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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 16, 2018 12:02am-12:16am CET

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germany has a new government and a new finance minister the business world is wondering what to expect from all of scholz be a spendthrift or a miser also on the program the ups and downs of brazil's massive economy join us for a snapshot of business and south america's largest country mr brill the economic forum gathers in sao paulo. this is a business i'm crystal coble welcomed it took almost six months but now finally germany has a new government the most important player for the business world is all of the new finance minister and executives and investors have a lot of questions for example will the social democrat continue the policy of nicely balanced books that a speech assessor followed to the letter and more importantly will he continue to demand fiscal discipline from spendthrift eurozone members. i think that. he's the new guy in charge of shots seen here on the left is leaving his position
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as mayor of humbug to step into the shoes of the. procedure in his time as finance minister known for his face fiscal discipline his ability to save billions of euros and balance germany's budget for the first time since one thousand nine hundred sixty nine but his stingy policies also attracted a wealth of criticism and spark tension within the coalition government sure bliz hardline stance on austerity cheering the eurozone financial crisis was heavily criticized especially in greece but years later the greek economy does appear to be recovering and choice is taking the credit for it to buy stuff you know this means that this is pretty for the top policy to stabilize the right has been a success. the reason is that we've managed to eight years of crisis in the eurozone despite some doubts to keep the euro stable. and odo so it's quite a good conclusion for me to have and this is ok for me. i got screwed up source now
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it's. one thing he's already revealed is that he'd like to keep the balanced budgets brought about by his predecessor. and has set out to be one of the biggest corporate takeovers ever but the tie of chemical giants buyer and monsanto apparently has run into a snag the news agency bloomberg reports that u.s. officials are increasingly worried the merger would be bad for competition talks between the two companies are ongoing and reportedly buyers working to ease concerns in washington the companies are not commenting on the report. for more let's bring in our wall street correspondent so if so if china has given its thumbs up to the merger according to insiders the e.u. is also about to give its go ahead what's the hold up in the u.s. . well the biggest concern is that the new mega company would simply have too
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much power in the market which is no surprise so now the u.s. department of justice wants by years to sell and divest more ss and does not think that the german chemical companies current proposal is sufficient enough that is at least what bloomberg reported sighting people familiar with the matter the decision now could take months but buyer has already said they would be willing to work with the u.s. justice department they actually have pledged to sell certain seat and herbicide assets for seven point two six billion dollars through the competitor p a s f and this is to address e.u. regulars harry concerns but buyers also offered to sell its vegetal seed business to the same companies so it's still not enough for u.s. officials but they're working on it it seems like it so there's still a lot of selling to do how is the market responded to this report. yet in
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a strongly negative way christopher monsanto actually had its worst day in two years here at the new york stock exchange and fire investors also lost a lot of money they were hoping to see this deal happening of course as soon as possible as and answer to a bunch of other similar deals amongst competitors which have one antitrust players for example the one between dow chemical and do you call the one between think answer and came china so now it is going to be a gambling game more or less for them in order to kind of match the perfect timing since you must be reporting from wall street sophie thank you so much. u.s. president donald trump's decision to spare canada mexico from has to tariffs on steel and aluminum for now was not an act of selflessness he hopes it will give them leverage in the next round of nafta talks which will be held in washington next month here's the current status of negotiations. good news for canada and
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mexico donald trump's new economic advisor larry kudlow is a strong supporter of the north american free trade agreement but not the negotiators still have massive hurdles to overcome was some of the u.s. administration's demands of plausible such as the reduction of the u.s. trade deficit with enough data others remain contentious. trump wants to limit duty free exemptions for cars to vehicles that draw eighty five percent of their components from nafta countries with at least half of them from u.s. based manufacturers he is calling for an end to canada's poultry and dairy tariffs which can be as high as two hundred and seventy percent another point of contention canada subsidizes lumber industry that's why the u.s. imposed a new twenty seven percent duty on canadian lumber. despite those stumbling blocks canada believes the deal can be reached. canada knows that there is
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a win win win outcome on improving now after that something that will be good for canada for the u.s. and for mexico and we're working very hard to do that but we continue to stand up for canada's interests canadian jobs mexican negotiators are under pressure to stand up to trump as well but they want to avoid alienating a major trading partner a possible sticking point aside from the automobile issues access to mexico's energy market canada and mexico extension from american steel and aluminum tariffs are likely to give trump's thing go shaders leverage in the next round of talks. women at the u.k.'s banking giant h.s.b.c. earned almost sixty percent less than their male colleagues as according to figures published as part of the british government's investigation into the gender pay gap survey also indicated that the bonuses of lower pay. female employees were almost
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ninety percent lower than men's wages sees as the difference is largely due to the lack of women and higher paying executive positions as a result it's promised to boost the number of women in leadership positions in the next two years now after a decade of stellar growth in the early two thousand there seemed to be only bad news coming from the brazilian economy especially after the financial crisis nepotism and corruption were rife the economy was shrinking but finally things are looking sunnier again as the world economic forum meets and sao paulo this week analysts report growing investor confidence in the world's eighth largest economy. this is south paolo known as brazil's financial center but the swish looking high rises can't conceal an uglier reality in the past four years brazil has experienced its worst economic crisis since world war two one in four families have been
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affected by unemployment and rising inequality has left many people behind campaigners say the government needs to act to protect those at the bottom. we need much deeper investments in education in our health system in public security we need the reform of the state so we need the vision that will actually include the ones that are exploded today brazil's economic and political situation is high on the agenda at the world economic forum on latin america currently underway in sao paolo the country's president michel t. mer maintains his country is on the right track. but. the brazilian government is taking all the necessary measures to ensure the country returns to solid growth. the economy has in fact been on an upward trend over the past few months at fox starting to brazil bosses
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have been increasing the number of shifts on offer in january and february of this year the company sold thirty seven percent more cars than in the same period last year inflation has come down but it's become easier to get loans consumer confidence is skyrocketing it's when you look at the graphic goods like you'd be because the cream sharply down over the last couple years are no sharply coming up . in the traffic in the showrooms quotes backing is planning to invest one point seven billion euros in brazil by twenty twenty it's the biggest investment in v.w. depressives sixty five year history and other companies are following suit. this year the economy is expected to grow by around two percent but experts say that if that growth is to be sustainable it needs to be felt by everyone not just those at the top. proponents of
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a free trade deal between the merkel source states and south america and the european union say it will improve prosperity on both sides of the atlantic negotiations have lasted almost two decades and many still have their reservations for example brazil wants to be sure not to damage its car industry that's what brazil's president michel tamer told the w in an exclusive interview. with the motive industry is an open question two years ago it wasn't really performing well but it's improved over time we're talking about thousands or even millions of jobs here in brazil but the car industry might need a transitional period so they might need to prepare for new fees they might be new taxes we don't know we've been trying to negotiate this free trade agreement for nineteen years but now we're very close to a deal. that was the brazilian president and that brings this edition of
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business to an end for me and the entire team thanks for watching and see if a more. subtle come on. the to. cut. cut. cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut. cut.
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from the race for immortality has begun to a leading neuroscientists are researching ways to replicate the human brain. enjoys hard taking over physical labor. this human brain is deciphered. new enjoys food with artificial consciousness or the number one item on the market . the transfer of the human mind into an avatar of the successful immortality is within reach but what strikes me remember you can flourish when email votes move to plan a. brain structure in starting march twenty fourth. what does russia's use hope for colors freedom of expression fear and status. good morning. the reporter during the cold travels through russia before the election. the needs of the poor and the rich
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those who support the president among those who oppose him and investigative journalists. showboats our series this week on d w news. when the german missionary johann is lead month visited kenya the governor of mumbai.


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