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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 14, 2018 6:15pm-6:30pm CET

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thank you ana thank you very much for being with us and as you have heard on our set the students here are determined to keep up the pressure on their lawmakers to gun control in the u.s. i was wonderful norma in washington thank you. more for me at the top the hour what a jones reveal business right up in just a moment this is d.w.t. . the race for immortality has begun. leading neuroscientists are researching ways to replicate the human brain. androids are taking over physical labor. the human brain used to suffer. new enjoys with artificial consciousness or the number one item on the market. transfer of the human mind into an avatar is
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successful immortality is really rich but what triggers. remember you can leave it's really beginning. brain surgery starting march twenty fourth known judo. at the. u.s. presidents trying to get an earful from the chinese government after he announced a new round of protective tariffs on technology products but that is only one of the battlefields in a trade war he says he can win. also coming up on sufficient intelligence is already playing a growing role in our lives and soon our lives may depend upon it. welcome to the business asian equities took a beating today after agency reports suggested u.s. president donald trump plans to impose tariffs on up to sixty billion dollars of
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chinese imports in the near future beijing authorities have warned they would take appropriate action so we headed for a trade war in a moment we'll look into that possibility with the director of the center for international economic. yes but first this report. if you introduce a product in china you'll be holding a copy of it two years later says ian yang head of intel in china china has long faced criticism for its handling of intellectual property rights technology firms save money on expensive research and development by copying western products and undercutting prices a practice that threatens western companies and jobs u.s. president trump now plans to take action by slapping huge import duties on products from the technology and telecommunications actors the foreign ministry in beijing is threatening to retaliate. almost go to china what china resolutely opposes any kind of unilateral protectionist trade measures if in the
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end if the united states takes actions that harm china's interest. china will have to take measures to firmly protect our legitimate rights and on the street. the possibility of a trade war with europe is also on the rise. but not because of intellectual property theft. instead europe scribe focuses on import duties on steel and aluminum that the u.s. plans to introduce next week. e.u. is not excluded from the measures they would have to be a firm and resolute but proportionate response but donald trump is committed to his policy of america first his trade policies in recent weeks have rubbed many people the wrong way competitors as well as partners. and for more i'm joined by. the director of the center for international economics in munich good to have you with us today you counsel president on
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a task has called for trade talks and not a trade war what do you think is listening to that. well mr dusk is of course absolutely right and his message resonates well with business leaders in washington in brussels in berlin but i think i don't know trump is set he does not see trade as a is something where everyone can win but he thinks this is a zero sum game and that's and the india is a game were conflict can help the united states puts his priorities first so i'm not afraid that trump is a he's already decided on this now everybody seems up in arms about the import tariff say he's announced but looking at the big trade deficit with germany and the rather high tariffs on imports from the united states does trump have a point. well he has a point when he looks at cars for example the e.u. project this market was a terrible ten percent the u.s.
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has a two point five percent tariff on other products theirs is the same well you shouldn't forget that the americans still have high tariffs in certain products twenty five percent tariff on small trucks for example or high tariffs on baby food so it would really be wrong to say that situation is unfair there are a symmetries but the trade barriers persist on both sides of the atlantic and on from just recently also threatens to impose tariffs import tariffs on german cars in particular and the german car industry obviously very important for the german economy and the u.s. being a very very important market for german com a case if that is the case of german car makers are dependent on the u.s. market then trump holds all the cards does now. well i'm not so sure about that because the reality in transatlantic trade is that we have a lot of trade in components so when the us produces cars for example b.m.w. or cars in spartanburg then they use a lot of parts that come from europe and when trump imposes texas on those parts
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the damage the competitiveness of the u.s. common infectious and again this into asia is much more complicated than the value chains across the atlantic are so you know are so deep that you know putting putting sand in those wheels would slow down business for everyone making everyone poor at the end ok just briefly if you would we now have a government in place in germany what kind of influence does germany have on the trunk white house in terms of trade policy. well i think if the the new government makes it clear proposal to negotiate their way those barriers that we still have that message will be heard trump wants a deal he wants to make deals and thinks he can he can be successful in that i think if the u.s. the german government plays in this in this game it will be heard all right god but i fed my director of the center for international economics in munich thank you so much thank you. well when your fridge is smarter than you because
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it realizes you're running out of milk and it sends a shopping list to your smartphone that's what we call artificial intelligence or a.i. for short it's quickly conquering every aspect of our lives from smart factories to smart home smart phones and cars and with the rapid growth of digitalisation artificial intelligence could soon also play a big role in medicine. heart surgery is precise work down to the millimeter. an operation on this vital organ costs thousands of heroes and often takes several hours. providing each patient with customized treatment is the dream of teachers kuno from the heart center in berlin he and his team are gathering large amounts of data that artificial intelligence will be able to use to work out treatment suggestions for future patients. who cannot. it's kind of similar to weather forecasts from lots of information flows into the
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computer which generates a prediction and a weather simulation for the next few days we use simulations like that to treat individual patients. we don't have the capacity in the clinic to run a simulation on the computer for each case and this way the work is broken down for you those in lots was first not often so last and. one of the heart centers partners is software company thousand shapes. the i.t. experts specialize in the research of artificial intelligence in medicine so they know the potential. individual use your own personalized treatment will be available in the future and it's already possible and they're able to fill a luxury product was also official intelligence will help to turn this luxury product into an every day product. i talked spoke to. germany's digital association but com says the process is not going fast enough.
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it's calling on the government to put more funding into research on artificial intelligence. they don't believe it will lead to job losses. you can often also consistency begins we think artificial intelligence will actually create jobs overall shouldn't be seen as. replacement for human beings but rather as an assistant for example to help us create better more advanced treatment options. to enable that research and development of ai com is asking the government to provide at least four billion euros over the next four years. fascinating what's possible now a days out until ten joins me now in the studio for more and let me start with the late stephen hawking's who warned that thinking machines could end the human race so does it make sense to suing occupation intelligence well i really don't think we have much of
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a choice in the matter you have to realize we're surrounded by artificial intelligence machine learning on a daily basis i mean most people have a smartphone in their pockets the vast majority of smartphones are actually fueled by digital assistants which make use of a machine learning and smart algorithms to actually predict the behavior of their user the same thing can be said for you know services like amazon which use smart intelligence or artificial intelligence i should say to take a look at supply chain management to make sure the products and services you need are available before you even realize you need them what i actually think is more interesting when it comes to stephen hawking is he said artificial intelligence when we take it further down the road is going to change how capitalism works he predicted that artificial intelligence could change how we produce goods and services and actually take us to a post scarcity society that means people wouldn't actually have to work to make a living to make a living there be enough resources for everyone however he said we're not going to get to that position right now because human history has shown us that the one percent the people who own the means of production will most likely keep the
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benefits for themselves and just fire a whole bunch of employees so basically saying that the human factor is the flawed one and not the artificial intelligence i mean where can the economy benefit from it because we just had that big really ones the government here in germany said need to invest in ai well actually taking germany as an example we can see there is kind of a disconnect going on here right now germany is one of the premier countries when it comes to research in artificial intelligence in machine learning however we're not really seeing a lot of that research be rolled over into startups and new companies here within the country instead a lot of the top talent is being poached by international companies just think of silicon valley how many people are going out there. right now there is actually a recent survey that said around sixty percent of all business owners in germany say artificial intelligence is going to change the way they do business in the coming years but that germany isn't doing enough to make sure that those changes in supply change management in production and actually in how devices work with
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customers. to make sure that those changes are actually becoming new products here within germany. or until. francis threatening to take legal action against technology giants google and apple for abusive business practices that could result in fines of several million euros france accuses the u.s. company itself imposing terrorism developers who hope to sell the apps to them the lawsuits would be an effort to protect startups and developers. that's a business update humans are doubtless thanks for keeping us company close.
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to. move. my guest this week on conflicts. for example my fellow clergy from. chris for bringing guns to russia comes to comics. mom to cold blood luke my mama great get. loose with a live news conference going to. cut. my
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endorsement shall go like significant your favorite team sway got all the best goals we've got all the matches profundis league up right here our cut job which is the whole of german football series period every man should. come to sleep every weekend here on w o five hijacking the news smooth where i come from the news is being hijacked churn. as for itself has become a script is reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told is that stuff and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my recent. findings print off and i want you to.
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my guests this week on conflict is alexander downer michael flirty d.n.i. chris bring him gandu up the rajah comebacks a concrete house saakashvili ybor him crazy jim now eat the band that claim bush since out say make mangwana law greg barack not bill shaath sultan called much martin cold blood as sawney alfonso das.


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