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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 15, 2018 6:15pm-6:30pm CET

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city of rover near me if you're wondering what causes them as collisions between electrically charged particles on the sun that. atmosphere you watching d.w. do still to come brazil's seesawing a colony of mixed picture of life in south america's biggest country the world economic forum gathers in south polar this week. but it will have about for you shortly i'll be back at the top of the. g.w. diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on a lot of programming going there even if you have you ever thought our innovations magazine for in just two hours from every week and always looking to the future the w dot com science and research for enjoy.
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lying dormant like it's a good thing as a favorite seems we've got all the best goals we've got all the action the job is the home of german football share the experience everybody has. been just like the weekend here g.w. . germany has a new government and a new finance minister the business world is wondering what to expect from all of it will he be a spendthrift or a miser we talk to a finance expert also coming up the ups and downs of brazil's massive economy join us the first snapshot of business in south america most important player for the business world or laugh how it's the new finance minister there are many open questions like will the social democrats continue the policy of nicely balanced
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books that his predecessor followed to the letter and more importantly will he continue to demand fiscal discipline from spendthrift euro sun members. that's the same approach but he's the new guy in charge of all of shots seen here on the left is leaving his position as mayor of hamburg to step into the shoes of. jaring his time as finance minister known for his face fiscal discipline his ability to save billions of euros and balance germany's budget for the first time since one thousand nine hundred sixty nine but his stingy policies also attracted a wealth of criticism and sparked tension within the coalition government choiceless hardline stance on austerity during the euro zone financial crisis was heavily criticized especially in greece but years later the greek economy does appear to be recovering and surely is taking the credit for it you guys you know this is over this is proof of the talking policy to stabilize the year i've been
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a success here the reason is that we've managed after eight years of crisis in the eurozone despite some doubts to keep the euro stable. to modo so it's quite a good conclusion for me to finish this off for me you're going to go to our source now it's all up shots is. one thing he's already revealed is that he'd like to keep the balanced budget brought about by his predecessor. so what can we expect from germany's new finance minister let's talk about that with peter brook a finance and banking professor at one harvey university good to have you with us well thanks joy blip was much criticised but it was also very much respected by the financial world how will that world receive. well with expectations that he won't change very much in this respect and all those these are social democrats and that
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might have a tendency towards bamidele maybe mold more liberal attitude towards spending money in europe or officials themselves looks more like conservatives who looks down to. solid personality if you release it find out later but for the most expectation is that change very much ok because he does inherit a very healthy annual budget what should he spend it on what should be spent on investment mainly and less on consumption because the truth is this very healthy but it mainly based on outside circumstances like the weak euro the low interest rate. as well run the economy which is driven by external factors so it's all our friends must be aware that if you keep this position longer he might not always have such favorable circumstances means investment important spending on consumption should be reduced occasion now is the time to spend which is also something that would to pieces european neighbors i mean what kind of sort of relationship do you expect shoulders to develop for example with france which wants
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a more integrated european union i think germany won't go into this direction too much because the conservatives party knows they lose a lot of voters if they go too far in this direction and so there's not too much expected and all our souls will be a representative of this policy a place ago role of somebody who just spoiled the game because he's not willing to spend too much on the scenes kind of european project and what about his relationship with washington he's going to need his u.s. counterpart next week i simply don't know what he'll do with washington because washington is absolutely clear on controllable because all this from coming from washington is not consistent policy but for sure he looks like a person who can't stand his position and say come on you do this and we do that and we'll have a trade war if you really want to have that i wonder if you really plays this game in the end but one point where you might be more friendly to watching might be
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a defense i could imagine that you develop some understand that we have to spend more money in defense at something washing would like ok i just very briefly the very priority of shots is to do list. should be to prepare for worst types call there will be worse times coming when the budget will be not so easily could clearly rated as today ok how to beat a book of finance banking professor at one time university thank you so much pleasure. now u.s. president on a trump's decision to spare canada and mexico from hefty terrace on steel and allen many i'm from now was not an act of selflessness he hopes it will give him leverage in the next round of nafta talks which will be held in washington and april here is the current status of the negotiations. good news for canada and mexico donald trump's new economic advisor larry kudlow is a strong supporter of the north american free trade agreement but now after negotiators still have massive hurdles to overcome was some of the u.s.
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administration's demands of plausible such as the reduction of the u.s. trade deficit with an after others remain contentious. trump wants to limit duty free exemptions for cars to vehicles that draw eighty five percent of their components from nafta countries with at least half of them from u.s. based manufacturers he is calling for an end to canada's poultry and dairy tariffs which can be as high as two hundred and seventy percent another point of contention canada subsidizes lumber industry that's why the u.s. imposed a new twenty seven percent duty on canadian lumber. despite those stumbling blocks canada believes a deal can be reached. canada knows that there is a win win win outcome on improving now after it will be good for canada for the u.s. and for mexico we're working very hard to do that but we continue to stand up for
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canada's interests canadian jobs mexican negotiators are under pressure to stand up to trump as well but they want to avoid alienating a major trading partner a possible sticking point aside from the automobile issues access to mexico's energy market canada in mexico's exemption from american steel and aluminum tariffs are likely to give trump thing go shaders leverage in the next round of talks. and without consumer products jack an auto junior level will abandon its london corporate headquarters and make rotterdam it's a sole legal home the move is a blow to prime minister to resign may's government a year out from bracks it unil of a set the choice to end a.t.'s with two parent companies. one in the netherlands and one in great britain was not linked to bricks it the maker of ben and jerry's ice cream launched a review of its still headed structure in twenty seventeen after it forced off a takeover from kraft heintz the move would simplify the company structure improve
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its corporate governance and help enable takeover deals. after a decade of stella growth in the early two thousand there seems to be only bad news coming from the brazilian economy especially after the financial crisis nepotism and corruption were rife the economy was shrinking but finally things are looking sunny again as the world economic forum meets in sao paolo this week analysts report growing investor confidence in the world's eight largest economy. this is south paolo known as brazil's financial center but the swish looking high rises can't conceal an uglier reality in the past four years brazil has experienced its worst economic crisis since world war two one in four families have been affected by unemployment and rising inequality has left many people behind campaigners say the government needs to act to protect those at the bottom. we need much deeper
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investments in education in our health system in public security we need the reform of the state so we need a visa and that will actually include the ones that are excluded today brazil's economic and political situation is high on the agenda at the world economic forum on latin america currently underway in sao paolo the country's president michel t. mer maintains his country is on the right track. but as. you know the brazilian government is taking all the necessary measures to ensure the country returns to solid growth substantially. the economy has in fact been on an upward trend over the past few months at fox starting to brazil bosses have been increasing the number of shifts on offer in january and february of this year the company sold thirty seven percent more cars than in the same period last
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year inflation has come down but it's become easier to get loans consumer confidence is skyrocketing it's when you look at the graphic goods like you'd be because he came sharply down over the last couple years and no sharply coming up i knew three of the traffic in the showrooms close miking is planning to invest one point seven billion euros in brazil by twenty twenty it's the biggest investment in . sixty five year history and other companies are following suit. this year the economy is expected to grow by around two percent but experts say that if that growth is to be sustainable it needs to be felt by everyone not just those at the top. six months ago iconic toy store chain toys r us filed for bankruptcy in the united states now the retailer has announced it will close all seven hundred thirty five of its u.s. stores that will affect thirty three thousand employees across the country toys r
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us also says will shut down all of its one hundred stores in the united kingdom as well as sell off its canadian and potentially its international business toys r us was formerly the united states the largest toy retailer but in recent years it's increasingly struggle to keep up with online competition. that's your business update you from me and the team and the insights keep in the should be.
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more dream international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week donald trump is imposing punitive tariffs on imported steel and aluminum. experts say further measures on it in the offing is this the first salvo in as trade war that's our topic this week on quadriga joining us. it's all happening to children coming. surely news from africa to the world story links to exceptional stories and discussions pinu and will come tuesday
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debuts after coming program tonight from funny to meet from the z. town wow with safety deputed smash africa join us on facebook t.w. africa. hijacking the news. more are going wrong the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them that's why in one. big countries like russia china turkey people are told it's that simple and if you're a journalist here and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to give beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about me dear friend balance or being neutral it's about being truthful. when he was courting
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golf and i were you know. on the to. the low end welcome to quadriga until a couple of weeks ago it looked like the trumpet ministrations protectionist bark might be worse than it's but but. that appears to have changed with the signature by president trump of tariffs on imported steel and aluminum the order sparked an outcry from key allies and trading partners some are threatening retaliation others lobbying for exceptions critics say the move.


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