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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 16, 2018 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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you're watching d.w. news still to come on the program lots of bells and whistles of the frankfurt stock exchange as vince floated its health care unit but it turned out to be rather more modest than planned i'll tell you what. monica jones has all that more in a minute's time don't go away you're watching to see that. what does a football loving country to reach its goals. we'll tell you our german soccer made it back to the top. you know webspace. dot com. football made in germany. climate change. wished. pollution. isn't it time
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for good news. for go people and projects that are changing rooms are meant for the better it's up to us to make a difference let's do this for each other. a good one for a good environment magazine. long d.-w. . is the start of a trade war the european commission releases the blocks a list of u.s. products that would be subject to import tariffs that's if the u.s. goes ahead with threats to tax our european steel and alum in the i'm. also coming up making money with health care germany's siemens has floated its medical equipment division on the front foot stock exchange can investors really look forward to healthy profits. and it's black men's. a popular
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guinness most iconic drink and i'll be plenty of it tomorrow on some patrick's day . welcome to the business germany's new economics minister doesn't waste any time this weekend he's headed for washington his mission to discuss tariffs steel and trade with u.s. government representatives and the european union may have given him just that extra bit of leverage for the talks e.u. officials have prepared a list of u.s. produced items with some two point eight billion dollars that could face taxation should the united states introduce you tariffs the u.s. economic hit list is pages long and includes american favorites like corn peanut butter whiskey tobacco jeans and motorcycles products worth in total two point eight billion euros in annual trade says brussels the list as a reaction to u.s. president donald trump announced tariffs on steel and aluminum that the european union says flies in the face of evil u.s.
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relations. with a tariff that the united states has opposed are against these principles of the world trade organization and we want to change or solve these problems by discussion as possible. which is why germany's new economics minister pay to it maya is traveling to washington on sunday followed by e.u. trade commissioner cecilia mines through both hope they can convince u.s. officials to exempt european products from trump's terrace and my colleagues in frankfurt is keeping a very close eye on that list any surprises there though. well first of all there are two lists part a part b. five pages each a very small attacks and part a has everything from corn crown berry peanut butter and votes and every conceivable iteration of right. various length with ratios
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specified and there's also part b. which has things like sun beds and playing cards so these lists monaco are almost comically specific but it goes to show how much effort is devoted to making sure that it's hard to make exceptions because of course exceptions would water down the impact of retaliatory measures and the point of retaliatory measures of course is that they're supposed to hurt. so what are the chances that people can do anything about trade. well investors here aren't really banking on the rosiest even though they are hopeful it's just that they've already seen these lists and they've seen reporting in the german media that suggests that the european commission itself is bracing for a trade war now apparently an internal paper given out to member states it's warned against. against too much optimism so it's with that lens about their viewing visit to the united states although of course they are cognizant of the fact that
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the man has to try. in front to thank you so much. and it's not just the e.u. worried but china too the most influential business lobbying group in the u.s. has warned president donald trump against imposing tariffs on chinese goods u.s. chamber of commerce president thomas dunn who said such terrors could spark a trade war between the two countries and would eventually hurt u.s. consumers and the economy is remarks come after reports that trump is considering slapping tariffs on up to sixty billion dollars worth of chinese imports. and shares in siemens healthiness units surged in their debut on the front of stock exchange today the industrial giant raised four point two billion euros the market launch was one of germany's biggest in recent years the sale of the company's made to take business as part of siemens the old joe cases
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a major restructuring of europe's top engineering company. the mood was buoyant as help in years shares started trading siemens is reinventing itself for the future and spending of non core businesses is part of that strategy. siemens is probably best known for gas turbans and power plants. but c.e.o. joe kayser likened us company to a giant tanker ship that he wants to turn into a fast moving fleet they have the near-side p.o. is only the latest move into that direction siemens is also in the process of finalizing the merger of its rail division but francis out stone last april that combined its renewable energy unit but spanish wind turbine make a good mason. these spinoffs alone dressers to buy targeted chairs in specialized companies instead of
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a diversified conglomerate it's also easier for individual businesses to cut costs in health in years case saving an expected two hundred fourteen million euros. the stock offering was one of germany's biggest in recent years siemens hopes to small the ships in its fleet will maneuver easier and grow faster. dacha bank is in the headlines again for all the wrong reasons it seems like a germany's largest lender is in worse trouble than it indicated last month had predicted a loss of four hundred ninety seven million euros for last year c.e.o. john cryan has now tweaked his accounting to include tax payments in britain and reports that actual losses for twenty seven thousand will total seven hundred thirty five million euros dacha says it remains committed to a net profit for this year after losing money for the last three years.
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german chancellor angela merkel is in paris today where she's been meeting a man with a map call the two leaders held a working session to discuss mccombs ambitious plan for even greater euro zone integration together and germany will decisive influence over european economic policy historically the two have not always been easy but fellas but thanks to bilateral business cooperation they've become practically inseparable. aviation giant has been a joint franker german french a since the one nine hundred sixty s. last year french auto giant persian citron bought its german competitor opel and six months ago siemens and also announced merger plans these corporations have strengthened european businesses globally but trade between the neighbors is also growing. in twenty seventeen germany exported goods worth over one hundred five billion euros from swiss the second largest receiver of goods stamped made in
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germany after the usa at the same time german imported french products worth more than sixty four billion euros pushing french goods in third place behind china and the netherlands. the countries have well developed trade connections now from sports convergence on fiscal policy to one suggestion is to create a euro zone investment from which would help support european states if they run into financial problems because of austerity policies. it's black velvety and profitable guinness ireland's most iconic drink and tomorrow millions of people around the world will down a pint or two to celebrate st patrick's day the beer is now brewed under license in more than fifty countries and available in one hundred and eighteen countries now that's more than the number of embassies in ireland. every year more
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than one point eight billion pints of guinness old around the world that's more than enough to fill four hundred olympic swimming pools the storehouse that's in james gate in dublin has been home to the world famous stout affectionately known as the black stuff since seventeen fifty nine when arthur guinness signed a nine thousand year lease on the property for the princely sum of forty five pounds a year. nearly two million people from around the world visit each year to pay homage to the beer that's become synonymous with sin patrick's day celebrations. things like this were a trademark so that that person here they wanted to and we're thinking that i learned three what parents always told me i'm irish so i know the trickle down from the united states and what perfect time of year to come out of the tree but just around the world this saturday the black stuff will flow for sin patrick's day and three hundred landmark buildings across the globe will be lit up in green the irish national colors. the same patricks and guinness is synonymous with each other than
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the guinness are synonymous so where else would you want to be both here in the home of guinness celebrating st patrick's day on st patrick's day which around seventy million people celebrate around the world every day want to be irish on st patrick's day of course sent patch day is a massive marketing opportunity for the company and to take advantage of that they are displaying object really seen by the public including the first known copy of a recipe for export from eighteen no one. but revelers on saturday will of course be hoping for a fresh brew. when japan's fair trade commission has raided the offices of online trading giant to amazon in connection to an antitrust investigation the commission is reportedly examining allegations that amazon required retailers to shoulder part of the losses when imus and discounted them on
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its site amazon has said it will cost cooperate with the investigation it's not the first time amazon has run afoul of regulators in japan it was previously under fire for forcing companies to list their products on multiple platforms to sell their products at a discount on. that's your business update here on in t w you can always find out. if you follow us on twitter see you soon. to. cut the to move.
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the truck. to move. move move move move move move move move move move move move move move. play she says intimidation is normal. problem was a colleague of slain journalist curry. mitchell murders of jack and his fiance has shocked and saddened to go slightly. less again because of the corrupt practices of state of the full. moon absurdly endorsements shall go like singling out your favorite
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teams swayed all the best polls we've got all the bundesliga right here upset w. is the whole of the fold here period every match. the pundits leigo and we can hear w. . hijacking the news. where i come from the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become the script is reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told it's that simple and if you're a journalist there and you try to get beyond it you are facing scare tactics intimidation and i wonder is that where we're headed is well. my
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responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being clear and balanced or being neutral it's about being true. and i work in the. evening. alone a very warm welcome indeed to focus on europe with me peter craven and we go first to one of the e.u. smaller countries slovakia where the government is on the brink of collapse amid a crisis triggered by the killing of a young journalist there have been huge demonstrations to protest the murder of twenty seven year old young coochie jack and his girlfriend at the the rallies.


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