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i am. visited our views live from berlin a fourth term for russia's president vladimir putin thanks his supporters in moscow after they hand them his biggest victory africa will get reaction from the russian capital meanwhile e.u. foreign ministers condemned the attempted murder of a former russian spy and his daughter they say they take extremely seriously london's assessment that moscow is to blame dancers chemical weapons experts are in the u.k. to test samples of the talks and used in the attack. plus mounting pressure on facebook after a whistleblower hands over evidence of
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a huge data only he says fifty million users had their profiles plundered to help create fake news and put donald trump in the white house. or and. i'm sumi so much going to thank you for joining us latimer putin has been reelected to a fourth term as russia's president final results gave him more than three quarters of the vote his biggest victory yet many say putin is one was a foregone conclusion that's after his most serious rival opposition leader alexina volley was banned from the race. i. was. going to show his current and future in the terror plot to me a person was met by jubilant supporters when he made a brief appearance near moscow's iconic red square. should thank you for your
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support. this victory demonstrates how much we've achieved in the last years under very difficult circumstances. this victory demonstrates the hope and the trust of the russian people that we will work just as hard and just as responsibly and just as effectively in the coming years in the laser joined in the election celebrations of his campaign headquarters and then it was back to business i see by. official results said more than seventy six percent of russians voted for his reelection was never in doubt but voter apathy and calls for a boy cost could have compromised his legitimacy opposition leader annexing of on the he was barred from running urged his supporters to boycott the election in an attempt to undermine the results he highlighted the ways putin was trying to boost his number of seats. in the past few weeks the government has been doing anything
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it can even using its civil servants to get people to go to the polls. in the end official tallies put turn a sneer sixty percent but some question if the turnings was really that high hidden cameras installed to prevent election fraud show signs of forged ballots that had already been filled out being submitted a few dozen such incidents have already been reported says. even ahead of the election independent monitors said they'd seen an alarming rise in complaints people claimed their employers were pressuring them to vote especially when it came to state owned companies. been seeing how people were bussed from their workplace to the polling stations on election day that's a violation of the rules responsible. so there may be so my legations of fraud the outcome of the election won't change putin will still have
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another six years at the helm of the country yeah let's bring in your ear shadow our correspondent in moscow for more on the story we heard germany's new foreign minister saying that these elections were neither free nor fair is that a fair assessment. well looks to me this time i saw a real effort from the government to make this election look free and fair finally president putin won almost seventy seven percent of the vote with an official participation of sixty seven percent one of the measures taken by the kremlin was that the establishment of an electoral commission also c.c.t.v. cameras were set up in polling stations and observers who are present present from different countries nevertheless the problem wasn't to the election itself in my opinion up to two thousand detected in many places who bore into the biggest problem what mettle it's most is that the whole system preparing the election the
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only true critic of the kremlin the extent of all me was barry bearak from running other critics intimidated reportedly universities pressured to their students into voting at their ego universities there rather than their homes in efforts to control their participation all of these events make me doubt that this election was free and fair but you read those manipulations that you mentioned on election day itself we saw some footage of ballot stuffing voter intimidation taking place will any action be taken against that. well look at the first step of this central electoral commission report that the some from old however not further measures have been taken to our knowledge so far even though some cases documented by c.c.t.v. cameras might be investigated at the end of the day if they had all of the electoral commission l a palm feel of i announced that from her point of view not significant fraud to place your leading up to the vote we saw blood in me or put in
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a ramp up is nationalist rhetoric now that he has won another term what more can we expect from him going forward well i mean mr putin presented himself to the russians as a strong leader determined to a strong foreign policy or indeed to millions of russians who like him the question is rather why they do it yet again it's all about the popular myth of stability that he is carefully maintained all maintained by state television given the opposition little chance to criticize the system and to expose of the many problems in this country the question is of course what's coming now and will liberal or conservative forces prevail in the kremlin it's clear that russia needs reforms it's highly dependent on oil and gas medical care isn't a catastrophic state in russia's rural regions since the collapse of the soviet union russia has developed very little economical it and politically now mr putin
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has six he has to prove that he really is the right president for russia but critics highly doubt that davies correspondent yury rachet a reporting from moscow thank you yuri. e.u. foreign ministers meeting in brussels have condemned the poisoning of a former russian spy and his daughter in the u.k. they also said they take extremely seriously london's assessment that moscow is to blame surrogates for paul and his daughter yulia are said to be in critical condition following the attack in the english town of salisbury two weeks ago international chemical weapons inspectors have arrived in britain to analyze the nerve agent used in the attack russia denies the responsibility and says the u.k. has failed to provide proof while speaking in brussels a short while ago u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson said he believed russia was not telling the truth this is a classic russian strategy of trying to conceal the needle of truth in
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a haystack all the more you sound of the station and what really strikes me talking to european friends and colleagues today is a probe you off to the assassination of alexander the new increase in number in the north to be anybody any more. well let's bring in our correspondent garrick matters who is standing by for us in brussels hi garrick they even saying today it's taking britain's assessment extremely seriously that isn't a full endorsement why is that all that is because the use unqualified solidarity is not directed towards blaming gratia up front but towards the case itself so the e.u. now practically has to wait until they get the vod ticked from these international . experts on whether this indeed is a russian north h. and if now if it turns out that that is the case then it takes another step
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basically a step louche whether russia is to be played for the incident so it's complex would there be support for sanctions or any other type of counter measures within the e.u. . sanctions currently sumeet not on the table for a number of reasons basically key reason is it's not in the interests of a number of member states for instance austria who seek closure economic ties but also the fact that sanctions which are in place already over the annexation of crimea extensive sanctions are every time they're extended there there's a strong debate whether they are really effective whether they help putin create a vicious cycle of pointing towards the west and saying look evil europeans are placing sanctions on us though so there's already a debate in place and then you have to see it just take a look at today's foreign ministers agenda you have on it ukraine with ten thousand
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people dead counting and no progress you have syria with russian involvement so in both cases ukraine and and syria you need to keep channels open and to talk to russia in order to bring things forward that is the argument of many foreign ministers they're meeting in brussels today garrick and they'll be athon that this week with e.u. leaders that what can we expect there another strong message of solidarity i'm sure in times of threats it that is also very important and then the difficult thing that the tightrope basically for the leaders will be. to find the right punitive measures or a strong on server while at the same time not escalating the crisis of breaking down the last communication channels of the european union has with russia is not in the interests of the twenty eight member states and a tricky line to walk for the european union did any scared not just for us in brussels thank you karen. now to some other stories making news around the world
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a bomb planted on a motorbike has killed at least three people and injured several others in eastern afghanistan the blast in the city of jalalabad went off as people left a political rally organized by a former militant commander who made peace with the government last year he was unhurt and the blast at least a thousand people marched in brazil's rio de janeiro on sunday in the latest of a number of rallies protesting the murder of a councilwoman and human rights activist mario franco and her driver were shot dead last week while returning from an event prosecutors say the shooting appears to be a political assassination authorities are warning people in southeast australia to remain alert as wildfires rage in the region the blazes in victoria and new south wales have destroyed dozens of homes and forced hundreds to flee it's thought they were sparked by lightning and then fanned by hot dry winds. and two people have been injured in an explosion in austin texas the blast follows
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a series of parcel bombings in the us city this month in which two people were killed authorities have warned residents not to touch on expected packages. to syria now where at least one hundred fifty thousand people have been forced to flee the fighting as turkish forces take control of a free it has been the target of turkey's two month campaign against the syrian kurdish militia it feels as terrorists kurdish sources now accuse the turkish military of mass looting and destruction that has turkey vows to expand its offensive to other key towns along its border with syria. it was the moment turkey had been fighting for this town have been controlled by syrian kurds for the past five years now it's the turkish flag that waves over after in. the turkish backed forces captured the center of the town on sunday these fighters are proud to have ousted the kurdish militia known as the people's
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protection units all white p.g.d. turkey says the y.p. g. is an offshoot of the kurdish nationalist p k k group it claims it's made up of terrorists and is a threat to its national security. across the border news of africa's capture was met with jubilation by turkish president and one and his supporters most of the terrorists have already fled with their tails between their legs our special forces and members of the free syrian army are cleaning the remains of the traps they left behind in the center of the free in the symbols of trust instability or waving instead of the ranks of terrorists. one of the first actions of the turkish backed fighters was to demolish a statue commemorating a legendary kurdish figure. there are also reports from the syrian observatory for human rights of looting right across the city. but the
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kurds remain defiant with an official warning that the war with turkey has now entered what they called a new phase. was that the how are all our forces in africa will be a nightmare for the turkish troops and its allies the resistance in africa will continue until the liberation of every inch of the town and until the return of the residents of afrin into their villages and homes that are free and what are you what the idea. for this of alien population of africa in turkey's offensive has been devastating more than one hundred fifty thousand people most of them kurds have been forced to flee for their lives in the last week as turkey attacked the city from the air and the ground at the bottom of the of us we fled because of the airstrikes and the bombardment of our villages by the turks there is no united nations or international community anymore they have forgotten all morality what can we do if civilians turkey is amongst a country. without the north. up until the recent turkish attacks afrin had
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been a safe haven jaring syria's war now in its eighth year after the capture of a free and it's unclear what will become of those fleeing the town and if or when they will be able to return to their homes. let's go right to due to be as correspondent dorian jones who's following the latest developments in offering for us hi dorie what will happen to the people that have been displaced by fighting in a free. well that is the big question over believed around one hundred fifty thousand people fled the african town in the run up to turkey overrunning it it's unclear where they are why we believe that most of them are still in nearby syrian regime controlled territory now according to reports the syrian regime forces aren't allowing them to proceed towards the east where there are other kurdish controlled regions where it is believed most of the people fleeing afrin want to go it's a place they will feel so safe and there are other reports confirm seem to claim
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that many of these people haven't received food or water for the last forty eight hours so there is growing concern about the humanitarian situation and even if they are allowed to proceed to the east of these kurdish regions turkey is already clear that those regions are its next goal in its operation during looking at the military operation turkish backed forces seem to have taken afrin with little resistance why is that well that is another question people are asking in the run up to turkey laying siege to afrin town the leadership of the syrian kurdish militia the white p.g. declared that they would fight to the bitter end to their last breath as one commander said but then it seems a few days before tokyo took the town the decision was made to leave now officially they say that is to prevent the humanitarian crisis to prevent humanitarian catastrophe is what one spokesman said but there is a questioning that possibly there was some possible deal between turkey and the
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syrian kurdish forces because these kurdish forces left the town with relative impunity no real attack by turkish forces and they left only a few hours before the turkish forces arrived and it coincided with the various sturrock and symbolic day here in turkey martyrs day and that's seen as a very important boost for the turkish president who does have all eyes on possible early elections later this year meanwhile those same militia are saying that they're starting a new phase of guerrilla warfare what will that mean for in turkey. well that is another thing that turkey will be mulling over the syrian kurdish forces say they are going to war wage of guerrilla war they say they know this territory it's their own territory they say they have forces all over the afrin anglais and they say they will make it a nightmare for turkey and the syrian forces it's backing now it's unclear whether they will carry out that threat but if they do this will be a key factor in determining whether turkey continues to expand almost towards the east of the kurdish areas and if they are forced to consolidate their position that
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plan may be put on hold due to these correspondent dorian jones reporting for us dorian thank you for your insight you're watching d.w. news still to come we have all the goals from sunday's big upset in the bundesliga by nick falling to like think it's a misstep for the league leaders but a huge step for life. but first there's been a more fallout from the latest data breach at facebook as more and that's right sue me and when a company announces a comprehensive internal and external review usually something went quite wrong before hand now facebook has announced it would launch such a review that after a whistleblower claim claims personal data of fifty million users was misused by data mining from cambridge analytic in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election now facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg the man who has made it his personal quest to connect the world is facing some serious questions. facebook's mark zuckerberg enjoys the limelight as
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much as the next guy had least when the news is good but as far as the latest data scandal is concerned he's keeping a low profile more than two years ago his company discovered that cambridge analytical was using a data leak to spy on fifty million of facebook's uses but facebook failed to inform those affected cambridge analytical was simply told to delete the data which according to media reports never happened instead facebook has opted to delete the accounts of those who brought the scandal to light people like chris wiley former research director at cambridge analytical as part of an investigation by channel four news in the u.k. he described how the company worked a magic when i go and ask you i say hey if i give you a dollar two dollars could you fill out this survey for me just do it on this op you say fine right i don't just capture what your responses are i capture all the information about you from facebook but also this app then crawls through your
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thoughtful network and captures all about data also so by you filling out my survey i capture three hundred records the users facebook friends were spied on without their consent of course their likes their gender sexual orientation and political leanings everything was gathered on friday facebook announced it had suspended cambridge analytical but that's not enough for politicians in britain and the u.s. they now want to tackle the issue and confront those responsible from facebook. now alongside the looming threat of a trade war the air at the g twenty finance ministers meeting is thick with the fear of a currency dispute and more than a year after donald trump came to power the u.s. dollar has shed about fifteen percent of its value the weak dollar makes u.s. products cheaper and therefore more competitive on international markets now experts say the weak dollar is the key reason behind the strengthening of the euro
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the common european currency is currently worth around a dollar twenty four the most it's been for about three years and that's bad for european companies who want to export make their goods more expensive for more on this subject let's bring in craig earlier he's a senior market analyst at a lot of currency traders welcome to the program krag that lower dollar that we're seeing here is that official part of u.s. trade policy or is it just an accident i don't think it's an official paul of u.s. trade policy things the race gains to be had from having weak accordance he which we've seen a number of different countries adult over the past few years have but to killa it boosts exports which is a case especially when you look at a country like the u.s. whether exports of money five products isn't exactly the strongest part of their economy but it is a place that donald trump did play towards joy in the election campaign so you can
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understand why people think a weaker dollar would benefit donald trump and helping follow through on his promises bolton only overall with the u.s. economy really a strong dollar is generally the preferred option and we have the secretary of fine and steve newton actually talking down the dollar at the world economic forum in davos of course now a weaker dollar would make exports cheaper but what could be at stake for that. well the offset of that is that it makes it more expensive for the u.s. consumer one of the benefits of a stronger dollar is the foreign imports are cheaper so that you can go and you can buy your foreign made t.v. saw it cetera and spend less money on them it keeps inflation low and home as well so the broader sense is that while it might not be good for domestic industry the overall consumer across the board is better off not talking about consumer concerns
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we're also looking at potential terrorists being snapped on products by the u.s. administration how likely is it that we'll be seeing a currency war on top of this trade dispute. i don't think we'll see an actual currency war break out i think the trade dispute is going to be damaging enough without a currency war on top of that and as long as central banks remain in control of monetary policy i think the chance of a currency war on top quite unlikely i think the trade disputes is going to be much bigger fucked up because ultimately down the line this doesn't just lead to protectionist measures it doesn't just make goods more expensive for domestic consume is it that in itself generates inflation which means the central banks have to raise interest rates in order to offset inflation which again makes consumers worse off so noble winds in these trade walls and hopefully we can start to find
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a way to solve it before we gets too serious. senior market analyst i don't want our currency traders thank you very and side. and it's back to sumi and some breaking news that's right christopher the chief brags that negotiator michel barnier says that britain and the e.u. have reached a deal on a post bragg's it transition period now the arrangements will be in place for nearly two years after britain leaves the e.u. and according to the negotiating team agreements have been reached on a financial settlement and citizen rights among other areas but outstanding issues over the irish border do still remain and will of course have more details on that story for you in the coming hours for now though let's move on to some sports in the bundesliga bahrain has been the runaway leader winning nineteen straight matches in the club was looking to notch another victory on sunday away at leipsic but they were in for a surprise and a huge upset take
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a look. the start of this match was more notable for he was on the bench rather than the pitch top scorer robert leaven dusty one of six rescued by by an all round hospital left at his house and incensed about billy olbermann among another six others like the coach may have been ruing that decision early on the home defense all at sea sounds very bucknor was the happy recipient. of the other end only heroics from strength rice in the acrobatic meatless sooner we keeping brian ahead it was only a matter of time until right see break through the case of not once not twice i suppose with the momentum after a frantic first half. and they pressed on in the second period fifteen minutes then i played through one goal and the striker on a sub made no mistake twenty three ending his seven game goal drought and then been a sneaker. banner then got greedy as he tried to see a light six win. but the visitors can break through again darkness sending the last
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chance of the match high and white. and so another milestone in the light six story the banner inspired first of a victory over byron. let's look at what all of those results mean for the going to say good table that we saw byron stanley against light state but they're still almost a shoo in for the title shaka are in second dortmund make amends for crashing out of europe and secure third frankfurt moved up to fourth in the bottom half hamburg also look like a shoo in for this time to be relegated cologne and minds also in their trouble with only seven more rounds to go. in tennis at indian wells world number one roger federer lost in the thrilling final to one martina pull through the argentina entered the encounter on a ten match winning streak but knew he would be facing the game's best player on route to the titled of cultural saved a three match points against federer as he snapped the swiss seventeen match
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winning streak this year it was the first time ever won at indian wells. a reminder now of our top stories that we're following for you latimer putin has won a landslide victory in russia's presidential election half expected voters handed him his biggest victory yet with over seventy five percent of the vote the win extends his rule for another six years and e.u. foreign ministers have condemned the poisoning of former russian spy service to paul and his daughter yulia in the english city of salisbury they say they take extremely seriously london's assessment that moscow is to blame for this as chemical weapons inspectors begin analyzing the substance used in the attack. thanks for watching everyone back in thirty minutes.
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is within reach but what practice can remember you can follow its will you may votes we need to plan it plays brain factory starting march twenty fourth only team to play. oh and welcome to arts twenty one today will be focusing on books. new books are out again reading has not gone out of style and book fairs prove that the life to book fair in germany offers a stage for important themes interesting authors it's a mecca for book lovers a healthy drug which i can use to be myself into completely different worlds. i wish i had room for all the books that i'd like to have. visions trends discussions such as.


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