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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  March 23, 2018 3:00pm-4:01pm CET

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this is the news coming to you live from berlin french police bring an end to a deadly hostage situation reports say they agreed in a supermarket in threads rigged gunman was holding prisoners he's believed to have been killed several people before being gunned down by security forces there are claims that islamic state was behind the incident. also coming up in the show china
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says it is a fight to the end of u.s. president donald trump hits it with new tariffs trump on visits plans to hike tariffs on up to sixty billion dollars worth of goods from china and nearly he says it's in retaliation for unfair trade practices. and kubica loses that makes a comeback ahead of the day we go to ukraine by the disease and develop resistance to the drugs that once stopped in its tracks. last celebrating hoffer century of sandy qubits two thousand was a space odyssey the film that said the ball first psychedelic side fine and introduced the world to hal the computer desk as the details. hello and welcome i'm number touchy mob we begin with breaking news coming in from from. where a hostage situation appears to be over with
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a gunman dead it unfolded in a supermarket in the southwestern town of tread close to the city of god that's on at least three other people have been reportedly killed in what french president money crosses appears to be a terrorist attack french media say the perpetrator may be linked to a shooting earlier today in darkness gone and that he claimed allegiance to the so-called islamic state a few minutes ago the president french president macross spoke to the press this is what he had to say simply to natasha and it will be some attorneys who are credible king don't load on a little bit increase it to pop the cork incision on if you do not like east you continue to add more so the only way for the lot of the to could you that is on the more recent time to renew them and yet look for more political than e a plea letter to the victim the both of the serious. want to choose
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a. new tune. let me now draw in our correspondent and elizabeth motet she joins me from paris and reports indicate three people have been killed can you confirm that . i think we can confirm about this change. one of the people was killed in the few minutes before the assault took place. and there are also reports that the gunman has been killed they don't the circumstances of what happened there. yes the not very long ago about four for a half an hour less than half an hour ago the year the police on the lot are very strong the super market in at this stage there were new more hostages in the supermarket because a lot army colonel had exchanged himself and went for the last hostage inside and now we at this stage we do not have names and we just hope that he didn't perish himself in the attack but that's that's the biggest fear the police have decided
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that now it was important to make the tax dollars and of what information has emerged about the attack there because this attack took place in of a small community information about this man must be known by now. well he doesn't come from the community there are community itself is a small town called bits under five thousand inhabitants in fifteen minutes away from just a certain which is a sleepy small town anywhere in dressed it down so sleepy at this period and yet in southern france it's a walled medieval city it's got about forty five thousand abouta it's not terribly rich is the sort of place in tire everybody knows everybody else but the both the attacker and the shotgun come from somewhere else probably. for all we know he may come from yet another place at any rate we know he's a moroccan he was radicalized he was followed by intelligence because he was a radicalized character they hadn't got onto the fact that he was actually planning
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a terrorist attack to terrorist attacks because you first shot a gendarme in carcassonne and then. they found out unfortunately too late. and the friend of president has been as speaking and we were unable to bring the english translation of what he said can you summarize for us how he reacted to this attack . i think he said i mean the the you awful thing is i didn't hear him because i was reporting only to get talk itself so i'm not going to be very good on the first show i prefer that you get something later in the program ok as have to tell us about their reactions because in a france has had several terrorist attacks since two thousand and fifteen were people later vattel by news that they has another incident has taken place in their midst. people all. angry and they're not angry at the police i mean there will be reactions that the fact that most of these attackers over the past few years were quote unquote known from
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bulles police services which means that they were followers it seems difficult we're not yet at the minority report point in which we can predict when people are going to do ahead of time which i understand for instance in israel they have reached they follow enough social media that they knew when attacks are being planned we may get to this which is unpleasant because nobody likes to be in a completely transparent pretty society but there's a great deal of anger because. those attacks are attacks against the country they are against of forgiveness reasons this man was asking for the liberation of one of the planners of the technology losing twenty fifteen it was asking for the liberation of the last living member of that commander. he said that he was there to avenge syria which part of syria we do not know who that he was following the action we already have seen on social media people have taken screen caps of how his attire was presented on telegram especially chat groups as
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a great victory for islamic state. and his little tete in paris thank you very much for being us up to date. let me now turn to other news and china has said it will fight to the end if u.s. president dollar trump hits it with new trade tariffs trump is threatening to impose a tallis because of what he says are unfair trade practices by the chinese his announcement sendhil the market sliding as fears of a trade war grew as much as sixty billion dollars worth of annual chinese exports the u.s. could be affected well stock markets tumbled on friday as fears grow of a tit for tat global trade war us president donald trump plans to hike tariffs on up to sixty billion dollars in goods from china retaliation he says for unfair trade practices we want we supercool mirror if they charge us we charge them the same thing. beijing says like for like should not be the goal
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on trade and it would rather convince washington to change course but the chinese are ready to impose return to treat terrorists on u.s. products like poor condell minium. i'm sure you join form should show wagering his position has been stated clearly the information is plain to see it's impolite not to give as good as one gets we hope the united states can treat chinese interests in safely and solemnly and act rationally and prudently jumped on the top. business leaders a warning that a full scale trade war would not benefit either side. the response from our members has been one of concern that these actions could be to a trade war which is something that nobody wants to see at the same time it's important to recognize that there has been a growing sense of frustration within the business community about the lack of progress and market access openings in china's increasing use of industrial
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policies some commentators see beijing's response to president trump's latest tariff plans as relatively measured but washington is hinting that more punitive measures on trade could be on the way. the more on those us status than the threat they pose to even american businesses have enough from a business desk has the details it's a really important point to make everyday we're not just talking about the impact on foreign trade partners but said these measures could also backfire on the u.s. companies to take the phone we visited in detroit in the united states that relies heavily on overseas supplies so stopping them with the levees would not only threaten the success of a business it would also hit detroit's way out of a crisis. detroit the motor city known for its manufacturing and innovative spirit. to nature hubbard works on the assembly line at the shine all
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the factory building watches. before this job she worked on another assembly line one in the auto industry she thinks her job at chinle is a step up from the old one she's grown and has more opportunities here the difference between the automotive industry and being here is showing a lot in the state of the difference what that somebody says the size of the parts that we used to time the concentration that we use here. a little bit more detail than where i was afraid to sleep but our shine on the watch is really made in america claiming that can be misleading considering that the company's parts are sourced from around the world. the movement components come from a swiss company with a factory in thailand shine all also outsources other components like cases hans dials and crystals from india china and taiwan they even buy their thread from a supplier in germany. so technically their watches are not really made in america
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but she knows management says it's more about the american jobs it creates the company started out with just six employees now it has a workforce of six hundred fifty with around two hundred fifty of them working on the assembly line the company invests heavily in its employees even flying in watchmakers from switzerland to train them. courtney whiting or assembles bicycles that china has detroit show room. he's convinced shine all the plays an important role in the city's economic revival. yes i think that for years the story's been open and there was much on the street three years ago but no there is still popping up all the time it's just simply called the resurgence. for it's still bad. one thing is for sure the john channel the creates are made in america and they help detroit's economy one watch and one bicycle at a time. to
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a full analysis i'm joined in the studio by michael botha economist at the humboldt university great to have you with us as well as linda hong all correspondent in singapore also on the line thank you very much to both of you firstly to you michael we're seeing this ratcheting up of tensions between the united states and china it's now official with making the announcement regarding those tariffs what can we expect the food out to be because it seems that the european union is very much in the middle of all of this the u.s. and the first instance exempted from this action but by may first will be decided whether or not they have to face same conditions i think president trump is going to put pressure on the european union to maybe make a few concessions or make some move some gesture to improving the trade situation with the united states do you think the e.u. will be able to come up with something what do you think that it could potentially put on the table there's a lot of discussion whether some of the old discussion should be raised again there
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are a lot of good things that were in the teeth of discussion a lot of mutual reduction of tariffs or a lot of unfair tariffs that are some of the residue of history fifty year old tariff situation needs to be rectified both sides can complain i think there is some gain for discussion but not again from a trade war all right well over to india aid singapore then talking about a trade war and the potential for take for tat moves what can we expect to happen now with regards to china what do you think that they will now day. well china says it's plenty of measures to fight bag areas of. in pods so i've been through all the electronic chips and. don't forget you know china is that she was the largest manufacturing base for some of the largest our u.s. electronics companies such as apple as well as intel and of the u.s. also has traits up last surprisingly in the small area of every culture and that's
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where china presence eating play is actually are hitting at it's actually going to pull into u.s. exports of soybeans saw them and is studying ways to restrict shipments also have been coming into the country and these are target and other crops that mr trump's support and some politically important farming states and china can quickly also throw up non-tariff obstacles to trade such as stepping up safety inspections and the people are essential for goods and to the country so these are some of the tit for tat things that china could do to the u.s. to hit back all right linda was just talking to michael about some hot rhetoric from china towards the united states do you think that will work do you think that somehow there will now be the ability to close what is a sizeable trade gap well there's a there are some complaints on both sides the united states complaining about the
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highly subsidized production of steel in the overcapacity which is led trying to export to very low prices if the united states does this this is going to be a spillover effect on the european union and i think we should see concerns here as well i think both sides need to return to the negotiating table and try to conceive but on both sides otherwise for the consumers could be bad news that is certainly sounds like the sensible approach linda over to you then because we've just been talking about the fallout for the consumer as well it's not just about the united states the european union and china what about other countries in the region where you are how they affect it. that's right you see there's also announcements about steel and alum union imports as well and that affected japan as well the south korea and don't forget we were talking about tit for tat and now that the world's largest economy is taking back in stance on free trade what else is going to happen next and don't forget also we are also seeing
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a highly globalized global economy dependent on very complex global supply chains so that in itself could actually affect small businesses in ways that the headlines current the dolly talk about much for now our correspondent linda hong for us in singapore and here in the studio with me michael berg at the economist at the humble university here in berlin thank you very much see both feel analysis. we're staying with the issue of tariffs and more on not breather for europe at least amrita has all the details thank you and as we heard trump has temporarily exempted the european union from higher talent some still in the a million we sure meant to come into effect today the topic has overshadowed the e.u. leaders summit in brussels and this is where e.u. correspondent got mattis is standing by i go to the summit has ended now how relieved leaders that u.s. president trump has excluded the union from his controversial talents.
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i would say leaders here are cautious they know of course that this temporary exemption is only a partial success and the french president to monitor my call really put it in a nutshell here when he still said in a press conference that the e.u. seeks no trade war but at the same time he said the e.u. is determined to prevent us getting down the road of protectionism to to prevent that the current system of the international trade system if you want there is topples so the fear in europe in the european union really is that that dumb donald trump's idea to introduce these tariffs you need actually is only the first wave in what is a much bigger assault on the architecture of global trade but for now i mean it is they're optimistic they'll find a more permanent solution for the talent exemption. it really depends on what donald trump intends to achieve with these terrorists if this is only
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a bargaining chip to have less european tariffs you see both sides are putting on tariffs on specific areas of course and he's very keen on reciprocity here so if that is only a bargaining chip there may be a compromise that can be achieved in the in the next couple of weeks in the talks if this is a is a as is a larger means in order to topple the international trade system then the french president was very clear he said the european union is united and determined to protect that system and one of the other big a topic at the summit gregg city leaders have signed off on guidelines for the future trading relationship between the u.k. and the e.u. tell us more about that. well they basically rubber stamp the transitional period that is the period after the date of march next year so twenty one months to the final goodbye if you want is being delayed and this gives business more security that something to reset may was grateful about when she left this summit but the
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german chancellor was very clear here when she when she said if the u.k. sticks to its red lines then all that is on the trade table is a trade deal well she called it an intensive trade deal and we'll have to see in the weeks to come to what extent how close this will come to a steep and special partnership which the u.k. seeks you have losses in brussels thank you. now apart from tariffs president trance other big announcement on thursday was the appointment of a new national security advisor with notably hardline views it is well known that trump and his former national security advisor each monster didn't always see eye to eye so it came as no big surprise when he announced that john bolton would be taking over the vote and he'd be trans third national security advisor in fourteen months. even in a crowded field john bolton's provocative views have long stood out whether it's north korean brinkmanship or iran's nuclear program. and has
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a more we had one answer to fight fire with fire let's ask john bolton for us and of the past ten years he has been a fixture on u.s. talk shows but today the new york times and here's the headline it's an eye catcher to stop iran's bomb bomb iran there's rarely missing a chance to hammer home his aggressive foreign policy approach i think has the earlier strike the more damage you can do it is a stance he has doggedly clung to ever since he has the us ambassador to the u.n. under george w. bush that was during the iraq war. he now returns to government on a bulging in-tray. well i think the issues that confront us on proliferation and terrorism these are issues that dealt with before the president obviously has them at the top of his priority list and so that's that's what we working on among them on many others bolton will have to put words into action when he start shaping u.s. national security policy from next month. so how does the word just become
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a more dangerous space to help us on that question we're joined now by tyson baka he's a us political scientists and program director and fellow at the aspen institute. welcome tyson to john bolton said that he was appointed that his is to give the u.s. president a whole range of options and this is a these the big goal as it sounds but given his background how logic to the would be by his appointment right i mean you know every president has the whole range of instruments at the disposal of u.s. foreign policy the problem is where does his inclination lie what will he emphasized and you know we have he has a three decade history in and out of government including as george w. bush's chief arms negotiator a time when relations between iran iraq obviously and north korea really soured and led to greater proliferation of the world so i think that his bella cost city will lead to more in physis on those tools those options on the table rather than
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diplomacy at the same time donald trump says he's very much a man of his own thinking when we have any decided to call this north korean summit which is due to be has that was his idea do you think that summit could be in jeopardy because they had been called maybe a summit of this kind could help ease tensions right i mean that that's definitely an optimistic outlook on this if the truth is this president makes a lot of these big decisions himself and doesn't really he makes them without real deep consultation with his advisors the thing that has kind of set the policy in the tillerson mixmaster area era is that they were really constraining forces at times they were able to kind of lean on the president to delay for example you know letter withdraw from the iran nuclear agreement and the people that he's appointing now including john bolton are not going to be constraining forces but enabling forces they're going to augment the president's more let's say aggressive tendencies and that doesn't bode well even for a situation like
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a meeting with. heads of state in north korea ok i mean that would also like to iran because trump is kilkenny said he wants to take off that landmark deal that they made with iran what does this mean this confrontational approach do you think we mean for the region i mean it's going to be destabilizing both in the eastern pacific region and in the middle east because john bolton has you know he's a fox news commentator he has a long paper trail he's basically said that military options should be realistically considered both in iran and north korea and if the president starts to kind of nod and you know he we know that he's an impulsive somewhat erratic decision maker if in that moment he kind of agrees than they could lead to something that is very destabilizing for this is that john bolton is the third national security adviser in fourteen months this is a vatican of change of plus and then tell us about u.s. foreign policy i mean pot and politics and policy is personnel and what it tells us is that this is a very unstable capricious administration that has
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a lot of changes is it going to continue to have that if we have one constant since january twenty first two thousand and seventeen it's that there's nothing constant everything is always changing so the question is will john bolton last i mean we can ask will he be six months what else can we expect there's been bigger turnover in this administration than any modern administration in history thus tyson thank you very much for that analysis thank you. that's not a look at some other stories making news around the world syrian opposition fighters and their families have been evacuating a besieged town in eastern huta after reaching a deal but the government said in military sources say over a thousand civilians and some three hundred opposition fighters have left the town of hottest us so far the rigors gives the government the upper hand in the battle for the rebel held region. the you create an x. combat pilot chain corps has been arrested for allegedly planning to carry out
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a coup but claims agents working for the government have been plotting to discredit an outspoken critic of the ukrainian government became a member of parliament in two thousand and fourteen after spending nearly two years in a russian jail. one hundred thirty five whales have died after being washed ashore in western australia the animals are thought to be short finned pilot whales a species known to strand in large groups wildlife service staff are on site assessing the health and well being of the fifteen still alive. turning out of some sport in just a matter of months before germany defend their world cup title and russia for the players who hope to be on coach york in lieu of squad list trying time is now the battle for spots in germany's world cup squad is set to be more competitive than ever before making friday's friendly against spain a critical chance to stand out in
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a crowded field for. best never rest is the motto of the german football association has given to the national team's world cup title defense they could also be interpreted as a warning to the players vying for a spot in the squad for russia don't rest on your laurels demonstration my expectations from the players are as high as you'd imagine my talks with them have focused on that. they should prepare themselves optimally and focus in every training session not just for the national team but also with their clubs. by the nuts not much of it on the right speaking of clubs dortmund have no players in the squad for tonight's friendly against spain and next tuesday against brazil competition for world cup places is fierce verma is set to lead the line but the back of striker is unclear mario gomez has been in good build as legal form since
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moving back to stuart guard in january he hopes to feature against spain in docile dove and do enough to be named in the world cup squad in mid may. forward sandra wagner is also in the frame even if pretty much knows his starting eleven for june . the spaniards were world champions in two thousand and ten and will be a stiff test for the germans they're not quite the force they once were however and the spain boss is well aware that germany a made in the image of their coach. service put his stamp on an entire generation of footballers and established a very defined style of clay he's heard a great level of success with the national team and he's also managed to make them play like a real team in the. emirates shannon leroy's sunday looked at the best chances of breaking into that same the race is on for germany the world cup is fast approaching. it was indeed ivan is coming up ahead it's
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a nice following meets for the first time since incan. consider elections very carefully room mud what comes next is rather policy is trying to form a government and fifty years of stanley kubrick's two thousand and one a space odyssey culture editor at the java native and join me to discuss the film's legacy and an exhibition celebrating its hit in seventy. four that had mold coming up shortly. on. syria november twenty twelve two reporters fell into the hands of the islamic state their names were john cantley and james foley. the terrorist organization immediately exploited the opportunity using the hostages to dominate the headlines the islamists launched
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a propaganda offensive. the end of truth the hostages or dislikes me thirty minutes on d w. w true diversity. where the world of science is at home in many languages. on top of that i've been going there you know me. now let's cut our innovations magazine for and show some of us from every week and always looking to the future on t w dot com for science and research forty shots. of the race for immortality has begun an leading neuroscientists are researching ways to replicate the human brain and androids are taking over physical mother bird. to human brains to suffered. major damage but.
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to enjoy with artificial consciousness or the number one item on the market. to transfer money into an avatar is successful immortality is revealing. what. you remember you can't words when you need but you need to plan it and remake should be rewarded. factory starting march twenty fourth on w.b. play. play. this is the w.'s coming to you live from london i'm a touchy immigrant to have your company the top story reports a french police have raided a supermarket in the southwest of the country killing a gunman who had taken hostages french president in modern montreal said it appeared to be a terrorist incident and they've been claims of islamic state involvement. let's go
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live straight to paris and i'm joined by elizabeth she joins me from the others but the assailant has been kids do you have any details about the person. yes we now know that this is a man in his thirty's is a moroccan national or he was a followed by a police intelligence but obviously not fast enough to do to see when he would decide to act. and. as he said during the negotiations during the hostage taking first of all he walked armed into the supermarket shouting allahu akbar and he said that he wanted revenge for syria and then he made do not answer at the time before the attack making before the police attack he made demands and the demands he said that he wanted freedom for a dislike who's won the last revive surviving attack and plunder of the buttock lower tax in twenty fifteen he also said the attack and also said that he was one
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in the end he was supporting data show islamic state and there have been a lot of screen captions on social media of conversation in telegram chants of members of islamic state congratulating themselves upon this great victory of this attack in southern france and what about other casualties is that they telling that to people reportedly killed. three people are reportedly killed we don't want is an employee of the supermarket the butcher that was early on we don't know about the two other one might be and that would be very sad the. lot of the colonel who decided to swap himself for the last remaining hostage with in the supermarket and stayed alone with the terrorist until the attack and there was this sort of this incident the first of the kind since doesn't mccraw took over his post as president what people are making off the government's response to this incident
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. well the one thing that people are annoyed about is the fact that like in previous attacks. including the killing of father and well a priest in normandy. the the perpetrators have under pretty scrutiny it was just not enough the anti terrorist intelligence were on the but they were not on them when they started to act about you know the rest of the government or the regime a cause in brussels has reacted the prime minister immunity diverted a local trip he was doing in the other end of the country and i was us and he's i think still on his way has just arrived in time the home secretary as well has been on this there has been sort of proportionate government response and i don't think it's going to be it's going to be neutral it's more a question that the situation is an unpleasant situation but i don't think it's going to be blamed on the government and others without even asking questions about
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security because this is not the first time that france has been the target of such an attack. yes and we had a state of emergency that. ended only to write into law many of the same dispositions that were in the state of emergency me so on baber and legally there's every possible recourse including things about people watching people simply because suspects communications that might be worrisome when stage the problem is that you cannot you know you've got over seventy million people living in france tired is a very small to hundreds got about four thousand inhabitants it's close to caucus on which has got forty thousand inhabitants it's a sleepy unlovely trysting seven france you can't you know nobody thinks in those places especially in terms of having somebody checking handbags and packages at the entrance for every customer this is not how it happens in regional herat and it's
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going to be strange you know it i don't think people are going to demand or there's a moment when you cannot. police behind every single french citizen. and there's but not at interest thank you they might ring us up to date on that story. thank you it's a response is met for the first time since elections that failed to produce a government both the lower and upper chambers are divided and chocking has begun to select a speaker off each house now this close is expected to last for weeks these negotiations are seen as a warm off the talks to form a government. so it would also roll is a correspondent band get high band now this was the first meeting of the new italian parliament what was it like. about someone to tell you of the first chamber of the parliament and they couldn't believe what they see what they witness because actually nothing is happening the
3:36 pm
parliament was not even able to elect the speaker because that part of it is so hung and so divided that the two major populous blocs cannot agree on a common candidate and this voting can go on for several days people the deputies are costing blank votes was no name on it and people inside the parliament described the scene as kaos because power in power of the groups are trying to come up with some kind of that but so far they are all blocking themselves and then elections give this month give a real boost to the populace but as you say the parliament is hugely divided what are the possible coalitions that could be formed. well experts here say and also people who watch the parliament say no coalition can be formed as of now because this voting for speak of was supposed to be a testify
3:37 pm
a coalition but this test utterly failed and now the move into a chink cristela the left leaning populists and the right populist group have now to come up with was a solution but there's no solution in sight and the president of the state said you might tyrrell has to invite somebody to form a government but there's no perspective who he can invite because the blocks are so deeply divided i took at least six months i was in germany has had a new coalition government how's it looking at italy could it was a bit of a long drawn out process luigi dimaio the head of the movie meant a chink istead of the left wing populists promised that it would not take as long as it did in germany but this is hard to believe and experts say it can even take longer or it can even lead to nothing it may be that the president has stayed with call for snap elections and he can also set in a cab take a government
3:38 pm
a technical government but for now a. gentle loney the prime minister is still in office and he says it is still in business we are just going on regardless of what is of what is going on actually in rome he says it live it also have a voice in the european union and what do the people in italy make of these developments and why are they so disenchanted with their politicians. but around sixty percent of italian voters voted for populist parties which promised to unseat the whole establishment the whole the whole system but now nothing is happening and the people in front of the parliament said they they are so frustrated with everything they want a government but they cannot explain which coalition should be formed and they are very well there's no no good solution for this and this frustration everybody and
3:39 pm
now they're thinking there must be something like a good loose cohen which is a month of typically low in suva about a school is something that has to be created to form a government but this is not in sight then to get in rome thank you very much. tuberculosis was once a disease on retreat but now it's making a comeback that's because many strains of t.v. have developed resistance to the drugs advanced stop them in their tracks the result is that they're an estimated ten million new infections every year ahead of what's tb day on saturday did these nick connelly sent us this report from ukraine . you know. just three years ago all of claiming co barely knew anything about tuberculosis that is until a routine checkup changed her life and that we can't know how many people around us have tb many just don't know their status here. but even after her recovery the
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fear of infection is never far away there was a time i couldn't make myself get on public transport i just couldn't. we were all doing it whether we coughing sneezing or just breathing out each of us is constantly sailing thousands of tiny liquid droplets droplets that can spread the common cold but also tuberculosis that's what makes it such a feared disease. yeah doesn't really like i was praying that it was cancer anything but tb when i got that diagnosis it felt like my life was over i packed my things hospital and said goodbye to my friends that is the friends who stuck by me lots of people have just disappeared from my life that happens to everyone who gets to be good to. all who takes us to a closed door spittle for tb patient on the edge of the capital kiev. visiting the patients even for just a couple of minutes means taking extensive precautions since her own recovery all
3:41 pm
has dedicated herself to fighting for benteke at the ukraine tuberculosis patients we had to the most secure part of the hospital. not. by sil is sixty eight and has multi resistant tb standard antibiotic treatment isn't enough to beat the strains of the disease he carries he too discovered he was infected by chance coming to you broke with him we had a routine check up at work they took an x. ray and found a problem i had no symptoms at all i didn't realize anything was wrong. russell's treatment will take longer and his chances of a full recovery a lower than for those patients with conventional strains of tb. more than a quarter of tb cases seen in ukraine a multi resistant that's one of the highest incidences worldwide experts say that's down to many patients not completing their course medication and the health system
3:42 pm
the confines patients in close quarters allowing them to infect one another. we join on the children's ward. yet many of these children were infected by their parents. here in hospital they have little in the way of distractions and no school . while recent years have seen big improvements in the medicines available to patients in ukraine although worries that's not enough just people with tuberculosis need help they need support. it's not just about the drugs a lot depends on patient's emotional state whether or not they'll complete their course of medication and whether or not they'll make a full recovery. from a muslim. joining me now is america funded vets she is the head of the two because this is disease program in the european center for disease prevention and control in the
3:43 pm
swedish town of sauna welcome i could i did it was thought to be a disease of the developing world but we just saw in our report ukraine has not the highest tb rates in europe what is a situation like in europe as a whole. well if i speak for the european union then in two thousand and sixteen there are thirty one member states of european union notified about sixty thousand t.v. cases so given this we cannot say that it's done in european union what is the good news however is that we do see a decrease in the number of cases by about four in our percent annually but the bad news is that is definitely not enough to reach the sustainable development goals but that doubling every should double there be direction to to go there so but i know that this is like the problem of the d.b. is a rise of resistant germs what lies behind the. well as all
3:44 pm
of us said in the item from your crane it's about the treatments and there came several things can go wrong with the treatment first of all it's possible that cases are not diagnosed properly meaning that treatment is started twenty thousand going to the system spectrum of the drugs of the city life and then the wrong treatment is given and then any systems can develop another possibility instead of this nation tests difficulty taking the treatment because the treatment is rather lengthy it's at least six months and has side effects so if the patient is not really taking a drug every day of the week then resistance can also develop so it can be multiple courses of the development of drug resistance but if drug resistant resistance has the benefit then it's speedy important to treat it adequately so that there is no transmission of these more difficult to treat strains that in your view what
3:45 pm
alternatives are there to conventional medication to treat such patients. well if you if you find conventional medication to be the first line drugs or the drugs that we have that are best and that our strongest and at least the side effects then if these drugs do not work the option is what we call second line drugs so there are drugs that do act against the t.v. the same lie but they're less fiercely as the first line drugs and also they cost more side effects and as a support to do this in some cases but this is rare and also surgery can be an option but the evidence for that is rather limited and it's a quite difficult way to go look this is a concern that there is concern that higher rates of infected people are supposed to have a little floor of the disease that they have no clinical symptoms but they can still infect others what can be done to prevent this from spreading.
3:46 pm
yet we have reform a t.v. british record later t.v. infection and it's estimated that about twenty three percent of the world population has native tb infection and these cases do not transmitted disease m.s. you already said they also do not have any symptoms it's only that these twenty three percent of the global population can develop to unspeakable t.v. in their lifetime so if we want to end tb then we do not also need to diagnose these cases and treat them for a day late and t.v. infection. like a fund of effort from the european center for disease prevention and control in solid thank you very much for talking to did out there thank you. international aid organizations have warned that the democratic republic of congo is slipping deeper into crisis it's been results by years of political instability
3:47 pm
and violence and almost two million people have been forced to feed their homes but international aid has been slow to arrive and many people have been forced to resort to desperate measures just to survive. when there's nothing to eat anything will do in a remote village in south eastern congo the starving locals have turned to jungle snails in their daily struggle to find food our food situation is dire everything is very hard we have no of a choice but to eat the snail was you have to really search for them if you collect many of them it's maybe just enough for a day's meal. in the middle of one of its worst ever food crises following a new wave of violence over the past few years the u.n. says over two million people have been displaced and many have been hiding for months in the jungle as the violence subsides those returning home face
3:48 pm
a desperate search for food. we want able to breast feed our children properly because we couldn't eat properly . we were going to sleep hungry three to four days in a row we had no pots and pans to prepare food we practically had nothing to eat. and these kids aren't the only ones the u.n. children's agency says hundreds of thousands of children are starving in the region alone. aid organizations say they have only a fraction of the necessary funding to help those in need. today of our four hundred thousand children suffering from severe acute malnutrition that means a child with this illness is nine times more risk of dying than a child that is properly fed that many children in the single region is enormous.
3:49 pm
these local farmers are taking matters into their own hands with tools provided by the red cross their planting fields that belong to local chiefs. they're fighting famine one seed at a time. and comic scene there from two thousand and one space odyssey the music's on the big cap. it is one of the most influential science fiction movies ever made and it's celebrating its fiftieth anniversary this year. and to talk about this is relevant metaphor to describe welcome robin love this film is one of many lists of the top
3:50 pm
ten films ever made do you think it deserves a second laid. my opinion yet first of all you have to remember that there was no c.g.i. fifty years ago this is not yet computer generated image of. the modern technology that we have the special effects in a special effects in this film stand up to the test of time they really are and so does much of the story i mean just one instance is how well the the space ship computer starts having a mind of its own i mean sort of reflections of robots today and things were. i remember. seeing it when it came out and being completely blown away by it i mean you have tremendous fifty years ago and everybody else in the cinema was like that as well anyway to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the special exhibition at the german film museum in france for us.
3:51 pm
vicious projects a film spanning four million years from prehistoric man to the space age kubrick bridged the gap with one of the most famous match cuts in movie history. it was fifty years ago that ku bricks sent the discovery off on its mission to jupiter. the iconic pictures kubrick created remain influential to this day when shooting began in one thousand nine hundred sixty five the soviet union and america were involved in the space race to be first to the moon two bricks perfectionism led to him hiring former nasa space agency employees to help create a no forensic set design. so there was a very open kind of school let's see let's try there was no oh we can't do that it's you know that was
3:52 pm
a red rag to standing can't say oh we can't do that well why not why can't you let's try it. the screenplay was written together with science fiction legend arthur c. clarke its themes of extraterrestrial life and artificial intelligence as represented by the ship's computer how nine thousand. doors oh. i'm sorry. i'm afraid i can't do that. i think you know what the problem is just as well as right what are you talking about. this mission is too important for you to check the times you. can see a list so it is cool and. it's really a philosophical film it's not really a science fiction i would call it much more philosophical film and it is so fresh
3:53 pm
because it doesn't contain in its essence anything that can be outdated because we are as ignorant now as there were fifty years ago about the miracles of the universe. two thousand and one a space odyssey continues to fascinate half a century on. absolutely discuss a mission continues the film of one just one that it wasn't the best film that's true best film in one hundred sixty nine went to surprise me a musical of all if it was the same year that rosemary's baby and the original comic of the apes and two thousand and one nomination they didn't get it but actually he just got his oscar stanley kubrick for special effects and actually got his name on it as you can see here he was very involved in special thanks but
3:54 pm
nowadays he would go to the people who actually made the special effects it wouldn't go to the director but in that case and rightly so should. right that he did actually get. this film yeah i think the film was just ahead of its times the. kind of reports that there's an interesting story that could it was involved in another special effects event for another event and then they took a lot of. the film and this is the famous conspiracy theory that apollo eleven never landed on the moon one you measure it nineteen sixty nine the u.s. government got stanley kubrick to mock up a failed these are the real pictures of the big they didn't they say the conspiracy theory says that they didn't believe they could send live pictures back from the moon because they could. there were various hidden references in another film of coverage to apollo eleven in the shining and that sort of. exacerbated this conspiracy theory but it's absolute rubbish of course it is
3:55 pm
a. tree made up of commend tree film made up which featured buzz aldrin the astronaut donald rumsfeld and henry kissinger. conspiracy theory. stanley kubrick one of the greats of sin they will. salute lee i mean he had a huge influence on many movie makers and movie making this is the man who made dr strangelove he made two thousand and one he made the shining he made a clockwork orange all these films amazing incredible innovative films one of the greats of the cinema and more on the web site absolutely d.w. dot com slash culture. does that give a rat's. you're watching the news here is a recap of our top story for use of really the supermarket in the southwest of the country killing a gunman who had taken hostages there there are reports he killed several people during the series of shootings in the area. the french authorities believe the
3:56 pm
attack was meant terrorist incident. and kill the markets of commerce it is fears of a tree of more grow china says it is fights the end of u.s. president donald trump goes ahead the plan to put tallis on up to sixty billion dollars worth of imports of anime from china. and that's it for me i'm without human government and the country does thank you very much for your company. food food. food.
3:57 pm
food. food. food. from syria november twenty twelve kudos to reporters fell into the hands of the islamic state. their names were john catley and james foley. the terrorist organization immediately exploited the opportunity using the hostages to dominate the headlines the islamists launched
3:58 pm
a propaganda offensive. the end of truth the hostages of islamic state in fifteen minutes on g.w. . wouldn't have been fighting for the case to be taken seriously in the world of what appears the come out. on t w don't they this is the female superhero on a mission smart women smart talks smart station a legit place and by no means missed out on it we're increasingly dangerous to the job you make for mines every journey begins with the first step and every language with the first word emerged in the book. rico is in germany to learn german why not learn it hell it's simple online on your mobile and free shots for a d w z learning course the acoustic german made easy. fighting toxic waste from arena and have fellow protesters out on
3:59 pm
a mission. six thousand tons of refuse a day on transplanted to cologne now from the russian capital with no sign of proper disposal. the activists are concerned for the health of their children and they're willing to pay the price of fixing the. fighting growing garbage cheats in russia. ripple effect on. me when i was young i dreamed about changing the world. i was a woman in egypt things turned out differently. forced marriage genital mutilation humiliation. no all else ago we were. bound to use the written word to stand up for women's rights. as a travel to the places where i lived as a child i'm filled with anger at the cost.
4:00 pm
no one little saadawi the free voice of egypt starting april eighth on t w. this is news live from our lead french police bring an end to a deadly hostage situation reports say that they have raided a supermarket in travel where a gunman was holding prisoners he is believed to have killed several people before being gunned down by security forces there are claims that the so-called islamic state.


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