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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 18, 2018 6:00pm-6:15pm CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin the syrian town of afridi is now in turkish hands ankara back fighters raising the turkish flag after a lightning advance against kurdish militia overnight the battle for a free man has forced more than one hundred fifty thousand from their homes we ask what's next for the region also coming up russians go to the polls to pick a new president in a vote many call a done deal blood and putin is expected to easily win a fourth term in office but can he mobilize voters turned off by the predictability
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of the contest. on michelle henery thanks for joining us. all grew back forces have taken control of the northern syrian town of offering the town that's been the target of turkey's two month offensive against a syrian kurdish militia it views as terrorists its capture marks a major victory for turkey but has left thousands of civilians homeless and desperate. this is the moment turkey has been working towards for two months. the raising of the turkish flag over the town of a frayne in northern syria. the turkish backed rebels entered the town on sunday morning these men have been fighting since january to oust kurdish militia
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known as the people's protection units. take he says the group is an offshoot of the band p k k terrorist group and as such it's a threat to turkey's national security. across the border in turkey news of the victory was meant to be the jubilation by president and she supposes. most of the terrorists have already fled with their tails between their legs our special forces and members of the free syrian army are cleaning the remains of the traps they left behind in the center of free in the symbols of trust and stability are waving instead of the ranks of terrorists. for the civilian population of a frayne techie's offensive has been devastating more than one hundred fifty thousand people have been forced to flee for their lives in the last week as turkey attacked the city from air and the ground. we fled to because of the airstrikes in
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the bombardments of our villages by the turks there is no united nations or international community anymore they have forgotten all morality what can we do is civilians turkey is amongst the country. it is unclear what will become of these people and if or when they will be able to return to their harm's. journalist but a marathon monitoring situation for us from the kurdish city of erbil in northern iraq vladimir explain to us exactly what is happening in a free right now why was it so important to turkey to gain control of a city. well. turkey didn't want to have any form of kurdish self rule in northern syria and that's what they also told americans and because there were no russians in africa it was there were no americans and after they could attack this city because russia ruled this operation to attack it and so
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after two months they finally the circus backed rebels they and thirty city a three. hundred more than hundred fifty thousand people were displaced to areas outside of that. and now that turkey has claimed i think gain control does this mean that there that there's an end in sight after weeks of relentless fighting. depends on what turkey is going to do because the turkish president there don't always said we're not going to stop with our freedom we're also going to at that moment you're going to take the whole area until the iraqi border so that there is present make clear they want to destroy this kurdish ruled the ministry sions all the way to directly border so we will depend on the americans because the americans there in eastern syria and until now the americans out there will not leave so be the pennzoil of the americans going to do are they going to protect her from turkey's attacks or not. and as you said more than one hundred fifty thousand people have been displaced in the fighting what can they expect to happen to then
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and to the region well it's going to be very difficult for down the syrian government doesn't allow them to go to aleppo they're now like two small villages also i think so the pens on the turkey also they're going about as they said they'll allow civilians to return but i think most of them will be not be willing to return because they're afraid of repercussions because they were supporting kurdish fighters most of them but the three maybe some of them who were there and are also still some sort of the inside i think so we have to see what's coming in the next few days that american mogan berg thank you for your insight. syrian president bashar al assad has visited army positions in eastern goto near the capital damascus syrian t.v. reported the army had given rebels in one village an ultimatum to withdraw this as more civilians streamed out of the besieged rebel held areas russian sources say
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some twenty thousand people fled eastern ghouta on sunday alone syrian government forces have been making gains in the area since starting an offensive last month. to russia now where there is only one hour left before polls close in the country's presidential elections vladimir putin is on course to win a fourth term in a vote many say is a foregone conclusion as this report shows many russians see putin as their only choice. casting his vote in an election he's bound to win on paper bloody mir putin faces seven opponents but in reality his only real challenger is voter apathy he said to wanted at least seventy percent of the vote to prove he has a strong mandate to govern although that's not what he says in public what percentage of votes would you consider successful asks one journalist any
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percentage which gives the right to fulfill the role of president he replies. russians have known putin as their leader for eighteen years and many still consider him their only option. younger girls well i voted for putin because i don't see any alternative. you're i've made the right decision i think in that i voted for putin everything he does works for me. for putin there's not much of a choice shall we say. as they say i chose the lesser of two evils. there are claims that in some parts of russia employers have been putting pressure on staff to turn out to vote and there are reports of other irregularities alexei navalny an opposition leader banned from standing in this election claims voter turnout is lower than in two thousand and twelve. the
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results from our observers show that in some regions of russia at least those where the so-called elections have already finished the turnout is lower than in two thousand and twelve that's even taking into account all the pressure that took place. on the may have called on russians to boycott this election but it looks like a done deal for the man who's dominated this country for a whole generation. let's bring in our correspondent drags orange who's watching the election in the center of russia in the city of cars on marriage track you've been to polling stations in cars on what was the mood like there. well i'm not sure whether i would say that there's really an enthusiasm and i remember what my colleague in moscow emily sherman she said that the people that some of the people in moscow that they really love to go to the elections i
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couldn't say that this is the case here in. the capital of tatarstan there are four hundred fifty polling stations more than two hundred fifty point stations here and i went to three of them and it was very interesting for me to see what's happening when you come to that polling station say i'm a foreign correspondent i would like to film here the first one told me this accreditation that you got from the foreign office in moscow is not good enough for us we don't allow you here to film so i had to leave so went to the next one no problem whatsoever i could fill whatever i wanted to film and then i went to the third one and they tried somehow is to impose some sort of sanctions telling me some sort of censorship basically selling your allowed. to film this one but you're not allowed to film that one no faces and of course i told them i have to leave i don't like any sort of censorship so it was interesting there are no rules here and
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when you say that the polling places were busy were where were people somewhat excited to be there were there more numbers than maybe you expected to see. well most of the people came in the early morning and some of them were. coming in masses a bus came and suddenly there were a hundred people at the polling station and there was not enough room for every one of them so this was interesting that they all together came and they all together left so there's an organization called independent observers means vote and it's also interesting what they told me because they said you know sometimes voting is organized sometimes for example the school is telling their teachers you have to go and vote till eleven o'clock at eleven o'clock i would get from everyone a message that he was there and voted so everything is organized. goalless also
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told me there would be there are probably no mass falsifications here in downtown but they don't know what's happening in the villages there are concerns that there are no observers whatsoever in the villages outside of cazan and you really don't know what's happening there. now drags origin because on thank you very much. most powerful man in china's communist party his reelection comes the day after chinese president xi jinping was immensely reappointed with no limit on how long he can serve. israeli authorities say a palestinian has been shot dead after he stabbed and seriously wounded and israeli security guard in jerusalem's old city the guard was taken to hospital tensions have been high since the u.s. recognized jerusalem as israel's capital in december.
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and sunday's early bundesliga action dortmund maintained their challenge for second spot with a narrow one mil win at home to hand over on lone striker machine but you i grab the only goal of the game midway through the first half it was his eighth in twelve games since arriving at dortmund from chelsea meanwhile relegation threatened cologne climbed off the bottom of the table thanks to a two no when over visitors leverkusen despite the victory the billy goats are still five points adrift of safety. meanwhile byron fans were watching closely a shock a took on vosburgh on saturday a defeat for the world blues would help them with ariens as they seek to wrap up the bundesliga title against leipsic in sunday's late game but winds have been hard to come by for wolfsburg could they finally turn this season around here is what happened. all spoke were
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a force to be reckoned with right now though is wearing their colors now with the royal blues the defender is hungrier than ever for goals he's already scored five times this season. both spurred on the other hand are having a hard time of it they were without a win in three games under coach bruno lava dia. his team got the first real chance of the game no maximillian arnold with this shot after ten minutes. opportunities like this were few and far between. shall kick in particular were in no hurry to threaten the vosburgh goal their first chance came just before half time that's not good enough to be a champions league contender. sixty minutes in and shank you were beginning to get their act together rather than bolo got as close as you can get without scoring five only some super goalkeeping from countries dales kept the ball out of.
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those bogus bondage after some desperate play in the books the referee pointed to the spots. the replay clearly showing the tie in a star's age taking down recently visited by the hard took the shot stopped by rather than that it was the third penalty he said this season shall be made another push in the dying moments of again the balls the defense was caught napping and bowler with the cross and the ball touched in a close range by agony for robbing konoha he turned the ball into his own net five shelter with their fifth win in a row they keep their champions league hopes alive and tonight by in munich the chance of an early point is a good title even more cause for celebration. so let's take a look at all the bundler results so far on match day twenty seven dortmund down hanover cologne got a crucial victory over leverkusen branding be oxburgh glad back and hoffenheim drew i tracked thumped my hands how lost her shaka one involves for under way life's
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a take on fire and a fight a night's game should guard beat five or. thanks for watching. earth a home for saving google into those tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world ideas that protect the climate and boost green energy solutions to inspire people to take action. on t w. we make up over three quarters of africa that hundred twenty five we are the seventy seven percent.


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