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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 19, 2018 12:00am-12:16am CET

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this is the w.'s of the live from burlingame a fourth term in office for russian president vladimir putin he thinks it's a quarter of celebrations in moscow after partial results give you more than seventy percent of the vote we'll have analysis from russia also coming up. on current facts finds has praised the turkish flag in the syrian town of freeman been a victory follows a lightning advance against kurdish militia the fighting has displaced more than one hundred fifty thousand people we ask what's next for the region.
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and coming up after the news will catch up with a deal drama in the bundesliga rb leipzig coast and runaway leaders buying munich and looking to beat the variance for the first time ever. welcome to the program vladimir putin has been reelected to a fourth term as russia's president now that's according to partial results which give him around three quarters of the vote many say his victory was a foregone conclusion with some key potential candidates banned from standing hootin has been russia's leader for eighteen years as either president or prime minister. i. think that.
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the country's old and new leader received an enthusiastic welcome when he made a brief appearance to thank his supporters at a rally near moscow's iconic red square. by sea but then i guess it was you know putin then went on to his campaign headquarters to continue the celebrations but it wasn't long before it was back to business for him fending off questions about britain's allegations that the kremlin was behind the poisoning of a former spy i. believe we have course i believe that any sensible person knows that it is total rubbish a nonsense for someone in russia to allow themselves such behavior on the eve of a presidential election and world cup in russia it's unimaginable. i think is a style of leadership that clearly appeals to the russian electorate. steve spicey official results said more than seventy percent of russians voted for him and perhaps more importantly turnout was nearly sixty percent. putin's reelection was
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never in doubt but voter apathy and calls for a boycott could have compromised his legitimacy. opposition leader alexei navalny had been barred from running in the election he urged his supporters to stay at home despite official pressure to vote for putin. in the past few weeks the government has been doing anything it can even using its civil servants to get people to go to the polls. get. ahead of the election independent monitors said they received an alarming rise in complaints they said people had come under pressure to vote from their employers especially when it came to state owned companies. we've been seeing how people were bussed from their workplace to the polling stations on election day. that's a violation of the rules. but that seems to have little effect
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because putin looks forward to another six years at the helm of the country you're here. earlier i spoke to almost a correspondent emily show and she was at an election victory celebration and i asked her what the word there was like. one well actually the new president and the old president vladimir putin has just come to the stage actually just left the stage he just made a short speech to the crowds gathered here and he said that it's very important that the millions of people in russia are part of his team and he thanked everyone for voting for him and he said that the fact that they voted for him showed their hope for the future and their hope that they can build a better russia together all right now the mood here is definitely one of celebration as you can see there's a concert going on behind me people are waving flags it's very much
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a mood of celebration i mean we're just seeing live pictures from way you're standing and you've said that putin has just addressed the crowd but of course his victory was nothing question his main agenda was to win with a seventy percent voter turnout is he likely to get this. at the moment it doesn't look like he reached that seventy percent mark even though the kremlin certainly tried to pull this many people as possible to the ballot boxes and they had kind of food are being sold there chief they had healthy competitions where you could win an i phone raffles where you could win a car and they certainly found it important to bring people to the ballot after all it's important for the kremlin to legitimize this result it's putin's fourth term that he's just won as president so still the same president but still they want to show that this is a legitimate contest and that's why the turnout is so important now i mean you
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despite the carnival like to see we're seeing there have been reports from all over the country about it thank you larry it is such as ballot stuffing how voters reacted to this. group. yes well absolutely there have. in reports of ballot stuffing people were sharing videos of data. on social media as well but on the whole there has been some attempt at transparency on the central electoral commission set up c.c.t.v. cameras in almost all the polling stations and you could watch a lot of that people kind of came to the polls is still there has been accusations of not only ballot stuffing but also of the government putting pressure on people to vote rather employers putting pressure on their employees to come to vote particularly government employees so we'll have to wait and see what the official
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report about those violations will be but there have been some reports of them now bush and gets another sixty as president and unless there are constitutional changes he can try again i mean what can we expect in his potentially last term in office. well i think the fact that this concert that you see here behind me was the originally dedicated to the atlantic station of crimea celebrating what here is seen as the return of crimea to russia certainly sends a signal to the west that they'll be more defiance importance next term toward the west more defiance and after all that's one of the reasons why i put in is so popular here he's really seen as having kind of raised russia from its knees as people told me here at the concert as well that he did that after the fall of the
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soviet union which is really seen as having restored national pride and part of that national pride is also showing that putin won't bow to the pressure of the west so when it comes to foreign policy i think we'll see a bit more of that and when it comes to a potential successor it's not quite clear potentially he will choose someone from his inner circle but there isn't a clear candidate at the moment and let me show him with the latest from moscow thank you. let's now look at some of the other stories making news around the world myanmar's leader. is on a three day visit to australia where she's attending the asean summit it's her first appearance on the international stage since the real hinge of crisis as prime minister malcolm turnbull said at a closed door session of south east asian leaders she appealed for help to end the crisis. israeli authorities say a palestinian has been shot dead after he stabbed an israeli security guard in
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jerusalem's old city the god later died of his injuries tensions have been high since the u.s. recognized jerusalem as israel's capital in december. germany's new interior minister says he wants to increase checks on the country's borders and till the e.u. secures its external fund tear germany resumed some border controls after the twenty fifteen migration crisis observers calls the whole first tough line of migration a bid to draw voters away from the far right alternative for germany party. ankara backed forces have taken control of the north and syrian town of freeing the town has been the target of turkey's two month offensive against a syrian kurdish militia it views as terrorists its capture marks a major victory for turkey but it's also left thousands of civilians homeless and desperate. it was the moment turkey had been fighting
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for this town had been controlled by syrian kurds for the past five years now it's the turkish flag that waves over a free in. the turkish backed forces captured the center of the town on sunday these fighters are proud to have ousted the kurdish militia known as the people's protection units or y.p. jean. turkey claims the y. p.g. militia are an offshoot of the kurdish nationalist pete k.k. group and as such are terrorists and a threat to its national security. across the border news of our friends capture was met with jubilation by turkish president after one and his supporters. most of the terrorists have already fled with their tails between their legs our special forces and members of the free syrian army are cleaning the remains of the traps they left behind in the center of a free in the symbols of trust and stability are waving instead of the ranks of
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terrorists. turkey was also quick to start wiping out traces of kurdish identity in a free in. one of the first actions of the turkish backed fighters was to demolish a statue commemorating a legendary kurdish figure. the kurds remain defiant with an official warning that the war with turkey had now entered what they called a new phase. was that the how what forces an f.n. will be a nightmare for the turkish troops and its allies the resistance in africa will continue until the liberation of every inch of the town and until the return of the residents of afrin into their villages and homes that. were not what the. for the civilian population of our free in turkey's offensive has been devastating more than one hundred fifty thousand people most of them kurds have been forced to flee for their lives in the last week as turkey attacked the city from the air and
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the ground and i think about all of those we fled to because of the air strikes and the bombardment of our villages by the turks there is no united nations or international community anymore they have forgotten all morality what can we do is civilians turkey is amongst a country. until the recent turkish attacks a friend had been a safe haven during syria's war now in its eighth year after their capture of a free it's unclear what will become of those fleeing the town and if or when they will be able to return to their homes. elsewhere in syria president bashar al assad has visited the army positions in east and near the capital damascus official footage shows the president greeting soldiers and telling them they were quote fighting in the whole world's battle against terrorists the syrian observatory for human rights says the syrian government is in control of over
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eighty percent of the area all civilians continue to flee besieged eastern huta in the thousands. now if all goes to plan the united states will begin imposing import tariffs on steel and aluminum as early as next week with a crop picking washington's allies scrambling to seek exceptions european countries have already threatened to retaliate with their own customs duties on american products now if the u.s. tariffs can't be avoided business leaders fear their effects could be disastrous. the planned u.s. tariffs would hit europe's steel industry particularly hard germany's new economy minister says a trade war must be avoided at all costs so he's off to washington for emergency talks and says he's willing to make concessions that's the problem with the current situation is that there is a risk that we will get into a spiral of uni lateral actions that runs counter to the idea of global free trade
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and it would mean turning away from what we have been doing worldwide for the last sixty years we have to talk to one another not criticize each other publicly we have to try to find compromises germany's pro-business f.d.p. party says trump may have a point it's calling on europe to reduce its own tariffs but i think he has legitimate positions but we contact set that he's addressing european protectionism by introducing protectionism of his own the solution should be clear rules open markets a new talks about transatlantic free trade he would be best for i'm going to medical to do this face to face but trump doesn't just want compromise on trade from the europeans he's connecting the issue with other demands such as an increase in military spending the post communist left party calls this blackmail and says the answer is for germany to reduce its dependency on exports the sooner we move to balance trade the sooner we would if you use this complaint in conflict.
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i'm going to sleep a show with chris harrington is coming up after the break with all of this weekend's golds could all be live sing spring a shock and be fine unit for the first time ever oh well why don't you stay tuned because that's coming up in just one minute. this is live from berlin i'm mining thank you for watching. earth a home for saving google into those tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world like to use them protect the climate and boost green energy solutions to inspire people to take action global ideas on. the freedom of expression. a value that always has to be defended and new. all over the world.


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