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pop export the music magazine on w. d w media center see it find it here it discover. a load welcome to drive at the car show on d w coming up small yet all we take the honda out for a spin. the latest version of a classy convertible the mazda m.x. fine. and the newest designs and developments at the geneva motor show. like a popcorn gets it might look like going to move every quarter
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a month his current is at the movies but he's actually at the geneva motor show and there's plenty to see cars for any take the fast and slow expensive and she began and small cars that drive themselves and cars begging to be driven electric cars and conventionally powered cars. with a new a six out he has run up the curtain on the eight generation of a successful executive car like earlier versions the controls are completely digitized other highlights include parking garage pilot assists as well as an adaptive cruise control was stop and go. toyota also one veiled the new hours which says goodbye to diesel despite so he's doing almost shouted back up from toyota germany says the new ours is much less cluttered than it used to be and the car makers are introducing two new hybrid variants. the latest in car. nation of
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the hours is four centimeters longer and three centimeters wider than its predecessor. alexis on the other hand used the motor show as the global launch pad for its new crossover s.u.v. us a futuristic design is as obligatory as the brand's feable zero grille despite its compact dimensions the us offers a spacious rear seat the cockpit is tailored to driver comfort. smart and precise the paradigm shift taking place in the industry from now on it's adding the initials e.q. to all its electric models. that get the brand c.e.o. and it to be clear says a decision has been made to offer only electric drives in the u.s. and canada starting this year and in europe from two thousand and twenty onwards. porsche was also good for us a price the mission he crossed three small concept car brought the future of
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electric power just a little closer to the crossover c u v pax four hundred forty kilowatts of power and porsche says it has a range of over five hundred kilometers. and this guy was on the bench the car makers head of sales and marketing says he thinks porsche really managed to take everyone off guard you could see that in people's faces and wow the company is planning to invest over six billion euros at electric cars over the next five years he says whatever i need to see in. the day before the motor show began the w. rolled out another member of its all electric id family the ideal vision this elegance a dam provides a glimpse of boats wagons automotive vision for the latter years of the coming decade later. on it comes out in two thousand and twenty two month as doesn't see the vision being nearly as far along. is this concept car it won't use an
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augmented reality headset that these up to if it was why is my t. as good as all for evolution and he sees things becoming a reality in the next fifteen years the v.w. is already in visioning right now that i have been going in. for the near future skoda sees the urban crossover as sporty compact and stuffed full of cutting edge technology a highlight of the vision x. is an especially sustainable drive concept in combination with natural gas electric and gasoline powered. by outlets godas down hard meyer explains that the vision x. can reduce c o two emissions by over twenty percent and if it's driven with bio gas it's even one hundred percent c o two neutral. be a racer with all electric drive presented by say at sports car division is conspicuous its continuous output is three hundred kilowatts and peak output is
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five hundred in twenty nineteen it'll be entered in a competition of all aleck returning cars. monsters vision coupe a not only has a forward looking design but also a new engine concept. up one fund as much sense as and been able to find out when or if the vision coupe a will go into production he thinks it's interesting that the car has a conventional engine monsters invested a lot of time and money in internal combustion engine make overs the result is the sky active x. which like a diesel works with compression ignition it's a die. hard as i was the marcus points out that although many combustion engines have grown thrifty there are some cars where efficiency isn't top priority like the ford mustang bullet it's a guzzler he says bullets. for office. good to hide all should i need
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a stylish little. wrists a limited special edition with his three hundred forty one kilowatt engine commemorates fifty years since the classic film of the same name starring screen legend and racing enthusiastic steve mcqueen. would take it if i wanted a holiday take it to the track mandals well if anything it doesn't get much better than that. percy he says also unveiled a new sports car the ford are proof a version of it's a n g g t s it offers a choice of our six or a v eight engine without fords of three hundred twenty two four hundred seventy kilowatts after the s.l.s. and g.t. this is the next model to be developed independently by am g. the driving dynamics for this mean machine excel it's top speed is three hundred fifteen kilometers per hour other common r.c.t.'s am seems to be as mirrors declares mission accomplished after the final test drives he's enthusiastic about
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the g.t.s. his performance on the track but emphasizes that the family can also come along and it has a spacious trunk. another exclusive right is bentleys ben take a hybrid s.u.v. it teams up a three leader gasoline powered of a six an electric motor with a range of fifty kilometers on electric power only it takes about two and a half hours to charge at a station and seven and a half hours from home outlet the interior has all who actually bentley is famous for. we've already committed to buy twenty twenty five one who knew this and about the products will have a hybrid option for. jaguars i pace is all electric now but is it really made by jaguar.
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as warns that just because it's been branded as a jaguar that doesn't mean it's all jaguar many parts and components for the i pace all come from suppliers i pace functionally fall on. one supplier magna has even started building entire models for other car makers. had not seen past present and future today at the geneva motor show and now thinks the future isn't owned by the big manufacturers it can also be revealed in student projects like this solar car made at the bottom university of applied sciences howard only by sunlight. compact s.u.v.s have become the vehicle of choice for millions of drivers one reason honda's h r v is already heading into its second generation car tested times
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you get wants to see what it's got that other subcompact s.u.v.s haven't. that's what you notice that many might think this is honda's first crossover s.u.v. but in fact they introduced one back in one thousand nine hundred ninety that soon disappeared and they know hyundai is building on the jets in an effort to establish the h.r. vini and the crossover segment the same cross or was it when. the fronts back sweeping headlights and sporty freesia are the latest examples of honda's new trademark look. the body borrows heavily from coupe a design while rear door handles hidden in the seat filler to reinforce the dynamic aesthetic. and back a quirky l.e.d. tail lights command attention. he could be helped to form the times you assures anyone who has doubts about spatial. the back of the h.r. v.
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that he's sitting comfortably but he can imagine that anyone over a meter he five might feel waged in. the hole the fuel tank isn't build in under the backseat like in most cars and says if but under the front seats. one advantage of that is i for this it leaves enough space for one hundred calls magic seekers. to explains the magic seats fuld up to accommodate booky items that would otherwise be difficult to transport for example potted plants on once this is a much more convenient way to carry this kind of load he says. me. there not a little but a disadvantage is that if you'd like to relax during a long trip you'll quickly discover the limitations of placing the fuel tank there but cons you could live with that stuff i wish thank you both for coffee. overall
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the charities interior leaves a respectable impression alongside the touch screen display in features a touch based on a maverick climate control. the econ mode helps me fuel by slightly altering throttle and transmission response. it's activated by a button bearing a plant icon on the dash. to the economy times you have a size is that the economy mode is a clever way to see if you will even when switched on off the green l.n.b. indicator reminds the driver to plan ahead that also makes the cruise control more reluctant to hit the gas well cruise control usually apply a seventy five percent of acceleration to maintaining speed and economy mode it feels more like twenty five percent if your informant's one of those polled said that coffee. in other words in econ mode it can take the cruise control up to
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thirty seconds to accelerate from one hundred kilometers an hour to one hundred twenty. we test of each year vs diesel version with a one point six liter i need tech engine even with relatively low c o two emissions are just one hundred four grams per kilometer and fuel efficient operation of a compact and the makes no compromises on performance with eighty eight kilo watch carrying it from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in ten seconds i'm to reach fuel consumption at four liters per one hundred kilometers and germany the h.l.v. starts in just under twenty four thousand euros as they went on as you pointed out that the market for crossovers is huge with every carmaker competing for a slice. of the pie he thinks the chevy is a very substantial vehicle the diesel in his test car had plenty of pep any fish and besides he personally like the touch sensitive controls and the panoramic roof . of all this is the opposition. but does the h r v have what it
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takes to compete in the hard fight sector. of the foundry does the model will disappear in the next few years to the contrary even or sees it gaining a foothold in the market cross or was it meant to tell you. my flat our current tester in his paper he says the job is a lot like eating chocolate even if your head says you don't really need it it's almost impossible to resist temptation. today temperatures are two below zero celsius but it feels like minus eight she says kind of that might not sound like ideal weather for testing a convertible but honestly who could resist. the mazda m.x. five is one of the few convertibles where you can open the roof in just seconds by hand. and the car has no glove compartment just
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a little storage space between the seats. the m.x. five per is the wife of the push of a button and classic roadster style it has a six pm manual transmission. the previous generation was really is just last year but these cars history stretches back much further than that and it's twenty five years on the market for generations of a popular m x five have sold over a million times across the globe the latest model offers a choice between two. types of gasoline engines. of would it of a in a say she's testing the smaller version of that it still feels and handles like a true sports car so efficient and compact the little convertible weighs less than
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a ton. and this is where all its pep and power come from. mazda says is proprietary sky active technology has significantly improved efficiency and. the ninety six kilowatt front mid engine makes a particularly sprightly showing at higher speeds with a rear wheel drive the m x five can hit one hundred kilometers an hour and eight point three seconds and as a top speed of over two hundred. the japanese car is certainly a joy to look at one of the top is up or down. the front skirts and small spoilers emphasize it sports car qualities while the
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sweeping hood and bulging wheel arches have become trademark features. a compact rear and dual exhaust round operated sleek silhouette. performance white and responsiveness combined to produce a great driving experience the best place to enjoy it is on winding country lanes. this is one of his favorite features about this version of the m x five is the low slung seats with a great view down the hood of a car and she says it almost feels like the ball goes on either side arch all the way. through the car's interior having the great roadster feeling. three m. x. five offers for different equipment lights we're testing that top of the line
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version of the sports line package puts the r.p.m. gauge at the center of the dash. a range of functions are controlled via a color display commands are fed into the system through the center console and the . speakers are integrated into the headrest to ensure a quality sound experience even when the top is down. that's the kind of course in his points out you can't fit a whole lot into this little sports car but on paper at least it should be able to carry one hundred thirty leaders of cargo is that enough for a weekend getaway. the truck closes five minutes past its first has for daily use.
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but don't forget today's test is taking place in very chilly conditions how does the convertible shape up as transport during the cold time of the year that as the finest quickly finds the efficiency and for heating which makes even the top down driving an option in winter it's a little drafty she says but still provides a great convertible experience. when it comes to cost the m.x. five is hard to beat in its class in germany the basic model can be had for twenty three thousand euros. that meant that all in all in his finds the car is so much fun to drive you'd buy it straight up if you listen to your heart but in this case you might want to listen to your head as well and since the car is just over one point two meters high there's not a lot of room left for that that when the top is down. if you're over a meter seventy five in height you should definitely try out the ceiling before making
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up your mind. to do your test driver christophe hour is taking an unusual brazilian best seller for a spin that v.w. brasilia built in one thousand nine hundred eighty in the fifty's brazil became one of the w.'s most important markets back then the german company only offered two models the beetle and the classic van. even so instead i know you can order gain access to global markets helping turn volkswagen into the european car maker with the highest turnover. we got it all it's no stuff relates the history of v.w. in brazil in one nine hundred fifty three it opened its first foreign plant in brazil and first they built a beetle there would. the most popular car in brazil for decades so popular even that it got its own nickname fusca one of those the classic v.w.
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bus also took south america by storm by the late one nine hundred sixty s. word of lighting then had a v.w. doughboys it and later chairman of the company began initiating new tailored models christophe explains of course the fundamental platform for it all was the good old beetle but as i was trained into not truly dead code to hide it taking. its platform frame and separate buddy technology that was both simple and robust made the practically indestructible v.w. the perfect starting point for developing new models although the way the beetle was constructed was already outdated by the one nine hundred seventy s. beat underlying concept would remain vibrant for years to come. because. the i was pushing very clear demands would be made on the new brazilian v.w. christophe explains it would have to be even more practical more efficient and more
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spacious than the beetle. it's sad that after forty different prototypes the engineers put together and shamir a combining of the best features a sixteen hundred c.c. motor is from the beetle the four segments from a karmann ghia and then mounted a station wagon style body from the v.w. type three on top of the series was launched in one nine hundred seventy three says christophe and was named after the country's capital brasilia this one is in specially good shape he thinks if i get just left the factory part then once it's got to make this complex they can tell your voices to before they get hired but that's good although they have cut out a c i pulled out of. that first the v.w. brasilia was also available with five doors for tax purposes the fast fact model was initially marketed as a small delivery van. bit by bit the new station wagon grew popularity across the continent because
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a common stuff notice is that the combined rear engine and drive make the brasilia fairly unstable of high speeds and that considering it wasn't easy to reach the car's top speed of one hundred thirty eight kilometers an hour on brazil's good story is highways perhaps no big deal. marsha pianka stably was the one who came up with a brazilian is somewhat peculiar design he apparently was inspired by the variance of wolf's words type three and four station wagon models appropriately called vary it these two had a modern and spacious two box frame that was from self-supporting but mounted just like the beetle. to save it from the ravages of time the previous owner wrapped the interior in plastic not very attractive but effective.
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and come to the side because general idea behind the fast back chrystopher thanks is to provide more cargo space and make loading easier but with the brasilia that's not really a case where loading still is extremely high and there's hardly any space in the truck that's because of the fifty four horsepower air cooled four cylinder box engine with one point six liters displacement is right below or twenty of course and good old beetle style it's not a flat but upright with huge fans and that takes up room last hour how. the feel of. the v.w. brasilia is certainly not a perfect. our owners often complained it has serious rust issues legend has it
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that even light collisions could cause rusted through four panels to drop out taking passengers were. cuts despite these defects kristoff says roughly a million v.w. brazilians were manufactured and sold in brazil over ten years they also spread to mexico and nigeria where the car was kristen ve got it and even if the brazilian was always something of a ruling on necker newsom's buyers could even get it with a one point three ethanol motor towards the end of its production life comment that i need to tell the. ethanol is a commonplace alternative to gasoline in brazil today most brazilian vehicles have so-called total flex engines that can handle any mixture of the two fuels regardless of ratio.
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in europe the v.w. brasilia has remained a rarity only a few of them can be found in portugal or on the canary islands. if i'll be able as in many ways christo thinks the v.w. brasilia can be considered the final stage of evolution of the beetle concept from the one nine hundred thirty s. in that sense he says it's a milestone a car history. but its predecessor outlived it while the v.w. of brasilia was discontinued in one nine hundred eighty two the beetle continued to be manufactured in brazil until one nine hundred ninety six it was succeeded by the south american take on the gulf which remains the most widely sold car on the continent to this day. next time on dry river bed leave intriguer now with a new view. and fun in finland
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we find out how well the kodiak can cope with the cold war. gibbs. the but.
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the boy. yemen is starving. pediatrician a shrug no harm hopes wherever possible. but there's only so much she can do. aid shipments are delayed. a good educational load isn't enough to me a. clue. three thousand and thirty minutes on w. .
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bush valiant germany is a strong country. that we have achieved so much we can do this and if something hinders us we must overcome it in the. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters t.w. made for mines started out with some junk and instructions from a book. page of fourteen william kumquat buggered a dream the boy from malawi wanted to build a wind turbine to provide his village with electricity this idea was. quick and exciting journey around the world began. our hero story william and the windmill started march twenty first on t.w. . sun people don't care about me. because they don't
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this is the w. news live from bugging the standoff deepens russia says it's to expel twenty three british diplomats visit made curie inside the kremlin off to the u.k. passing the blame to president putin over the poisoning of the former russian double agent and his daughter on british soil but have the latest from moscow. also coming off more than one hundred fifty thousand civilians fleetingly syrian city of a free this is turkish forces shelled the city observers say more people have died
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