement is my compiler so we heard from patrick cronin the giving us an assessment of the likely effect of this on the asia pacific region let's go to
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moscow now i'm joined on the miter me a dragon so rich welcome mere drug what's the response has been from moscow so far as of these changes well the spokes person off the russian foreign ministry maria sahaba just joked to listeners gong blamed russia for that as well so i don't expect mr putin prime minister made video of all anyone else from the russian administration to say anything on tell us and so there is no official reaction yet but my guess is that the russians won't shut that tear for mr tillotson how was rex tillerson viewed that. well to put it in a nutshell he was a really disappointment for the american relation for the russian american relationship when president putin learned that president trump is going to be the next american president and learned that mr rex tillerson is going to be the next
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secretary of to the secretary of state and he expected that there is going to be some sort of improvement between the relationship between america and the u.s. and as we know this didn't happen. tell us and became a secretary of state in a time wherein president obama did everything of try to humiliate humiliate russia by saying this is only. a state that is not really important on the on the global stage so for that reason president. president. putin thought that the relationship was going to improve he considered mr tillotson to be a friend of russia but that doesn't was here in russia many times they gave him even a medal he has met mr putin several time times when he was c.e.o. of exxon mobil so as we know the relationship got worse and worse and to some
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extent the russians also blame mr tillotson for that ok so here's replaced by that or he's putative replacement he agrees with the cia's assessment that russia is a fair and the us elections back in twenty six states so how much of a change is he likely to bring to relations between the two countries. well you mean that ration ship is ready is already bad but it may even get worse so what. that's at least what many here expect to moscow from russia's point of view point here is a so-called cold warrior someone who believes that russia is the enemy some sort of thing you solve a union that you have to fight and that russia is not apartment to solve international problems in syria the ukraine tall and he well it's all right thank us so much for your assessment that made me a dragon storage in moscow thank you. i
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have to go to let's get reaction from the european union to have mass is standing by for us in brussels welcome gail what are you hearing that phil so far no reaction from the european union i think officials here will be very careful how they phrase their welcoming message to the successor. here seeing that the e.u. is practically on the verge of a trade war with the u.s. and so nobody wants to pour extra oil into the fire and then from nato i have heard that they they basically stated that they don't comment on the domestic affairs or not speak of personal changes of individual a nato member states i mean that said what we know of the new man. is that he is with mr trump in his assessment that the iran nuclear deal is
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a waste of time something that the european union has fought very hard against i'm guessing that not going to welcome this new appointment. i would say there is two way of looking at at this is in our you know one way is of course to say that this will add to the uncertainty this will add to the fear that u.s. stunned old u.s. presidents don't strong stances regarding the e.u. his euro skeptic fuses either skeptic fuz are going to harden that's one way of looking at it the other way of looking at is that we have more clarity and if you drop hello here to the brackets talks clarity is something that can be very helpful in talks when you don't know what the other side exactly wants and there were moments note no doubt that. rex tillerson was a moderating voice he toned down a lot of the strong rhetoric coming via twitter from the us of the key ally of the european union and and now that may add to to clarity it
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may or may make more clear what the white house ones and that could help in the sense of creating a new relationship of making more clear what the u.s. administration is actually pursuing when it whether it is regarding economic affairs such as the current talks going on over trait of over import tariffs for steel and the minium but also regarding political situations like the iran deal which is of course very close to the e.u.'s interests because they were key in bringing this deal about and was rex tillerson in the job u.s. secretary of state long enough to have made any sort of lasting impression on the european union. i would say in the four hundred five days he was in office he was. perceived as someone who at least half heartedly was in favor of the institutions
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that to be clear he was no big fan either of the you in his key speech on europe he mentioned the e.u. ones on the other hand he came here for instance in december last year at a time when donald trump questioned the mutual defense mechanism of nato when he questioned the iran deal when he suggested that the embassy in israel could be moved to jerusalem something the you finds finds critical and rejects and he came here at a time at that time and he made his message was that nothing changed fundamentally that the e.u. was still a key ally to the us and that there were the same values one was very much on the same page that was his message and of course that was comforting news for european partners having said that. the question always was does he really speak for the u.s. administration that ok go go mattison i thank you guys in brussels are
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you watching a special edition of d.w. life from the berlin as we look at the fallout from the nuisance of drugs in the last hour or so the donald trump has removed his secretary of state to rex tillerson he has nominated as his successor. currently leads the cia so we've looked at some political reaction let's take a look at what the money markets think in new york we have cannot have booze and. we have yet quarter in new york and cannot booze in welcome both let's start with a quarter in new york another high profile departure from washington more uncertainty about the course of american policy how is wall street reacting. well when it comes to the secretary of state and the us president there seem to be more disagreements than agreements if we look at the iran nuclear deal if we look
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at the trade policy if we look at the north korea talks are also at the paris climate account and there had been reports that rex tillerson thought about quitting but then got convinced by vice president mike pence to stay so in that respect it does not come as a total surprise that tillerson is gone but in general it is interesting to see how the markets rocks all this political turmoil of gary coleman gone tariffs on still isn't gone and the market is up and up and up even if we lost a little bit of momentum here in the tuesday's trading session ok it's interesting not booze in frankfurt germany best as what already jet trade about the prospect of a trade war with washington so rising pressure on markets there in front first absolutely this afternoon the traders and investors here in frankfurt have become a bit more jittery the german share index tax has lost more and more since the news
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came out about the sacking of frank's tellus and chorus who is in the state department is not a really important piece of information generally speaking for a fund manager or an investment decision maker but of course this adds to all the uncertainty about the trump administration after the steel tariffs came out his threats for the german car industry the fact that today he blocked this takeover deal of broadcom and qualcomm what's next is what people here are asking. ok quarter in new york so how is the dollar responding to this. we do see some pressure on the dollar even if it's not a huge there is some speculation that there might have been called suicide pact between tiller's and between the minister of defense medicine and also the head of
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the treasury stephen mutu and if one of the story gets fired that the other two will resign well we have to wait and see if that plays out and if that should happen maybe we might see some more pressure but when it comes to the dollar i would say the big topic is monetary policy we will have the fed meeting next week and that probably will be more important for the course of the dollar than this turmoil that we're seeing in washington right now. in new york and. in frankfurt thank you both. now in other news the big story of the day before about story broke of course was the. poisoning in britain the country's prime minister to raise my yesterday talking about what britain would do if it was decided that russia was behind it now donald trump a little earlier has said that he's going to speak to theresa may it's a day. now moscow has until the end of tuesday to explain why
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a deadly nerve agent produced only in russia was used in an apparent assassination attempt against a former spy prime minister to reset my history and what she called extensive retaliatory measures if no explanation is given moscow says it will only cooperate with the british investigation if it receives the samples of the nerve agent in question meanwhile we still thought this is a continuing their investigation into the poisoning of the russian next by his daughter the substance used has been identified as the military grade nerve agent novi chalk so what is it i'm glad you asked i don't know but. of course one williams can tell us more welcome derreck tell us about nova then this is a nerve agent special to start with what's a nerve agent well a nerve agent is is an agent that quickly can destroy a particular metabolic processes within the body it can damage them to such an extent that it can kill you actually very quickly and know the child is a very very deadly one and it's actually five to time eight times more deadly than
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ones like sarin or xxvii which was the nerve agent that was used to kill kim jong un's half brother last year in malaysia that story and so. these are you've described how it how it works clearly this is this is a very dangerous substance i remember in the litvinenko case where he was killed by radioactive poisoning what the investigators did was they traced the route of this substance through london because it leaves a trail. can they do that with know that shocked at how would you too how would one transport it well it's fundamentally it's a very different thing than a radioactive substance that nobody talked as is what they call a binary chemical weapon by any binary chemical agent that means that only it's actually made up of two different components that end in of themselves are not toxic so that makes it fairly easy to smuggle for example across international borders it's only when they're combined in the proper ratios that they turn into
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this incredibly killer chemical agent that can. wipe you out within the course of a couple of minutes and how was it if administered in this case that's not really clear i mean the police have been looking very closely i think at the car. the scruples car that could have possibly been put into the ventilation system there but the timeline of that particular you know they went afterwards they went to a restaurant they went to a pub if they had actually inhaled the substance then all of the experts are saying they probably would have been killed fairly quickly if so it's likely been over this. investigation is ongoing and that. in the u.k. police no force have been telling people in the area to just wash their clothes how big a public health danger is likely to. present well apparently this particular chemical agent is degraded fairly quickly by water so they've been spraying down the streets
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they've been wiping down all the surfaces that this father and daughter might have touched there they're telling the employees at the pub and at the restaurant to wash their clothes because that could apparently help take care of it also there's moisture in the atmosphere so contact with moisture apparently does degrade the substance but there's still obviously a very clear danger in this area which is why the government has not is going to continue the cleanup activities ok so that this was identified presumably when you have a someone someone turns up and you look at those. two tests. various substances but having said how we decide it's a nerve agent how do they decide it's no v chalk and therefore the russians will never check they have different ways of isolating these nerves the problem is that they can kill in such minute quantities that the difficult part of figuring out exactly which nerve agent was used is to isolate enough of it to determine what it is now also the thing is that nerve agents like sarin or x. the those the effects of those nerve agents are very well known we know that nobody
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chalk has a similar effect on people who basically blocks the electrical signals to your lungs telling you to breathe and so you as fix slowly and quickly it's a terrible way to die major brain damage along the way so they know actually they know the diagnose they can sort of diagnose they know what the symptoms are but figuring out know each other it's kind of a secretive substance that was only ever produced by the russians so it's been a it's been a difficult path that's why it's taken so long actually i think for this accusation to come out ok. for us us us like you so much. this is day dubliners live from and if you're just joining us let me recap our top story for you this time the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has been fired after completing a tour of africa that was apparently cut short so as to suggest he hasn't been told why he's out of a job cia director mike pompei a has been nominated to succeed him. so
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let's get reaction to this then from washington d.c. coston phenomena is that welcome the president said that there were clear differences with rex tillerson about if i get along how surprising has his threats and suffering pain. well the fact that he was fired was not a surprise the timing was definitely a bit all and because i'm in there there has been speculation about rex tillerson leaving office for some time the beginning of the year there were already reports that he was about to be sacked and then on a trump said no no this doesn't happen i guess simply because he didn't want the press to have a word on this and so he knowledge shows this time the white house of course says this has been a process long in the making that to listen was informed about this at the end of
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last week while he was on the trip to africa but of course this looks bad basically the story broke just hours after rex tillerson landed when he came back from africa and i just talked to some members of our africa department d.w. and they said this all looks like. rex tillerson with an olive branch to the africans the president called african nations shithole countries and now donald trump has burnt that all of ron so this is very bad optics and the timing is indeed surprising so they had a quite a difficult relationship right from the start of the way. absolutely i mean the beginning there was a little honeymoon there were reports that to listen and trump are regularly dining together and talking quite a lot but it became clear after only
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a few weeks that there wasn't really a personal bond between the two rex tillerson who. looks indeed very serious and also has a very. serious approach likes to do things in order and in a. clearly structured way and donald trump of course is a very spontaneous person likes to shoot from the hip and follow his gut feelings and that just didn't work out was so it was clear for some time that works to listen was really out of the loop on many issues when it came to north korea when it came to iran and so on and so yeah that was a big problem for rex tillerson that people never really knew what's he told them when he was abroad and meeting his foreign counterparts and what he thought and he said really corresponded with what the man in the white house thought and said so
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as the old guy has gone of the president is clearly a big fan of his new choice for secretary of state mike for now at least his the president. are always on the same wavelength. the relationship is very good that what i see as secretary of state. can you see this relationship lasting consternation other then we've had people that love much as between donald trump and senior advisers in the past they've been of course being principal amongst them and he's no longer there. yes so we never know how long this will last basically the president says he likes it when people discuss and when they have differing opinions but this only applies to people fighting with each other and not with him so as long as my compare you doesn't really contradict the president's as long as he follows the president's lead i think he's on the safe
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side but i don't know how long we will be able to actually tread that line. in the end this is donald trump's show and all the other actors only have minor roles. let's talk about the new guy then my cut palm pilot where rex tillerson got the job he came in as an oil company executive my pompei at least as director of the cia knows his foreign policy what else can you tell us about. well he knows us foreign policy when it comes to military and security aspects for sure he doesn't have an explicit foreign policy. point for your history he's a congressman he was a congressman from kansas a very tough on the homeland security very tough on a number of other issues he has his opinions concerning iran for instance there he sees eye to eye with the president who wants to. get rid of or at least
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alter the execs thing nuclear deal between iran the western allies russia and china so damn probably they see eye to eye of course a cia director michael hayden also looked at developments abroad that's his job as director of the cia he went to saudi arabia to turkey before that he also went to israel to some places so he's not a complete novice when it comes to foreign policy but he is not diplomats by tradition or by upbringing as a member of congress he was known for some very straight and sometimes inflammatory statements for instance concerning the muslim community here in the united states it's interesting how mr trump is selling the base rather significant change at the top a sort of tweaking he's cabinet here he's speaking a little out here. i'm really at
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a point where we're getting very close to having the capital and other thing that i want. yeah is that convincing. well we'll see it sounds like this was not the last word concerning changes so this might be only the first step there has been ongoing speculation about the fate of his national security adviser already his seconds of little more than one year in office general age. also between those two the chemistry doesn't seem to be the best there have been reports of bad clashes with his. chief of staff john kelly there's also been rumors about jarrett cushion one of his senior advisers and son in law that he might be on his way olives so we don't see how that works out in the white house as far as the cabinet is concerned there are also a few people which sometimes get some bad statements from the
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president i'm not quite sure if you will replace any more members of his cabinet but i wouldn't rule it out that rex tillerson was often seen as a sort of the moderating force the adult in the room when mr trump was having a tantrum. now mike pump is much more hawkish towards iran and north korea are we likely to see a hardening of america's line in those two areas. well in a way we might see a more coherent approach because very often rex tillerson and on the trump were not on the same page partly because rex tillerson was out of the loop clearly of what donald trump and his close circle of advisors were thinking and partly because they simply had different opinions or different attitudes towards style and expression so there we might see
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a more coherent approach definitely my compare those instincts or his views on certain areas are closer to the views of the president and he has also been much more careful not to stray too far away from the white house line on a number of issues for instance russian meddling in the us elections what also is a plus for my campaign is of course that he knows the mechanisms of political washington much better than rex tillerson as a former member of congress he has the contacts to capitol hill and also to the administration that will help him to probably have an easier ride and rex tillerson had as an outsider to cuss and phenomena in washington thank you. the cost and reaction that are the big news of the day that's a u.s. president donald trump has replaced a rex tillerson u.s.
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secretary of state mike pompei o to be nominated as his successor how is that change being received here in berlin political culture on the ribbon feet of. welcome report what's the reaction you've seen while we've ground political believe we can sum it up with three words sums that this is a rather irritating decision of us is that this is rather bizarre what we are seeing and some even that well this shows how much chaos is in the united states but also sums it up quite well these one nearly official reaction from the deputy minister from the foreign office michel who he tweeted the dismissal of to listen doesn't mean or doesn't make anything but of course that he there says in the end that the german my relationships has been very bowed in the possum that he doesn't really think that things are going to get better yet and reading between the lines that it was because of donald trump the president all the secretary of state oh i
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do not matter in the end i think it's it's both in the end first you have to understand again just as the trumpet mr ation began we are sitting in front of a blank piece of paper we don't really know now how the united states are going to act and form policy we don't really know what mike from plato is going to do a secretary of state and that's one of the biggest. worries the german lawmakers right now have that they don't really know what to expect from american foreign policy now especially on the issues because are important for us in germany which is of course the iran nuclear d.n.a. deal the way the united states going to go on with north korea. of course the the way the united states want to go on with russia so there are many many question marks in the room right now and many you know very worried so rex tillerson in the job for just over a year.


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