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factory starting march twenty fourth on g.w. . this is g.w. news lines from berkeley in the blood of mia putin wins a fourth term in office partial results in russia's presidential election give puts in more than seventy percent of the vote but many save the result was a done deal before polls opened we'll go live to russia for analysis. of the syrian city of afrin is now in turkish hands and corrupt back to find says raising the
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turkish flag up to a lightning advance against kurdish militia overnight while the battle for africa has forced more than one hundred and fifty thousand people from their homes we ask what's next for the region. and in football the pressure is beginning to show as opposed to seek a season reaches its climax we take a look at the best of a dramatic weekend so fuck. i'm edith to money thank you for joining us vladimir putin has one of russia's presidential election now that's according to partial results which gives him around three quarters of the vote so no surprises there vladimir putin as we've seen there has been reelected for a fourth term with a commanding lead. over his rivals but few are expecting
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a second place for communist candidate pawel gruden and that's the guy right there of the communist party and in third place firebrand ultra nationalist vladimir zhirinovsky who heads what's called the liberal democratic party so let's all take a look at the latest results putin has taken seventy two percent of the vote has eleven percent of the vote was in third place has seven percent now put in supporters have been celebrating in central moscow he is expected to come out and declare victory anytime now and putin has been russia's leader for eighteen years in either the rules of president and prime minister. or to. you first was.
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from the german council for foreign relations is now with me in the studio but first we will be speaking to a correspondent in who is in moscow so i mean we've just had the results but you are at the heart of the capital president putin is expected to show up this what's the mood right now. well yes i'm right near red square on my new year's now where which is right outside the kremlin walls and as you can see behind me there's a concert going on in celebration now interesting enough officially this is not a celebration of urgency victory but a celebration of the attic station of crimea which here it's called the return of crimea. and after all today the election took place on the day that the annexation officially. run that is not a coincidence that specifically to this day. and if what you hear putin is going to
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turn up presumably in around a half an hour we've been told and it's of course not a coincidence that it's this is all taking place at once but here putin clearly wants to present the annexation of crimea as the main takeaway from his his last term and as the kind of. take away from the his next term as well it's very much seen here as him having kind of raised russia from its knees and having righted historical wrong as people here see it i was just speaking to people in the crowd and they said they're happy that putin won and they're even happier that crimea is now again part of russia so this is really a kind of patriotic concert as you can see stars performing behind me as well as to the crowds to the large crowds here in the center of moscow and really you are describing a convoy and the pictures we're seeing definitely support that but of course the question was not whether which one would win but if you would get seventy percent
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of the voter turnout is there any indication yet that he will get this. well the official numbers at the moment are that he that these turnout was fifty nine point nine percent he and the kremlin errantly reportedly were hoping for seventy percent turnout they didn't quite reach that it seems even though they did try to pull as many people as possible to the ballot boxes as you said you were describing a carnival like atmosphere and that's kind of what they've been trying to create throughout the country at polling stations today as well their people got the chance to kind of when cars when i phones there were selfie competitions there was cheap food on sale really trying to pull people to the ballot boxes to get that turnout high in order to kind of show that this is a legitimate vote despite the fact that putin has been. reelected various court
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term and and there really wasn't much competition and it was clear that he was pretty much clear that he was going to win from surveys so yeah. let's come to you now so we've just heard from every lead that putin may not get to seventy percent magic number that he was hoping for but why was it so important for him to hit that level of voter turnout because it's basically about his legitimacy rather plus it is going to create legitimacy for putin that a real election so we have a low turnout it means that we have less legitimacy for putin also less support for him as people are not interested in the political system or in pushing or in supporting him any more so are we to assume now based on the numbers that emily has given us fifty nine percent to drop from twenty twelve where he got sixty four percent voter turnout is he losing popularity no popularity he's still the most the most popular the most important politician in russia even if there would
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be unfair competition. before the elections or election fraud ever heard of he would still win the election but a number of fifty nine of course means the people or the choose not to go to the elections because the resolve is already clear so let's look at the votes specifically there have been reports all over the country about irregularities we've had things like ballot stuffing has been going on who would gain in such a move i mean putin was a really predicted to win this election because he needs a high turnout to boost his legitimacy in russia so he's definitely interested in a higher turnout but the even bigger problem for the fairness of the russian interactions are the unfair competition competition system in front for the elections the fraud while the elections are during the elections all right let's go back to emily who is in moscow i mean we've just heard from our guest in studio that putin is very much still popular is that the sense you're getting from the voters on the ground. yes absolutely i just spoke to some
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of the people here and they told me that they went out to vote for putin to putin today i'm one of them told me really that there's no one better and and he also. really raised russia from his needs you know you have to remember that in the one nine hundred ninety s. there was kind of chaos after the fall of the soviet union and putin came to power in two thousand to rising oil prices so he's really seen not only as having raised russia from its knees after that sort of traumatic and almost humiliating. feeling that people had here in russia during the ninety's but also as having brought stability so he's very much still is still popular and that's definitely the sense that i'm getting from speed speaking to people here at the concert all right so let's come back to you still on the issue of popularity is this because putin is such a strong person or is it because of a weak opposition in russia it's both but it's basically about his foreign policy
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so he's he's popular for for rising a rush back from his knees for for bringing russia back to the global diplomacy stage that's what russians love him that's what they won for him bicycling his popularity and of course. the election system on the on for competition before the election there is no chance really for an opposition. and looking forward you know putin is going to be in power for another six years of the end of which will be the longest serving presidents of to stalin do you think this will give rise to a stronger position or will he be setting up his successor you know he will definitely try to set up a successor i think that would be mainly one of big toss of his his upcoming presidency just had a successor and to find to find a way also to secure his own resources he gained in his last terms i mean you share with him in moscow and sarah palin here in studio from the german council on foreign relations thank you both for your analysis. so russia and britain
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trading more accusations in the poisoning case of the former russian double agent sergei screenful russia's ambassador to the e.u. vladimir chips chips of said russia possesses no chemical weapons and suggested a substance used in the inner city of salzburg may have come from a nearby research laboratory written denies that foreign minister boris johnson called the claim satirical adding that all evidence points to the kremlin that we tie a double agent ball at his door to remain hospitalized in critical condition after being exposed to the nerve agent two weeks ago. and karabakh forces have taken control of the north and syrian town of affray in the town has been the target of turkey's two month offensive against a syrian kurdish militia it views as terrorists it's a major victory for turkey but has left thousands of civilians homeless and desperate. this is the moment turkey had been fighting
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for this city had been controlled by syrian kurds for the past five years now it's the turkish flag that waves over a free in. the turkish backed forces captured the city center on sunday morning. these fighters are proud to have ousted the kurdish militia known as the people's protection units or y p g. turkey claims the y.p. g. militia are an offshoot of the kurdish nationalist pete k.k. group and as such are terrorists and a threat to its national security. across the border news of a friend's capture was met with jubilation by turkish president after one and his supporters. most of the terrorists have already fled with their tails between their legs our special forces and members of the free syrian army are cleaning the remains of the traps they left behind in the center of the symbols of trust instability or waving instead of the ranks of terrorists. turkey was also quick to
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start wiping out traces of kurdish identity in a free in. one of the first sections of the turkish backed fighters was to demolish a statue commemorating a legendary kurdish figure. the currents remained defiant with an official warning that the war with turkey had now entered what they called a new face. was that the how what forces an f.n. will be a nightmare for the turkish troops and its allies the resistance in f. in will continue until the liberation of every inch of the town and until the return of the residents of afrin into their villages and homes. what i what. for the civilian population of our free turkey's offensive has been devastating more than one hundred fifty thousand people most of them kurds have been forced to flee for their lives in the last week as turkey attacked the city from the air and
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the ground. we fled to because of the airstrikes and the bombardment of our villages by the turks there is no united nations or international community anymore they have forgotten all morality what can we do if civilians is amongst a country. until the recent turkish attacks are free and had been a safe haven during syria's war now in its seventh year with the capture of a free it's unclear what will become of those fleeing the city and if or when they will be able to return to their homes. let's now bring in correspondent dorian jones from all of those latest developments dorian as we just saw take us back troops and president ed on the very jubilant how significant is this for turkey in its fight against the kurds. well it's sort of known to have been one of the most important victories in the decade long conflict against this ongoing kurdish
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insurgency in fact the turkish president richard type urged one since a long launch of this two month long operation has said it is the most important battle since the war of independence nearly one hundred years ago so the fact now they have captured these key town which coincides with the martyrs the commemorations is being seen as presented as not only a very important political victory military victory but also a political one especially given the fact that there was an expectation that the capture of this town would take many weeks of bitter fighting with the prospect of many civilian and turkish forces casualties that did not occur and this is also being presented as an important victory for the president and the turkish military . in contrast to those the syrian kurdish militia saying that this is a new phase of warfare so what's the next move for turkey in syria. well i mean that is the big expectation yes the syrian kurdish militia said that
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they weave through from africa to prevent the deaths of civilians but said they are now preparing to launch a very intense insurgency counter-insurgency war against the turkish military they say their forces are all over the afrin province ready to launch hit and run guerrilla style conflict which they are very specialized in and. syrian kurdish militia leader said we will make life hell for them and they say they will continue to fight and even the prospect of course all the operations into turkey gates military targets that brings the prospect of an expansion of this conflict but it remains to be seen whether they will carry out these threats because only a few days ago they said that they were going to fight to the last breath to hold the town of afrin that didn't occur and that is fueling speculation that there is some possible deal has been struck by both sides both sides would categoric deny that but there is this ongoing speculation that given the fact that our friends failed without a shot being more or less fired is fueling these speculations about a possible deal that has occurred but going forward it is really unclear turkey has
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said that this is just the beginning of their operation into syria in their war against the syrian kurdish militia so everyone is waiting for their next step now daryn the prospect of an expanded military operation also comes with a high number of casualties and activists say that almost three hundred civilians have been killed in the turkish campaign is president anyone saying anything about this. well in fact there is they're disputing the fact that not even a single civilians being killed in fact the deputy prime minister becky bastar said no civilians have even been injured in this operation they say all steps have been taken to prevent any civilian casualties they say that is why this operation took so long in fact most independent observers are saying that several hundreds of billions have been killed but turkey categorically deny this and they're standing by their stance that they are taking all steps to prevent civilian casualties spot with this ongoing operation as it does according to will continue the concern for the civilians and the over one hundred fifty thousand civilians that are believed
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to be displaced by this operation will continue to grow along with the fears of where will they go and where will they find safety speaking of that the battle for africa has forced more than one hundred fifty thousand people as we said earlier from their homes is there any indication that anything is being done to accommodate . what turkey has been pointing out that they are creating these refugee corridors for them they are saying they have built a number of camps to provide refuge for these syrian kurdish refugees but the problem here is they simply most of them do not trust the turks and the the forces that the turkey are supporting particularly elements of the free syrian army which could many kurdish groups accuse of being linked to the heart if they say these people are anti kurdish in fact to the fact that when they captured after the first thing the the turkish backed forces did was to tear down a prominent start to all of a kurdish leader and also they raise the turkish flag above our front that will cause concerns and into massacres as well but the fear that this is
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a turkish occupation rather than a counterinsurgency operation which claims so by and large there is this lack of trust to the towards the turkey and the forces they are backing dorian jones thank you for that update. now syrian president bashar al assad has visited army positions in eastern guta near the capital damascus syrian t.v. reporter the army had given rebels in one village an ultimatum to withdraw this is more civilians streamed out of the besieged rebel held areas russian sources say some twenty thousand people fled eastern on sunday alone syrian government forces have been making gains in the area since starting an offensive last month. that's now look at some of the other stories making news around the world israeli authorities say a palestinian has been shot dead after he stabbed and seriously wounded and is
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remembered. china's parliament has elected premier league to a second five year term only two delegates voted against the second most powerful man in china's communist party his reelection comes a day after chinese president xi jinping was unanimously reappointed with no limits on how long he can serve. germany's new interior minister says he wants to increase checks on the country's borders until the e.u. secures its external frontier germany resumed some border controls after the twenty fifteen migration crisis now observers call the ministers tough line of migration a bid to draw voters away from the far right alternative for germany party. in sunday's early bundesliga action darkman maintained their challenge for a second spot with a narrow one nil win at home to hanover on lone striker michy but shy
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grabbed the only goal of the game midway through the first half it was his eighth in twelve games since arriving a document from chelsea meanwhile relegation threatened cologne climbed off the bottom of the table thanks to a two new win over visitors leverkusen despite the victory the billy goat still five points adrift of safety meanwhile shaka were looking to tighten their grip on second place as they travel to false bug the horse were desperate for three points themselves as they looked claw to claw their crawl out of their relegation worries let's take a look at who came out on top. of force to be reckoned with where now there was wearing their colors now with the royal blues the defender is hungrier than ever for goals he's already scored five times this season. both spoke on the other hand are having a torrid time of it they were without a win in three games under coach bruno lava dia. his team got the first real chance
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of the game no maximillian arnold with this shot after ten minutes five opportunities like this were few and far between. chunk in particular were in no hurry to threaten the vosburgh goal their first chance came just before half time that's not good enough to be a champions league contender. for the sixty minutes in and shonky were beginning to get their act together breland bolo got as close as you can get without scoring five only some super goalkeeping from countries stales kept the ball out of. those bogus pundits after some desperate play in the box the referee pointed to the spots. the replay clearly showing the tie in the stars it's taking down recently there's a five thousand hard took the shot stops by rather than down it was the third penalty he saved this season shall he made another push in the dying moments of the
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game the ball's big defense was caught napping and bowler with the cross and the ball touched in a close range by any the rubbing cannot be turned the ball into his own net by chelsea with their fifth win in a row they keep their champions league hopes alive and annoyed by in munich the chance of an early point is league title even more cause for celebration. so things are getting desperate for league stragglers hamburg after conceding six goals to buy in last weekend they parted ways with their coach replacing him with christian tickets his first test a clash at home against mid table side hetta beilin could he help hamburg get back into their stride. he's the latest man tasked with keeping hamburg christian tits fielded a youngest site in forty four years five changes to the starting eleven including on the twenty one's player matty stein man but that piece will spark energised
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hamburg man teed up to class santos the host creating chances early on in the home goal you land polish back was playing his part too and then what the home fans had been hoping for and move on before hitting of their sides league position coolly finished by the ruling santos i one nail after twenty five minutes the first time hamburg could even lead a match in three months. the other end had to remain a threat pollers back ensuring the hosts went into the break a goal to the goods. how he added a waste the match could have ended here but it wasn't to be because though the problems at one end had been sorted out the other it was the same old story the dangers marvin paton house afforded far too much space to cross valentino bizzare with an easy finish hamburg's earlier confidence appeared to drain out of them more lackluster defending and substitute salomon kalou turned the match on its head i
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could only been on the pitch two minutes and scored with his first touch. my search his side forward even keeper polish back joined the attack at the end i had to have gone now without a win in fourteen games i was fundamental at this i thought we played well in the first us it was tough out there we went to one down we tried to turn it around we didn't give up but at the end of the day our aim is to win matches and not to lose the interest of the year there were some nasty scenes after the full time whistle hamburg may want to go down fighting but not like this. and you documentary has premiered this week in. belgium portraying one family's journey into the traumatic past ninety one year old henry kitsch guy is a holocaust survivor his son is a renowned cartoonist who has depicted his father's life in a graphic novel document ten rickets go ahead of the premiere of the new film.
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i'm one of the last holocaust survivors in belgium and. there's only three or four of us left in the fia. everyone else was burnt. to death. only i was fourteen when he was taken by the gestapo he survived more than three years imprisoned in eleven different concentration camps. and counts if i mean he's still my whole family died by my mother my father and both of my sisters and they're all gassed and burned i see. my thirty one family members who were in concentration camps i'm the only one who survived and returned to belgium. nineteen kiszko was liberated having no family left he started a new life in brussels and married he and his wife had four children but they never
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spoke a word of the holocaust. best on the show says the children never dad now he's a well known cartoonist and the relationship with his father is the main theme of his graphic novel second generation published in two thousand and twelve the aim of the what is that the nazi atrocities and never forgotten. on a p. yeah i guess the idea is if you think you read you should be with you in. any of the. you know. in the thing. he gives up on the city. and if. you were you believe and i'm lucky not just to have survived but i've built up
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a big big family with many children and grandchildren around fifty all together. and that's farming my nose at hitler. life is a cartoon as the title of the documentary about kishka and his family optimism and humor is what kept the now ninety one year old a life through the horrors of the holocaust. and i remind of our top story vladimir putin appears to have won a fourth term as. president of russia partial results suggest he's taken more than seventy percent of the vote. you're watching news from belin thanks for watching. good move.
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