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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 20, 2018 10:00am-10:16am CET

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this is news coming to you live from berlin as the u.k. wraps up its investigation into the poisoning of a former spine foreign secretary boris johnson points the finger at the kremlin. somebody has to be responsible somebody has to be accountable and we in the u.k. think that the. evidence points the evidence of culpability points to the russian state johnson's comments come as international chemical weapons experts begin analyzing the nerve agent used in the attack. also coming up with the european
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court set rule in the case of two jailed turkish journalists who were in istanbul to look at how turkey's crackdown on the media and civil society is affecting thousands of lives. hello i'm terry marchant good to have you with us we begin in the u.k. we're international weapons inspectors have begun analyzing the talks and used to poison a former russian spy and his daughter in the city of solsbury that says russia hits back at british allegations that it's behind the attack moscow is demanding that britain provide evidence to back up its claims but police in the u.k. say their investigation could take months. the daughter of ex russian spy sergei script travelled home in this car after returning from moscow earlier
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this month now the british military has removed it for forensic tests iris after you the script returned to seoul spree she was found unconscious alongside her father on the spaniards. scientists at this bio chemical weapons facility say they were poisoned with the never agent novacek this finding is now central to britain's case against russia but a direct link to putin remains elusive t w correspondent john and yam survivor sat down with british foreign minister boris johnson do you have any solid evidence that poor didn't directly or did it because what he said is the most direct accusation of russia's lead that ever if somebody has to be responsible somebody has to be accountable and we in the u.k. think that the. evidence points the evidence or culpability points to the russian state and as it did in the case of alexander litvinenko
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a new member the trail of polonium led back very clearly to the russian state and in the end. mr putin is in charge and that is you know that i'm afraid he cannot escape responsibility and cope ability. both putin himself and those around him have staunchly denied these allegations. sooner or later these unsubstantiated allegations will have to be answered they will either need to be backed up with something with some evidence or they'll need to apologize. chemical weapons experts have arrived in the u.k. to test samples of the toxic substance used in the script the results will not be known for at least two weeks. well let's bring in our correspondent emily sure when in moscow for more emily president putin's first public denial in this poisoning case came shortly after his reelection on sunday was the timing significant
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well letting him putin himself mention the timing of this whole case in that first public denial he said that it was unthinkable that russia would do something like poisoning since. before the presidential elections and before the upcoming world cup of course we don't know it's important to point out that we don't know at this point at this point that it definitely was the russian government that's behind this poisoning there's an ongoing investigation going on but interesting lee whether it was russia or not the. political scientists here in russia after the election have been discussing the fact that this case definitely could have health people helped putin with his record result could have helped push people to the polls and in fact some of the people i have been speaking to said that they actually decided to vote because of this ongoing case and because of the sort of
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anti western campaign that people see it here that the west is waging the anti russian campaign excuse me that the west is waging against russia and the fact that putin kind of kept out of this whole case during the campaign it's also interesting he kind of kept out of the political mudslinging that was going on in the run up to the presidential elections and now he's charming and. you know this investigation as you pointed out is ongoing how has the kremlin reacted to reports that the poison used against sergei screwballs his daughter was no bit chalk that's a nerve agent developed by the soviet union. well they've denied any links to know the chalk from the beginning and from the beginning they've also demanded that the u.k. provide russia with samples of this nerve agent that sergei screwball and his
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daughter were poisoned with and over the weekend once again we heard the foreign ministry spokesperson mighty as the heart of a she said that there never was research or production of an agent code named no the chalk and she said that that happened didn't happen either in the soviet union or in russia and insead shin said she said that no the choke was actually produced in the west by a group of russian chemists who were brought to the west in the one nine hundred ninety s. so that's that's the kind of newest official version that. is presenting there and putin also chimed in after the election he said that if it had been a military grade nerve agent then people would have died on the spot and he also pointed out that russia destroyed his its chemical weapons. under the under the watchful eyes of observers so there has been basically
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a full out denial of any link to nova chalk here in russia. those are correspondent only sure when they're talking to his little earlier from moscow and if you want to watch your complete interview with british foreign secretary boris johnson about the poisoning case you can do so. don't call. now to some other stories making news around the world former french president nicolas sarkozy is reportedly in police custody for questioning regarding the financing of his two thousand and seven election campaign it's alleged that regime of the late libyan dictator moammar gadhafi provided millions of euros to sarkozy in illegal campaign contributions. an airstrike on a school shelter in syria's eastern ghouta has killed at least fifteen children and two women that's according to the syrian observatory for human rights it says the strikes came from russian planes this as thousands of civilians have fled them
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seized and planned. and as the u.s. battles an opioid drug epidemics president donald trump has called for drug dealers to receive the death penalty trump was speaking in new hampshire a state hit hard by the national opioid drug prices attorney general jeff sessions was on hand to emphasize that his department of justice has made the drug epidemic a priority. and the world's last mail northern white rhino named sudan has died in a kenyan conservatory the forty five year old animal was euthanized after his degenerating muscle condition worsened only two females now of the northern white rhino species remain sudan's daughter now jean and now jean's daughter who. is european court of human rights is set to rule within the hour in the case of two turkish journalists detained in the wake of the failed two thousand and sixteen military coup in turkey one of the two men shot piet was released from detention on
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saturday weeks after turkey's constitutional court ruled that his rights had been by lated by his imprisonment here's what he had to say. i'm extremely happy to rejoin my family but i can't say i have regained my freedom. these twenty months in prison were very difficult. and when i got out i left thousands of people behind who have nothing to do with terrorism or the coup. i believe that turkey will not be free as long as they are not. that that's all i have to say thank you. the neighborhood and jailed journalists are just the tip of the iceberg turkey has arrested some fifty thousand people in the post to crack down around one hundred fifty thousand people have been fired or suspended from their jobs or stumble correspondent yulia han sent us this
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report on how the purge is affecting people's lives. we will resist that's what these demonstrators are shouting in istanbul scar time district for more than a year they have come here at least once a week to protest that dismisses. the to jail and takes part as often as she can the sooty two year old who used to work with istanbul's development agency until she was sacked in january twenty seventh she still remembers the last day of her old life there e well. it was on a friday night i was sitting outside with my friends we heard the news that the government had sect thousands of people by a new decree. they published a list with all the names on it we had to look to find out if we knew anyone. and then i saw my name i felt so terrible your whole life is ruined just because your
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name is on a list i was furious and told them i will be back and demand justice. be to jail it says she has nothing to do with terrorists she thinks she was sacked because she is a leftist unionist critical voice. better by no means an isolated case. the failed coup attempt in the summer twenty sixteen up to one hundred fifty thousand people have been sacked or suspended from their jobs many of them have even been jailed they were civil servants teachers doctors professors once pillars of society it was suddenly declared to be enemies of the state often with very little explanation why. sociologist by ram airs on the all who also lost his job during one of the pages he used to teach at the university of. now he lives in istanbul and documents the names and
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stories of those who get sacked the pictures of mass arrests that rebroadcast it on turkish t.v. still shocking. maybe almost you know. prosecutors and have to prove that you are a criminal or terrorist but in our case in my case or even in our case we have got to prove that we are innocent those who are being accused of. being a member of this organization called furter we cannot stand the charges and social discrimination or social stigma some of them commit suicide some of them leave their home these days so that they come. out they they become invisible in ways well at another place so that they can.
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leave the. everything is here hooting to official figures some four thousand turks who were dismissed after the coup attempt have since gotten their jobs back one of them agreed to give an interview but anonymously because officially is not allowed to talk about his case the primary school teacher says he was suspended for about three months a relatively short forced break compared to many other cases. overnight i suddenly got my job back. and of course i was very happy. but i don't believe it had anything to do with justice. i was still being investigated. for weeks i didn't get paid but i had psychological problems. and who knows maybe i'll be sacked again the threats still exist. back to
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the two jail and it's home her cats are waiting for her she used to have a flatmate until sure why but she moved out because she was afraid to get into trouble with the authorities herself friends who suddenly turned their back that's also something better had to get used to it talking friends there are a couple i know there are many people like me they die a so-called civil death but i don't want to accept this while i try to resist for the rest of my life i will fight for everyone who experiences injustice and unlawfulness and i hope to get back my job in the meantime only if we resist can we keep the hope of life. and that's why due to jean it is leaving for the next protest one year ago she had a well paid job as a civil suit and she has become an activist fighting to get back.
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that's all you news for now but we have another full bullets in coming up for you at the top of the next hour assume we will be with you then of course you can find all our stories all the time online a d w dot com place will ensure. that people of the world over information. the opinions they want to express t.w. on facebook and twitter are up to date and in touch with us.


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