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tv   Treasures of the World - Chambord - Castle in the Air France  Deutsche Welle  March 14, 2018 10:15pm-10:31pm CET

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well relativity he also defied expectations living for more than fifty years with a motor neuron disease hawking was seventy six years old. and here's a reminder the top story we're following for you britain's prime minister to resign may so she will expel twenty three russian diplomat in a row over a poisoned ex crushing the spot. thanks for the company back at the top of the hour with more world nicholas. starting out with some junk and instructions from a book. at the age of fourteen william coming to dream. we
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wanted to build a wind turbine to provide his village with electricity. oh and camellia dia changed his life a quick fix all of them exciting journey the world speaking of. heroes story. and the winter starting march twenty first w.
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that's shawn barr really exist or is it only a dream. part does exist and it is a dream. everything is at once true and false in the case of a power crazed warrior and erudite each state province is the first to have the chateau built of course shown by exists it's the largest of the chateau on the walk with more than four hundred rooms the unique dual spiral staircase and the famous terrors. and yet is more it's the pitching me of the new era the renaissance shadow that marks the meeting
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of the middle ages with a modern age forty vacation made way for pleasure it only seems to be a fortress to underscore the monarchs part uphold the beautiful and good. represents the entire order of society around fifteen fifty. in the middle is the royal house symbolized by the crown and flooded dominating all else. the left wing the chapel with its crossed somewhat lower and the avatars less lofted on the central one represent the estates of the clergy and the aristocracy both support next to the monarchy. and finally the lower part of the building horizontal tiers bearing the terraces
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just as the common people bound before the throne bearing all the buttons. in this realm below the crown and florida levy how did mortals reach the top from below in sixteen fifty nine not muzzled among wrote in her memoirs. the staircase is the most notable and individual feature of the whole chapter. it's designed so that one person can climb the stairs and another descent and why they can see each other they cannot meet. the master of the house took pleasure in playing this game with me he descending as i climbed the thought that i expected to meet him on the steps amused him greatly i shat in his pleasure. to do a staircase is a marvel of ingenuity consisting of two spar olds one on top of the other around
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a vacant shaft in the center at the bottom is a connecting passage leading directly from the foot of one flight to the foot of the other. the staircase was designed by lana out of inchy who crunches the first had brought to the new walk. the staircase also made possible another less well known feature of. the true claim to distinction the dome of the main tract of the chateau is effectively the first modern apartment building probably also thanks to dr inch. for the first time identical flaws with identical apartments were arranged above each other radiating from the staircase in the shape of a greek cross large holes after starfish as they connected parts of the château but also provided common space that could be used for various purposes such as theatrical entertainments in the corners and towers were for apartments with a part of the square and partly circular ground plan. each has
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a large print. support room and six smaller lower with partition ceilings connected by small spiral staircases an ideal arrangement for conspiracies and intrigue. where the square parts meet the circular and where they meet the cross holes that are inside and outside stairs shambo has no fewer than seventy seven stack cases in all. this is francis the first study. the initial f. is everywhere in evidence uniting france and france. so too
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is the king's her rounded animal the sun amanda personifying his motor i set all aflame but i myself am consumed by the far. time was precious and france is the first was rarely to be found in his majestic residence he spent fewer than one hundred days here and. none the less the immense expenditure and effort was worth it. for he does all his arch enemy the holy roman emperor charles the fifth. you shall be my guest he told the emperor meaning that sean barr and the spaniard who had defeated francis in the imperial election did indeed come and he said to have exclaimed that this was the very finest that human artistry was capable are. the greatest genius in the french kings circle never saw. leonardo da vinci died
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just as construction began reputedly in his royal patrons arms the building was never completed as francis the first set himself if one were to begin by thinking of the finished project one would never embark on anything at all. after the death of francis the first son henry the second continued the work and then the great building stood empty for many years till the days of the sun king who completed the chapel and us the final wing so it is that here the salamander and the f. of france is the first appear together with the l. and the son of louis the fourteenth. the oscillate took the political ideas of francis the first to the absolute as to extreme and we had great respect for his predecessor and made his sublime shatter the setting for money as theater. at his
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majesty's command the board was first performed here it met with no favor from the king though and the courtiers booed the actor's. money as company was given a second chance on this occasion the king was in a better humor and delighted in the fun part of the aristocracy and the money classes he informed molly abbott he had never written anything which amused him more whereupon the courtiers were beside themselves with compliments and had to watch the play they had derided three times in a row. like his predecessor knew the fourteenth came to sean barr for hunting and also it was rumored for a move. the terraces as the intricate rooftop spaces are known
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afforded many a pretty place for assignment and cavalera which we were. after the age of the sun king the château once again stood empty for fifty years. there was an internet so when the exiled king of poland stands last mission scanned his queen the parents and all of louis the fourteenth resided here. although the luckless x. king had the mult children and gardens planted in the annals the florizel malaria were too much for him and he left as quietly as he had come.
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the next episode in shaun bosse history had a more bombastic flavor maurits of saxony an illegitimate son of augustus the strong was given a chateau in recognition of his military trial. this is one of the tiled stows he brought with him from saks. victoria's warrior held court like a king in addition to his own bodyguard regiment the saxon volunteers hundreds of other soldiers from many countries paraded and exercised. following a jewish. cond decor so the story goes marts of saxony died at age
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fifty four. his last words have been handed down life is a dream my dream was beautiful but. after that again student time went by and it grew dilapidated. it wasn't until the early twentieth century that the chateau was taken in hand renovated and opened to the public in the nineteenth century novelist gustav visited sean barr when it was still the sleeping beauty of the walk and pondered its curious fate we walked through the deserted rooms he wrote where spotters wove their webs of cross the salamanders of france is the first all things have conspired to bring poor shambo to an ignominious end it's been left everyone and anyone as if no one wanted it. it looks as if it had almost never been used and
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was always too big it is like an abandoned hotel where the travellers did not even scroll their names on the warms. remains what it always was a hotel on an imaginary journey an idea a stone build castles in the air.
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my guest this week on conflicts. alexander downer my fellow kludgy from her team. chris for you but you gotta do it the russians are coming to come. along too cold blooded a lot of great guests. lists on doubling. the new law our cross to see a movie played by oscar winner alludes to the candor plug into raiders she plays the tough and clever archaeologist. to look the part of the solution just took on a hardcore workout schedule uggla your moment
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in sixty minutes long d.w. . every journey begins with the first step and every language from the first word published in the. nicole is in germany to learn german why not learn something simple online on your mobile and free yourself from d w z learning course nikos german made easy. my guest this week on conflict zone is alexander downer michael of floaty ramu sharon d.n.i. crisper abraham granddaughter raja comebacks a company car soccer shrilly bring him crazy here mace gin now a clean push since out say nick manning won a lot greg could barack not bill shaath sultan kovacs martin coppola toher as sonny alfonso das this.


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