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for a longer period of the life. this is the w.'s life firm berlin britain and the european union seal a deal on life after briggs it chief negotiator me should bonnie and says the two sides have reached an agreement on a two year transition period that will make life easier for citizens and businesses will get the details from our brussels correspondent also coming up turkey promises to push on with its offensive against the current in syria all that's after it
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seized control of the city of pasadena displacing around one hundred fifty thousand people and the western leaders it gives the glamour of putin is an election victory a guarded welcome germany says it expects russia to remain a quote difficult partner with putin in charge. great to have you along everyone when we start off with that briggs that breakthrough the european union and britain are one step closer to agreeing a divorce settlement the u.k.'s negotiator says there's been significant progress towards a final deal all according to e.u. chief negotiator misha body of the two sides have agreed on a large part of britain's were drawled deal including the terms of a post at briggs a transitional. period lasting until the end of twenty twenty although attentions
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a do remain over the irish border brags that negotiators said he was confident that the progress would be endorsed by e.u. leaders when they meet later this week here's what he had to say how teams work and place to secure the terms with time limited in from intention period that gives the certainty demanded by businesses and citizens across the european union and united kingdom and we're taking a decisive step by translating much of december's join report into the legal text of the withdrawal agreement. in any a few weeks we managed to finalize the chapters of financial settlement and citizens' drugs delivered on our commitment to provide certainty to sit as. well with briggs that negotiators shaking hands on this transitional deal and has been hailed by some as a milestone well let's find out just how much of a breakthrough this is with our brussels correspondent there are a much to say good to see
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a gay or what exactly did they agree on today. i think the key thing they have agreed on today is the transition phase in other words the period after march next year when the u.k. drops out of the e.u. and then remains if you want as though it is inside the you so all the rules and regulations remain to apply by the way also all the obligations of the u.k. so in that period the u.k. will have to follow all the rules of the e.u. but has no voting rights in other words it will be a rule taker and the interesting thing here is that basically the u.k. has given for the transition period it's crossed all the redlines it set itself so the jurisdiction of the european court of justice will apply for that transition period all the e.u. citizens who arrive in that period of time will be treated as though they have arrived before the transition phase and also in fisheries no taking back of control
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ok now garrick so why this change of heart from britain right now i think the simple answer here is that the cliff of threats it is coming closer and closer we're almost just one year away from it now people are basically asking if i want to sell a car from the u.k. into the e.u. after march next year will it still be possible will the legal standards be applied people have been thinking about booking for flight tickets will they will let be still be possible so a lot of questions here pushing the u.k. government really to agree to all these conditions in order to ensure that for business there is some sort of real road reliability for a few more years basically pushing that terrible cliff edge and the possibility of a crashing out of the e.u. further and further away by garrett they're still not there because there's still a major stumbling block that they have to overcome. absolutely large quantity is
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not quality and the biggest stumbling block the i respond to has not been resolved one good example here is that they have agreed on a backstop solution so in other words if in the if there would be a hard brecht's that where the u.k. crashes out of the of the customs union and the internal market in other words if a hard border would occur then the agreement is things remain as they are there will be no hardball but the problem is of course that nothing is agreed on july everything is agrees so this is written down on paper that there is a back a so-called backstop solution but of course until there is an idea how to guarantee that there is no hard border in reality this paper is not worth a lot and that's the real problem they haven't moved forward on keeping the irish border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland open as it is now in any way. this reporting from brussels thank you. now in other news the
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turkish presence rich of tire air two on has vowed to expand his country's military campaign in syria to more kurdish held areas stretching eastward towards the border with iraq when the announcement comes a day after turkey declared victory in syria's northern i feel region to want claims the campaign is targeting kurdish militants that considers terrorists turkish president also warned the country may extend its offensive to northern iraq if saddam died fails to clear kurdish militants from the region. all right well for more let's bring in correspondent erin jones who is monitoring this situation for us from istanbul dorian era to one assess turkey has an intent has no intention i should say of invading syria so what's the end game here. well no quite knows about that but he's made it also clear that it's not going to
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hand over for into the the mascot's regime it's handing it back to its rightful owners who those people are it's not very clear at the moment but it is increasingly seem to be a base for syrian rebel opposition that turkey has been backing taking is expected to send back many refugees in turkey back to this region as well as it being a base for the syrian opposition going forward but i think that most people expect that turkey will not leave this region until at least there is an end to the syrian civil war because there is rule of thumb but the more territory you control in syria the grade of a say you have on the final outcome of the syrian civil war and turkey being the having the biggest border with syria to made it very clear we want to stay in the final to the end of the syrian civil war all right well tony let's talk a little bit about the people who live currently and i think this is a kurdish majority town what's going to happen to the civilians that are still there now that turkey now that turkey has seized it well there
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is concern for some of those are they living there we have had some polls that they have they face intimidation and threats but this hasn't been confirmed but i think the overwhelming majority of the town fled in the days running up to the seizure of that town over one hundred fifty thousand people are believed to have left it and there's a lot of concern about where those people are many are believed to refuge in in the region controlled by the damascus regime by those reported that they are being prevented from proceeding to areas of a kurdish areas to the east in syria and until they are moved out there is concern what will happen to them of course that many don't have food and water so there is a looming humanitarian situation there all right daryn just reporting thank you. western leaders have given a lukewarm welcome to vladimir putin's reelection as russian president france wished him luck modernizing the country germany meanwhile said it expected the russian leader would remain a quote difficult partner but it's done little to dampen enthusiasm back home for
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the man who swept to a record victory. greeted like a pop star the man who has dominated russia's political stage for years and who now has the mandate to stay here for more. especially with him i should thank you for your support. this victory demonstrates how much we've achieved in the last years under very difficult circumstances. to a rather subdued audience the head of the russian election commission confirmed a lot to me of putin's landslide victory he won almost seventy seven percent of the vote but that victory is overshadowed by allegations of election fraud cameras inside polling stations showed signs of forged ballots being submitted by the handful although russian authorities have denied widespread irregularities the
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reports concern of is germany was quick to voice its reservations about putin's win and a fear regarding the russian election we can't talk about a fair election as we know it's a beauty design seven so forgive enough for that's why we assume russia will remain a difficult partner but we need russia to solve the major international issues we are currently facing and that's not quite so we hope to maintain a dialogue. china though has welcome putin's latest success. i'm sensing that what we believe in the president putin's leadership russia will continue its stable development and play a bigger role in international affairs. and. president putin has allowed himself some time to celebrate yet again he's on the front pages and the top man in the russian federation. all right want to tell you now about some of the other stories making news around the world. the substance used to poison russian expiry
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sergey screwball and his daughter yulia in the u.k. is due for testing an international team of weapons experts has arrived to test samples of the nerve agent used in the attack known as chalk the u.k. alleges russia is most likely behind the attack. a bomb planted on a motorbike has killed at least four people and injured several others in eastern afghanistan the blast in the city of jalalabad went off as people left a political rally organized by a former militant commander who made peace with the government last year he was unhurt in the blocks. now when a company announces a quote comprehensive internal and external review usually something house gone wrong and facebook has done just that its laws launching a review in the wake of explosive whistleblower claims that the personal data of fifty million users was misused by britain's cambridge analytic in the twenty sixteen u.s. presidential election and now facebook c.e.o.
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mark zuckerberg is facing some serious questions. facebook's mark zuckerberg enjoys the limelight as much as the next guy had least when the news is good but as far as the latest data scandal is concerned he's keeping a low profile more than two years ago his company discovered that cambridge analytical was using a data leak to spy on fifty million of facebook's uses but facebook failed to inform those affected cambridge analytical was simply told to delete the data which according to media reports never happened instead facebook has opted to delete the accounts of those who brought the scandal to light people like chris wiley former research director at cambridge analytics he's described how the company works. imagine i go and ask you i say hey if i give you a dollar two dollars could you fill out the survey for me just do it on this op you
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say fine right i don't just capture what your responses are i capture all the information about you from facebook but also this app than crawls through your thoughtful network and captures all about data also so by you filling out my survey i capture three hundred records the users facebook friends were spied on without their consent of course their likes their gender sexual orientation and political leanings everything was gathered on friday facebook announced it had suspended cambridge analytical but that's not enough for politicians in britain and the us they now want to tackle the issue and confront those responsible from facebook. finally a shock result on the business leader this weekend that says life six notched a hard fought win over the runaway league leaders by munich were unbeaten in eighteen games across all competitions going into sunday's clash but their much changed line up played into the hosts hands take
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a look. the start of this match was more notable for he was on the bench rather than the pitch top scorer robert levin one of six rescued by by an all round hospital left out his captain incentive back billy o'byrne among another six others like the coach may have been ruling that decision early on the home defense it was only a matter of time until wright six breakthrough advocates a block once not twice. the hosts with the momentum after a frantic fast. and they crashed on in the second period van i played through one goal and strike out on a sub made no mistake frantically ending his seven game goal drought had been a sneaker. banner then got greedy as he tried to see a light six win. but the visitors can break through again darkness sending the last chance of the match high and why. and so now the milestone in the light six story a banner inspired first ever victory over by and. you're watching the w.
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here is on layla iraq on behalf of the entire newsstand thank you so much for spending this part of the day with us he continues. with some instructions. at the age of fourteen william comes. to build a wind turbine to provide his foliage with electricity this lady a change his. story. will start in march twenty first.


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