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tv   Kino - Special German Film  Deutsche Welle  March 19, 2018 4:02am-4:15am CET

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as israel's capital in this ember. with some junk and instructions from a book. peter fourteen william come to. the point we wanted to build a wind turbine to provide his village with electricity this is. like a journey from the beginning. and the wind. march twenty first w. hello and a very warm welcome to a special edition of kino on a german film seeing basking in international acclaim things are looking up but
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will it be continuing blue or bust coming up on the show. lola thought the nominations for the german film prize twenty eight ing out and there are some surprises. and me the six balls were the directors presented by the german film sinister in its latest face to face empire. but first up thirty are kings go to globe winning in the fire it was the early front runner for the german film prize but when the nominations were announced it was a quite different film which only premiered at the bella nala in february which told its fonda. its time for the german film prize the lois and three days and keep it all has garnered ten nominations the film captures a snapshot from the life of travel german film diva. and has
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a shot at winning in almost every category more on the new front runner later in the show. at. cannes revenge drama in the fight which deals with the brutal murders carried out by the n.s.a. a fascist terrorist cell anemia asked it five nominations. diane kruger is nominated for best actress for her gut wrenching performance as a widow who takes justice into her own hands has been widely praised the verse that says my tift finish hospital is just great when it works out like that if you're lucky enough to be able to play such a story with such a director and that's right for you over the past that's something that really comes your way in life and i think that this is high moment had understood i would just see it the moment that. trent has the captain portrays
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german history from the perpetrators perspective the film tells the true story of a world war two corporals who impersonates not. and then start committing war crimes. in mass moment after his arrest and picks him up fast i thought ok that's a woman for a film relation one person story but he turns it on its head he shows how war can change a person and where that can lead. and that's what impressed me i end up mostly. a final nuanced portrayal of how a simple saunter becomes a war criminal most of us on. there are strong contenders for the best documentary prize as well as little children are you this is the first massacre in discipline do know the government any. government is a lot of this and the congo tribe you know director mueller how stage is
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a court hearing that addresses genocide in africa. the more you make the visit that is really. the rule it was interrupted this judge if you vote that still live in moscow. and do stuff you make this up or lisa rinna to localise with me. a bumper crop of german films the winners will be announced on april the twenty seventh. the german film industry is on the way up internationally as witnessed also by the success of movies like toria and tony urban and t.v. series like dark and babylon berlin german films is the umbrella organization for the promotion of homegrown movies around the world face to face campaigns already presented six german actresses to the world including sandra of tony atman
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fame. followed six actors including one of my favorites ronaldo said i felt and. tom schilling who starred in this like a movie coffee in the early days was jim jones and face to face with german films there's a new campaign we've developed because we had the feeling that not enough faces were associated with german films abroad. and it's very important that we communicate with the public through personalities and it was forced. in the latest edition of the campaign we meet some of the less well known faces those not usually in front of the camera now it's the director's turn my colleague counts christophe on bach met up with the six directors in berlin and asked them about their work and about the state of german film. face to face the director's cut six directors who were children of the eighty's
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a generation of filmmakers equally at home with movies and t.v. series they know what they want and how to get it they've celebrated major successes and they have big plans. how do they view the german film. the start of the german film scene is more exciting than ever perhaps because we are slowly moving towards a gender balance in terms of men and women making films in germany but there are also more and more people with a migrant background making films the diversity of german society is increasingly reflected in german film that would be enjoyed severely on the different perspectives different starting points within the context of all the other european filmmakers that's what gives me the feeling that this is next sighting moment of a well meant toilets mechanics and that the great thing is that you can't say german film as this or german film is that that's not exciting there are different german voices and this is now being recognised abroad. the german
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filmmakers are upbeat but whatever themes. women directives have been coming more to the fore. about for example her latest film and critical acclaim it was set in a man's world and follows german construction workers in bulgaria for. young kids over the pacific for. the meeting of two cultures as recorded in almost documentary style using amateur actors but i got the big one in the summer. the breeze enough. that there was no school or about there because the wards have not excuse the bloods. and many others have is a german french iranian filmmaker from berlin she often places her female figures in extreme situations this year. not recently stuff that doesn't stop us which to
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me doesn't that mostly from. the heroine hides a mattress and he can kill her. is this mission. a test latest film captures a moment with the actress who made a year before her tragic death. because the it's a tender and personal portrayal of the troubled film diva and is of she i'm told it's a. debate as in saw the pictures are so unfiltered so real it's not only schneider the myth that stuff but which night of a human being and adorned in her grief and her lost for life. only. one kind their own another rescue is from winner she came to germany at the age of eleven. because i'm a foreigner it's a wild trip through the eastern bloc in the late sixty's. early in. the park springs big and small acts of resistance world events mixed with
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family history. does a rescue is currently working on an international t.v. series which takes place in a town with a book arrest famous as hackable a cyber crime hotspot. and it all i also had at about a major hacker attack on german backs the main character is a policewoman and a mid thirty's born remain here but raised in germany you probably see the parallels to my own life she said by the german police to remain years of catch the hacker. and she soon realizes that a conspiracy is much bigger than she ever imagined it was all of us will not really here i thought the animal that. also has an immigrant background his parents were afghan refugees his stories deal with modern realities a rightwing mob attacks a refugee shelter in germany in one thousand nine hundred two. in first grade
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teacher. who. is also talk also and of course his latest project also looks at germany through the eyes of a newcomer it's nothing like a film from now working on a remake of berlin alexanderplatz it was based on the novel by alfred berkeley in britain in one thousand nine hundred thirty but we're setting it in the modern day in twenty eighteen my main character is a refugee a man who made his way across the sea by boat and has landed in berlin now he's trying to find his way in this strange new world this new germany because of the. last comma has already won a german film price his latest film premiered at the barely know a school class and communist east germany observes a minute's silence for the. killed in hungary an uprising of nine hundred fifty six with dramatic consequences. sign of revolution is about an extraordinary situation ordinary schoolchildren put under
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extreme pressure in the early days of communist east germany it's about the moment of political awakening in the life of comedy but i think especially with serious topics humor is important and helps to make things bearable there control it all starts writing play his guitar gets quite a lot i suppose part of the ministerial me. task after all and sometimes. it's a pretty hands and causing comedy one of the best in recent years good luck for times to monday bennett cutter to showcase. the president informed by the past more diverse than africa face to face with german films a portrait of a generation that maris the new germany german film has never been this international. and that's it for this keynote special edition on german film more on the face the
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