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voting is underway in russia's presidential election voters and vladivostok in the country's far east lined up to cast their ballots eight candidates are in the running but president vladimir putin is expected to win a fourth term in office by a clear margin. thousands of people have been streaming out of the rebel held district of eastern near the syrian capital damascus artillery fire from syrian government forces and russian airstrikes have intensified. around eleven thousand
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people in germany have protested the ongoing turkish offensive in northern syria many members of the country's large kurdish community took to the streets of the central city of hanaford during the kurdish new year celebrations. russia has summoned the british ambassador telling him twenty three british diplomats had a week to leave the country this came in response to britain expelling russian diplomats earlier in the week over the poisoning of a russian double agent and his daughter in the u.k. british prime minister theresa may had strong words for moscow. the attempted assassination. for which there. was culpable.
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in those days i climbed the steps of the earth between the gruesome undergrowth of the lost forests until i reached you my true picture high city of step stone. cradled in you like two parallel lines of lightning and humanity's cradle in a wind of the mother of stone foam crown of the congo. high above towering clouds mysterious and remote lies much you picture no account
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towns of this city no european no spanish conquistador ever found a way through the wilderness of the valley. on a july day in one thousand nine hundred eleven the us archaeologist and historian hiram bingham accompanied by a native guide was the first to make his way along overgrown incapacity skirting the steep mountain slopes at the top he discovered the ruins of a long deserted city overgrown by the jungle. was this long lost vilcabamba where the incas had hidden their goal from the spanish invaders not a single gold artefact has ever been found no one knows who lived here nor why the city was abandoned. one thing. the city which according to bingham was known as mother you picture old
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mandarin was built in the mid fifteenth century during the heyday of the entire culture and the into empire. much you picture was planned down to the smallest detail the other texture mirrors the three tiers of society on one side of the houses of the nobility with the palace and the temples and on the other beyond the central plaza the districts for the scholars and the outer sounds below them to the south of the houses and terraces of the farmers including storehouses and sheds into cities were hierarchically structured both internally and externally. the stone used to build machel picchu was quarried within the city limits there
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were regular masons guilds with architects master builders experienced construction workers and gangs of unskilled laborers similar to those that build europe's mediƦval cathedrals. the inca houses reflect the society's class distinctions unlike the out his hands houses the walls at the scholar's quarter and especially in the palace and temple are built with incredible precision each stone was shaped to within a fraction of an inch the inca builders use no mortar and even today their dry stone walls are unsurpassed.
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the farming terraces they were filled with soil brought up from the fertile bamber valley they're called and denis and is the name of these mountains the andes the terracing makes artificial irrigation easier and stops the valuable topsoil being washed away. these terraces probably didn't produce enough to feed the entire population of much of the too many sites of being found within a radius of five kilometers which were used only for farming the farmers must have been meekness members of conquered tribes forced by the incas to resettle here. these reconstructed buildings were used for storage next to them or sheds for the
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lammas which would have transported the harvest bingham's excavations not only provided insights about the ways the incas lived they also presented new riddles the whole known as the motors for example may have been used for us for nomic or purposes at certain times the hollowed stones were filled with water taking the position of the windows and the direction of the sun's rays into account it may have been possible to make calculations for agricultural purposes. a second theory assumes that the priestesses used the motors to grind plants and minerals and make dies for weaving and pottery.
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nobody knows whether an inker ever rude in matchup each to the word into means the only one the son of the sun gold and silver which represented the team is of the sun and the moon to the incas were often used for sacred purpose. as the religious artifacts demonstrate the high level achieved by into craft workers. back to the motor's the locals tell another story about them the two motors full of water are supposed to represent two large open eyes your name for the sun and the sky. the various strictly segregated parts of the city are linked by a great many steps. what's
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known as commodore rock depicts a bird's head with a beat the two rocks behind it represent the wings the gentle below the big could have been used to carry the blood of sacrificial animals to the incas the condo was a symbol of freedom of the air the temple of the sun is a masterpiece of architecture and seems set into the rock like
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a condo's nest from the semicircular tower the priests could make astronomical observations calculate the solstice or determine the precise position of the sun which played a vital role in religious ceremonies sum and moon were at the center of all the incas sacred rites. the semicircular wall surrounds addressed block of granite which resembles an altar and was presumably used for sacrifices at the center of matthew picchu lies the palace the political heart of the city the beauty and precision of the stone walls show that the priests and nobility ruled here today we know that the blocks were shaped with bronze and stone tools and then ground against each other until the pieces fit it like a jigsaw puzzle. the trapeze shaped door and window openings are typical of into architecture they were important for
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the structural stability of the openings which were often surmounted by blocks of stone weighing many tons of the sacred plaster is also known as the and closure of the sun to the south the house of the high priest. to the east the temple of three windows the incas believe that infinity was reflected in them. to the north the open front of the main temple. beyond the main temple lies the ceremonial hole the interior walls contain thirty knishes it's assumed
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that an oracle was consulted here to ask the council of the gods the voice of anyone's beginning to do one of the knishes is magnified and can be heard throughout the whole. the religious center of much you picchu is the mound where the people bowed to the sun known as into what diana. its main feature is a sacred stone which resembles a sun dial the inca word into what diana means the place where the sun is fatter. astronomers priests and teachers use the sun dial to calculate the course of the sun throughout the year the months and the time of day although we don't know what astronomical methods were used. the end of matthew picchu remains
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a mystery with the fall of the inca empire the decline of the city was probably inevitable after that it didn't take long for the jungle to reclaim the houses temples and rules and then the inca city of matches picchu slept for three hundred years.
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he started out with some junk and instructions from a book. at the age of fourteen william coming home by the dream. we wanted to build a wind turbine to provide his village with electricity. i want to elevate this idea change his life play football just such an exciting journey the world freek.


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