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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 14, 2018 4:00pm-4:15pm CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin britain tells russian diplomats to leave the prime minister to resign or expelled twenty three of them in a row over spy poisoned on british soil gets just a week to live in the biggest such expulsion for thirteen years also on the program a new german government takes office at last the anglo-american a sworn enemy. of most germany's chancellor but she wintery election by just a slim margin ahead of the friction she's likely to face. school students walk out of class across the nation calling for tougher gun laws and remembering the
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seventeen people killed at a school in florida four weeks ago. i feel girl welcome to the program britain's imposing fresh sanctions on russia after it failed to meet a deadline to explain a poison attack against a former russian spy and his daughter in the u.k. prime minister theresa may outline the u.k. response in parliament expulsion of twenty three russian diplomats and the limit by natural contacts with moscow later today the u.n. security council will discuss the case in new york tonight oh to as promised to help you change during the ongoing investigation here is some of what the prime minister had to say earlier in the house of commons. there is no alternative conclusion other than that the russian state was culpable for the attempted murder of mr script. and for threatening the lives of other british citizens in salzburg
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including detective sergeant nick beatty this represents an unlawful use of force by the russian state against the united kingdom. under the vienna convention the united kingdom will now expel twenty three russian diplomats who have been identified as undeclared intelligence officers they have just one week to leave this will be the single biggest expulsion for over thirty years and it reflects the fact that this is not the first time that the russian state has acted against our country through these expulsions we will fundamentally degrade russian intelligence capability in the u.k. for years to come and if they seek to rebuild it we will prevent them from doing so . let's get more on this from michelle the chosen phil here in the studio with me and emily show in moscow charlotte let's start with you so twenty three diplomats
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told to leave you just heard the prime minister saying that that's a lot to ali that's quite right they are undeclared intelligence officers that's all we know so far no names have been released to the public but it's clear that the government knows who that targeting is told them that they have one week to leave now that's a very strong statement from the u.k. government here let's bear in mind that for thirty years we've not seen anything like this in two thousand and six i'm sure you remember. russian dissident was killed in the u.k. he was poisoned with polonium two ten this is was live and younger living young exactly after that four diplomats were expelled now twenty three a huge increase there was some criticism off of the case that u.k. government hasn't gone far enough and clearly now they've decided to address that this not only sends a strong message to russia it also sends a strong message to people in the u.k. there's a lot of anger and concern about exactly what's taken place here is west pointing out as well that this might not be any use of these moves measures that we've seen
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today we haven't yet heard from the international community about how they're likely to respond only that we've had some very strong statements we know that there's going to be an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council later today ok lots of people. every show in moscow how has moscow responded to this. well there hasn't been an official statement yet the russian foreign ministry has said that there will be an official statement soon but there have been some strong statements here as well and the tone has been all along and as well today in reaction to may's statement defiant. on the personal fate on her own personal facebook page the spokes person of the foreign ministry money as a hot of a pointed out that may may have retracted his invitation to the u.k. but actually love rolf had never accepted it and it's not clear what the response from the foreign ministry will be there in previous cases russia's reaction has
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often been a tit for tat reaction to expelling diplomats we don't know yet what will what will happen though a member of the committee for international affairs and the federation council that's the upper house of parliament here in russia has warned that the response may not be tit for tat but it had may actually be harsher than that they may expel more than twenty three diplomats u.k. diplomats from russia so we'll have to wait and see what actually happens. so they kick out a lot of people presumed to be spies but whatever you talk about russians and the u.k. you have to be talk about oligarchs and money how have the rich people and their money been targeted of course we know that there's a lot of russian money in london businesses all russian russian individuals have been named by to reason may so far lot of the additional measures other than the diplomats that have been expelled to talk at the russian state for example we've seen that there's going to be a freezing of russian state assets whether as evidence they may have been used to
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threaten the life or property if you national that's one example of one of the measures taken another lover of the russian foreign minister he has an invite to the u.k. has been rescinded and we know that the u.k. will family ministers won't be attending the wild cup in the summer a disused when it comes to actual individuals they say reason they said that only those who are found guilty of crimes. it will be targeted by the measures that she's announced today she wanted to make clear that that says the russians who are in the country who are behaving appropriately abiding by u.k. values will be able to stay and she's actually since her statement warned against any harassment of first in citizens and u.k. so particularly in the build up to the football world cup meanwhile i mean we should really show when russia of course continues to deny any and all involvement it is going further accusing britain not just of russophobia but also of ignoring international agreements you know that's right russia has denied any involvement in this whole case and they said that they would actually be willing to
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cooperate in the investigation if they were given access to the sample to a sample of this apparent nerve agent that was allegedly used and if they're given access to the facts of the investigation and lavrov the foreign minister here today went even further he said that russia really wouldn't have any motive to poison the city gave skeeball and instead he said that others who are you know continuing in this current russia russophobia campaign might have a motive and that's very much how people here in russia view this whole case as part of a kind of anti russian western campaign that's going on the only show in moscow that shows some pill thank you both. and here in germany chancellor angela merkel has said the british government's position in the poison spy case must be taken seriously she was speaking after being sworn in as head of a new coalition government she took the oath of office from the struggle doesn't vote got a short in front of lawmakers who were earlier and narrowly voted to relax for
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a chance of a little duration comes after a near six month struggle to form a government she secured a fourth term after finally convincing her conservatives on the sensor left social democrats to come together for another grand coalition. the bundestag vote was tighter than expected or dr. doctor i'm going to imagine has the necessary majority of at least three hundred fifty five votes and has been elected chancellor according to article sixty three paragraph two of the constitution if you. do you examine the result. yes mr president i deal. with that merkel was officially elected to a fourth term chancellor and it's her third time in a grand coalition the social democrats. it took a while for america to win over the s.p.d. but in the end the junior partners offered their congratulations. to the chancellor
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remains the chancellor and that's cause for happiness and i think this is good news for the citizens of our country and good news for europe. good enough for all. but at least thirty five members of merkel's coalition failed to support her in the end her margin of victory was nine votes including her own in a parliament of seven hundred nine deputies that's hardly a dream start to the latest medical government. husband. put in a first appearance at such an election and merkel's next cabinet is also new in many respects the numerical government is noticeably younger and includes more women than previous ones its main priorities. we need to ensure domestic security and the welfare of society we need to figure out how to positively tackle the challenges of global competition. after the been
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a staff vote merkel was sworn in by german president. one hundred seventy one days after germany's national election last september the country finally has a new government. done. so can we expect more from christopher spring gator apollo in studio welcome chris almost six months after this election there must be a sense of relief that the bundestag absolutely filled a lot of smiles in the houses of parliament the german house of parliament this morning anglo michael herself the old and new chancellor beaming as she was sworn in many of her new ministers clearly thrilled at finally being able to take up that new posts one hundred seventy one days it took to cobble together this new ruling coalition that doubled the previous record german coalition negotiations always take a long time but this is precedented the german president said it's good that this
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time of uncertainty is over everyone is now sworn in the work of government can begin to fade figures are interesting though thirty five members of her own coalition government did not vote for her does this signal fictions within a new coalition. it does it's an indication that the new grand coalition that will has some cobbled together will almost certainly be more fragile than the previous one more fractious than the previous one thirty five members of parliament from within her own. coalition parties voting against her we it was a secret ballot so we don't know exactly who and from which parties with one exception one social democrat has been. has gone public about his decision to vote against angler machall he said he was very torn by the decision he was very angry that the social democrats. perform big u.-turn and decided to join government to
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roll off to having categorically said they would go into opposition and that was the reason that he voted against christmas brigade thank you theo walcott. now you're watching a d.-w. news live from. high school students across the united states have walked out of their schools in protest at gun violence and to call for stricter gun laws in the capital washington students march to the white house and staged a seventeen minute silent protest a minute for every victim of the mass shooting at marjorie stoneman douglas high school last month students of us have dedicated themselves to fighting for stronger laws and have been joined by others around the country. so let's go to our correspondent in washington alexandra farm that naaman who's with the students that welcome alexandra tell us what's been happening.
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so it was a quite impressive moment in front of the white house when the high school students who had cover their set silent and remained silent for seventeen minutes two on there are seventeen people killed or killed in parkland and from what i could see there was no laughing no giggling they seemed to be very focused on their message and some of them told me that their motivation is genuine fear that something like that what happened in the parklands can happen at their school as well know the students are marching to join the protest rally that is scheduled to take place here on capitol hill and people listening to the legislators listening to them how do you write the chances of bringing about change. students hope that the legislators are going to listen to them and there are
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different proposals being discussed there are even different bills in the senate and in the house there was one bill in the senate that actually has a huge support among the legislators this is concentrating on improving background checks for their ground check system for people who wants to buy a gun however this bill is not introducing and the fava restrictions and when we talk about proposals like for example raising the minimum age for buy guns or banning assault weapons then we have to say that those proposals to know it's half of the majority that would be imports and too big for them to become law i was wonderful moment in washington thank you. just.
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twenty three russian diplomats in there. just a week to late in the biggest expulsion of russian diplomats for thirty years. for in focus global insights the news out. w. made.


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