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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  March 17, 2018 2:15pm-2:31pm CET

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story now russia says it will expel twenty three british diplomats said the coalescing of an expiring in britain deepens the crime and furious off the british foreign secretary boris johnson directly implicated russian president vladimir putin in the case yesterday. and watching the news on her home free thanks for watching. w.'s program guide. dot com highlights. starting out with some junk and instructions from a book. or fourteen william coming. from boeing wanted to build a wind turbine to provide his village with electricity. one male a business deal changed his life
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a quick recall of the much engine exciting journey among the world's biggest. heroes story. and the winter starting march twenty first w. it was a week dominated by trade and the relationships that go with this in europe officials tried to quell fears of a brewing trade war with the united states. i think there are good reasons which side. we'll at the end of the day accept that we don't. we don't want a trade war instead we should concentrate. trading conditions trading folks like minded. for years the u.s. and the e.u.
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have been trading goods with relatively little discussion taking place about the fairness of the rules governing the relationship that change with the arrival of donald trump and his decision to impose hefty tariffs on steel and aluminum imports claiming that existing trade agreements were unfairly stacked against the u.s. so does he have a case let's take a look at the numbers about a quarter of the goods the u.s. exports to the e.u. are tax free but it's a different story in the other direction with almost half of e.u. products sent to the u.s. tax free. on average the e.u. levies just over five percent on american goods the u.s. on the other hand levies just three point five percent iva officials say they accept trump's concerns but say the focus must remain on dialogue and the president he's on. the roof between the e.u. and the us. i can understand. we'll be.
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that is the reason why if you go we started trade negotiations this is we should go back to the talks not. make trade that's the present. despite the conciliatory tone the european commission is a ready preparing a stash of countermeasure as it's called on industry insiders to comment on a list of u.s. products that could be subjected to tariffs in response. to. all this talk of tariffs is causing a lot of concern in the southwestern german town of dealing in which has a three hundred year history with steel over five thousand people work at the steel mill and now many of them are worried about their jobs trumps tyrus would have real world consequences here the mills parent company delivers many components to money factories in the u.s. . from school software or trumps tariffs are
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a big mistake. exports a lot to the u.s. he's going to have second thoughts about all of this being that i know more about going. in what it's not ok you can't make any progress with him diplomatically drastic measures are needed you have to do to him what he's doing to us then we'll get a better deal. business leaders employee representatives and some politicians are among those calling for economic reprisals. but the european commission vice president franz to months says such measures should only be considered as a last resort. on the food we want to make sure tariffs are put in place we want things to stay as they are there's no reason to introduce tariffs that's our position. for the people of dealing in this is not simply a war of words they fear the ongoing dispute over steel tariffs could put their livelihoods risk. i am staying with the issue of
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trade the united states is said to be considering imposing import tariffs worth tens of billions of dollars on a range of chinese goods the move is part of trump's attempt to reduce his country's trade deficit with the world's second largest economy u.s. officials have long accused beijing of promoting overcapacity in the metal sector and forcing foreign companies to surrender proprietary technology as a condition of operating in the country china has voted to retaliate in the event of a trade war. for expiring had reason to celebrate this week after the news that net profits had more than doubled in twenty seventeen compared to the year before that in spite of the fallout from the diesel emissions scandal the world's largest car maker is hoping to divert some of its more than eleven billion euro profit into a large scale investment in electro mobility it's aiming to produce electric cars at sixteen factories by twenty twenty two at present v.w.
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operates only three production sites of this kind. germany's energy sector could be in for a shake up with r w e planning a massive swap with its rival eon under the proposal young will take over a large stake in r. w. e's renewable energy subsidiary in. the deal which still needs regulatory approval is the latest step in germany's transition away from fossil fuels and towards renewables siemens has raised four point two billion euros with the debut of its health technology business on the frankfurt stock exchange the market launch was one of germany's biggest in recent years but still fell short of expectations the flotation is part of the company's attempt to become more flexible as market conditions change. which this week
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also saw some three hundred shepherds come to the german capital to try to save their century's old way of life their demanding subsidies which shepherds in other european union countries are ready guess the labor union representing germany's thousand art shepherd says the country's total flock has declined by a third since twenty ten to just over a million sheep. he's the new man in charge of germany's finances orloff charlotte seen here on the left is leaving his position as mayor of hamburg to step into the shoes of this man five country during his time as finance minister sure that became known for his fierce fiscal discipline his ability to save billions of euros and balance germany's budget for the first time since nine hundred sixty nine but his thrifty policies also attracted a wealth of criticism and sparked tension within the coalition government. soybeans
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hardline stance on the stairs teacher in the eurozone financial crisis was heavily criticized especially in greece but years later the greek economy does appear to be recovering and schauble is taking the credit for us. you know this is where we're going to hear yesterday's your this is proof that our policy to stabilize the euro has been a success and that we've managed after eight years of crisis in the eurozone and despite some doubts to keep the euro stable so it's quite a good conclusion for me to hear. now it's all of show to turn one thing he's already revealed is that he'd like to keep that balanced budget by his predecessor. now to a look at russia's economy on the part military spending plays into this engine production plant in the russian city of specializes in military machinery among its
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most important customers is the russian government and it has the money the economy grew by one point five percent last year. russia's economic growth is mostly down to the recovery in the global economy and the associated recovery in the price of commodities like oil and natural gas russia is heavily reliant on income from oil and gas forty to fifty percent of that flows directly into russian government coffers it earns a lot more from the sale of commodities than it does from taxes. or. some of that money is spent on military hardware over the past few years russian military spending has climbed significantly but experts say that moscow's intervention in syria's civil war doesn't account for much of the total expenditure . if you look at the amount of fuel consumed to estimate the cost of staff and the cost of aircraft carrier deployment we come to around three billion euros that's
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about two percent of the defense budget over the last three years and it's a pity that. when russian president vladimir putin visited the plant back in january he encouraged companies to diversify their products not present the military hardware is not just for initiating russian forces but also being exported to china and latin america and also outlined plans to make more nonmilitary products such as power station turbines. at some stage defense orders will have peaked and will have to ensure that these companies remain busy and that these modern plants are used to their full capacity. economists say the country has recovered from the sanctions imposed after the annexation of crimea and a two percent inflation is at its lowest point since the collapse of the soviet union.
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finally we head to sao paolo which played host to the world economic forum on latin america this week but the swish looking high rises can't conceal an uglier reality in the past four years brazil has experienced its worst economic crisis since world war two one in four families have been affected by unemployment and rising inequality has left many people behind campaigners say the government needs to act to protect those at the bottom. we need much deeper investments in education in our health system in public security we need the reform of the state so we need of these are. the ones that are exploded today. unsurprisingly brazil's economic and political situation was high on the agenda. at the world economic forum on latin america. the country's president michel t. mer maintains his country is on the right track. the
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brazilian government is taking all the necessary measures to ensure the country returns to solid growth. the economy has in fact been on an upward trend over the past few months at fox bag and of brazil bosses have been increasing the number of shifts on offer in january and february of this year the company sold thirty seven percent more cars than in the same period last year inflation has come down and it's become easier to get loans consumer confidence is skyrocketing it's when you look at the graphic it's like a b because he came sharply down over the last couple years and no sharply coming up i knew three of the traffic in the showrooms. is planning to invest one point seven billion euros in brazil by twenty twenty it's the biggest investment in v.w. to brazil sixty five year history and other companies are following suit this year
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the economy is expected to grow by around two percent but experts say that if that growth is to be sustainable it needs to be felt by everyone not just those at the top and that wraps up this week's business update join us again next time. the world club scene is getting up. an exhibition is celebrating. and that. coming up. fifty years of culture.
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eco act africa smart solutions for our environment. can the fog be harvested in the dry mountainous regions of southwest morocco they're doing just that turning fog into drinking water. go into africa sixty minutes d.w. . lying dormant shell leipzig the biggest favorite team sleep all the best goals we've got all the action the double is the home of german football shared experience every match. the fund is league of three weekends here told you. the freedom of expression. of value that ways has to be defended and new. all over the world.
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of freedom freedom of art. a multimedia project about artists and their right to express their views freely. d.w. don't come to freedom. however want to walk under another edition of euro max i'm your host meghan lee here is a look at what we've got in store for you today. saturday night fever how the night clubs have shaved party culture. from berlin with love cracking the codes of the.


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