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tv   The Bundesliga - Your Team your League your Show.  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2018 1:15am-1:31am CET

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but to taint the f.b.i. law enforcement and intelligence professionals more generally don't forget you can always get d.w. news on the go just download our app from google play or from the apple store that'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications for any breaking news you can also use the app to send us photos and videos. abundance they got a show is coming up with chris harrington stay tuned for that and have equal often see you soon thanks for watching. learn german with w. . any time any place.
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whether with jo jo and her friends. it is going to be in the mission space seems to be specially chosen. with friends all over the world. online and interactive. german to go. learn german for free with d.w. . all eyes were on these guys this saturday especially by fans due to a royal blue condition shoka failed to beat wolves were fired could capture the bundesliga title this weekend with a fifteen league chance have been fourth email under their old i guess last weekend wins over hamburg put them in point blank range of their six put as your crown in
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a row if they confirm it this match day they'll type that ordeal as record for the league's earliest title ever. but to get their hands on the title this weekend by or against other results to go their way so let's hit the pitch and take a look at what's coming up on the bundy's league of. the royal blues we're looking . for their fifth win in a row it will further the cycling on to the relegation cliff domini go to discos side tightening their grip one second and make biron wait at the other end of the table hamburg the dinosaur has another new coach at the helm could take it a new start posting goal thursday can separate lynn. book into the bunnies they get here on t w i'm chris carrington shockers domany coach desk oh must be doing something right shock is the hottest team right now with four straight wins another
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one it was poor it would put any byron parties on hold in winning could come easy under bruno the wolves have yet to be the victor but the team's problems go to him their point tally a meager twenty five is their worst ever in a top flight campaign could play new home set the stage for an upset. those folks were forced to be reckoned with when nalgae was wearing their colors now with the royal blues the defender is hungrier than ever for goals he's already scored five times this season. both spurred on the other hand i'm having a torrid time of it they were without a win in three games under coach bruno love a d.m. . his team got the first real chance of the game no maximillian arnold with this shot after ten minutes i offer to nitty is like this were few and far between. i shall get in particular where no hurry to threaten the vosper goal their first
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chance came just before half time that's not good enough to be a champions league contender. sixty minutes in and shank you were beginning to get their act together brad and bolo got as close as you can get without scoring my i me some super goalkeeping from country stales kept the ball out of. those big responded after some desperate play in the books the referee pointed to the spots. the replay clearly showing the tie in the stands it's taking down recently visit i call for hard took the shot stopped by real fan and it was the third penalty he said this season shall be made another push in the dying moments of the game the most big defense was caught napping and bowler with the cross and the ball touched in a close range by agony for robbing konopka he turned the ball into his own net i shouted with their fifth win in a row they keep their champions league hopes alive and tonight by in munich the
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chance of an early point is a good title even more cause for celebration. in own goal even gets the job done we keep the ball rolling with our match day or wrap up one that features lots of goals for a for a host of relegation threatened minds in a local scuffle and out further welcome braman with no lack of a. off in either but first a game that had the biggest eruption of off in so far this weekend hoffenheim in glad book clubs are clinging on to european hope hoffenheim came into this one looking for a third straight win but a lot but clearly had other ideas. hoffenheim were first to draw blood in the tightly contested match and i mean he was the first of many. top level disco before the break as you also do much back his first for the falls by a penalty from andre crumb aren't so the lead restored in the second tough. on the
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goals kept coming even last in the school and the fourteen game drought by two old in the seventy second minutes by. just two minutes later hoffenheim regain the lead float them clips with pinpoint accuracy. but clap but kept fighting and in the ninetieth minute ts gives up popped up at the back post to tap in the equaliser by three zero in the final score by. the of ishaq belfort hill is the man of the moment in bremen the summer signing had a slow start to his bonus league career but needed just five minutes to make his mark on the game the capital's amazing run with a small finish by and the algerian continued to impress that chin on top screws a pos in the forty eighth minute to make it sunil would with the knee and the rub
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of the green the be. picked up they gave it a second home office ronnie could tear a noted into schultz and the visitors leave the but brennan's dynamic duo was finished yet bellfield taking on the role as providing as much cruz a store his seat in the campaign by. a three one win enough to end holcomb predication. essentially nothing is decided even if we were in third place it's no reason to be satisfied and you need to have that hunger is attainable most mentioned. frank but have the bigger appetite for goals in bed dobby against mine it's just six minutes in kevin prince but saying put the eagles in front. the hosts continue to dominate and a fluid move was capped off by luca u. of h. so you know. mind simply couldn't keep up
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before the break on to give it finished the game off to the smart finish three nil the eagles continued to fly high as mights plummy relegation. frankfurt's fresh prince doing it again and mike's defeat gave hamburg a chance to make up ground after they conceded six goals to buy in last match way they parted ways with their coach replacing him with under twenty one coach christian tickets hopefully he'll fare better than his predecessor who have to for hamburg to avoid their maiden relegation enter a headset berlin a side with a lot less to play for they're not really geisha in danger nor in european contention stuck in limbo they fit an office of drought lately no goals in four outings they were looking to jump start their scoring in hamburg. he's the latest man tasked with keeping hamburg christian tits fielded
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a youngest side in forty four years five changes to the starting eleven including on the twenty one's player matty stein man but that youthful spark energized hamburg man teed up to class santos the host creating chances early on in the home goal you land policy was playing his part too and then what the home fans had been hoping for a move under fifteen of their sides league position coolly finished by the ruling santos i one nail after twenty five minutes the first time hamburg could even lead a match in three months. not the other and had to remain a threat pollers back ensuring the hosts went into the break of goals of the goods . how he adds they wish the match could have ended here but it wasn't to be because though the problems at one end had been sources on the other it was the same old story the dangerous marvin patton house afforded far too much space to cross
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valentino as r.a. with an easy finish hamburg's earlier confidence appeared to drain out of them more lackluster defending and substitute salomon kalou turned the match on its head i could only been on the pitch two minutes and scored with his first touch. my search this site for which even keep a polish bank join the attack at the end i would have to have gone now without a win in fourteen games is fundamental but as i thought we played well in the first start it was tough after we went to one down we tried to turn it around we didn't give up but at the end of the day our aim is to win matches and not to lose the inner city and there was nasty scenes after the full time whistle hamburg may want to go down fighting but not like base. camp it's still in the pits. before we see the results i take a look back at friday's game this guy right here stu garcon by their incredible run
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of four under coach thai food cooked fans were treated to a two one win in freiburg that means cooked it remains and beaten in seven games since taking over five wins in two draws not too shabby to mario gomez goal secured the victory in the derby leaving freiburg goal scorer nails pierce and frustrated to say the least. so you see the highlights let's take a look at this weekend results on the wall wolfsburg in shock and on goal never works out goes all the way goal school or in the glove match and that indeed even braman no trouble getting past aldeburgh local rivals frankfurt in my all frankfurt have burst on it off the scoring but i had to berlin finish it friday's game saw stuttgart prevail over freiburg and we have six teams in action on sunday don't mean hand over cologne labor couzin in life sick hosts by are out of action now
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let's take a look at what it means in the table shaka as you can see right here stay in second thought they too narrow that margin to buy or now they're within twenty points frankfurt's win give them a boost but being in the middle of dormant labor coups and that could change on sunday stu cork climb to eight now let's take a look at the bottom half nothing has changed down here from last match day as you can see with the exception of vertebrae mintz the light boost my nights in wool spurred phil in hot water level at twenty five points that means one thing playoff spot as ever we end the show with a look at the play of the day is voted for by you on twitter and with forty six percent of the vote the winner is mathias tkinter the glove but offender was in the right place at the right time to. homa ninetieth minute equaliser is his side drew
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great three with hoffenheim. poachers finish to round off of crilly bundesliga showdown. well that's all for us here at the bun as they go sit back and enjoy these images from the weekend's action so far for me and the rest of the team here in berlin see you one sunday with our special guest former point of the good player michel busy stuck up. lp this. this week's highlights. looking for the clincher. car race. on waves we all know who sailed around the world. but there's no place like
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speech and how cozy concrete can be. the road. next to the. crimea a fascinating melting pot of peoples and cultures. a place that's filled with history and has witnessed the rise and fall of empires. a strategic territory that has been fought over for centuries. how do the residents of crimea use their right to. crimea through the age. of forty five minutes on d w. on freedom and home. where i come from the region is rich in history and talent so much so poor and if you question the trinity and freedom this makes it especially difficult for them to come to drugs i see many of the younger promising journalists who are now making
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names for themselves all over the world. some might get along the way some might follow some with continued. experience of freedom in a sense is like the fenians of the day you can visit but you call come back home. my name is useless when i work and you know. everyone welcome to our highlights so with the best pics of the week i'm your host meghan lee here's a look at what we've gotten store for you today. ocean rider
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a swiss adventure sailing trip. so these dire the latest shoot trends.


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