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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 22, 2018 10:00am-10:15am CET

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this is deja vu news live from berlin facebook's boss breaks his silence admitting that they made mistakes mark zuckerberg says he's sorry about his company's handling of the cambridge analytical privacy scandal but is it enough to prevent an exit from facebook also coming up jubilation as dozens of kidnapped nigerian schoolgirls return home from both koran captivity but the extremists warn their parents don't try educating your daughters again or will be back and jailed for life a migrant is found guilty of raping and murdering
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a student in the german town of freiburg the case has fueled far right outrage in germany over migration. i'm sumi so much found the good to have you with us we made mistakes that's what facebook boss mark zuckerberg has said in response to the data scandal involving his company and data mining firm cambridge analytical in a statement on his facebook profiles apologizing promised users a new feature to turn off third party apps apps which cambridge and loco allegedly used to harvest private information. it began with an endless and passion allergy quiz and ended up with the data of fifty million facebook profiles being used to sway elections now the question is why did facebook allow academic research to end up in the hands of political consultants paid to win the knife us election the
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scientists behind the quest says he is a scapegoat. you know what their interest was no i mean that's the thing i was pretty heavily siloed as far as anything as far as funder or clients i found out about donald trump just like everybody else or to give people more options than just like facebook founder mark zuckerberg broke days of silence on the scandal admitting the company had made mistakes. i started facebook and at the end of the day i'm responsible for what happens on our platform we will learn from this experience to secure our platform further and make our community safer for everyone going forward. he promised to make it easier for users to manage their privacy settings. even so from europe to the united states lawmakers are demanding answers from the man at the helm. wouldn't it be great for him to show up like most
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americans do want to have to testify as to the practices of his company he can make millions of dollars in the united states around the world but at least you want to respect our laws added to our plummeting share price and threats of legal action from investors. has much to think about perhaps the biggest concern is loss of trust. when weird things show my face go down like i that's exactly right has been searching the internet for the kind of freaks me out for the people worried about what it was doing with my information of course and information to go through the process makes this feeling even stronger. the more that a marriage is the more questions my mind to my one companies rule in data protection and democracy. and we can talk to technology analyst charlene li from the ultimate or group there a tech we search and consultancy company and she joins us from san francisco charlene good to have you on our program what do you make of this apologies on mark
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zuckerberg is the only saying this because his company got caught. i think he's quite sincere and in trying to do the right thing first of all he has a long history of having made previous mistakes of on privacy and has always come clean in many ways about what they did wrong and also what they wanted to wait i think there is this time though that the breach was so big and it happened so many years ago that the question becomes how much more damage has been done and so the question that was a lot of cleanup the facebook cassaday arrow and today is just the first step that mark a second part of that cleanup is new security and privacy measures that mark zuckerberg is promising including turning off third party apps for example do you think that's going to be enough. it's a start but i think more than anything else there's one thing that they cannot control which is what do people with that data over eighty what can they do with that the problem of the kibosh analytic is that this book tried to make sure with
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legal certifications that they had gotten rid of all of that data and they took it on good faith but when you have bad actors you have to do more than just depend on you have to actually go in and verify that the data is clean and these are down thousands and thousands of application developers all around the world who have been sitting on this day there for the past three years and who knows who else has that data at this point we're seeing facebook come under a lot of scrutiny from american and british governments at this point do you think facebook will be open to a stricter regulation. well i think first of all other be open to having those discussions there are calls for mark zuckerberg and his team to show up and come to hear aims all around the world and he's going to have to go through every single one of those at least to be able to respond to the questions that people have i am skeptical though about how good regulations can be in terms of making sure that
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facebook does these things because i think case book is going to have a higher standard for themselves and the faster moving than any government could ever dare the number one thing that pays for cast a repair is trust and they will do that faster and better in many ways than any government entity could be able to do it trust is important for the user surely in the delete facebook campaign does seem to be gaining some traction how much damage can it do here. i think first of all that this one is the latest in a series they've been around for many years now there have been previous campaigns everything from facebook became back in two thousand and seven two thousand and eight even to the current day so i do think that again i have many friends who have actually written to me and said i've done i know i wasn't using it very much i don't need this off of facebook but the reality is that many people still rely on it and tremendous value from it so i think you're going to see people deleting
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facebook on the fringes and the question becomes how will that damage the way that people use it every single day will people be just a little more hesitant use it just a little bit less all that cumulative effect of people using it less will impact their business model and their practices tremendously surely leaf from the automator group in san francisco thank you so much for joining us. now it's a homecoming no one was expecting in nigeria the islamist group boko haram has freed most of the one hundred ten schoolgirls they snatched from the town of doxy a month ago but their act of clemency came with a chilling warning to parents don't try sending your daughters to school again or we'll be back our correspondent ari adrienne creech has this report. there were no limits to the jubilation and dempsey. to the complete surprise of local residents a convoy of pickup trucks and into the town on wednesday morning and released
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dozens of kidnapped schoolgirls. but many of them however are still in shock. that invisible we don't know why they brought us back out i told us where muslims and we share the same faith so they didn't want us to suffer they didn't molest us or subject us to any kind of sexual harassment but they kept one of the girls on religious grounds where she's a christian and refused to renounce her religion and that is that. the parents of the returned girls can hardly believe their luck with some of them even thinking. yeah why am i how are you i was crying a few days back but today i am laughing and feeling happy for the release of our girls maddow i saw with my own eyes how the insurgents drove into town this morning with the girls they were waving the flag and telling people not to run away as they were coming in peace something that. is. one hundred ten schoolgirls were kidnapped and up she last month for weeks that desperate parents
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receive no news of their fate the government of president mohamed to bihari has come under massive pressure for its slow reaction to the kidnapping and its failure to protect local schools. now to some other stories making news around the world leaders of the european union countries will be gathering for a summit in brussels later today they are expected to approve the terms of a transition deal for when the u.k. leaves the bloc this includes guidelines for negotiating a future trade relationship with britain's. former french president nicolas sarkozy has hit out at allegations that he illegally accepted funding from the late libyan dictator moammar gadhafi sarkozy says there's no physical evidence of wrongdoing he was placed under. formal investigation wednesday for allegedly accepting millions from gadhafi for his two thousand and seven election campaign. for president pedro published he has offered his resignation it comes just before an impeachment vote
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in congress that was set for later today has faced multiple allegations of dishonesty and corruption he denies the accusations but said he was resigning in an effort to maintain unity in the country. that would german court has found an afghan refugee guilty of murder in a case that fuelled far right anger over the country's migration policies the defendant identified only as hussein kaye has been sentenced to life in prison he came to germany from greece where he'd already been released after serving two years of a ten year sentence for attempted murder then he killed a teenage student in the city of freiburg critics said the case showed the german government and the european union failed to adequately monitor refugees coming into the block. our political correspondent kate brady has been following the story for us hi kate so hussein kay was sentenced to life in prison tell us what this verdict needs exactly so life in prison in japanese actually fifteen he is so in favor he
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could have been released in fifteen years' time but actually that's already been rolled out he's also been sentenced to preventive detention and that largely comes off the back of this evidence that was given in court from a psychiatrist who said that he was likely to commit a similar crime again of course we also heard in that report that he had previously pushed another woman off of a cliff in call food a few years earlier but the important point here is that he was in fact sentenced and tried as an adult not as a juvenile of course when he was first arrested he did say that he was seventeen years old and it's since come to light that he was in fact. x. that. they think that he's around twenty six years old and nuts. because of a tooth that was extracted back in two thousand and eight as a minor you have special rights which enable you to usually be given a complete refugee status regardless of your country of origin critics say this
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could have all been avoided of germany and had proper border checks when he had entered the country during the refugee crisis of two thousand and fifteen what is the government said about that that he will this is a big question not only for the german government but also for the you right now and this is something that's going to be addressed in these upcoming a year reforms are expected to start. in the bus in brussels is expected that set the ball rolling with those in the next few months but germany initially pointed the finger in fact at greece saying that they were to blame as they hadn't in fact issued an international manhunt order when the defendant first left greece and but of course at the time when the defendant arrived in germany. were run off their feet and that's also raise some questions as to how general storage has responded and how printhead they were for the absolute huge amount of
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refugees who arrived here during around two thousand and fifteen two thousand and sixteen and tell us more about the backlash that this case has caused or one of the most vocal backlash is came from the far right in germany particularly the f.d.a. is the alternative for germany party and they actually use this specific case really for their political gain and to highlight at least their view that many migrants supposedly don't integrate and that they were supposedly prone to attacking germans and even as this trial got under way last year we also saw some members of the f.d.a. protesting outside the trial and so they've said they've used this to really criticize merkel's open door policy back in two thousand and fifteen our political correspondent kate brady for us those who say ok sentenced to life in prison and that verdict that just came down thank you very much kate. now u.s. president donald trump is set to slap as much as sixty billion dollars worth of
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tariffs and penalties on china today trump accuses china of stealing technology and trade secrets costing u.s. companies billions of dollars and killing thousands of jobs asian market markets were jittery on fears that the tariffs and penalties could affect a large variety of chinese goods from clothing to electronics the measures could also include restrictions on chinese investments in the u.s. as well as a cap on the number of visas for chinese researchers. and we just have one sports item for you in tennis twenty three time grand slam champion serino williams has crashed out in the first round of the miami open losing losing to ny only osaka it was a first meeting between the veteran and her emerging twenty year old opponent powerful serve helped her claim a six three six two victory this is the latest big win for the japanese player just days after she won her first career title at indian wells. you're watching news on with the cima we'll have an update on your headlines for you at the top of
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the hour. that people will go for information. opinions we want to stress g.w. on facebook and twitter up to date and in touch followers.


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