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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2018 11:00am-11:16am CET

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union. ingenius. this is d w news live from but a turkish that forces say they have seized to send to all of syria's afraid off to a lightning advance against a kurdish militia in the city under ads of thousands of people have been forced to flee their homes and observers say the battles nobs over yes those are coming up russians go to the polls to pick a new president that he made putin is expected to easily win a force to have in all faces but can he mobilize voters turned off by the predictability of the context. sometimes i mean it will have to wait another week
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to wrap up the bundesliga title box office that closest rivals shall come by became both fuck the world leaders last could have put the americans just three points away from their stake in successive championship we'll have all of the action from getting. five hundred home free in but in thanks for joining me and we start with just some breaking news turkey's president wants his turkish led forces have taken complete control of the center of affray in town in northern syria. oh well this is what you just said to show syrian rebels backed by turkey ensuring our freedom this morning they've been trying to take the town as part of a two month offensive against kurdish fighters that ankara says linked to
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terrorists in turkey more than fifteen hundred turkish fighters are should have been killed in the operation and over one hundred fifty thousand civilians have been forced to leave their homes. well journalist of let him have unveiled his monitoring the situation from the kodesh city of it been in northern iraq vladimir explain to us exactly what is happening right now in a free. what yesterday and a day before most of it was there are still some civilians and nothing and today turkish backed rebels thirty and thirty three and i think in the hospital and they also have taken the building the local administration building so it seems that the battle is over but on till now there is no official statement just of the kurts some say there are still kurdish fighters inside three and with those turkish backed rebels that in africa what can we expect now to happen in that area.
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we have already seen videos of thought turkish backed rebels. mistreating civilians so it's really going to be difficult to see because a lot of severe loss and i would be adopted many of them will soon return because they're afraid of repercussions especially those that were using to support kurdish fire sources in the demonstrations they are afraid to go bark so a lot of cars are actually afraid of graphic changes in our stream because they're afraid that they're killed bring in. civilians from other areas from our affairs so to me you say that they're afraid to go back for those who have fled do we know where they've gone. there's two show villages close to us three in the there's according to some reports around hundred fifty thousand civilians there some of them they want to go to aleppo but the sharon government doesn't allow that so they don't have really a lot of options on those they go to other kurdish leaders in other parts of
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northern syria like obama york on the until now and there are most of them are afraid to go bark but we have seen shelling strikes in affray no everybody is prepared to leave some people trying to hold on to some people staying yeah i don't know there's still a very small amount of civilians and i think city and then some civilians are in some villages. there are some calls actually from from the kurdish leadership they're calling on kurds to go back to their villages because they're afraid of these demographic changes but i think it's doubtful that most of those civilians will return but there are still some small number of civilians inside i think city and some civilians until it is around i think this is a tough question that is they any end in sight to this conflict well depends on what the americans are going to do that goes out on this front and to take all the area all the way through the record border so if there are concerns
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stop the turkish i think on monday which then this conflict is not going to end and we'll see a much more displacement say what type of then go which is not enough free and it's called also happened in other kurdish cities if america and international community doesn't stop turkey from france in for john has to vent a failed thank you for your insights. so russia now and voting is underway in the country's presidential elections eight candidates all in the running but president vladimir putin is expected to secure a victory and his fourth term in office now putin himself has already cost his ballot in moscow none of his seven challenges are considered a serious threat opinion polls suggesting that putin could take around seventy percent of the votes now russian election monitoring group says a growing number of workers in the country have complained that employers are pressuring them to vote. let's bring in our
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correspondent in moscow now emily showing hopefully she is with us and she is indeed emily you are in the hot over the capital polls that are open any excitement. unfortunately she can't hear us at the moment we will hopefully speak to her late in the program we apologize for losing that line to emily that. well let's take a look now at some of the other stories making news around the world with us to steal paris leaving german chancellor angela merkel and china's president xi jinping have said they want to tackle overproduction while still markets in a phone call the to agree to seek solutions within the agreed framework of the g twenty the group of industrialized nations is set to meet on monday in argentina. and the united states trump administration critics have alleged that the firing of
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the f.b.i.'s former deputy director under mckay's was politically motivated they say it was an attempt to discredit an investigation into alleged russian interference in the twenty sixteen election mccabe had served the f.b.i. for over twenty years and he was let go just days before his retirement. to. recall thora he's been searching the aegean sea for survivors after a migrant boat capsized at least sixteen people are confirmed dead three people managed to swim to land and raise the alarm they have been taken to the greek island of some off someone with the bodies of those donated. tens of thousands of people many of them retirees have taken to the streets of spain to call for higher pensions unions and retire recruits he headed the mobilization in over one hundred cities and towns saying that the government's increase of pensions by quarter of
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a percent was fault too. to the one is legal now in buying fans were watching closely a shark attack on vosburgh on saturday the defeat of the royal blues would help the varians as they seek to wrap up the buddha's league title this weekend that wins have been hard to come by for votes but this season could they finally turn their season around here's what happened. were forced to be reckoned with where now was wearing their colors now with the royal blues the defender is hungrier than ever for goals he's already scored five times this season. both spoke on the other hand are having a hard time of it they were without a win in three games under coach bruno lava dia. his team got the first real chance of the game no maximillian arnold with this shot after ten minutes of opportunities like this were few and far between. in particular were in
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no hurry to threaten the vosburgh goal their first chance came just before half time that's not good enough to be a champions league contender. sixty minutes in and shonky were beginning to get their act together breland bolo got as close as you can get without scoring five only some super goalkeeping from countries stales kept the ball out. of those paragraphs bondage after some desperate play in the books the referee pointed to the spots. the replay clearly showing the tie in a stance it's taking down recently visited the about the hard took the shot stops by rather than on it was the third penalty he said this season shall be made another push in the dying moments of the game the most played defense was caught napping and bowler with the cross and the ball touched in a close range by agony for robbing konoha he turned the ball into his own net by
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chelsea with their fifth win in a row they keep their champions league hopes alive and tonight by in munich the chance of an early point is league title even more cause for celebration. i'm afraid things are getting desperate to need strictness hamburg after conceding six goals divine last weekend they parted ways with their coach replacing him with a text that his first test was a clash at home against mid table how to balance could he help hamburg get back into their stride. he's the latest man tasked with keeping hamburg christian tickets fielded a youngest site in forty four years five changes to the starting eleven including on the twenty one's player matty stein man but that youthful spark energized hamburg man teed up to class santos the host creating chances early on in the home goal you land polish back was playing his part and then what the home fans had been
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hoping for a move on the fitting of their side's lead position coolly finished by the ruling santos i one nail after twenty five minutes the first time hamburg could even lead a match in three months. but the other end had to remain a threat polish back ensuring the hosts when she said the break a goal to the goods. how he adds they wish the match could have ended here but it wasn't to be because though the problems at one end had been sorted out the other it was the same old story the dangers marvin paton house afforded far too much space to cross valentino lazaro with an easy finish hamburg's earlier confidence appeared to drain out of them more lackluster defending and substitute salomon kalou turned the match on its head i could only been on the pitch two minutes and scored with his first touch. my teeth searched the site for it even keep the polish back join the attack at the end i would have to have gone now without
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a win in fourteen games is fundamental but as i thought we played well in the first hour it was tough after we went to one down we tried to turn it around we didn't give up but at the end of the day our aim is to win matches and not to lose the news that. there was nasty scenes out of the full time whistle hamburg may want to go down fighting but not like this. measures force now in french right hands. who claimed whole position in the opening race of the most is g.p. season in a qatar a yamaha rightists at a blistering pace to smash the lot for a cord which is stood for over a decade reigning world champion mark marquez couldn't match that performance and so he will start sunday's race from second position and you can see right it done you know patro cheek will round off the front row into such.
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a saturday was st patrick's day in honor of the patron saint of od and millions of people around the world put on their finest greenery and celebrated with food drink parades and street parties the parade in iran's capital city dublin drew colorful costumes elaborate floats and thousands of green clad spectate is while the day's biggest and they say the oldest procession took place in new york city more than one hundred thousand people came out for the fun and in chicago the tradition is to die at the city's river emerald green don't worry organized this say that that color used is environmentally safe. don't forget you can always get the latest news on the go just download up from google play or from the apple store i'll give you access to all the latest news from around the world as well as push notifications to any breaking news you can also use the d w app to send us your photos and video use. in their forward to receiving
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your watching t w news live from berlin will have plenty more coming up at the top of the hour difficult you can always get the latest news and information around the clock on our web site as well if you don't have the app that is of course d.w. dot com i'm head of the home free in berlin thanks for your company and before to see you again see.
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