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tv   Shift - Living in the Digital Age  Deutsche Welle  March 14, 2018 4:45am-5:01am CET

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people and innovative projects around the world like deals that protect the climate boost clean energy solutions and reforestation. using interactive content to inspire people to take action over global one of the multimedia environments series on t.w. . shift living in the digital age today driving minibuses. instagram magician and looping silly robots but this video games that explore political and social issues combining entertainment with serious themes. which follows the life of a syrian refugee and allows gamers a direct insight into his life. this innocent looking game uses
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a sixteen bit recruit could be picked the very real dangers of war the gamer enters the conflict zone in syria before making their way to europe. for games for tiger news does actually up to look twenty one year old syrian refugee who now lives in the austrian city of such a book he fled syria the year turkey three years ago and was forced to leave his family behind. i was just like trying to escape that as much as i can with playing video games when there is a look first at the on when it's war in syria and you're eighteen more than eighteen years old then you must join the military and if you're going to join the military it's either to kill someone or kill situation or scenario.
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both wasn't an option for me. so he left and his passion for video games made his life in austria easier to. miles from cows or creations a games company specialized in political and social content. the two of them developed a demo version of power. it gave me a chance to do something in connection with this crisis. and in the gaming world i can have quite a bit of leverage. so i could do something that might reach one hundred or a hundred thousand or even a million people. we make a perfect team with abdullah i think the team the game begins at home with the virtual abdulla preparing for his departure serious scenarios alternate was lighter moments and sometimes the real dog pops up on screen to provide hughes unique
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commentary. come on i mean they don't have gallagher in the streets and not in my hometown or every hometown in syria. i thought is an example of the news game where current affairs stories are addressed in an entertaining way half the sky movement is a trance video project that raises awareness of women's issues narco ghetto meanwhile is about the war on drugs in mexico. one of the genres most successful games is this war of mine for us it was about getting food. players experience war from the perspective of a civilian. instead of fighting stereotypical enemies they treat other people's injuries more have to. survive it was the only reward the game has been a commercial success despite it's serious content making today have million euros in its first year. we can only play with orcs and elves and spaceships
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games have more potential than the. interactive game mechanics can be combined with politics. so there's a relevance to today's society. and the media provides a platform for discourse in the schools as it is this medium. was released last year on the games platform steam. hopes the game will help launch a successful career in the industry a career he might one day continue back home. to work as a game designer and that's intriguing. it's a long way to do it to achieve it. will get there or is when a lot of creative people. shift says good luck.
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in today's rankings section the most dangerous celebrities on the internet. number five. the canadian singer is pretty perilous although not because of her music signed us security from has found out which celebrities are most likely to land users on websites that's carrying viruses all malware. if you google. water has some twelve point nine percent of searches lead to pages that have potential for online trends. in fourth british pop singer is a manic former boy band one direction he's looking up. and his search results are downright dangerous he uses can end up in trouble in thirteen percent of cases. and number three carly rae jepsen her greatest hits cool mean maybe over
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a million hits and many parodies chances of catching a virus lie at thirteen point two percent. number two. they. take singing and dancing hawaiian but where if you look him up on the net thirteen point four percent of searches lead to dodgy content. and that the number one avril lavigne she hasn't released an album in yet is but it is still very risky to search for her online fourteen point five percent of the searches are hazardous. that was this week's ranking and now for thomas vehicles all the future the cities of the world are congested and public transport systems are. some local authorities in europe and now testing many buses that drive them. selves. this person estonia's capital talent might not have
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a driver but the passengers aren't scared the vehicle moves very slowly but this is not a test track the bus is navigating its way through the center of town. the greatest challenge for these driverless vehicles is when they have to deal with human drivers. it's feel like the for the ultimate it's much easier for self driving vehicles to be on the road with other self driving vehicles but it's much more complicated when they have to communicate with humans and when they have to understand what i hear one driver might do in a certain situation and this is likely to be a lengthy development of an investment inside. thanks to cameras sensors and radar that bus is constantly monitored so any obstacles can be avoided in real time. cars has also run a test operation between the train stations god early on and their god or stylists
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the doors open to close automatically at every stop the bus can take up to twelve passengers. so they speak to it surrounding environment and even to pedestrians that might cross in front of it keeper of a revolver recruitable in this case it will either slow down or perform an emergency stop if someone suddenly jumps out in front of the front of it's the technology seems to work so far there has been no accidents either in paris or estonia know is that the self driving buses a new father has earned for the police but we've had good experiences so far. there haven't been any accidents. the buses are also being tested in berlin although so far only on one route around the university campus but the developers
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have big plans for the future. by doing. you'll be able to stand outside one building and use an app to ask a car to pick you up and take you to the other side of the campus that's out of compton i'm staying on top in five. passengers will eventually be able to have a bus take them home from the train station or a subway stop so no one will have to rely on a fixed schedule. thanks to an intelligent network the buses will go precisely where they're told. shift says so much shuttles for the future. short and sweet shifts now show it's. magic shows on stage with garish effects so so twentieth century. magic like everything else has gone digital. but kevin carey is a virtue are so back playing his internet fans with digital tricks and optical
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illusions. you can walk through mirrors countries. you can hand sap and fish by himself. and it can even do household chores with a wave of his magic wand. his followers on instagram is surely wondering how on earth he does it kevin perry has been doing magic since he was a carrot. his dog somehow manages to retain its dignity. it all goes to show that you shouldn't believe everything you see on the web. but it was the snapshots if you want to find out more about the digital world. then check out our facebook page. you'll find all the latest news and trends as well as interesting apps exciting gadgets and even. and of course all the ships report so
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that to. us. and give us your opinions that you did you joe. and as always we leave shifts through the exits internet find of the week this time silly robots. it's possible to brighten up the monotony of the daily routine with the bits of color. that creature has traded by british illustrator chris lowy repeats that captions over and over again somewhat riveting the last. of the video features fifty different looping animated gifs the. labor of love for the view up. next week. in virtual reality game holds game as dive into the world the sounds of things how
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fun do virtual experiences influence of play a sense of reality can with too much beyond change all personalities as skating reality next time on the shifts. the divide between rich and poor is massive. to quality of opportunity and wealth is a global issue. in strange possible. can there ever be equality in a globalized world. made in germany thirty minutes to look. at what keeps us in
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shape what makes us see and how do we stick our. primaries. i talked to medical experts. and they discuss what you can do to improve your health. states and let's all try to stay. calm d.w. . going to unofficial estimates more than one point two million venezuelans live in colombia legally and illegally . i'd return to. visit friends is that i don't think i'd ever go back there to live you know what i live there again i don't know so i'm not sure. bearing witness global news that matters. made for mines. they make
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a commitment. they find solutions. they inspire. africa on the road. the stories of both people making a difference shaping their nation. and their continent of africa on the move stories about motivational change makers taking their destinies into their own hands w.'s knowing multimedia series. d w dot com africa on the move. she started out with some junk and instructions from a book. at the age of fourteen william coming dream the boy from boeing wanted to build a wind turbine to provide his village with electricity. i want to listen to dia change his morning right to call him
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a generous citing journey around the world he can. hero's story. and the winter hill starting march twenty first. russia has not responded to britain's demand to explain why a russian made nerve agent was used to poison and it's by prime minister's truism that he has rationed retaliate tree measures but moscow says it won't respond to london has also made him until it receives samples off the chemical substance. that she thought submitted. donald trump has set peace secretive state rex tillerson the us president broke the surprise news on twitter announcing cia direct.


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