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make sure that you want to. bring the factory starting march twenty fourth on g.w. . this is deja vu news live from berlin as the u.k. ramps up its investigation into the poisoning of a former spy foreign secretary boris johnson points the finger at the kremlin. has to be responsible somebody has to be accountable and we in the u.k. think that the. evidence points the evidence or culpability points to the russian
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state consonance comments come as international chemical weapons experts begin analyzing the nerve agent used in the attack. also coming up europe's human rights court condemns turkey over the killing of two journalists it's the court's first such ruling in connection with turkey's crackdown on anyone suspected of having links to a failed coup attempt two years ago. and a sad day for conservation as the world's last mail northern white rhino dies in kenya only two females remain can anything be done to stop the species from becoming extinct. the old man. i'm sumi so much kind of good to have you with us in the u.k. international weapons inspectors have begun analyzing the talks and used to poison a former russian spy and his daughter in the city of souls free that's us russia
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hits back at british allegations that it is behind the attack moscow is demanding that britain provide evidence to back up those claims but police in the u.k. say their investigation is likely to take months. the daughter of ex russian spy sergei script travelled home in this car after returning from moscow earlier this month now the british military has removed it for forensic tests iris after you the script however turned to souls three she was found unconscious alongside her father on this band's. scientists at this bio chemical weapons facility say they were poisoned with the narrow agent novacek this finding is now central to britain's case against russia but a direct link to putin remains elusive t w correspondent john and yes savannah sat down with british foreign minister boris johnson do you have any solid evidence that poor didn't directly or did they because what he said is the most direct
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accusation of russia's lead that ever if somebody has to be responsible somebody has to be accountable and we in the u.k. think that the. evidence points the evidence or culpability points to the russian state and as it did in the case of alexander litvinenko a new member the trail of polonium led back very clearly to the russian state and in the end. mr putin is in charge and that is you know that i'm afraid he cannot escape responsibility and cope ability. both putin himself and those around him have staunchly denied these allegations. sooner or later these unsubstantiated allegations will have to be answered they will either need to be backed up with something with some evidence or they'll need to apologize. for two three. chemical weapons experts have arrived in the u.k.
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to test samples of the toxic substance used in the script the results will not be known for at least two weeks. and we can talk to our correspondent emily sure one who's standing by for us in moscow hi emily we saw in a report that international chemical weapons experts are in the u.k. to review the evidence but the e.u. and nato are already standing behind london how is the kremlin reacting to that well the russian the russian side the kremlin has remained defiant and they've also continued to deny all the accusations against them we saw a kremlin spokes person who scoff say that sooner or later the u.k. will have to back up these accusations with proof or apologize to russia and putin himself is also denied these accusations he said that that they were nonsense and that it was nonsense that russia would want to poison city gays to be fired before
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the presidential elections and before the upcoming world cup and among people here there's also a huge huge huge outrage people here very much see that see this as part of an anti russian campaign that's being waged in the west emily in an interview with boris johnson himself asked about russian access to the evidence let's listen to what he said that i have and i'm going to say is that they would like to have access still the case summit to else will you allow this axis to russia well i think in the first instance of like maybe respectfully say to the to the to the kremlin detectives i think we will we will trust to the technical experts of the organization of the prohibition of chemical weapons who are here writing in in the u.k. today let's see what their assessment is that's the proper procedure that the u.k. has to follow. the chemical weapons treaty there are just so many what's the response been there to denying access at least for now to russia investigators.
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well we don't know yet what the response is to that but it's likely to be that the fact well basically i think that as long as russia doesn't get access to these samples or access to the facts of the investigation they have a good reason to continue to call foul play which is what they've been doing or to even say that these international weapons experts who have now arrived in the u.k. that they are somehow biased and also it's worth noting that russia has opened their own investigation into this whole case after all they point out that you would have is a russian citizen so they will likely keep trying to get access to information keep trying to get access to those samples for that investigation and that's a strategy that we've seen before for example with the whole doping scandal russia often denies accusations they kind of under undermine the facts undermine the
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investigation and also paint everything that's going on as an anti russian campaign meanwhile as part of the diplomatic fallout and really london is expelled twenty three russian diplomats they say that they have to leave the u.k. by today do we have any indication of how that is playing out the russian foreign ministry has said that they are leaving british territory today it's twenty three diplomats as he said and also their families so a total of eighty people will be leaving today and on friday the russian ambassador to britain actually welcomed them he had a he had a reception for them and he said he told them very clearly that the world is bigger than just britain so we see some defiance there as well. when with the latest from moscow for us thank you emily and you can watch the complete interview with british foreign secretary boris johnson online and com. now some
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other stories making news around the world former french president nicolas sarkozy is reportedly in police custody for questioning into the financing of his two thousand and seven campaign it's alleged the regime of the late libyan dictator moammar gadhafi provided millions of euros to serco the illegal contributions. an airstrike on a school shelter in syria's eastern ghouta has killed at least fifteen children and two women that's according to the syrian observatory for human rights it says the strikes came from russian planes this is thousands of civilians have fled the besieged place as the u.s. battles an opioid drug epidemic president donald trump has called for drug dealers to receive the death penalty trumpet speaking in new hampshire a state hit hard by the national opioid crisis attorney general jeff sessions was on hand to emphasize that his department of justice has made the drug epidemic a priority. and south korea's defense ministry has announced plans to once again
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hold joint military exercises with the u.s. next month the regular drills had been postponed for the winter olympics. now turkey has arrested some fifty thousand people in the post-coup crackdown around one hundred fifty thousand people have been fired or suspended from their jobs our correspondent yulia han sent us this report on how the purge is affecting people's lives. we will resist that's what these demonstrators are shouting in eastern rules qatar district for more than a year they have come here at least once a week to protest their dismissal. be to jail it takes part as often as she can the city two year old who used to work with istanbul's development agency until she was sacked in january twenty seventeen she still remembers the last day of her
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old life there re well. it was on a friday night i was sitting outside with my friends we heard the news that the government had sect thousands of people by a new decree. they published a list with all the names on it we had to look to find out if we knew anyone. and then i saw my name i felt so terrible your whole life is ruined just because your name is on a list i was furious and told them i will be back and demand justice. be to jail it says she has nothing to do with terrorists she thinks she was sacked because she is a leftist unionist critical voice. better by no means an isolated case since the failed coup attempt in the summer twenty sixteen up to one hundred fifty thousand people have been sacked or suspended from their jobs many of them have even been jailed they were civil servants teachers doctors
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professors once pillars of society they were suddenly declared to be enemies of the state often with very little explanation why. sociologist byrom arizona law law also lost his job during one of the purges he used to teach at the university of. now he lives in istanbul and documents the names and stories of those who get sacked the pictures of math arrests that were broadcasted on turkish t.v. still shock him. oh sure he'll no. prosecutors. have to prove that you are a criminal or terrorist but in our case in my case or even in our case we have got to prove that we are innocent those who are being accused of.
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being a member of this organization called. we cannot stand the charges and social discrimination or social stigma some of them commit suicide some of them near their home these days so that they can. out they may become invisible invisible at another place so that they can. move beautiful. they need a new life a bit easier uprooting two official figures some four thousand turks who were dismissed after the coup attempts have since gotten their jobs back one of them agreed to give an interview but anonymously because officially he's not allowed to talk about his case the primary school teacher says he was suspended for about three months and relatively short forced break compared to many other cases. overnight i suddenly got my job back. and of course i was very happy. with
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my nominee. but i don't believe it had anything to do with justice. still being investigated. for weeks i didn't get paid. and i had psychological problems. and who knows already said maybe i'll be sacked again the threat still exists. back to bed to janet it whom her cancer waiting for her she used to have a flat me down to who should want to go but she moved out because she was afraid to get into trouble with you for herself friends who suddenly turned their back that's also something that you had to get used to. the workable i know that many people like me say dalia's so-called civil death but i don't want to accept this while i try to resist for the rest of my life i will fight for
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everyone who experiences injustice and unlawfulness and i hope to get back my job in the meantime only if we resist can we keep the hope of life and that's why the to jail it is leaving for the next protest one year ago she had a well paid job as a civil servant she has become an activist fighting to get back. meanwhile two of the people those activists have been fighting for in turkey received a favorable ruling today from the european court of human rights that court condemned to turkey for detaining the two both journalists in the wake of the coup attempt the court in strasbourg france joined a recent ruling from turkey's constitutional court saying the rights of sahin are piper you see here and as colleague mehmet haas and all tongues were violated the court sided infringements on the pair's right to freedom of expression as well as their right to liberty and to security. and let's go right to did abuse
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correspondent max hoffman who was in strasbourg for us hi max how significant is this that the european court of human rights has ruled in favor of these two journalists. you can't really get much higher than the european court of human rights in europe at least because this is the guardian of democracy and human rights for the whole continent not only for the european union and they highlighted again the situation in turkey and let me let me explain that again because you really have to save or that the constitutional court in turkey which is the highest court in turkey ruled that those two journalists should be released then a lower court said no we're just not going to do that so you can't really be much more outside the rule of law than in this case and of course this was an easy verdict for the european court of human rights this it here this is not in agreement with article five the right to liberty and security and also is
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a violation of article ten the freedom of expression so they basically followed the constitutional court of turkey here and this of course is significant max what are the consequences from this ruling for these two journalists and also for others who have been detained in turkey after the failed coup. well if you look at the verdicts here you had seven judges ruling and one of them was against this not guess from where this judge came from turkey so this gives you an indication that turkey's not ready to release that one journalist that is not under house arrest now but still detained and got a verdict for life in prison political pressure so this ruling will be used by other countries by other institutions and also probably by one or two or even more of those one hundred fifty journalists approximately that are still detained in turkey to say listen this is the blueprint the european court of human rights said that you were wrong and this will build up pressure and might sound like not much
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at the moment if turkey just ignores it but i can assure you this has worked for other countries in the past before next with that pressure mounting what do you think this means for turkish relations. it's just a confirmation of what the european union has said before now we shouldn't confound the european union and what we're having here because this is the european court of human rights which belongs to the. european the council of europe you can get mixed up with all those things and turkey and also russia are part of the council of europe so they could eventually turkey in this case be expelled but it's very unlikely probably not going to happen but this of course will not help the e.u. turkey relations or any other country that things that something is going severely wrong in turkey with the rule of law like i said earlier they will use this ruling right here as a blueprint saying see we're right. next hoffman for us in strasburg that's good to
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talk to you you're watching news still to come the world the last male northern white rhino has died leaving just two females behind is the species doomed to extinction. but first chinese president xi jinping has called for his country to take its due place in the world and vowed to fight a bloody battle against its enemies speaking at the people's congress in beijing unveiled sweeping reforms aimed at positioning china as the new world leader at the top of the agenda strengthening the military and the economy this comes after the communist party removed presidential term limits allowing shia to remain in power indefinitely now the president also issued a stark warning to taiwan discouraging the island against pursuing independence from mainland china let's listen to what he had to say. on the one it is our shared aspiration to safeguard china's sovereignty. territorial
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integrity and to holy reunify our nation. any attempts or tricks to split china are doomed to fail and will be met with condemnation and the punishment of history. oh sure. well at the national people's congress chinese leaders are also addressing growing tech tensions kristopher trade that's right to sue me the chinese premier extended what some view as an olive branch to washington. saying china wants to try and avert any trade war and actually open up chinese markets why they're to trade partners take a listen. so we i think there will be no winner and no benefit from any trade war between china and the united states who will you the top it's also contrary to the principle of trade. if we describe trade
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with the word war. we this is because problems related to trade should be solved by negotiations consultations and discussions. i hope both parties will act rationally not be led by emotions and avoid a trade war for the chinese premier li keqiang speaking there not with the threat of import tariffs looming u.s. trade partners have been showing varying reactions japan for example has refrained from loud criticism hoping to be exempted from the levies the e use hopes are the same the strategy has been different here is more. japan is the world's second largest producer of steel after china and behind the scenes tokyo has been using its diplomatic skills to convince the u.s. of how important relations between the two countries are for example whilst japan might exported steel to the u.s.
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it's also the number one buyer of american weapons such as the patriot defense system and fighter jets in fact lockheed martin is on the brink of signing a mega deal with japan so far the persuasion efforts appear to be working. one on one more there's a high of stability that japan could be exempted from u.s. tariffs on steel and a menu item basis as japanese steel and many in products contribute greatly to u.s. industry and they're irreplaceable. the e.u. meanwhile is using a variety of tactics to convince donald trump to abandon his plans from threatening retaliatory measures to requesting talks germany's new economy minister was in the u.s. on monday for talks with his american counterparts. with goodwill on both sides i see a chance of getting a positive response by the end of the week. on
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tuesday and wednesday the e.u. commissioner for trade cecilia mao strong will continue the discussions in washington it's not clear what the e.u. intends to offer the americans but donald trump has frequently criticized the e.u. use high import taxes on u.s. cars and foods like meat. now let's bring in our financial correspondent. here general the german economy minister is signaling the willingness to make concessions the chinese premier saying the country would be open to moves that would bring down the u.s. trade deficit with china what do people on the trading floor think is us president donald trump's strategy working well first of all it's important to note that the idea of seeking redress for a trade imbalance is not entirely wrong if you look at it from the perspective that export heavyweights three direct demand from elsewhere and that causes local production to sag and create unemployment now whether donald trump should be using
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a prng friendship based approach is a is a different matter entirely and that's not really one that anyone here at the trading floor would really endorse now it's an approach that nobody here would really say that they do if they were in donald trump's position but it's also created a situation where in order to avoid a trade war it's become important to say anything one can and if the parties meeting donald trump a feel that making him feel like he's winning in order to adversity in order to avoid an adverse outcome would be the way to do it then that's what they're going to do it's also worth noting. that in china's case they've made these sorts of pronouncements before about widening market access about making sure that intellectual property is better protected and foreign businesses there really haven't get felt the impact of these pronouncements so we could be in a situation where it's important to make the concessions and pledges now what
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actually is implemented on the ground at a later stage could look different to now the milan in frankfurt thank you. social media giant facebook and political campaign consultants cambridge analytic i will be subject to an investigation by the u.k.'s information commissioner commissioner as the best denim says she is pursuing a warrant to search cambridge and other to go servers behind it is the recent controversy over cambridge and other because alleged spying a fifteen million facebook users the disclosure sparked the demands for increased regulation for large tech companies facebook stock lost more than thirty billion dollars of market value amid the revelations libor is suspending its self driving car program after one of its vehicle struck and killed a pedestrian in arizona the vehicle wasn't taught them as mode at the time of the accident an operator sat in the driver's seat now the accident occurred in temple one of four american cities where the right haven giant has been testing the
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vehicles has invested heavily in the tone of ms driving which it considers key to its future business model the accident marks the first time if a test green has been killed by a vehicle in the thomas boat. it's back to sue me now and a sad day for conservation process that's because of the last male northern white rhino named sudan has died in a kenyan conservatory now caretakers made the decision to euthanize him after his health deteriorated sudan's genetic material has been collected in the hope that future technology could potentially revive the species only two females remain. the life of a northern white rhino can be a lonely one sedan the last remaining male of the species has died aged forty five intensive poaching has significantly reduced numbers scientists even turned to dating apps for sudan in an attempt to raise awareness and enough money to pay for
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a nine million dollar fertility treatment. for the kenyan conservationists looking after sudan led the tributes only a couple of weeks ago they spoke of their hope as he tried to recover from an infected leg seven days ago we thought that we knew would make a bad decision. because then one morning he could not trace he completely was unable to write. that was seven days ago but then after some medication that we give pain and i'm devoted he was able to stand up but give us hope and just maybe we would like to give him a chance at life while there are thousands of southern white rhinos still roaming the plains of sub-saharan africa no need to northern white rhinos remain sudan's daughter and her daughter. with experts warning that the threat of
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extinction is day more of a case of when instead of if conservationists hope it's not light sight for these gentle giants. and we just have time for a minder of our top stories at this hour international weapons inspectors have begun analyzing the toxin used to poison a former russian spy and his daughter in the city of salzburg that's us british foreign minister boris johnson doubles down on allegations of the kremlin is behind the attack. and the european court of human rights has condemned turkey for detaining two turkish journalists in the wake of the two thousand and sixteen tempt in its ruling the court cited violations of paris right to liberty security and freedom of expression. thank you for watching t w.
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one hundred twenty installations stretching three and a half kilometers all in one german so frankfurt is radiant in the glow of the new. buildings are transformed into the home and sound of. the room next to a double. take i. hope this new
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gun. buyers don't mind after taking an early morning but much to come from behind to take the points. meanwhile chunka endorsement consultant the top three. meaning bios championship celebrations remain fine for now the six hundred sixty minutes. he takes to personally your wedding with all the wonderful people and stories that make the game so special. for all true fan. club more than football online starting with some junk and instructions from a book. the age of fourteen william kumquat dream the boy from malawi
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wanted to build a wind turbine to provide his village with electricity listening to. the quake and exciting journey around the world to get. the windmill started march twenty first tong t w. greetings from berlin and a warm welcome to our latest edition and we've got just the thing to brighten up the top of the week starting with these top stories. the sea of light.


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