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tv   Doc Film - William and the Windmill Part 1  Deutsche Welle  March 23, 2018 6:15am-7:00am CET

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when i was young i dreamed about changing the world. that i was a woman in egypt some things turned out differently. forced marriage genital mutilation humiliation. no one else and all we rebelled i used the written word to stand up for women's rights. as i travel to the places i lived as a child i'm filled with anger at the past. now while it also dealt with the free voice of egypt starting april eighth on g.w. .
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but. maybe one little one to beat him up and on good morning to my funny to. border on that if i mean the double bustle madi my time on a woman it would have helped build a good line somewhere you know cause i'm going to go one billion people. yeah you know one but you know what you don't want to i mean isn't this true but it was a good seal. i
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would submit to that then when i. would be our neighbors i couldn't do with him up on the john. it would be to one number i did mumbled and mumbled on the one and one on one on one on one on. and you're going going jim you could see that someone gets. sick and i will and i doubt when it's only some system so that we. zoom in who were when
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government gets. one of off fellows program william. is about. to say. so can you tell me about the first time that william. the first time i met william i'll never forget as long as i live. and that was in june two thousand and seven at the ted global conference in a rush to tanzania. my friend had selected one hundred smart young africans from around the continent to attend the conference people who could never afford to come otherwise thanks to the science of the frequency of this is that. so.
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this is. where the country in a manner out. ninety. five years ago you had an idea what was that i want to meddle in the window yeah. yeah so what did you do how did you realize that. after i dropped out from school i went via blather and i read that using images and i gave information about a way into me and i. thank you even though we had the president of tanzania and we had jane goodall and we had bano none of them had the effect on the audience that williams narrative did and people were laughing and they were crying and he was just like the heart and soul of ted global in a room and i said to myself i have to help him so what so what are you going to do
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with this do you want to build another one i want to build. the way i thought about things with william was that this kid has a chance he has a chance to go to escape from poverty and to make a difference if you're only exposed to the right educational resources and social support and stuff he could be someone who made an impact on the world i mean and i kind of felt like i know this sounds a little holier than thou i don't mean it that way but but i felt like i had a moral obligation to help. him. i didn't even know where he was on the of can map and of course i knew it was a country in africa but i wasn't even sure and it turns out it's just south of tanzania so is easy to go there. so after my obligatory safari cation after the conference then i went to malawi. and i'll never forget as long as i live
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when we rounded this copes of trees and over the top of the trees we could see for the first time the top of the window it's funny and we and you can even hear it. that william why did you put the plastic in down here when you made this as he took me around the village he was like oh yeah here's this water pump that i made out of an old bicycle frame and i was like he's an inventor there's all kinds of inventions around the place ok can you explain that one more time on camera go ahead look at this is a weapon what i want to do is this leg middle small window which i want to use to which i did my best. and when he explained how did you how did you make the light switch to sure up there is to remember the buttons are cut from the
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bottom of the old flip flops which i think is fantastic. and there's plans for all kinds of different solar stoves and and proud of their projects that i don't think they should replace but if somebody is just to because it's not what she used to she's not going to use it and i think your mother will be able to cook more easily if you build the right kind of stuff and then you guys here's a question do you think that we should put up support wires on the windmill you know three of them like they have on big and masks i said to him the history of africa is filled with white people's enthusiasms of i'm going to you know help out in africa and then they help someone for a year and then they lose interest and then that person is kind of stranded so i promise you i'll give you seven years. i never could have foreseen exactly how it went on fold and i kind of felt like why not why not do it.
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that's sides sits which way to him that's a tough question for us. here we are. building right here oh we're going to go up there it's. very near you. know if. they want to know that. you're here. for you if you're saved three
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for every instance right. that you thought is that it's really really cold. i didn't speak on that i'll be experienced but they are both quite. so mark i have to show you the article from the wall street journal where he was on page one. and you see that you. take a look it's a really story it's a one called three right and it's nice that i was you know blown away all your headlines that's when you're so high up the wind so strong and open that you can feel it. and think oh. yeah. that's just cool actually oh oh yeah.
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oh oh. oh. you have to think i'm. i think that would be a yes right. down to its kind of incredible. wind of to make sure yes. gets in studio william and his mentor riley.
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is from the nation of malawi which is in africa and from a photograph in a textbook william bill when bill bill the first been working with mel and provided power to his house for god's sake i mean this is this is a story that is should be shot of rooftops believe it or not thousands of blogs have already written about him. on all around the internet there's you know sixteen thousand entries in the google sure index just for his name by william come dot com will let you read his exploits that he writes himself that will help for me and it's a great way to stay involved and i saw this just people do that i mean this is this is this is our billion chance to be involved with and einstein well it really is.
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why did you guys decide you would really have to proceed with the book did you think that i book was a good idea. you know i kind of felt like my job was to be his consiglieri like to give him my best judgment. of what a situation was and list out here's all the pros and here's all the cons and then let him make the decision with the n.h.l. name as he made it right and here you see him going back to this or something. but this you know isn't so much a book about poverty it's a story about how there was a famine right there was a drought right and through all this you're quietly collecting parts to build a windmill to power a generator to bring light to your village what had been corrected or. to give any it was due for no one when the thing that was very important thing what we've
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been trying to rid of these i think the electricity i didn't help but it was so with a book i basically told him this is the chance to tell your own story this is the chance to have many opportunities come to you that you couldn't even anticipate and that this would give you money that could be your capital that you could use to take care of your family. so anyway we went through the kind of pros and cons and he said i want to do it and i was like ok that's marching orders. and so my job is to sort of be business affairs at that point and helping with the contracts negotiation and all that stuff. if. you see it but. this is pretty cool.
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you know you believe this did. something good consumer good job where you know the strategy of going and all that went right and it is you know. you know what i'd call it not once you're in. you know. oh ok if. i stay from this say they stay with you. yeah you know q three will face no one yeah yeah. all right so do you feel that you feel like the other side will hold true. like a deer in the salicylate trying to lift your feet on the ground. feel secure yeah ok. yes do you think if we want to thank you if you can do. to be more
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like yeah basically right. but when you go forward take your arms and go in out or sort of forward. to support william there's definitely what i call the council of will you know there are about a dozen people who help out there's relatively affluent families if you needed resources they'd be there and there's friends and advisers and sort of andrea and i are sort of on the front line. if you just go down. are you worried that you'll see if you don't go fast yeah but you. believe i really think you know we we want to live and.
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we too so abundant it would. be to build a side i would. when you know when someone says i'm letting the water. must come on november with a joke. about going on one is among many awards another on it's and our neighbor. was intimate with just one guy the kindness will be done as. we are now always either one does my all for me kind is an obvious wheel was what's the unable. to fly don't do it with and move to which would you.
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be. ons out are not funded where. soon diminish zoom. city would you or do or do you do when you get in the. never mean is my living on my just them by car or nobody the modern body or. the now i'm a star you don't deserve. to be i be is up on your wall. in a. column in a not evil orgy just down where you where you from a young lady i'm one already we not as you know what it is by gerry meaning.
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deal of is of and i'm on your would you leave the building a wench what england i'm a legit glass of your would you would it when they were. lifted out he minimize. that is so you it is in the you do that when they go didn't go they have been the only one i will. add to this award diminishing to management and only to lindy. did us do this yes school there's always the might we be b o u n b m m we give a man to someone whose home we have a. moment for soda opposite us model cars into the jungle on his old. mangle can be able to. slow down without having any isn't good on musical vocal
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notes when i me. i would read what was the level. when they get either one or i think it may not have been a musical wait on mobile or c. and i'm quoting these times i need to go on notes one day and end up as a would include what i mean if you don't want to know which i mumble if you don't. dagon i will be an invalid as a using images i mean. to someone in the media one cut. tuesday you know it's. confusing going to be months and. it would most last so i mean it will more than obama and joe.
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the budget. we need you to do for me and it was a young. tom how did a delay come about. such a great story fred's when occur the co-founder and c.e.o. of african leadership academy was one of the other fellows at ted in a room of a so i decided to. contact. you know after william spoke i went and talked to him and i said you know what about him coming to l.a. and fred was dismissive he said it's too late he's too old. and you know he doesn't have the foundation to make it happen.
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and so about six months later fred called me and said i want william. and i think walt what's changed and he said. i think i think we can do a good job for william and. and and i said. i had to think about it a little bit because you know i realized that to l.a. william story was very compelling and you know probably a good way to fundraise yes yes i know. but i really did believe in fred's vision of a school with the best of the best of kids from every different country coming together in a pan african prep school and it was perfect for william because for the first time he was surrounded by ambitious african kids that were as committed to like making the continent better as he was really useful. is
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that it. probably did. you know talk over what you needed. to change. the top. meet and what you seem to want to post i am just going to let the whole thing just legion i just wanted this enemy to see this great believe me just because that means that it's going to happen and when he put anything. into it with him you can simulate in. disappointment and this is really more than this is just so there you have it is for you just where but no. that's what. it was. actually it was easier for would be awful to do. it for this and that growth is more. suited to.
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do this with. just tool and then what they have. for. us. why are you in a math class all by yourself. that's interesting christian. you know ask in christian continue christian next question. i feel like he wanted the why didn't i like him more lish and if you say they've caught on with someone who has been studying for all we say.
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they might enjoy it if they have been studying a private discourse in their country with oil and me being out of school for five years. the room is. like when you wait twenty years is fine. and we use the same over. on you so you know. of those workers. say no. thank you.
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yeah just one week from now before. my income but i think i am trying to see if i don't come by that much much. much. we shouldn't conflate it but this is. all right yeah i think. they know the bigger position. and they must joke you and me if i would be the. but if you. i'm worried but. just will not be happy. for me for me to be so i'm just what i did but you know his high school was not happy that i was taking him out of school for three weeks for this book tour
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but it was absolutely necessary and when i weighed you know with william i was like look you know miss three weeks are going to be behind it's going to be massively stressful but you're going to be established on the world stage and you're going to make money and you're going to tell your story and even inspire other people he was like you know he knew that that was part of the game when he did that the book what is happening now at thirty i hope this book tour next week but this seem obvious him time i'll be studying my my exam way more because i'm so awful i mean it's time to truce oh we've to do the book too it's important. it's also important so now i'm just stuck in the middle and choose this series that i go i don't have when exam but i have the exam. on me when.
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is there wording that should say what for stress. it's you know and i think. it's. i think there's a way but. i don't think of wind right now with it you learn stress in english. i've been strengthening. once i started studying. these and keep a close capability of. there's some folks that if you do expose them to new york or doing a book or going to l.a. or something like that that they would have crumbled at the the insane over the top
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and all of it relative to their perspective from where they grew up and with william i never had a doubt for a second that he could handle it where are you going to. i'll be going to. you can. run as the you. do. it. if you feel good you this when good. i have a program of sleeping so take me time to get to sleep you know it's just like sometimes i'm just thinking i'm going to school but life in general everything how my life must change what i need to tweak and should we just saw all these things just to make me like. it and what shut down my my brain to get like thinking thinking. and the william crumb quote joins us this morning along with brian miller who
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coauthored with him the boy who harnessed the wind it is great. so tell me what this word. just means that it's the way that we use to describe somebody. really crazy to create everybody said mrs salahi. your mother nobody thought you could do this and brian has to leave every one with one thing to think about when you look at william well it's that there are people in africa it's a big continent and we hear a lot of bad news about africa every day but just know that if there was one person in malawi like william that means there are hundreds of people of that continent just like him and we need to put our resources and energy into finding them and lifting them up because that's the real hope for this kind of yes.
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i wish you continued success. you. think you mean you can see something. good and then. you. try to get out if you have any more building and. what you'll be able to verify. you know this is one of the sort of stories that. to lots of people just an african-american audience didn't have any money to send me to school so i was forced to drop out of school yeah every school gets hit with an article in the journal about everything particle is right there i've heard you on your right here and oh oh oh i thought of the drought oh that was when he was just discovered right we're sorry it isn't just sit down for a moment greg i'll show you. how to strip all things off during the day
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so a week you know i didn't have a break. i could record everything there is party source marking out. there have to present it in here you have always people talking to someone would think it's. ok you guys rock it that was quite a day you did voice of america radio and television you did meeting with the ambassador blowing investor to united states then you did the us and american streets for research and your national book bank event which is pretty fun georgetown like running to georgetown getting there like two minutes before it started but it all went perfect rocketed him back in again a lot of people who wanted to come to the day's events are coming tonight instead so but tonight we are going to get tonight will be easy because you're just going to be if.
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babble of is a would be maybe the amber alert any if you took me in the middle of the wood in what i need know maybe it is a type imo. ma but dorsey never any not really that really my god my god what's. this all. by you mean we just open it we know we'll could seventy million you sum up all of it as like as i gin as i mean to me. and.
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you know what that is a witty. some not that i would buy from you what's he done when of us intent on you go would mean it gets interrupted i would. assume my beat.
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among give to new videos was his art and i want that was either. i don't give us or . can i will which of us will you peter which is. sam boy and. i'm beat up would you want to make a monkey beat or a monkey. bubbled up on one of my gets in a moment did it did come on the one before.
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and will you help us all with interest when i'm awarded. the will swim team of the mob or this i'm going to pay them a little bit. more . and i would imagine. no divine will cut out. a small loaf. for him or a boom in the room could he added it was my room when i see you know he was not on the job. with. so i'm going to talk about job.
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how how you uganda and i think up or using the foreign aid so i'm going to study facing up or so visiting foreign aid into education so they get a lot of people in the country so because of that's the companies with more we didn't get to. business in the operating in singapore because before that they would be able to make some some money.
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i don't think i will be talking so. i think continue. some please. i don't know what one is thinking of obvious he'd tell me to. come. out of a mayor who did i hear thank you. judge. if you're out to help it you do that if you go this is that because e.j. they did just that when you add it but. if this could be. are there any way recently that there are their male cheerleaders. they now be good friends will they get was. does that mean if you're not a candidate i'm good friends and if. i didn't steal pussy you know.
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my chances are high but me not because i could be. your way with. this to get this kids in the news it's going to disappear if you see me there it is me and you seem to think it wasn't true but it's not change your opinion here it seems like it's going to break down i would just go and see if you found your meeting with me to see you not going to bed. they could not wait to get a team and if. he was going to have his that it's obvious who lived what about zambia. then be a good of the good to see those them anymore this is me. and. now who said that sure. i enjoyed. it i think i've just left and i thought we might as the one i
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looked at lots of feet on how long should i put them through yet or did in trying to just. do that again just inspecting sinking in to see if i viewed as if i thought i was in a room at a concert i have a one hundred eleven months and a lot of hundred and handed them if i hadn't did it and because i had made a lot of the i handed him a hundred left handed i'm good enough to test this. never mind the most intelligent i'll just give it to. see your pitiful and seizing when you talk to me you gotta get out yeah and you don't seem like you until all its entire black and. demeanor is immune to the rantings in the i'm not going to feel good but until jenny says i'm sorry i was sitting up so. she tends to think you are. discipline. i believe next to me in the.
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budget that's outstanding and. yeah we need to start our listeners' that's really i mean. yeah. it's. much. tougher. for. the families. involved that's what. am. i the one calling i know somebody who i know we haven't is there that you don't value does not help you can somebody be. a lot of them are one of those who don't model was a minimum of indeed i mean no one would be able to deliver another couple o. i don't know we do know what about and he's dealt. with
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not now but still. down from the level of i know you and the guys who know that move on. and they are lazy. for. fire. for fire.
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the for. the food for the. arrow for me around. me for i phone both know you're fat we're every member here if.
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play . the d.w. news live from berlin another one bites the dust trumps national security advisor stepping down general a term of master is to be replaced by hard line conservative john bolton he has advocated preemptive strikes on north korea and. the u.s. should dump the iran nuclear deal so what could his appointment mean for global security. coming up china says it will fight to the end it goes ahead with new tariffs that will hit sixty billion dollars worth of its trade every year world markets growing fears of a global two.


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