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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 15, 2018 8:00am-8:30am CET

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this is d.w. news live from berlin a united front u.s. joins britain and blaming russia for poisoning a double agent and his daughter in britain the united states believes that russia is responsible for the attack on two people and the united kingdom using a military grade nerve agent. this after british prime minister theresa may announce she would x. bell twenty three russian diplomats a move not seen since the cold war we'll have expert analysis also coming up. as slovakia's crisis heats up prime minister robert vito says he'll step down but the
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move is unlikely to stop public anger over the murder of a journalist who was investigating government corruption. and fourteen million displaced people that's the human cost as syria's civil war enters its eighth year we look at the situation facing one family who fled their home for one of the country's last remaining rebel strongholds. i'm brian thomas great to have you with us the united states is back in britain as it retaliates against an assassination attempt on a former spy london says it was the kremlin that was behind the attack to come and denies any involvement in response prime minister theresa may has ordered the expulsion of twenty three russian diplomats a russian made nerve agent was used on sergei scrip ball and his daughter in the
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city of salzburg. until recently britain's prime minister to resign may had atone been accused of not being hard enough on russia on wednesday she got her redemption standing before parliament may and equivocally accuse the kremlin of attempting to murder a former russian double agent living in the u.k. what followed were a series of punitive measures against russia the united kingdom will now expel twenty three russian diplomats who have been identified as undeclared intelligence officers they have just one week to leave this will be the single biggest expulsion of over thirty years and it reflects the fact that this is not the first time that the russian state has acted against our country. with russia u.k. relations now soured london is rallying its allies for support. he used donald tusk has said he believes the attack was most likely quote inspired by moscow and
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will table the matter at an e.u. summit next week but it was at an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council that britain got its strongest backing yet here the united states stands in absolute solidarity with great britain. the united states believes that russia is responsible for the attack on two people and the united kingdom using a military grade nerve agent. russia though is sticking to its script denying any involvement in the poisoning the kremlin has now promised to hit back at britain but the response will follow i don't think it's necessary to look for a right word to describe it whether it's symmetrical or mirror it but they will be a response and it will be sufficient and corresponding to what we have heard from the british prime minister. while most who contemplates its response police in the u.k. are working to establish the events which led to the attempted murder. for some analysis
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this morning we're here with sara power gone an expert on russia from the think tank german council on foreign relations good morning thanks for being with us we just heard there the russians going to retaliate how's it likely to respond to the biggest expulsion of russian diplomats since one thousand nine hundred five so far it's of course speculation but i guess we will see a russian expulsion of british diplomats inside russia the further measures will also depend on what britain will do accept the expulsion so if there may be any phrase that. may see further pressure on british investors and russia will see i guess in the coming hours well i'm going to moscow house as indicated in my expel british media shut down all media outlets from britain in russia is that a possibility that would be a possibility and that would actually fit quite well into the russian internal me yesterday g s a try to push out for
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a meteor to secure their media approach and they're like single information mark and they control over that information market in russia ok now for its part russia says this assassination attempt needs to be thoroughly investigated that it has not up until now is the british response proportionate to an attempt to discuss. the u.k. is and i love my hair so on one hand. i may say they don't have any final evidence so she said it's highly probable so if course from a constitutional law point they are not a problem on the us on the other hand we saw numerous cases of such do use murders of russian in in the u.k. and of course the u.k. needs to act on this to prevent further measures especially as in this case also british citizens were affected by this attack that is a big point the attack also affected british citizens of course potential poisonings there are no britain right now as isolated from europe we have a bracks
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a looming. maze ties the united states are weak does britain have the power to retaliate against russia no definitely not it would be would be helpful it would be the case if there would be a transatlantic or at least a european approach so far no european countries they would follow britain in the sanctions and i don't think it's likely to happen but what we may see is upholding consensus on the sanctions because what we saw in the last months is the european consensus on the sanction towards russia came into fact after after the crimean accession started to fall apart so what we may see said the essential will be uphold it in the upcoming months and that's all the you would do or europe would do to help out britain so so far it's speculation but i guess yes because there is no final evidence and i think states like germany will be a little luck tend to impose measures as long as there's no final evidence but it
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also will depend on the answer of the russians and also what they're stating on. the likeliness or and what they gonna do to investigate this case you know the us is back in britain as we've been reporting nato the mil to. realignments is calling the poisoning quote the first offense of use of a nerve agent in europe or north america since the alliance was founded that's a very strong are we seeing a return to the type of tensions and divisions we last saw in the cold war. you know so it's not a new cold war because we have big differences here during the cold war time you had a really structured country based on ideologically so we don't have that now but that doesn't mean that the current situation is in danger or maybe is even more dangerous because we have more stakeholders the situation is much more complex and we obviously have a rush hour that is willing to risk
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a lot on the international or on the global stage to push for its place on this stage so it may be even more dangerous than thirty years before and that's why we have a strong sign by nato by tossed by european union to push back to prevent. this dangerous situation sara pargo an expert on russia from the german council on foreign relations thanks so much for your insights today and other news slovakia's prime minister robert feet so has offered to resign following sharp criticism of his handling of the investigation into the death of an investigative journalist young who covered what he said were connections between tops of arc in politicians and the italian mafia he and his fiance were murdered as he was preparing to publish his findings those killings have sparked massive anti-government protests. and he's not sure the apartment complex in bratislava is the product of
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a massive fraud susanna petka is one of the journalists who exposed it. this also happens to be the address of prime minister robert feed so. peckover discovered that his government had helped the building contract to daunce millions of euros in taxes and penalties. this is only one of many cases that reveal corruption at the highest levels. petrova keeps glancing around nervously the journalist researched this and other scandals together with her coworker young could see ak and he was shot dead in mid february by person still are known. since the murder of yan could siac seen here at a journalism seminar in twenty seventeen things have started changing in slovakia on march the ninth tens of thousands of people demonstrated against the government and the rampant corruption in the country. to the prime minister robert feed so is
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doing his part to spread fear at a press conference he called the journalists dirty prostitutes. it came as no surprise to susanna pet cover she worries that the politicians rhetoric could encourage someone to attack reporters once again. just a few weeks earlier petka first car had mysteriously caught fire why she was driving she pulled over thinking at first it was a mechanical problem. but then she met with an informant in a shopping mall. certainly the parking garage called and told him his car was on fire. we ran down there and i saw his car was burning the same way mine had . after that the informer never contacted me again. at the time i didn't think much of it and didn't go to the police but now i think it was meant as a warning to me. that the old gas. pedal
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is determined to press on she feels she owes it to her friend and colleague john could siac and his fiance martino course not over. those men are starving after these murders i'm hoping things will find my change. the state has been stolen from us. the institutions are corrupt and dysfunctional. that's what led to these tragedies where we thought such things were no longer even possible in twenty team that is must close enough. that. they happened in a european union member state suzanne a pet given points out the murder of journalist john could see i.q. is not just of concern to slovak's protecting all of europe. now for some of the other stories making the news at this hour the civilian prime minister miro soror
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has resigned after that country's supreme court an older referendum that approved a one billion euro road projects or are said he was frustrated by the attempts to undermine his government's infrastructure projects is center left party trails and polls ahead of an election expected in june your all some has won the dinner rod sled dog race in alaska the norwegian and his team of dogs arrived in the city of no matter covering about seven thousand five hundred kilometers in just nine and a half days the iditarod bills itself as the last great race on earth. it's to syria now where seventy years ago today security forces began a violent clampdown on mostly peaceful protesters against president bashar al assad that triggered a devastating and bloody war the numbers are staggering hundreds of thousands have been killed and the u.n. estimates some fourteen million people have been displaced some areas like eastern
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ghouta have been bombed into ruins as government forces fight to drive out rebels and islamists the battle for those on clay has become one of the most brutal campaigns of the war the situation is dire the those trapped there wait for much needed food medicine. many families like those in our next report are living as internal refugees and fear they'll have to move on again they abandoned aleppo in twenty sixteen and are now living in it's one of the last anti-government strongholds in syria. musri is fifteen years old and he's already supporting a family of six his father was killed in an airstrike now fuad sells vegetables in libya earning twenty euros a month that leaves no time to go to school. i have to provide for the whole family i read from morning to night to make ends meet
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. the war planes are approaching again. is used to the sound of sirens. and shouted to us every day. it live is the last province in syria to be controlled by islamist rebels two million people live here many of them fleeing the syrian government's assault on aleppo. musri and her nephew fu escaped after wafa as husband died in an airstrike and she lost her three sons in the fight against government troops. now mainly women and girls are left they lead a meager existence for wafa musri the seventh anniversary of the uprising against president assad is not a happy occasion when the fed well this is how the fed has nothing to celebrate it
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was celebrating when the uprising began because we had reason to watch and i hope i have never heard of the fall of the internet to the streets for our freedom but the regime responded with violence but i lost so much when i would have been away i do believe that. the government sent in tanks to crush protests in twenty eleven. the civil war escalated across the country. aleppo was besieged in twenty sixteen and was cut off from food supplies amid constant show. and her family got on a bus evacuating civilians. they wanted a horny but they brought us here on the green busses but we don't feel safe here either it doesn't feel like a home and we didn't know it and there was no what we've committed many before now the family's new home is under fire from the syrian government and russian
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forces. so have no. jets and tanks have been shooting every morning and evening for days the little bit where am i supposed to go and that the four one that through. this time there's no way out for and his family can only hope that this seven year war will finally come to an end. this is deja vu news still to come on the show school students across the u.s. have been walking out of class calling for tougher gun laws and remembering the seventeen people killed at a florida high school four weeks ago. on their hearts with us now and how the e.u. was spawned two u.s. tariff still very much up in the air that's true but after the president comes announcement of those hefty tariffs on our medium and steel imports the european
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union is still trying to formulate a response or tell it or it types have been discussed but in reality everybody knows that the only loses in a trade war. in the debate about tariffs the europeans were united on at least one thing nobody wants tariff tensions with the us to escalate into a trade war i think there are good reasons which both side. we'll at the end of the day accept that we don't need we don't want a trade war instead we should concentrate on trading conditions between the two trading floor like minded conduits for years goods and services of travel back and forth between the usa and europe according to well established trade rules nobody questioned the fairness of the arrangement until donald trump suddenly announced he was going to raise tariffs on steel and bellamy m he said existing trade arrangements were unfairly stacked against the usa let's look at the statistics
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around twenty six percent of goods exported to europe from the usa tax free in the other direction almost half the good sense stateside from europe tax free on average in the e.u. levies five point two percent on american goods while the usa levies only three point five percent that's what donald trump is calling a bad deal europe now has to respond to that accusation. and the president. of. tolerance between the e.u. and the us. i can understand here. we are not happy. that is the reason why if you go we started straight negotiations this is if we should go to the talks not. make trade just oppressive. but that may be easier said than done while on the european side there's still hope
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that a last minute deal can be struck to avoid trumps tariffs on steel and element on the other side of the atlantic they are already making. noises about the next layer of import tariffs for example on european cars. after months of tedious negotiations germany now has a new government and the business world is focusing on one man in particular all of shots the nuf minister of finance many open questions will the social democrat continue the policy of nicely balanced books as ferguson enforced and more importantly will it continue to demand fiscal discipline from spendthrift eurozone members. that's even before. he's the new guy in charge of all of shots seen here on the left is leaving his position as mayor of hamburg to step into the shoes of this man. securing his time as finance minister became
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known for his fierce fiscal discipline his ability to save billions of euros and balance germany's budget for the first time since one thousand nine hundred sixty nine but his stingy policies also attracted a wealth of criticism and sparked tension within the coalition government. sure bliz hardline stance on austerity during the euro zone financial crisis was heavily criticized especially in greece but years later the greek economy does appear to be recovering and she is taking the credit for it revised version of this and this is proof of the talk of policy to stabilize the year i've been a success here the reason is is that we've managed after eight years of crisis in the eurozone and despite some doubts to keep the euro stable. and odo so it's quite a good conclusion for me to finish this off for me. i'm going to go to our stores now it's all up shelters turned one thing he's already revealed is that he'd like
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to keep the balanced budget brought about by his predecessor. after a decade of growth in the early two thousand to be only bad news coming from the brazilian economy especially after the financial crisis nepotism and corruption were rife the economy was shrinking but finally things are looking up again as the world economic forum meets in sao paulo this week analysts report a growing investor confidence in the world's eighth largest economy. this is south paolo known as brazil's financial center but the swish looking high rises can't conceal an uglier reality in the past four years brazil has experienced its worst economic crisis since world war two one in four families have been affected by unemployment and rising inequality has left many people behind campaigners say the government needs to act to protect those at the bottom. we need much deeper
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investments in education in our health system in public security we need the reform of the state so we need the vision that will actually include the ones that are exploded today brazil's economic and political situation is high on the agenda at the world economic forum on latin america currently underway in sao paolo the country's president michel t. mer maintains his country is on the right track. but as. you know the brazilian government is taking all the necessary measures to ensure the country returns to solid growth. the economy has in fact been on an upward trend over the past few months at fox starting to brazil bosses have been increasing the number of shifts on offer in january and february of this year the company sold thirty seven percent more cars than in the same period last
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year inflation has come down and it's become easier to get loans consumer confidence is skyrocketing it's when you look at the graphic goods like you'd be because the cream sharply down over the last couple years are no sharply coming up on you feel good in the traffic in the showrooms close miking is planning to invest one point seven billion euros in brazil by twenty twenty it's the biggest investment in. sixty five year history and other companies are following suit this year the economy is expected to grow by around two percent but experts say that if that growth is to be sustainable it needs to be felt by everyone not just those at the top. high school students in the u.s. have been walking out of claws for what they're doing their heart is they're protesting against gun violence in the u.s. calling for stricter gun laws and washington d.c. for example students marched the white house and held
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a seventeen minute silent vigil vigil a minute for every victim of the mass school shooting in florida last month claire richardson reports from washington. yes. they're sick and tired of fellow students being gunned down while at school these young demonstrators at the sandy springs friends school in maryland are some of the tens of thousands of students who took part in a nationwide walkout to demand tougher gun control measures. recognition of. that. we are sending this message in solidarity with schools across the nation i think it's so powerful that schools can go out and do this and have this message be a nationwide message that we're sending students in the d.c. area also have the chance to take their message right to congress's door seventeen
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year olds and a good man helped organize transporting dozens of classmates to the capitol by bus many of the school shootings are happening and many of them could have been prevented if citizens didn't have their hands on assault rifles for example or if there had been a stronger record check or if the gun laws that were in place had been forced. to arrive to the scene in the heart of washington student rallies demanding action from their lawmakers including tougher background checks before someone can purchase a gun and a ban on assault weapons like the one used in florida i. i. i. it's been a month since a gun. i just school in parkland florida and today students across the country are channeling that grief and rage into protests by walking out of school and holding seventeen minutes of silence for the seventeen victims who lost their lives there are seven thousand children have died from gun violence since the school shooting at sandy hook in two thousand and twelve but this time there has been
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a stronger backlash partly in thanks to vocal student survivors but congress still has been reluctant to budge is something everyone in america would go screw to have . the fear that they might get shot on any given day orange has become the color of their movement for an a it was an emotional day at the capitol. i know that i know more than the people when they say the reception on but it's another thing to like see it and action and to like yes see everybody really show up and be as enthusiastic and passionate as we were we're hoping we can display. in less than two weeks many of these students will be back to join forces with the survivors at the park when the massacre and what they hope will be an even bigger protest march for our lives. we have some sports and football now and barcelona i'm joined by our new nick in the last eight of the champions league thanks to another star performance from leno messi the argentine forward scored
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twice and set up a goal from them in the three no win over chelsea messi also set a personal milestone joining real madrid's ronaldo is the only player to reach one hundred champions league goals barcelona one throw on four one on aggregate after all one all first leg draw in london. let's get a reminder for you now of our top stories this hour the u.s. is back in britain as it retaliates against an assassination attempt on a former spot london says the kremlin was behind the nerve agent attack in the city of saul's very small scrutinized by mr chris i'm a has responded by expelling twenty three russian diplomats. i'm brian thomas for the entire g.w. news team thanks so much for being with us. on
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. a weapon in the fight against smog cobblestones scientists and researchers from all over germany are at work using construction materials to filter out emissions. the air can be clean right at the pollution source. is it a breath of fresh air for choking cities. tomorrow to do next.
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my guest this week on conflicts. exam to download my pillow kludgy from. chris for bringing guns doing the rounds of comebacks of our. mob to cold blooded wanna look great get. sued. because in the sixty minutes for the doubling of. the top stories followed across social media shared commons and content welcome to. starting out with some junk and instructions from a book. page of fourteen william kumquat dream. from oh how he wanted to build a wind turbine to provide his village with electricity. on the a business deal change his life
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a quick fix all that much of an exciting journey on the world's biggest. heroes story. and the winter hill starting march twenty first w. well tomorrow today coming up. purifying pay this color red additive could help mop up diesel pollution. ecology experiments a long term study of the middle brings some surprises. and feel.


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