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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 16, 2018 12:15pm-12:31pm CET

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that's it introduces its healthy new year's unit to the market and despite some initial trepidation the i.p.o. looks to be some industry expectation. had our first has that story coming right up and business. the race for immortality has begun. leading neuroscientists are researching ways to replicate the human brain. androids are taking over physical labor. the human brain is deciphered. newlin drawings with artificial consciousness are the number one item on the market. the transfer of the human mind into an avatar is
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successful immortality he's really rich but what price can remember you can work when you have it's relief many. factories starting march twenty fourth on. making money with german engineering giant siemens that says its medical equipment division go public from investors really look forward to healthy profits . two days before presidential elections in russia take a look at the country's economy which despite sanctions is recovering strongly. in the presidential campaign fights back against corruption charges and one western n.g.o.s. could end up paying him millions. welcome to do business i'm going to
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office in berlin germany is siemens is expected to raise four point two billion euros in an initial public offering of is its health than is medical tech business the i.p.o. was initially tipped to be one of the biggest in germany but the debut as a frankfurt stock exchange today turned out to be much more modest shares went on the market at twenty eight euros currently trading a bit high on the sale a spot of cement c.e.o. joe cases major restructuring of europe's top engineering company. the mood was buoyant as help in years shares started trading siemens is reinventing itself for the future and spending often on car business says it's part of that strategy. siemens is probably best known for gas turbines and power plants. that c.e.o.
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joe kayser likened to us company to a giant tanker ship that he wants to turn into a fast moving fleet they have been years i.p.o. is only the latest move into that direction siemens is also in the process of finalizing the merger of its rail division but francis sought stone last april that combined its renewable energy unit but spanish wind turbine make again may sound. these spinoffs allow investors to buy targeted chairs in specialist companies instead of a diversified conglomerate it's also easier for individual businesses to cut costs in health in years case saving an expected two hundred forty million euros. the stock offering was one of germany's biggest in recent years siemens hopes to small the ships in its fleet will maneuver easier and grow faster.
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dodge a bank is in the headlines again for all the wrong reasons it seems like germany's largest lender is in worse trouble than it indicated last month predicted a loss of four hundred ninety seven million euros for last year c.e.o. john cryan has now tweaked his bank's accounting to include tax payments in britain and reports of actual losses for last year will total seven hundred thirty five million euro torches says it remains committed to net profit for this year after losing money for three consecutive years. newly reelected german chancellor angela now. listen paris today to meet him on a mccraw it is the first trip abroad of her fourth term in office the two leaders will hold a working session on top of the agenda macross ambitious plan for even greater eurozone integration together france and germany will decisive influence over european economic policy historically the two have not always been easy bedfellows
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but thanks to bob actual business cooperation and trade they've become practically inseparable aviation giant bus has been a joint franco german venture since the one nine hundred sixty s. last year french auto giant bought its german competitor i pull and six months ago siemens and also announce merger plans these cooperation's have strengthened european businesses globally but trade between the neighbors is also growing. in twenty seventeen germany exported goods worth over one hundred five billion euros france was the second largest receiver of goods stamped made in germany after the usa at the same time germany imported french products worth more than sixty four billion euros pushing french goods in third place behind china and the netherlands . the countries have well developed trade connections now fronts what's convergence on fiscal policy to one suggestion is to create
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a euro zone investment fund which would help support european states if they run into financial problems because of austerity policies. on sunday russia is going to the polls to elect a new president and very likely it's going to be the old one vladimir putin is expected to win by a landslide his popularity across oceans society is not just about as charismatic charisma and ruthless leadership style which many russians appreciate voters also credit him with an improving economic situation. this engine production plant in the russian city of specializes in military machinery among its most important customers is the russian government the company's order books are full perhaps to the country's economic recovery. and. russia's economic growth is mostly out of the coverage in the global economy and the associated recovery in commodities prices like oil and natural gas russia is highly reliant on income from
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oil and gas forty to fifty percent of that flows directly into russian government coffers so it earns a lot more from the sale of commodities and it does from taxes. some of that money is spent on military hardware over the past few years russian military spending has climbed significantly but experts say that moscow's intervention in syria's civil war doesn't account for much of the total military expenditure. if you type stuff up off we look at the amount of fuel consumed estimate the cost of staffing and the cost of aircraft carrier deployment and we come to around three billion euros that's about two percent of the defense budget over the past three years the body that's. when russian president vladimir putin visited the plant back in january he wanted the tempo increased the military hardware is not just furnishing russian forces but being exported to china and latin america but putin also outlined plans to increase civilian production of
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power station turbines for example. at some stage defense orders will have peaked and we'll have to ensure that these firms remain and that these modern plants a utilize to their capacity. just like in the old days the russian government decides what russian factories produce and in that regard. italy is set to change after putin's likely reelection this weekend. a one man behind putin's success as his campaign manager bloody nearly been called he is currently embroiled in a massive corruption case one of russia's wealthiest man mr levin livin in co is now suing the ngo transparency international and a number of journalists for defamation. transparency international in st petersburg he's heading to court. and young one of the most
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powerful men in russia is suing his organization. always wins his cases. is the rector of st petersburg mining university the oldest technical university in russia. it's a very prestigious job the plot a mere puton allegedly helped him to get. transparency claim litvinenko misappropriated funds he's now suing the anticorruption angio for defamation alleged damages total close to a million year age the judge wouldn't allow us to film during the hearing. has been between the published mr litvinenko was a public figure the public needs to know what he's involved and where is there any evidence of corruption that's what needs to be addressed in the trial that they can
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process on just a few blocks from the courthouse is the main building of the mining university young people trained to work in the mining oil and gas industries in two thousand and eight when the old building became too small construction began on a new one the municipality provided the plot of land. university then said we don't have any money. so we need a commercial partner as an investor. they signed a contract and the university got part of the property and the commercial outfit also got a part you get the company transparency alleges the director has pocketed millions from the project rather than lecture halls most of the new building is apartments six hundred fifty eight in total with an estimated value of two hundred thirty million euros transparency says it has proof the apartments are owned by live in yonkers wife's company. we went to the latvian capital of reka to see live and
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young only daughter olga. she says her father has public officials in his clutches . many people working for government bodies were given apartments i saw how it works past time and the price is a very low and fake purchase contracts. they pretend the purchases were involved from the start in the construction project they pay a nominal price and suddenly their apartment. consent peters. dimitri says he expects the litigation to drag on for months. would you because we're going to prove we're right but will unmask those who are corrupt and demand they be punished accordingly and it would make us like you. some protection because he works for a well known organization others who seek to unmask corruption don't always have
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that kind of backup. singer iana wants to wants her fans to delete snapshot shots of the company behind the social media dropped by almost five percent vocal after snapchat ran an ad for a game which poked fun at the violence she had endured in an abusive relationship she denounced snapshot to her sixty one million followers on rival platform instagram snapchat apologized and took down the button. refused to accept it thank you and that's it for me on the business team here and then we'll have an update for you in the next hour i will open up world markets right now food banks which about. cut. cut. cut. cut. cut cut. cut cut.
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cut cut cut. cut cut. cut cut. cut cut cut cut cut. cut cut cut. cut. the and choke off florida and take football personally observed. he's really in the spotlight but he says that assad should i mean like me feel happy. you know those. talks go. clamming and local.
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laundry got international talk show for journalists to discuss the topic of the week donald trump is imposing punitive tariffs on imported steel and aluminum tubes experts say further measures are in the offing is this the first salvo in the last trade war that's our topic this week on quadriga. in minutes on. the top stories followed across social media share your comments and contents welcome to. starting out with some junk and instructions from a book. at the age of fourteen william comes to dream the boy from bowie wanted to build a wind turbine to provide his village with electricity. listening
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dia changed his life a cricket ball and an exciting journey over the world's biggest. heroes story. and the winter hill starting march twenty first w. what's become of the beautiful game wherever you look players see more and more like machines of the football in close. well no i am kickoff met with three thousand.


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